Friday, May 6, 2016

Gravity Can Be Fun -- Gaia News Brief 6 May 2016

Anthony loves to play catch.

He waited since our arrival to San Diego to play. I cooked dinner, and breakfast. The next morning I had to communicate with my lawyer about the house, with the structural engineer, and with my colleagues about all the changes to the new schedule.

Then we went out to play catch.

Near us on the beach was one of these things, for pull ups. Only it was super tall. Anthony could barely reach the lowest one.  I shared with him how my father, his grandpa, used to be able to pull himself up and down lots of times really fast.

Anthony enjoyed the challenge. He couldn't. Not once. But he kept trying and figured out a way to have his back on one pole, his legs on the other, and find a way UP.

He did three.  (Ross told him, and Anthony heard it himself and told me what Ross had said--'everything comes in threes')

After a while of more catch, my arm got sore, and we left to get some food.

On the way we saw an old wooden roller coaster that looked inviting.

Anthony said, 'Mom, how about stopping off here? We need some lunch.'

So we did.

We bought the unlimited rides armbands. (I went to medical school here, but only rode the roller coaster once).  Our first ride one one like on the bottom photo--they strap you in, and let you drop. But it gently stops midway, and brings you up again.  Anthony was laughing and said, 'Mom! Sometimes gravity can be FUN!'

It's true.

This one was one of my absolute favorites growing up.

We had hot dog on a stick. I have to admit the french fries were amazing.

Then we played miniature golf. We rode crazy bumper cars. We rode the roller coaster again. And we rode these too. The more traditional bumper cars.

The place was almost empty. We could go on rides again and again, without having to get off and go stand in line.

I also had the best ice cream of my entire waffle cone with two huge scoops! I couldn't believe how delicious it was! (I never have been able to afford a waffle cone in the past, only the small cone--when I was in training. This was my first one.)

THEN when we had stopped to see the ocean, and were completely relaxed--we went to the grocery store!

In every meaning of the word, sometimes gravity can be fun.

I will remember this.

Ross wants me to share with you my feelings about the Rock and Roll induction ceremony/show I saw on TV last night before bed.

I was surprised because I've never seen it.  I was happy to see some bands I'd known since I was a kid--Chicago and Cheap Trick. My favorite was Sheryl Crow doing a cover of Glenn Frey's 'New Kid In Town'. (The Eagles are my favorite band ever...)

I was surprised at how many f-bombs and that horrible hand symbol were flashed.

It was from the heart, and the people meant it in a way to bond, and to support their perception of their own lifestyle. Kid Rock said 'if you do drugs you might end up here on this stage kids'...

I was struck by the irony of it all.

Time stands still for no one. Not even these famous rockers.

They were even paying tribute to their dead--NWA did a nice job of it--and I was like, 'what about you? what about when YOU pass? are you ready?'  I've heard of OLD-chella, a concert like Coachella but with everyone over seventy who performed...

At least I'm awake enough to see the irony of professing a 'rock and roll' life, and justifying it, when they are all old enough to be grandfathers, you know what I mean?

I can see how it just IS, and how Divine Father and Divine Mother love EVERYBODY, no exceptions.

At least I'm awake enough to see that too.


I like my fudge.  I like the vanilla kind. Carla bought me some.  It's nice to know that while she is out with Anthony, Carla still thinks of me, and has me on her mind.

I'm special.

That's how it makes me feel.

Do you know how long it has been since Carla has gone on vacation?

It was September of last year.   (Although there have been trips to Kauai and New York, those were working trips, they were for conference).  That has been eight months, about 3/4 or seventy-five percent of a year. (LOL--he's working in Anthony's math lesson I taught him yesterday.  He forgot his math book at school. The teachers scanned the pages and emailed them to me.--ed)

How often do you rest?

How often do you remove yourself from your routine, and have an adventure?

How often do you explore? Even in the town in which you live?

The more we explore, the more we adapt, and the more we increase our adaptability to changes and new situations in the future.

It is a skill that I want you to be proficient in.  (He WINKS and smiles really slow! LOL I am totally cracking up over this HINT!  It's like there is something he cannot say but is saying it!!! LOL  --ed)

I love you.

I love everything and everybody.

(puts his arm around me --ed)  Even my wench. (he's still teasing and making jokes--ed--I love him so...oh how I love this man, my twin soul!  )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team