Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sirian 101

The moment the wave hits, the energy resets everything.

When I was a child, when I would arrange my 'treasures' on my dresser, I arranged them by 'what felt right'. If I moved an object 'here' and it gave a funny 'sensation' to my energy, I would 'feel' and 'adjust' the position until 'everything felt right'.

I thought everyone was like this.

I also, as a child, could 'read' adults and know if they were speaking the truth or lying.

I thought everyone was like this, too.

In every other way I thought myself the same as others. Except perhaps for one strange thing: it bothered me to see the suffering of worms in the puddles that were left in the rain. I would take the time to save as many as I could from death by drowning in the puddles. Gently, I would fish them out and carry them to higher ground and place them on the dirt. My friends would laugh and make fun of me. I knew it was wrong what they said; I kept at it. I didn't care.

Once I got on roller skates, there was no stopping me. I loved to go fast! On a bike. On the back of a motorcycle. At takeoff in a jet. In dance at the end when we did leaps across the floor I could fly! I loved it so. Even now, I could ride the roller coasters all day, just to feel the 'rush' of all that energy! Body boarding is a favorite, too.

When I meet someone, I 'take a hit' of their energy. To me, it is much like smelling a fragrance professionally--the 'notes' make a 'chord' that is 'recognizable' as that particular 'scent'.  The same happens when I encounter someone's aura, only it is faster and I really can't 'describe' the berry and fruity and oak 'notes' like I would a fine wine or a fragrance.

When I do mediumship, that is how I 'know' who they 'are' without having to ask. I just 'sense' and I 'know' by the Vibration of who is 'contacting' me.

I thought everyone was like this, without even stopping to question.

I thought everyone loved the arts, dance, dolphins, whales, the environment, and Nature just as much as I do.

That is not the case.

Recently I had the opportunity of listening to a lecture by Lady Isis at the Cobra Conference.

Six months ago I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one class and attunement to a certain kind of energy with her.

It was there that she noticed my joy, my easy laugh, and my delight in Spirit and Dolphins.

She looked at me, surprised, and blurted out, 'You are from Sirius!'.

I was shocked. Because of my love for the constellation The Pleiades, I thought for sure I was Pleiadian! But I am not as 'mind-focused' as a Pleiadian. I like to have fun. I like to play with energy. I live with my heart center always OPEN.

That was the subject of Lady Isis' talk: how she likes to play with energy. Energy is all around us. It is in everything; everything is alive. The rocks. The trees, the earth, the water, the clouds, the sky, the sun and the moon and the stars...everything has Consciousness.

I smiled. I had felt that too. All of my life. It wasn't until 2009 in New Orleans at the Voodoo Museum reading the display on Marie Laveau that I learned that others think this too. In Voodoo, everything is alive (It is not sticking pins in dolls, not in any way at all. Voodoo is working with the energies and spirits.).

So if you have a 'pull' to energy, and you seek it out with joyful delight, you might be from Sirius.

This is not your 'body' in this life, it is the origin of the soul that we are talking about.

Soon everyone will know their 'point of origin'.

This is just to get you thinking about this very important fact.

Sirians lived in Lemuria. If you feel alive near the ocean, in the water, in Hawaii, or are full of joyful Light everywhere you go, those are signs you are from Sirius. If you feel Spirit moving you when you talk, when you dance, when you write, when you select gifts and give them with no expectation of anything in return, chances are you are from Sirius, too.

My Reiki three guide is Eric from Sirius. He doesn't talk much. I can barely see him. I know who he is, and that he is there. He is not the feminine form of Sirius. He is, well, mostly very 'to the point' when I experience his presence. But he is just as much the same as the other 'Earthly' Ascended Master guides I have in Reiki. He is wise, helpful, considerate, and puts me at ease the minute I am with him.

One day we will learn more about the planet and the star from which Sirians come.

Until then, how about a wonderful song?

Official Video, IZ, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

If IZ's music 'resonates' with you, Lemuria and Sirius is your HOME from where your soul was made.

Just between us--so glad to know we have the same 'origin'.

Blessings, Love and Light,


Reiki Doc


  1. Lol, I did the same with earthworms, and still do! I don't display the special gifts you have as strongly as you do. But when I was a kid, I couldn't understand why I couldn't fly. I kept jumping of the table trying though, and got frustrated ,lol! I used to have OBE's as a kid, but couldn't remember where I went. It always started with me flying through a neighbors window into a washtub, and then it blanked out. I'm still trying to figure out where I went. I love dolphins and whales and oceanic things very much, and get very upset when I hear that people treat them as food. Now a guy in Iceland is trying to make dog food out of whales and send the meat to Japan. (See Avaast's latest campaign) Am I Sirian? Not sure, maybe half and half Pleidian, as I am mentally very active. Love your posts. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for posting Izzy! He was amazing!

    1. I love your childhood--how can it be we were go alike! Galactics are everywhere! Namaste. : )))

  2. I recently had a dream where the words SIRIUS appeared (within the week I had been praying asking if I am an extra terrestrial soul). I had no idea what it meant but now I'm shocked to see how much info is out there about it. This part is SO me:

    "Sirians lived in Lemuria. If you feel alive near the ocean, in the water, in Hawaii, or are full of joyful Light everywhere you go, those are signs you are from Sirius. If you feel Spirit moving you when you talk, when you dance, when you write, when you select gifts and give them with no expectation of anything in return, chances are you are from Sirius, too."

    I think your music link stopped working. Could you post another?

    Namaste, Love & Light,

  3. I am a Muslim who was once very much into quests into the spiritual in a non-Islamic way. So it so happened that at one point, I had an interesting spiritual episode, and within that period, someone I know asked me, "Where are you from?" I said, "You know, I am from Binjai, North Sumaatra." She said, "No, where are you really from?!" And I just blurted out, "Oh, I'm from Sirius." To that, she replied, "Now that makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?" And yet I was confused, because to me it was like, "Where did that come from?"

    The period was, and still is, an important turning point for me to turn back to Islam, and I thought I would never again encounter anything Sirian upon this path, until I found something very interesting in Al-Qur'an (or The Koran, as you may spell it). It is in a chapter called An-Najm, or The Star, verse 49: "And that it is He who is the Lord of Sirius." In Arabic, Sirius is called Ash-Shi'ra. So I began to revisit the understanding that our souls travel from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy, from one dimension to another, and that this notion may not at all be at odds with Islamic teachings. If you wish to look at it from an Islamic perspectivve, no matter near which star your soul resides, only one God deserves to be worshipped, because, as another chapter says: "Allah is the Eternal Refuge."