Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mists Of 'Emergence'

I will keep this brief.

For the last two weeks I have seen people 'wake up' and 'notice' me in everyday interactions. For example, I am putting in the epidural and the husband looks at me with wide eyes and says, 'You are an ANGEL!'

He's right.

I am.

I made the 'cut' around that time. It was when I first got in to the aura and started removing the Dark Entities. That is when I learned my vibration has passed that 'mark', whatever in Spirit that means.

Ever since I have been getting 'angel' comments from my patients and their families.

Today an RN let me know about a job at a plastics surgery center in Torrance. She recommended me for the job. Why? Because I am friendly, safe, and put the patient first. Everyone at my work is giving me a lot of feedback about how I am 'ethical' and 'the one they want to put them to sleep'.

One scrub tech wanted me for her plastic surgery, an augmentation, citing, 'you hardly ever leave the O.R.' (I run to pee, that is it.)

I have been frankly confused by all this attention.

And tonight when I came home, the sitter had noticed my new Vitamix. She has noticed my weight loss on RAW vegan lifestyle. (my stomach is gone!) She used to be vegetarian, and now she is 'eating kale salad'. This is the pickiest woman I have ever met in my life. Tonight I made soup on the Vitamix, (she didn't like it, I kind of didn't either. I didn't know the machine makes it warm! Doh!) I made a smoothie for my son, and did two cleaning cycles.

Then she wanted to try my Dr. Shultze's. I mixed it in orange juice, let her taste, and then let her take three 'to go' packets home.

Today a patient had on an energy band bracelet. She took it off for surgery. I felt it. It felt nice, the energy. It helps with the back pain. I suggested Reiki. How volunteers giving it to cancer patients at the hospital in Integrated Medicine programs show increased relaxation in the patients, thereby increasing quality of life. And how many patients go on to learn Reiki to self-treat. She had never heard of it, but was interested. She kept asking, 'What? How?' and I said, 'Here' and put my hand in her aura, saying, 'It's like THIS'.

She got it.

At lunch my scrub tech Kathy was amazed at the photo of the heart-shaped cherimoya I shared with the surgeon and her in the O.R.  She has a cherimoya tree, and showed me her pictures. She couldn't believe I like it. And that I like durian. She had to get over the smell to eat it. 'What smell?' I laughed. 'I never smelled anything.' She mentioned there is a sour cherimoya, too, and without skipping a beat I said, 'You mean soursop?' She kept asking me where I learned all this stuff, and where I buy it.

At lunch she sat across from me at the table. She had never seen sprouted mung beans before. I adore them. She asked so many questions. Like the Asian she was, she refused every offer I made to let her taste one. Finally I took one bean and put it on her napkin. She touched it. She squeezed it with her nails. She tasted it. She liked it. So I gave a lesson on Sprouts 101 (look up 'Sprouting Jar' on the internet), and on RAW vegan. I explained how my lunch was RAW. She had never seen a Golden Beet in her life and was amazed! I had lettuce, golden beet, mung bean, and avocado (for oil) and lemon juice, salt and pepper. I was surprised at how much she wanted to KNOW!

I think these are the Mists of Emergence that the new Gaia Portal is talking about. It is like 'people are waking up from anesthesia and wanting to check in and see what is going on'.

So I am there for them.

Here is the link to the original Gaia Portal:

Please let me know it you find these things, or similar experiences, happen to you.


Reiki Doc