Monday, May 27, 2013

My Bald Chia Pet

The beautiful flower of Chia

My dream was to have my own chia pet. I got one when I bought a television from a local appliance store. They are known for supporting the local baseball team, the Angels, and I got a Rally Monkey Chia Pet.

A chia pet is a red ceramic 'animal' that grows 'hair' like this

I couldn't find chia seeds at the local 'conventional' grocery store. I asked the checker and she got confused. She directed me to the flax seeds.

I found Ultimate Chialife , one pound, for about twenty bucks. I figured I could have some for me and some for the chia pet. It is 'organic'. Remember, chia isn't 'accessible nutrient wise' for the fatty acids in it until it is ground up. Whole chia doesn't release as much 'good stuff', according to Chef Cherie Soria.

It made a nice paste and stuck to the head of the Rally Monkey.

But only a little of it 'sprouted'.

The rest lifted up like a bad toupee. I watched it and tended to it for two weeks.

Yesterday, it fell off!

There was moldy fuzz all under it.

How can I ever put dead chia like that in me? There is no life-force in it!

Watch your food and supplements. Be sure to only take that which is 'full of life'...

chia blossoms and California poppies in bloom

Here are some other famous 'chias':

Michelle Chia

Chia, Sardinia

Beautiful beach in Chia, Sardinia


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