Saturday, May 21, 2016

Poverty of Spirit

We live on one of the most gorgeous planets in the cosmos.

Yet we are blind to our spiritual heritage, our Home.

Our third eyes were blocked--and we cannot connect at will to what we once were before we were incarnate.

Those of you reading this are advanced enough to know you have a Home--it's out there somewhere!--and that no matter what on some level you are loved, very much LOVED, by Creator of All That Is.

It's hard to feel it. It's hard to rely on it. You can't see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, or touch it with your skin.

But you KNOW.

Sometimes you have dreams, or visions. Sometimes you get the 'chicken skin'. Sometimes one who has passed leaves you a message only you will understand...but you might not choose to share it except perhaps with those closest to you who you can trust.

For all that it's worth, our awareness, as limited as it may feel to us, is technically ADVANCED compared to most of the people on Earth.

There was a talk I watched once about nutrition. It included micronutrients. The reason, according to the lecturer in the film, the reason some people are overweight is because they are STARVING for the micronutrients. Processed food robs us of them, it destroys them in the processing.  To lose weight, make sure you get a daily ration of these valuable, hardly ever discussed micronutrients because THAT is what keeps you full!

Let's take this a step further.

Most people walking around today, are starving for the energy of Source.

They are surrounded by it, but they can't feel it. (remember the Spiritual Insulin a few blogs ago?).

Everyone reacts to this lack of Spiritual 'micronutrients' differently. Some drink. Some rebel. Some conform. Some compete.

The energy of Creator is Love and Gratitude. It's Lovingkindness.  It's good cheer and tolerance of your fellow human. It's seeing with Creator's 'eyes', not 'your own' which have been conditioned by the human experience.

This is why it is necessary to spend time in the quiet, away from the noise, and spend time doing something you enjoy. At least for ten minutes. Every day. (Vitamin Nature is a huge help in this, by the way...)

It fills YOUR daily ration up!

Once you are sure on your feet, and 'caught up' with this most essential 'micronutrient'--you will be available to help others.

Sometimes all it takes is a smile. Sometimes it's emotional support. Sometimes it's helping someone in need, financially--to give them the essentials of Life.

In a world where money is power, and power is a commodity...take one moment and detach.  Please.

Where you are from, and where you are headed after you Transition away from this life--money is of absolutely no value whatsoever.

I repeat--where you were from before you were born, and where you are going to be after you die--money as it is found on earth doesn't exist.

Spiritual 'micronutrients' do.

People who excel at working with the 'micronutrients' while incarnate are taking it with them!  It goes into your energy signature of your soul--how much you love and have loved, and how much you help. What goes on in your heart while you are alive!

It's time to focus on what matters.

Hunger is painful--I know--I work in a busy hospital and I don't eat regular meals like I should.  It's nice to have the physical comforts.

Just don't leave it at that--the physical condition you experience.

Why not take a good hard look inside?  How are you doing? Do you have enough 'Spiritual micronutrients'?  Are you able to share lovingkindness with yourself and others you meet?

How are the people doing around you?  How does it make you feel when you smile first and someone who was not really paying attention notices your kindness, their face lights up, and they smile back?

It's all good.

You are going to be seeing the effects of more and more Spiritual 'micronutrients'.  I wouldn't want you to miss out. That's why I wrote this short blogpost. <3

Because in the Realm of Spirit, those of you who read these words, are Spiritually RICH.  You seek and you know there is something more to life than what meets the eye.

You have my blessings.

Ross' too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc