Monday, May 30, 2016

Vitamin Rest and You

Ascension is the increasing of the vibration of you:  it starts with your energy body, and works its way through to your emotional body, and your physical body.

It has to do with the DNA.

Your physical body is not the only one which contains DNA.

Your Light Body does too.  From what I understand, it is important to the health of the Light Body because it absorbs and transmits Light from Creator to us for our being alive.  Apparently we are going from two-strand to twelve-strand DNA or something. I forget the count and I'm not sure if it's in the physical body or just the Light one.

Anyhow, as someone who has been working with energy since 2010,  consciously, and by instinct before that--I know what it is like to have your energy 'level up' for example, with a Reiki Attunement.

Your body takes a while to catch up!  So you don't make plans for the weekend when you take your Reiki 1 or 2 or 3 or Master (I trained in Western Reiki tradition), and you just lay low until you feel more normal again.

I wanted to call this blog post Vitamin Sleep but they cautioned me, as there are many who have sleep disturbance and are very worked up over it.  Spirit strongly cautioned me to call it, 'Vitamin Rest' for in the Spirit Realms we do not actually need sleep like we do when we are incarnate, but all beings, everywhere across the galaxy, experience 'periods of rest'.

Listen to your own body.

Work with it.

There are going to be some days where you just don't have the energy to tackle the dishes like you used to.

That is okay. They can wait.  (My mother always said, 'if it doesn't cry, it can wait!' while I was growing up.)

What you will find is Spirit will give you an extra energy 'boost' after you have assimilated your latest download or upgrade to your energy body--and you will be surprised because you will do those dishes in half the time when you finally get the feeling to wash them.  If you force yourself too soon it is going to be slow as molasses, and really tiring you out.

So in the next few weeks ahead, focus on what your body needs, and be generous with it. Take a bath with some salts--not the fragranced kind but sea salt. It evens the energy body out and 'grounds' it so you are more comfortable.  Eat things that grow in the ground. Connect with Mother Earth--barefoot if possible, and with the Sun.  Drink lots of clear, fresh water.  All of these things will help make the assimilation of the energies more comfortable for you.

Your body will say, 'I need a NAP!' sometimes quite suddenly! Go ahead! It's good for you!

The original Carla and Ross bracelet, as designed by us and created by Linda Dunn, is made for this purpose. Those who wear it will experience LESS  so-called 'Ascension Symptoms' for it is made for this purpose. The stones are very soothing and supportive. Linda can be reached at  The bracelets are very affordable.

The rest is just learning to trust your intuitive guidance, and just exploring and finding out what works for you.

Spirit will assist you in this process.

Be sure to say 'thanks' too!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc