Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dude! You Ate My Sandwich!

The phone rang for me in the O.R. today.

It was the nurse from the recovery room.

'Do you want a sandwich from across the street?'

I was pleased with her thoughtfulness, since the cafeteria is only open for certain hours and I was at risk of missing lunch. I offered to pay, but she said not to worry, pay after.

I ordered 'fake pork'. It is vegan. It is the kind of 'baguette' I like best. I also like the breakfast one with egg, and every once in a while I take one of those, too. As a special treat.


After the case, I saw the circulator RN at the front desk in the O.R. eating a similar sandwich.

Intuition 'kicked in', and I was not sure why. Something felt 'wrong' but she seemed hungry, and tends to be moody anyway, so I never said anything. I just wheeled my patient to PACU.


After I gave report, the PACU RN's said, 'there is your sandwich!' and pointed to the counter. It was wrapped in paper, and in a plastic bag.

I eagerly took it to the nurses' lounge. I eat there so that the attending surgeon won't see me. They always wait around and want to hurry to get in the room, and barely allow me time to eat. I didn't want to commit to a ninety minute case without having some lunch first, so I hid.

I took a few bites. It looked funny. I noticed the pink was not in there like usual. Was this soy or something new?

Then I bit gristle.

No wonder why the sandwich was making me feel sick! It was chicken. I went to the PACU to ask.


The circulator had taken, and EATEN, my sandwich! I politely explained I could not eat the other one, since I do not eat meat, and I found it was making me sick.

She said, 'I thought they were both the same. Since the Vietnamese meat tastes funny, I thought it was just chicken.'

My jaw dropped. I was not going to get to eat. The cafeteria was closed.

I went to see the next patient.


When I came in the room after seeing the patient, the circulating nurse apologized, and said, 'I feel terrible about eating your sandwich.'

I laughed. I said, 'Maybe next time you should ask?' and then I realized a spark of genius--'Did you like it?'

She laughed. She hadn't noticed it was not meat.

I said, 'Well, now you have eaten vegan you know it is not the end of the world. It is a good start!'

I realized I would rather she ate my sandwich and experience something new without meat in it, and be 'fooled' than the other way around.

It was a win-win!


Spirituality in a sandwich. I realized that the circulator was more important than being 'right' or even being 'fed'. I was disappointed, but quickly used humor and Unconditional Love to 'connect' with her after she had mistakenly eaten my sandwich.

Forgiveness is important in the Higher Dimensions.

And guess what? I had always thought I could go back and eat meat in a social setting.

I can't!

And the PACU nurses learned a lot about me, and how I handle myself in that situation.

One PACU nurse (who bought the sandwiches) and the circulator said, 'I LIKE meat! I couldn't imagine life without it.'

But the other, the one who took yoga class with me on Thursday at work?

She smiled and said there is a new sunflower seed 'nut butter' at Trader Joe's; you might like to give it a try.

The best part about life after Ascension? We All Win!!

and Love Is The Solution For Everything!


Reiki Doc