Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Quelle Journeé! -- Gaia News Briefs 23 May 2016

If I had known what kind of day I would be having this morning I don't think I would have gotten out of bed! : ) LOL

It started around four in the morning. I kept getting these figures for money I had to pay the babysitter in my head.

I was picking up her concerns. She was downstairs--available on 'standby' in case the hospital called. I'm intuitive and VERY empathic.  Finally I just gave up after Anthony had 'weird thoughts' and wanted to climb into bed with me after HIS nightmare.

It was close enough to the end of my call I wrote the check, and excused her to go home.

We had a short breakfast, and then were off to a specialty clinic for Anthony...it's a big deal that was booked six months ago(he's healthy, no worries! Just maintenance stuff) at an entirely new hospital system for us.

I got a little lost but we made it. The doctor was nicer than anticipated--she had poor Yelp! reviews.  Overall it went well.

I dropped Anthony off at school, and went to Costco to buy the supplements the doctor ordered.

You know, a cart full from Costco with everything our family needs for some time--while expensive--still costs one hundred dollars LESS than my crappy insurance is making me pay to the eye doctor who looked in my eyes for about five minutes--just for the physician bill and not the office!

It sucks.

I had wanted to visit my mom today. There was no way I was going to fit in getting my care package to her and be back in time to pick Anthony up from school. Mom likes it when I buy her clothes. I had a bag full from a sale at the local thrift shop. When I was in Medical School she used to bring bags of clothes for me. And now I am returning the favor. She's particular about the cut and style, and today's fashions don't always suit her. I like shopping for her too, it's a pleasure. Sometimes Sears has what she prefers, too.

There was a lot of communication today. To Anthony's dad to update him on what the doctor said. To my boss to request my work tomorrow--what assignment. To my sister who informed me my niece was kind of getting sick again. To some other people online...

I was kind of excited because I found a combined crock-pot and rice steamer for less than a 'solitude statue' at Costco.  Twenty nine dollars. I have a gorgeous crock pot, but the ceramic seems to be leaching something into the food. There's lead and other chemicals to watch for. I had the alternative which is super expensive on my mind for months. I LOVE coming home to a hot meal, you know?  But this was a godsend. I looked up the teflon lining--not so great--but it won't get to the high heat ranges in a crock pot, and is inert to tomato sauce...so I think we are okay.

Then I got the call.

My niece was taking a turn for the worse. My sister, for her anniversary, was surprised with a weekend trip to another state by her husband. They were boarding a plane for California, would I mind taking their daughter to the ER?

I dropped all my plans, picked up Anthony with a healthy snack in the car, and went to pick her up.  Her vitals were not good. Neither was her color. She could barely walk.  I(I did deliver the care package to my mother who was with her at the time.)

I drove this time to my hospital. It's closer than the other two she had been to in the last two weeks, with the same problem.  I opted for valet parking so we could wheel her into the ER in a wheelchair.

Her vital signs were so bad she was immediately taken into the ER from Triage.  She cut in line ahead of a roomful of people, she was so sick.  She was completely dehydrated.  Fortunately, the triage nurse listened, and used the ultrasound, and was able to cannulate a next to nothing vessel. Hardly any blood came out for the labs, she collected it with the tops off and drop by drop until is was enough, just barely, for the lab.

Anthony was an angel. He waited where they told him to wait, and he did his best to cheer his cousin up. He did his homework in her ER room. I grabbed us a quick dinner to go from the Cafeteria before it closed.  He loves the food where I work, and was all smiles. All in all we were five hours at the hospital, and had to wait about twenty minutes for the valet-night security to bring us our car keys because they had closed.

My sister and her husband were able to arrive. I had been keeping them informed of everything.

Fortunately, the attending physician is understanding and admitted her, finally, to ICU. She should have been admitted there on May 9, when she had fever of one hundred four Fahrenheit, and WBC 28.  She should have had definitive treatment. But she had inadequate care by Family Practice docs who didn't understand the risks of transplant patients.

At this hospital, now, my niece is family. Hospital family to the workers there. I can rest tonight knowing they are taking good care of her.

It's been a long day.

And I forgot. Anthony didn't have any clean shorts for tomorrow. I had to start a load of laundry. But I lucked out--there's one pair dry already still in the dryer!  So if I forget to put them in the dryer in the morning--the wet load--we are OKAY!


Carla always wanted to be a doctor. It was her dream.

Carla walked away from a well-paying job with a 401K, no call, no nights, no weekends, to return to school at twenty-eight years of age, and start a career in medicine.

That's not what I'm going to talk about with you today.  Although Carla knew it would be a good investment for her family to have 'one person in the medical field just in case someone got sick'--and it has paid off in spades!  Both her mother and her son, her niece and all her family benefit from her knowledge and her connections...that's not what I am going to share with you today.

After putting away the things from Costco, and before lunch, Carla came to me.  Yes Carla came to my office, in her closet, where we connect (points up and down with his finger--ed) and converse.

Carla had a feeling that had been bugging her about another Lightworker. She had spoken about it with someone she cares about. She feels like this person saying what she does 'out there' kind of makes Carla a little unsure about herself at times.

Carla doesn't like to have these feelings, although they are understandably human.  Carla got a pendulum response from us but wanted to follow it up.

So Carla went and sat in her closet, and once she relaxed and shared her feelings, piped up, 'What in the hell is a Sananda anyways?!'

Carla wanted to know.

All of us practically fell off our chairs with her and her honesty!

It was from the heart.

So all of us answered her questions to her satisfaction...Carla got up after drawing in at will--for her well-being--a good portion of Light from me...and started her lunch at about two thirty.

Carla was eating her lunch, a leftover Indian meal, while she got the call. Carla understood, fed the pets, got her snack for Anthony, and prepared for the long haul.

But right before! (one finger up--ed)  Carla had been guided by us to discover the crystal penninite.  It uncannily 'fit' her life needs and situation. So Carla bought it! There were only two forms of this--two specimens in all the internet of this mineral for sale, and she bought them both!  The second one was in purple like she had wished.

I knew it would sustain her.

And it did.

Lauren is in good hands, Carla. Tom is going to take good care of her. And everyone else on her team.

I want you to rest. And although you are scheduled to have a long day tomorrow in the O.R., it will be shorter than the one you have experienced today.

I love you.

Very much.

You are the one for me, my Beloved.

And my friend.

There isn't anyone I would like to spend Eternity with than someone with the honesty and heart like you. (he shows me his little finger, straight up--ed)

Good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple