Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Turbulence -- Gaia News Brief 1 June 2016

The Creator Writings said yesterday there was a reason for the eye of the storm.


My mother has been admitted to the hospital.  My niece is currently in ICU at the place where she got her kidney transplant in the past--it's three hour drive away.

When it rains it pours.

I was just in the closet meditating with my council.  I asked why death is so hard?  I realized I was extremely thankful that for all the five, four of them I have no concept of separation or death from them in any way. It's so much EASIER!

I recalled how my grandfather used to say the old ones need to die to make room for the babies.

Mom's ER nurses have the same names as her parents. It's kind of spooky, really. I know they are ready for her UP THERE--her real parents--for when it's mom's time.

I don't like the thought of life without my mother.

My Council asked me why I felt like this?

My answer shocked them to the core--I felt it.

I said there never was enough time to be with her.  I was always studying or working. I never got to be the daughter I always wanted to be. Only recently have I had the ability to enjoy spending time with her. It's too short.

They were polite, and really I could tell had their Consciousness grow, from my pointing out what it is like from inside the Illusion.

Other things went very smooth today, fortunately. There was a blood draw for Anthony that went well. A dental checkup with no cavities for him. And a thyroid scan with the same size nodules as before for me. On our end things couldn't have gone smoother. For this I am grateful.

(my unicorn card today said Gratitude).

Out of all the strangest things, today, while I was in the car driving to my ultrasound...I got a visit from the higher self of Albert Pujols.

He challenged me.

He wanted to know why I wrote him off as a Christian, and stepped back from his relationship with JC?

I said it's what you've been told, it's your adaptation. You need it to go through your life.

He asked why? Why do I put him in this pigeon hole as a person?

I said, in word-thought-pictures--'you had a Down's baby, and it's your band aid to help you through. And to push you to help others with the same condition.'

He turned it around on me. He said, 'If I can accept a Down's baby, and grow, what makes you think I can't accept anything different from what I've been taught in church?'

I felt his spirit, his spark, his competitive FIRE with his statement.

Furthermore he said, 'It's all about love. I have plenty for him. And there's plenty for you. If that's what IS, then why wouldn't I want to know the truth?'

It was like a wall that was a million miles high, was starting to crumble. I don't know who the spirit of A.P. is, as in if he is an incarnation of an Archangel or something. But I do 'sense' the whole conversation helped me to consider the possibility of people being able to accept that which I had thought was a done deal as one hundred percent unacceptable to them.

Our new life...we have dinner on the barstools downstairs and watch the ballgame.  Anthony is playing with his friends down the street after school. I had today off, it was spent running errands but I had some moments of pleasure.

I had sushi at the place. I sit in the far corner of the sushi bar.  That way I can watch the fry chef. Did you know they fry everything in the same oil? And the little fluffy panko breadcrumbs are really batter poured straight into the oil? They break up and scoop them out.

At the grocery store I found some cool new plants too. For the garden. Food plants. And sorrel.

There was some non-GMO corn. And I got salmon burger patties, wild Alaskan caught--and organic smart chicken for Anthony. He said the salmon patties look like barf. I love how he is still eleven and acts it.

Last night we saw Mercury with his telescope. We saw the craters and it was really nice.

My garden is giving us tomatoes already. There is nothing better for the garden than bunny droppings. I'm serious. With that, compost, and old coffee grounds my plants are happy as can be!

I felt a little turbulence in my tummy today.  Remember how I wrote about being able to see things other people can't, like who's going to die, or what plans are going to be a disaster?

I see things.

I realized that the gorilla thing is a huge psychological ops.  It's designed to get us to think its okay for some kids to die. It's very oblique but that's the purpose. Read Cobra's little red pill if you want to have some background into the whole concept. Be sure to read every link in there too.

Another thing that is going on is there is some distortion between Spirit and Lightworkers. Depending on the person--they can get an idea that isn't really from who they think--and go act on it.

There's a lot that can happen between an origin of a thought and a thought in the etheric plane.

That's why discernment is important.  Sometimes important Life Lessons present themselves this way.

I checked with Divine Creator of All That Is, and what I suspected was true.  So I responded appropriately.

For comparison, most new Reiki symbols I keep to myself. They are 'working' symbols and are important to the liberation of very important planetary energies. They do a lot of good in my head and I use them!  With Spirit's guidance, and with much trust--I have shared one Gaia Sophia Reiki, with a handful of people who I've worked with many lifetimes and incarnations prior to this one.  Then--and only when it is 'right' for the group after much discussion first with my Council and guides--will it be shared with the world.

A different one, Agarthan Reiki, I shared for free on YouTube. You can go learn it. 77Picklehead. That's me.

Some new symbols were a collaboration between me and Archangel Ariel incarnate. These were to be shared, and we did. They are Keys too.

Be careful, in everything.  Especially when it comes to Spirit.

I'm so thankful my father passed just enough of his baseball knowledge on to me, so I could pass it along to my son.

Baseball is a wonderful gift.

I can see why people enjoy it. It's clean and it helps to pass the time while incarnate.

I'm sleepy now. I'll give Ross a chance to speak, and I'll go to bed soon.


What are you to do if you make a mistake in the discernment department? Are you to quit?

No! That is not the intent of our blog post!  (waves his hand to say no--ed)

How else are you to learn to ride a bicycle if you do not fall once or twice?

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

And all of it is perfect in the Lord.

Even you!

So try your best to discern and to truly know what is asked of you, in your role on Earth at the present.

Carla tell them about the gift shop at your hospital today.

C:  The volunteer who had worked there for five years thought she could do a better job on the flowers there than the contractor who just made overpriced gerber daisy arrangements. I agreed with them. I also said to make diaper 'cakes' for sale, they will be popular. And compatible 'bouquets' for ICU.

R:  how was the energy?

C:  that woman was right on. She can help a lot of people that way too, if she makes them.

R:  what is the most wonderful moment of your life,  Carla?

C:  this moment NOW because I am talking to you. I'm happy. And content. Even if sleepy.

(he looks around in mock surprise, like a teacher--ed)  R:  see how fast she learns?!

C:  I'm blushing!

(clap! clap!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank You Unicorns! -- Gaia News Brief 31 May 2016

I enjoy looking at this http://www.myangelcardreadings.com/unicornwisdom.html

Tonight's card was this:  http://www.myangelcardreadings.com/wisdom22.html 

Be considerate towards the feelings and integrity of both yourself and others by saying "No" to anything that does not feel instinctively right.
The Unicorns say you will know what they mean! 

It was the respect card.

It was a confirmation.

I am going to be oblique and change the subject, just a little, not to be a tease but not to offend anyone.

I have reached a level where I can see the future.

Just like my mom who can see a plane crash several hours or days ahead of the actual event.  It happened while I grew up, and these feelings and images would really bother her because she knew and there was nothing she could do about it to save the people from tragedy. She new enough to sense there was impending disaster, but couldn't see clearly to know what plane, what airline, what location, or what time the crash would happen. She would get so upset by it sometimes she would just sit on the sofa and cry.

I know when people are going to die. I sense it. I say to myself 'I can smell it' but it isn't my nose. I find this helpful because I can say my goodbyes, and make sure the person is calm and content in the interim.

I can also see energy mismatch leading to disastrous choices by others close to me.

I was sitting today across from my mother-in-law, at her home. We brought them KFC to celebrate Memorial Day, and also, her two-week recovery from her huge neck surgery. She had on her neck brace, and needed to have her plate raised up on a computer stand because she couldn't really look down at it. 

She was talking to Anthony and me about their plans to sell their house and move because 'they want a good retirement'. They want to go where they can buy a house and not have a mortgage payment. 

They have looked at places out of state where their friends are, or counties that are inland.

I was looking at her in her neck brace, knowing we just went to see her in the hospital three times, and we brought her food for support--as she isn't in good health with her back problems--and they are having a totally on the level discussion about moving away from family as if their good health would last forever!

What the couple doesn't like is the stairs. And the taking care of the home. But it's paid for, and in a nice neighborhood, and close to her only grandson, and her two sons.

I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears!

For MONEY--a 'good retirement'--they are going to give up the only support they have?

Fortunately, Anthony's father is the only one who is vocal about it. He has good sense--he's spiritual and intuitive. He knows it's not a good idea. He senses it. And as their oldest son, he is speaking up about it. 

I'm different. 

Let me explain.

There is a Consciousness Gap between Anthony's grandparents and me. There is also one between them and their son.

I can't overcome it for them.  They need to learn and grow. 

There is no convincing someone of a way out of an important Life Lesson--and it's most likely not for their highest good. 

You save them from one disaster, only to be followed quick on the heels by another. 

Just like in school, you can't do someone else's homework for them, or take their examinations.

So in the grand scheme of things, it's best left at 'you learn your lessons, and I'll learn mine' with a feeling of mutual love and appreciation...then you go on your way.

What I did do in this situation, was bring up an important fact that my 'in laws' might have overlooked. In parts of Arizona, the primary care physicians do not accept Medicare patients. Some seniors in Arizona must drive three hours to Las Vegas to see their primary care doctor. Were they aware of this? They might want to double-check their insurance to make sure they will have access to the healthcare they will need in their own town wherever they move.

What this couple shared with us--and I love them as my own parents, I do--is how in the nineties when they moved away to Florida, they never realized how it hurt their parents to have the grandsons move across the country. They said, 'here we are now, moving like this too, away from our grandson!'  

For them, independence is key. And they are counting on one another, where some people would count on their extended family.

It is what it is, and there is no right or wrong, only lessons. I know mine are difficult enough for me while I am in them. 

Ross spoke to me today while I was doing the dishes or gardening or something. He said, 'You are my gift.'

I was like, 'I am your gift to you?' and gave him a funny look.

He explained that I am 'his gift to everyone'.

I understood.

I stopped in my tracks.

I shot back, 'Ross if I am your spiritual gift to the masses, then they are going to not like it and take me right back to the store to exchange your gift!'

Ross was surprised by my candor, and lack of guile. He tried his best to stifle a laugh but I saw it.

He is serious.  

(whispering) I don't know how I can help ANYBODY--just between us--and 'gift' is the last word I would have in mind of ANYTHING to ever describe me.  The only thing I know is people respond to my smile more than anything, and the rest I haven't got an inkling of what my dear Beloved is talking about. I'm just thankful for my house getting nicer and less messy. That's about it...sigh...


I am with Carla.

And that is my gift to all of humanity.

I have come to bring what is special to me, to all of you.

Just as my Father gave what is special to him, myself,  to humanity first.

Carla could be right here with me (taps his seat next to him).  But she isn't.

Carla is right there with all of you.

Happy Awakening! (he waves and smiles --ed)

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls who are incarnate through Carla who walks upon the earth

Vitamin Rest and You

Ascension is the increasing of the vibration of you:  it starts with your energy body, and works its way through to your emotional body, and your physical body.

It has to do with the DNA.

Your physical body is not the only one which contains DNA.

Your Light Body does too.  From what I understand, it is important to the health of the Light Body because it absorbs and transmits Light from Creator to us for our being alive.  Apparently we are going from two-strand to twelve-strand DNA or something. I forget the count and I'm not sure if it's in the physical body or just the Light one.

Anyhow, as someone who has been working with energy since 2010,  consciously, and by instinct before that--I know what it is like to have your energy 'level up' for example, with a Reiki Attunement.

Your body takes a while to catch up!  So you don't make plans for the weekend when you take your Reiki 1 or 2 or 3 or Master (I trained in Western Reiki tradition), and you just lay low until you feel more normal again.

I wanted to call this blog post Vitamin Sleep but they cautioned me, as there are many who have sleep disturbance and are very worked up over it.  Spirit strongly cautioned me to call it, 'Vitamin Rest' for in the Spirit Realms we do not actually need sleep like we do when we are incarnate, but all beings, everywhere across the galaxy, experience 'periods of rest'.

Listen to your own body.

Work with it.

There are going to be some days where you just don't have the energy to tackle the dishes like you used to.

That is okay. They can wait.  (My mother always said, 'if it doesn't cry, it can wait!' while I was growing up.)

What you will find is Spirit will give you an extra energy 'boost' after you have assimilated your latest download or upgrade to your energy body--and you will be surprised because you will do those dishes in half the time when you finally get the feeling to wash them.  If you force yourself too soon it is going to be slow as molasses, and really tiring you out.

So in the next few weeks ahead, focus on what your body needs, and be generous with it. Take a bath with some salts--not the fragranced kind but sea salt. It evens the energy body out and 'grounds' it so you are more comfortable.  Eat things that grow in the ground. Connect with Mother Earth--barefoot if possible, and with the Sun.  Drink lots of clear, fresh water.  All of these things will help make the assimilation of the energies more comfortable for you.

Your body will say, 'I need a NAP!' sometimes quite suddenly! Go ahead! It's good for you!

The original Carla and Ross bracelet, as designed by us and created by Linda Dunn, is made for this purpose. Those who wear it will experience LESS  so-called 'Ascension Symptoms' for it is made for this purpose. The stones are very soothing and supportive. Linda can be reached at angelvision2006@yahoo.com.  The bracelets are very affordable.

The rest is just learning to trust your intuitive guidance, and just exploring and finding out what works for you.

Spirit will assist you in this process.

Be sure to say 'thanks' too!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quelle Surprise! -- Gaia News Brief 30 May 2016

Today was the day Ross had the big surprise planned for me. I can feel his warmth and pride as he is absolutely glowing as I write about it.

The first thought I had today was perhaps to go to Disneyland.

Somehow the day didn't work out that way.

Ross requested I make Swedish Pancakes for us, and Anthony requested the little organic chicken link sausages to go with it. We just talked and laughed over breakfast.

Somehow time seemed to move faster this morning. There was much calling family about my niece, who is now transferred to the hospital where the kidney transplant was done. She is feeling better. Her needs are so specialized, and very few hospitals understand the medicines she takes because of her kidney transplant.

I decided--not sure how--today was the day for Anthony and I to assemble the new desk and bookshelf I had bought on super discount clearance at the local office supply store. I am talking desk for thirty-five dollars and bookshelf for forty dollars that were both originally almost two hundred dollars each. They had been sitting in the garage in their boxes for about four weeks.

I'm not sure how we did it. It was really fun working together. Anthony enjoyed every bit of it. During our building the desk, the thought occurred to me this was Anthony's first project like this with me at home where he really got to enjoy it as he helped...and Ross was like--shhh! don't spoil it!--he was enjoying watching us work to create something useful too.

Tonight as he went to sleep, Anthony said, 'when I woke up this morning I had no idea my room could ever look this nice by nighttime!'.

It's not a baby's room any more, or a kid's room. It's one that's just right for his age--a 'tween', and now with the shelf all of his treasures look really nice.

We were so into the work we skipped lunch, having only water and energy bars.

My favorite part was when out in the street Anthony played with the boxes. He stood them up tall and took a baseball bat to it like a piƱata. He worked up a sweat and laughed.  He even let me take a few swings too. I also filmed it for him on slow motion, and it really looks good as the boxes go flying.

I checked with Ross about getting rid of a chair and an ottoman. The chair has been in our garage since the new carpet was installed. I've been parking out on the street.  Now I know, and I am sure that it is for the best to give it away.  As Ross explained, the open space in the house is better than the chair, plus someone else perhaps will have better use of it.

So with sheer brilliance, in a day, Anthony's room is a place of serenity, order, and fresh energy--while the garage is inching closer to me being able to park inside again <3.

Ross I love you.

I adore how both of us were caught by total surprise--Anthony and me--by this day.

And I am thankful for the chance to use our muscles together, and our minds and our hands...it was just what we needed here.

We are both going to sleep good tonight!


I resemble all of these sentiments!  (huge brilliant smile--I sense to me it is like the sun when he smiles, he is my light of my everything!--I love it when he is happy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3--ed)

Everything is blessed!

And if I can do this (he snaps both his fingers--holding them up elbows out near his head--ed) today, you can only imagine what I can accomplish tomorrow!

(he folds his arms, he is wearing his off white uniform, and he looks so extremely handsome and charming and kind and intelligent...ahh!...--ed)

(clap! clap!)  It's time our Carla got some rest.  Carla burned a lot of calories without realizing it, and tomorrow she just might have a little ache in her muscles... <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

I Can't Say Much -- Gaia News Brief 29 May 2016

Anthony is hungry.

There isn't much time to write.

All I can share is, last night I realized, watching a very faith-filled batter go to bat, listening to the Christian music fanfare he had selected to accompany him (all the other batters had either Latin music or Rap)--that this is his thing, is life, his entire BE-ing to be glorifying God with his baseball skills.

He's a good man. He has a daughter with Trisomy 21, and he helps MANY all over the world who are affected by this common genetic disorder.

It's his thing.

Most people are good.

The Consciousness has risen enough to embrace equality in Love, equality of women, and tolerance between people of different faiths.

It's just not 'there' enough for my truth, for Ross and me.

These blog posts garner less than five hundred 'hits' in my statistics. Understandably, more are seeking the utility of the Divine Healing Codes, and those make up roughly half of my daily page views.  The rest are just the result of random searches.

Nothing has 'gone viral', nor do I anticipate it doing so in the near future of the rest of my incarnation here upon the earth.

And I am OKAY with it.

A watched pot never boils. I have been watching the Ascension 'pot' avidly for six years.

What do I do instead?

I do projects with my teams.

So far Mars--who is incarnate as Twin Souls, both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine--and I have restored the grid in our sector that was damaged by 'the other team'.  I know Venus--who is incarnate as a Divine Feminine--but have lost touch with her.  (I loaned her five hundred dollars, which she could never repay, and I knew it--but she's embarrassed by it and although we love one another dearly as sisters...she doesn't interact with me at all).  Because we know Venus, we were able to re-establish together the Golden Grid in our sector for the four water planets.

Furthermore, we connected with Divine Mother, to double-check our work, to let us know of any missing planets, and to strengthen our second phase--to connect our 'patch' in space to the rest of the region which surrounds us.

She and her Higher Self were delighted by the results.  (from the outside in, there is Mars, Pan, Earth, Venus...towards the sun).

Now a team of Atlantean Dolphins is adding their 'juju' to the grid and fleshing it out.

As above, so below--and although all of this work is in the higher Realms, it will connect with the current 'reality' when the time is right for it to show.

My extra data point is my 'secret weapon'--the incarnation of Bartholomew on Earth.  This guy is SO tapped in that he's picked up on some of the Divine Peace Healing symbols--having never seen them--and sparked the creation of Gaia Sophia Reiki.   He approached me yesterday saying, 'Gaia is all tucked in now and safe, isn't it?'

I confirmed his impression, but didn't even say 'Boo!' about the results. I knew the curiosity would drive him crazy, but I didn't have the clearance to share of our work. Now with the latest Gaia Portal and our team's reassurance (my guides--yes?)--I do.

This too has been kept under 'tight lips' because of the nature of the work our team of highly advanced Reiki practitioners has been doing since April or March.  And my 'secret weapon' IS on this team.

I serve.

And I Observe!

So my dear, there are no more secrets now, and everything is well-established.  In time, humanity will populate all of the four planets--Venus is 'toxic' only in our science lore and there are ways for spiritual advanced Light Beings to thrive in this element where all of us are safe to live.

So that's about it.

I keep my fingers in every pot.  I work patiently, following the direction of Creator of All that IS, and my guides, 5RNM555--Raziel, Ross, Raphael, and Merlin and Michael. <3  They sent me this license plate the other day and it tickled me so!

The common theme is one of loving acceptance of What Is--I have my life, and I'm okay with it. And unlike many people who are immersed in the culture of Duality--I have no desire whatsoever to 'speed things up' for the general population.  They don't have to 'get it' what I and my teams are all about.  You can't force a seed to grow.  You can't slam a huge increase in Consciousness on someone like our Albert Pujols without freaking them out.   I dearly love him for his love for others, and for Jesus. He has done amazing work.  I look forward to when he gets Home and can see Angels with his own two eyes, and understand his piece in the puzzle, how it helped to bring others to God who perhaps otherwise could barely see Him.

It is my joy to understand Creator doesn't think like we do, and to Trust Him and Her with all my soul.


Carla is enjoying her Ascension. It helps to have three days off to sleep in, and time free to go and have fun with Anthony.

I was there with them at the last night's game.

Carla had been asked 'her greatest wish'  for yesterday the night before?

Her request had been for her team to win, to see the joy on Anthony's face.

You know what?

Anthony had more joy last night at the game than he ever has!  Even though the team lost. Anthony was dancing to the music, screaming his head off in support of the team, and enjoying being at the stadium as he is thoroughly obsessed with the sport of baseball.  (he wants to pitch).

(raises his hands up in a shrug--ed)  So everything works out!

Carla is healing from her shard of glass/rock that was embedded in her wrist.

Carla's niece is having a minor setback, but with one call, Carla was able to get the transfer to an academic medical center who did the transplant in motion--her sister and brother in law wanted it...

And for the first time in ages there are no dirty dishes in the sink.

Carla asked me point blank today why sometimes I go 'fuzzy' on her?  I pointed to her meditation space.

She went.  And she got very little information.  I was fuzzy but she was able to find her way to kiss me on the lips good morning, and for the first time she felt my beard as it really is, with her spirit hands.

Carla works with her Light Body.

But the message she was able to 'see' clearly, just a quick hint of it and she understood--is that I am busy preparing for her a surprise!

Sometimes we don't WANT you to know what we are up to! (I feel the biggest burst of love and warmth in my heart right now!  and I giggle a little to understand the situation--ed)

(Clap! Clap!)

Anthony is hungry and Carla promised him pancakes, the little Swedish ones that are very thin, and are his favorites.

And coffee too! For all of us!

C:  I will, my Beloved, I will. Would you like cream and sugar?

R:  just black, same as you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why The Daily Practice of Accepting and Allowing Decreases Your Blood Pressure

I would like to share with you what I found to be an important lesson and a huge breakthrough for me this week.

It is meant in the spirit of friendship, and I invite you to take the best and 'leave the rest' from this blog post.

As you may know, I am a soul who is constantly seeking to grow.  I have lessons, some of which are painful for me to share, and for you to read.  Fortunately this isn't one of them! Try to think of this blog post as our sharing over coffee and coming up with some 'how to make life more pleasant' notes together...

As humans having the experience of being alive, we are constantly at odds.  We have our 'inner world'--our hopes and dreams.  Then we have our 'milieu'--our surroundings of people, events and what is asked of us to give.

Sometimes the more spiritual we become, the faster and the more sudden are the movements of key events and people in our lives.

This is because our 'Life Lessons' are sailing towards us at a rapid pace, and from a spiritual perspective, this is a 'good thing'...although for us as the 'student of life' it can be overwhelming.

Sometimes it feels like being in an emotional meat grinder, a high-speed blender, or a rip tide.

Has anyone ever been caught in a rip tide?  Did you remember what to do?  Did you panic and someone had to save you?

A swimmer who is caught in a rip tide gets sucked out to sea by a current more powerful than even the best swimmer in the olympics can swim.

The swimmer who is astute will relax and flow with it.  It won't suck you out to sea forever. After a while, it will stop, and you can swim back in if you move out of the flow a little.

The knowledgeable swimmer will further know, while they are being sucked out to sea, that the current is only about twelve feet wide at most. By swimming parallel to the beach a short distance, they will be out of the rip tide entirely. Then they will have a shorter swim back because they recognized it early.

Does this make sense?

What I will ask now, is, 'what is the one difference between the three swimmers?' All three get sucked out to sea.  One fights it, one doesn't, and the third one literally 'takes a short cut' and gets out of the current.

It is their reaction to the rip tide which sets them apart.

Does this make sense?

I offer this only as information to help you in your personal growth, to make your life more pleasant and manageable for you.

I myself have come to be an old hat at this.  It seems every time I approach some well-deserved rest, professional duty--either at work or in my off-time--calls.

As you may already know, I have my jewelry making and gardening to give me relaxation and joy.  My house is having foundation and structural problems, but since it's a townhouse and my neighbors aren't all that interested in how their house is affecting mine, I've had to retain a lawyer. This is expensive, and equally non-productive.

My plate is full.

I work just under full-time. I am eighty percent with my anesthesia group at the hospital.

In the last three weeks, my niece, my mother in law (I call her mom, Anthony's grandma, and she calls me daughter), and my son have had serious health challenges and spent time in the hospital. I've had to drop everything, and go take care of what had to be done.

Superimpose on this, I have absolutely no control over my work schedule.  I had to work late yesterday for a trade with a colleague, so I would have time off to go watch Anthony's school play in two weeks. The cases all switch around--even though I request my case lineup, for one reason or another during the workday in the Operating Room they all move around. I stay late. I don't get the best compensation compared to my colleagues because of the way they know how to 'play the game' better than I do.  And I get yelled at!  Constantly.  My orthopedic surgeon made fun of my skills to my face and complained about the whole hospital. The recovery room is literally a thorn in my side--yesterday during a conversion from regional to general, the phone rang on my work station, then at the nurse's work station, about ten phone calls each. I'm doing patient care that demands all of my attention, and I let it ring. I can't tell you how many times at the beginning or ending of a case (think of it like a pilot with takeoff or landing) that damn phone rings with some nurse wanting to know if the patient is staying in the hospital overnight. All of this is well-documented in the medical record!  But they call.  I have to take it.  With a smile. Yesterday, I called the nurse on it. When the patient was stable, I returned the call. She picked up and I listened to her message. Then I said, 'I have ears. They work. These calls are harassment and taking away from patient care. I will call you back. I won't forget. Please don't do this to me again. Thank you.'

On top of it all, after getting off work at nine p.m., I stopped by to see my niece and my sister in her room upstairs. It had been a long day, over twelve hours, with them upstairs and me in the O.R., not eating, and never being able to see them. She was happy to see me. It turned out they had many things to share. And the nurse couldn't get the finger stick for the blood sugar, after three tries. So I helped. I was the 'tourniquet' on the finger and my sister poked. It didn't even hurt and there was plenty for a sample. After we saw the fireworks from Disney from her room. They were so beautiful!

Then I got a nasty text from Anthony's father why I hadn't picked him up from his parents? It's 'not cool'.  It was originally HIS weekend. He had plans. I traded everything the way he asked at the last minute. But I said, 'I have to work on Friday can you keep him?'  He went to the ball game. He gave Anthony to his parents. His father has been taking two weeks off to care for his wife after her surgery. He was exhausted. He also had no concept of my niece only being out of ICU for one day (she almost died), or her PTSD of the hospital and her need to see me. He didn't know or comprehend the complexity of my cases, the technical challenges, or how much abuse I took in this long day.

But how could I fight it?

How could I raise his Consciousness enough to make him see?

I called immediately, apologized profusely, and drove to their house to pick Anthony up.

I didn't defend. I kept love in my heart. And I learned two very important things about myself:
  1. Not paying attention to time is a self-preservation in my specialty. If I focused on when I get home, I would just lose it completely. It is totally depressing never to know when I will come home on any given day. One slow surgeon and too many emergencies for those taking call together--three of us, in order--can throw all your plans out the window!  (Last night, after having had only one handful of Paleo mix and one cup of water for dinner, I gave up and Anthony and I went to Denny's. More on this later.)
  2. I always have to be 'on'.  I always have to be 'responsible'.  No matter how many lives I save, no matter how stressful my day, it does not excuse me from making sure my behavior is 'appropriate' to the people who are close to me in my life. Even if it would be nice if they would cut me some slack, I can never expect it. Because they live in a world where their time is under their control, I have to toe the line that is set by them. It's not fair to me in any way at all, to have so much expected of me everywhere I am...but it IS what it is...and I can't control everything.

I work with Archangel Raphael. He literally came the second time my niece went to have the ultrasound of her clotted PICC line. I felt his presence. Everything went well.

I have my 'teams'.

Last night, on the drive home, Ross sent me the sweetest energy. Oh yes, and when my angry Russian was yelling at me and the O.R. and everything was a huge hurry and emergency and stress--Ross mentioned to me, 'Can you imagine what he is like in bed?'  OMGosh that one totally cracked me up--the same behaviors undoubtedly are with him in a romantic setting--all the chaos and the bluster!

At Denny's they have a claw machine where you can win a prize.  I wanted the green hedgehog. I love hedgehogs. I took out a couple dollars and said, Anthony, win it for me...Anthony is very good at this game.

The hedgehog was just on the edge next to the chute.  He tried and tried and missed it. I got two more dollars. The last time, he was very focused and had a different energy. He got it!  He handed it to me and I jumped up and down and hugged him and kissed him.

I asked how he did it?

He said, 'Ross told me how mom. Ross told me how to get it for you.'

What the daily practice of Accepting and Allowing does, is opens your heart to your Life Lessons.

There always is a breather after the tests, just like my Denny's with my hedgehog after my long hard day.

Cultivating a spirit of Welcoming What Is has the ability to help you better understand yourself and others. You will not be held hostage by your many emotions, your concept of 'how things should be', and essentially, that little three letter word that starts with an 'E' and rhymes with 'me go'...the one we think everyone else has but we of course do not! LOL LOL LOL  (that goes for me too! <3))

This spirit of 'Welcoming What Is' is very advanced for the Consciousness. All the Galactics have it. And it's a really nice way to experience Life.

In summary, try to think of the forces of Life that are causing you stress as a giant rip tide.

Pay attention to the forces you can't see that are pulling you so strongly in one direction.

Your reaction is the only thing that is going to make a difference in how it turns out.

Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. 

Sometimes when you are closer to Ascension, the lessons come a little more suddenly and faster--because it is getting you 'complete'...and if you are already Ascended, it might be for you to hold the space (the energy vibration) for others, like myself with Anthony's father and grandfather last night.

Remember you can also initiate ways to work with your lessons and with the energies too.

My niece is terrified of her PICC line.  She hates it.  I see it completely different:
  • it saved her life
  • it keeps her from getting stuck every day for blood draws
  • the clot extended her hospital stay which was what the whole family wanted (the line is patent but the clot surrounds it in the vessel)
  • it gives her an opportunity to face her fears and grow from the lessons in her shadow side
Am I going to mention anything to her?


Am I going to love?


Am I going to come up with a ridiculous name for it, just like my mom did with her kidney graft and stoma, and my niece did with her kidney graft?  You bet!

I named it 'Petunia PICC', after Porky Pig's lady!!!  I'm going to keep loving and calling it Petunia--in my heart--just to hold the space for my niece to come around.

It's my 'science experiment' LOL. Let's see how this 'working with energy' thing goes! 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Sharing Compassion Helps All

The show of compassion is healing to us.

That is, to display and share compassion with another who is in need, is also a form of self-love.

Studies show that 'meaningful interaction' with patients reduces burnout in the physician, nurse, and hospital staff.  There is less depression in the caregiver when genuine empathy is felt for their patient.

How can this phenomenon be?

Everyone around us, metaphysically in ways we cannot explain, is in some way a mirror to us.

In this photo, the healthy one shows compassion for the one who is sick. Healing is encouraged.  This is a form of love primarily from the healthy one to the sick.

It is furthermore a love from the healthy one to ALL who are sick.

Ultimately, it is a recognition in the soul of the healthy one, of the parts in themselves which have experienced illness, and a blessing to themselves too.

In this photograph, the tourist is helping the beggar. Both are women.

The one who has the abundance, and is filled with youth, honors the downtrodden woman in the country of travel.

In this simple act of kindness, she accepts there is poverty in the world, and does something to ease it.

She is loving the mirror which reflect to her, on some level, the depth of poverty which has been present in her own soul for some time.

In giving alms she not only loves her neighbor, she loves herself.

Love IS the solution for everything!

Let me share an example for you.  Yesterday I was at the bedside of my niece, who is improving slowly.

Sometimes she gets in the way of her own care with her anxiety over medical procedures.

It is hard to witness these outbursts of terror and fear shown by this young woman.  She needs xanax to cope with it.  She can't get a procedure, even a non-invasive one, without some form of drug.

I didn't judge. Not beyond the 'this is going to make recovery more difficult. I wonder what medical 'chess move' is available for them to do next?' curiosity because of my line of work.

Then it hit me.

I was a screamer who used to run naked out of the pediatrician's office who they would have to chase down the street to get me back.

I was legendary for my fainting with my blood draws.  (our whole family is what they call 'vasovagal').

I had forgotten.

Then I shared with my niece and brother-in-law a story.  How when I was little, I thought my blood was in my skin the same way a water balloon contains water. One needle stick and all my blood was gonna squirt out just like a water balloon.

I got phobic.  I was scared of the shots. And even after the shot I was scared for the leak.

For this I wouldn't take off the band aid. After a while, I wouldn't take off my panties, just to make sure if the band aid fell off my blood would stay in.

I did this even in the bath.

One day my father, who had reached his limit with the behavior and was totally exasperated, pulled me out of the tub, took my underwear off, ripped off my band aid, and I screamed with the agony of death which I KNEW would be quick.  How could my own father wish to kill me?!

I kept screaming. I kept screaming and crying and much to my surprise, I was not dead!

That was the lesson my father brutally showed me.

My father, bless his soul, was not so accepting of the irrational and fearful parts of himself.

He wanted to put a stop to it, my fear, with 'tough love'--the fastest and most blunt way possible.

There could have been countless ways to stop this fear.

Later on, in my youth, father chose to work with me to 'face my fears'.  He put in the gentle talks, the listening, and the encouragement from his heart to give me the coping skills to make it through life.  It was an ongoing thing my whole childhood.

As an adult, I have been given the diagnosis of anxiety disorder.  Then it turned out I had post traumatic distress disorder from a violent attack I experienced as a child (not from my dad with the band aid or my dad in any way) which had a buried memory which came up at age twenty-six.

That one was a long journey, and a different story.

My niece enjoyed hearing of my fears, and how I overcame them. Her father shared his fear of the 'big black bees'--we have carpenter bees where I grew up.  He was able to overcome it too. He said he shot one with a bee bee gun, and after that, he felt sorry for it, and wasn't able to hate the bees any more.

I think I had the first injury from one of my bracelets.

On May 7 I was playing catch with my son. The knuckle ball took a bad bounce out of my mitt, and next thing I knew, on the inside of my wrist there was blood everywhere.

It was the funniest thing.  It never healed. And it hurt REALLY bad whenever I touched it.

It just got red like a foreign body reaction--like how some people react to suture. And the scab never came off.

The night before last, I put arnica gel on it. For the first time it wasn't painful.

Last night, I wanted to rip the scab off--to see if there was infection and pus underneath. The wound looked kind of like a pimple.

I had to pull very hard.

It was the hardest scab I've ever felt.

It was like a rock!  Like glass!

When I threw it in the trash can, it made a metallic sound on the metal can.

I realized what my eyes had seen medically was right. It WAS a foreign body reaction!  It WAS like glass--that was embedded in my flesh! A sliver of the stone had gone under my skin and my body had spit it out as far as it could. That's why it took time, and why it looked like a scab.

I had to yank it off for me to heal.

Now when I touch it there is no pain whatsoever.

And I didn't realize it, but a large vein is next to the sharp sliver. I could have been seriously injured by the glass at any time, but my skin protected my by building a thick wall of inflammation around it so it wouldn't move!

How amazing is the wisdom of the body!

Like many at this time, my niece is at a place where here fears are like the sharp sliver that is ready to come out.   If she wishes to heal them, now is the time, through counseling. 

Be mindful of the emotional pain you have suffered. Acknowledge it as it comes up. Face it squarely. Ask for your angels, guides and deceased loved ones to help you find your way through your lesson.


Both for you, and for anyone who is a mirror to you. And after all, everyone is!

We are One human family, where everyone is our auntie, uncle, or cousin <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On Love

This is one of the most important things I have ever discovered in my spiritual growth towards Ascension.

It is also one of the most difficult to find the words to get across...

It is Self-Love.

There is no substitute for it.

Nobody else can give it to you.

Like the foundation for a home, any other relationships which are built without the foundation of genuine, honest lovingkindness to your self--will falter.

Yet for me, for years, the concept seemed both boring and unreachable.

My earliest years were filled with genuine self-love. I was happy and content just to be alive! I had no expectations, nor judgement of anyone I met.

Until I discovered friends called people like that 'stuck up' and made fun of them.

I learned to hide.

I hide it very well.

My close friend and babysitter Heather found that out about me about five years ago. She said, blurting out in surprise, 'you suffer from low self-esteem!'

I am quite adept at hiding it behind my accomplishments.

But I was found out.  I didn't have the slightest clue how to fix it. I'd been to counselors. I'd done Reiki daily on myself and others.

I just didn't have a clue!

Perhaps some of you have excellent self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-love?

Perhaps some of you are struggling with the self-loving concept?

What IS self-love???

I think it's a little like professionalism. It's hard to describe but you can sure notice when it is absent!

One starting point is to replace the word 'self love' with 'self preservation'...

Here is an example. I have been to three emergency rooms in two weeks.  My niece, my 'mother in law', and my son both have had serious health concerns.

My work has also been really long hours--long call shifts--which are exhausting.

I followed my heart and did what I needed to do to help my niece and my family. It has been three days straight of pushing me to my physical and emotional limits to get everything done.

Today I had the day off. I was going to sleep in but was woken up by my sister at six thirty in the morning. The docs wanted to give a transfusion, would it be okay? (by the way she is still texting me now...at nine thirty p.m.)

It was a good question. I spent time looking it up on the internet. I remembered leukocyte-reduced, irradiated blood products to reduce risk of CMV infection, from medical school, and I'm glad I was right.

Then I excused myself from her, and went back to sleep.  I spent the day in total seclusion.  I slept until ten. I even went out in the back yard, put a blanket out, and lay on the grass to get some sun.

I am a serious believer in the energy healing qualities of the sun. I had it cleanse, along with the violet flame--everything in my energy system.  I just soaked in in.

I needed it.  I knew later I would pick Anthony up from school, drive back to my work to see my niece who is in that same hospital, and drive back.

The dishes are in the sink. The animals are fed. Nothing has been tidied up. The mail is just sitting on the table where I opened it.

This is an example of 'self preservation' or 'self love'. I am in 'energy-saver' mode!

In medicine, your career will suck the life out of you if you let it. There is always someone in need of your skills. There is always a favor to give, a call to trade. It won't stop.

There are people out there like that too. Who ask and ask and take and take. They might not even realize it. It's just the way they are.

The second major point of today's talk is that you can take all that stuff that is taught in church about self-sacrifice, and take a good long look at it.  Being a good Christian or Buddhist does NOT mean to give every last ounce of your vitality away to prove your love for Creator!

When you are living a life from the heart, you give what you feel so moved to give. And you are always an outside observer of yourself and your actions. When there is imbalance, it is wise to put a halt to the energy flow.  And allow it time to correct.

The last point is letting Spirit guide you.  The more you can focus on the present moment, the more flexibility Spirit has to move you through your lessons.  I was in the Here and Now and talking with my sister on the phone this afternoon, when I saw what looked like either a leaf or a bird's wing in the spillover part of my fountain.  After I hung up the phone, I went and took a look.

It was a baby bird, with a few flight feathers but not all. It had drowned. Perhaps it had fallen while learning to fly? Or as Anthony believed, flown into the window and bounced in?

I found a container, and picked it up out of the fountain.

I started bawling.

I started with sorrow in my heart for Ross' death.  And for all the cruelty and suffering Earth has endured for generations upon generations. I cried for the poor bird who died, and for it's parents, who must be frantic.  I cried for all the animals who have suffered. For all the souls on earth, human and animal, plant and mineral...who have endured such pain!

I went through a burial, to wrap the bird in my prettiest napkins, adding flowers from my fresh bouquet, and my favorite Aussie Bite from Costco--with oats and dried apricots--like a healthy cookie. I took it outside and found a burial spot in the yard. I marked it with the lemon from Stephanie's bouquet, a fake lemon on a stick. The baby is near the nest under the eaves in the back yard. I told the nest--the mom wasn't in it--'mama I'm sorry'...

It was good for me to cry. And it is good for me to see how my sorrow is just always under the surface, raw...and to respect it about myself.  I've been through a lot.  And that's okay.

Does this make sense to you, the talk of 'self preservation' or 'self love'?

In essence, it takes a strong, healthy 'self' to be able to Love others in a healthy manner.

Be certain to take the time to know yourself, your own special circumstances, in all of your incarnations you can remember, and to stay in the moment carefully listening to your best teacher, which is your heart.

Honor it.  In doing so, you will honor you.  And then you will be able to love and enjoy others, and have the relationships which add so much to our lives...

In the end, your loved ones are all mirrors of you--teaching you lessons so you can have advanced knowledge in 'self-love opportunities' and grow.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Sati -- Gaia News Brief 25 May 2016

Life is Illusory.

Life is an Illusion as we know it.  Home is where we were before we were born, and where we return after death.

Life is but a dream...

That being said, the experience of Life (being incarnate) has much learning opportunity.  It helps if we reach out and take it.

In the O.R. at the Surgery Center last week, I was giving anesthesia for a general surgery case. The surgeon was from India, and is outspoken.

I asked him, quietly, if it is true that in India the wives are expected to throw themselves upon a fire and be cremated in ceremony with their dead husband?

He said it is true.  It is a Hindu custom that has died out. Ghandi put an end to it, but it is still practiced out in the rural areas to this day.

He said it started out being a voluntary thing. But then, in time, it because a little 'less' voluntary, and was expected from everyone. He said that then 'this wasn't such a good thing' when it was like that.

Being a general surgeon at heart, he enjoys speaking about controversial and complex things. And in this, he said, 'Although it sounds horrible a practice, the alternative was not a very good option--if they lived, the widows could not support themselves, and had to prostitute themselves upon the street. They would lose everything, their social status, and could never see their friends or family again.'

That made sense.

I asked, 'What about the children? Who would raise them?'

He said there is extended family who would take the orphans from the self-immolation in.

'But WHY NOT the widow?!' I asked, incredulously.

He said when he was a kid, these things happened. Fortunately now it is rare and the practice has mostly died out.

He also explained the child bride thing.  He said in India, the whole point is to marry your daughters to get them out of the house. I asked, 'is it to get the dowry?'  He said, 'no, it is one less mouth to feed. But you have to do it early. If you wait too long, your daughter will get pregnant and then no one will marry her and you'll have to support two mouths or more.'

So it's money.

Yes, I say it again--it is MONEY that drives both of these horrible practices--in the self-immolation (of Sati) because all the worldly goods go to the relatives...and in child marriage it is to save money instead of supporting this daughter long-term.


Here is an excellent article on the practice of Sati if you are interested http://www.kashgar.com.au/articles/life-in-india-the-practice-of-sati-or-widow-burning

I have the unique perspective of the recollection of past lives.

Technically, when Ross and I were Melchizedek and his favorite temple girl, I committed a form of Sati.  I was buried in the tomb with him, alive. He had talked about it our whole lives. It wasn't the custom, but for spiritual reasons he wanted it. I think he couldn't bear the thought of me going to another, and I couldn't bear the thought of having to live the rest of my life out under the authority of someone else. So they gave me food and water and sealed the tomb. He was embalmed--I think--I didn't remember a stench. But I recall by the third day, I changed my mind, and I wanted to live. This was a stupid way to die! It was too late.

Ross in that form took on much karma for his choices and it has taken three more incarnations of me to 'pay off the balance'.

When he was Gamaliel, and I was Tabitha, he died a horrible death in the streets and his body was thrown outside the city walls. I witnessed it. For my safety, I could not go out to do burial for him.  We were Jewish slaves. And I carried much guilt because according to our belief system, he couldn't go to the hereafter without a proper burial.  What was even worse, was I LIVED the life of the prostitute beggar widow. There were cruel men who took advantage of me, promising me a roof over my head if in return I did X and Y and Z.  I was so traumatized I lost my voice. I had been a social, popular and vocal midwife before this.

Ross and his parents witnessed me in those end years as Tabitha. I was in the same village as them, a street person and beggar. Then I came back as Amee and eventually married Ross. Twin souls do that. I won't go much into the details, but he died--yet again!  I had the chance to prepare the body and grieve, something my soul needed to do.  It wasn't the best incarnation we had together.

Ross wants me to share with you the happiest day of his life in that incarnation.

As you know, Ross was special. There was much to be decided as to who would be his wife, who he would marry. It had to do with our tradition which back then was very much like the Essenes, if not them exactly as their forerunners.  I had known Ross my whole life, and was five years younger. I followed him around like a puppy. I brought him my broken dolls to fix. Often I was at his parent's home, and remember it well.

I had been tested without my knowledge about possibly being selected as his wife.  Many eligible girls were scrutinized for this important role in his future.

I passed.  It was decided upon me. And Ross knew.  He had to keep it a secret. But it was the best day of his life when he found out. He was excited because he knew I would be thrilled beyond beyond beyond EVERYTHING.  He imagined my smile and my joy when I learned.

I never knew.  We both had arranged marriages planned. Everything was very vague. I was totally depressed and told him I would love him forever, no matter who the chump and old geezer was my family had arranged for me. (it was typical for the men to be very much older).

The preparation for my marriage was the saddest thing in the world for me. My heart wasn't in it at all. How could it be Ross? How could anything compare to my Beloved?  I swore to myself to be a good wife and mother, but to never forget him in my heart of hearts.  To treasure the memories...

When I saw him standing at the front of the ceremony, at MY wedding, as the GROOM!!! I let out a squeal of delight!

I had in no way imagined ever the possibility of us, both young as we are (he eighteen, me thirteen) being given to one another in our culture!! I could not believe my eyes! My good fortune! And to be married to my BEST FRIEND in the whole wide world!

I looked around and saw the supportive, loving smiles of our families who had arranged for this miracle.  I couldn't comprehend it, my good luck, my joy, and the incredible kindness that was shown to both of us, for we were deeply in love.

I had tears of joy running down my face the whole ceremony. And I enjoyed every minute of it too.


Everyone felt Carla's joy as Amee, when she wedded her Beloved Ross--(taps his chest--ed)--me--on that day.

It doesn't matter when our Anniversary is (waves his hand--as if to erase--ed).

It lives on in our hearts.

I have come to Carla in this incarnation, me disincarnate, in all humility. 

Carla has forgiven me for everything I have done, in all of my incarnations.  

Carla ran in grief through a series of terrible incarnations after she witnessed my death the last time (waves the hand again like an eraser--ed).

Due to the Law of Free Will there was nothing I or anyone could do to end her running!  (one finger up in air--ed) But there was a PLAN! I and several of my associates implemented it perfectly.

When Carla came back to me, in late November 2013, I cried uncontrollably for three days. My guides counseled her on how to talk to me, to soothe my aching heart. After all the incarnations of rejection Carla's soul had for me, all the pent up anger and resentment and sheer torture I had experienced--the powerlessness--all came out with release!

Carla--Ashtar was available and coordinating our reconnection at that time--asked him 'is he always like this?!'  To Carla my display of my emotions was effeminate to her in her culture in the states...Ashtar reassured her I was NOT a 'crybaby' but was very deeply moved. This resonated as truth in Carla's heart, and she reached out to me, and comforted me the best she could, that she would not leave again. That I was WELCOME to her. (finger side to side--ed) At this point, Carla had no MEMORY of anything that had transpired between us, what had made her bolt.  The amnesia, the Veil, had some purpose so we could 'reconnect' with a 'fresh start'.

Together we worked through our 'trials' and now we are here, one on one, together, and very happy and content. 

(one finger up again, as an afterthought--ed)

Carla came upon an important discovery today about meditation. Please share it with us...

C:  Well, meditation, the act of sitting down to focus and contemplate, clearly is in alignment with the Law of Free Will. It INVITES spirit to educate and assist the soul, even if it is incarnate here in the Third Dimension.  Spirit would do this spontaneously if it were not in violation of the Law of Free Will.  Further, the action of Consciousness from the 'aura to aura transmission' from one incarnate soul to the next, is completely unable to blocked, ALSO is not in violation of the Law of Free Will. SO---if you meditate, all your angels and guides can pack into each session much much MORE of 'the good stuff'--than if you were walking around with kind intentions and welcome energy in your heart. It's the act of saying, 'I am meditating NOW' that gives clear and unmistakeable demonstration of Free Will--and your guides have the permission to help you to the maximum allowable  degree (which Ross now says 'is limitless').  And by raising YOUR Consciousness, you are actively raising that of those around you, just by your energy.

R:  (clap! clap!) That is enough of our story for today!  (pause, voice is lower, like a whisper almost--ed)  I hope you enjoyed it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple