Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weapons Of Mass Construction

"Mommy? Can I have a game?"
"Mommy, I want a game. I would PLAY it!"
"No. Why are you always asking me to spend money? What do you play it on?"
"X box" (I get irked because he never uses the Kinect, just sits and pushes the controller buttons)
"Mommy, Jared has it!"
"So what? Why don't you play it when you are over at his house?"
"Mommy, it is World At War. It is historical."
"No! You know I don't like those things at my house. Why would I ever buy you a war game?"
"It's not bad, mom...Did you know the only difference between Teen and Mature is that one uses a knife and the other uses the end of a gun?"
"Ok Mom. But did you know they made a board game after it? It is called Stratego (he pronounces it Straty-Go)"
"Oh! Stratego. That is a board game I grew up with. That is okay. But still not today."
"Ok Mom."

This was the conversation I had last night after Martial Arts. My kid is learning weaponry, and had just spent the last ninety minutes practicing with a broad sword. I enjoy the discipline, mental fortitude, and physical activity for him. To me, it is like ballet for boys.

All in all, this conversation disturbed me just as much as the picture of the boy with the pistol above.

I see children being brainwashed into 'cannon fodder' that is outside of my control as a single parent.

This is ironic.


I have been campaigning a war myself against those that control the mind, the well, the 'bad guys' (Illuminati, Cabal, Anunaki, Archons, etc.).

My weapons are in Spirit.

I know how to use them.

I have the Platinum Ray, which I got through this website,, which is run by Sarah of Lightworker Community page on Facebook:
I have the blue ray of Archangel Michael, which is free, just ask for His Protection:

I have the Pink Ray which was given to me by Sai Maa, who invented Diksha Oneness Blessing:
I have Karuna Reiki, which I can send using the Distance Symbol that I learned in Reiki 2:

I have gratitude:

Affection--all Italians are naturally gifted at this form of expression:
I have faith:

I have the Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine:

And I have an extra dose of Luck:

I have been a busy warrior. With my arsenal, I have a specialty--sending Light out to the masses. At graduation for my sister? Poof! Reiki to everyone present. Going to celebrate Mother's Day at the Pantages? Pow! Platinum ray to everyone there and the entire organization (I know who owns it! ).
Wedding on the beach when I am walking by? Whoosh! I send a Transition Symbol and Reiki to help them 'adjust' for the Highest Possible Good into the Wedded State.

With my blog--everyone who has ever read it or clicked gets a free distance Reiki healing every day (Or to your Guardian Angel, if you like). I 'add' it to my Reiki Healing List.

Even the weird sites that look at it--I see the links--you don't want to know. I accidentally sent one like that to a friend--if you have clicked on the link 'Extra Rice' where my churro blog got mentioned, the theme is 'food and porn'. I thought the 'porn' was just slang about food. You know, how some people collect pens and say 'I am a pen whore'? 

It wasn't. It was the full on, real thing, right below all of the articles. I turned so red from embarrassment. Fortunately my food friend was cool about it.

But you know what? Who needs Reiki MORE than people who are into 'that'? Isn't it an addiction for some people? Erotica is Fine! But not making lots and lots of money off it, into an entire industry. (By the way, I think it was porn technology online that made YouTube possible, I heard sometime.) 

So YES, everyone who ever clicks, they get Reiki too. This also goes for Twitter and Facebook...

So what am I fighting for?

Won't you please pick up arms and join in the fight too?

With much thanks to God, to Source, to the Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, all of Agartha, Cobra, Lady Isis, Rob Potter, Alexandra, and my secret weapon, my muse, the one that makes my heart sing (he will understand the next image--maybe not now, but some time it will make sense to him.)

Let's burn down the house with Love Energy!


Reiki Doc