Friday, May 20, 2016

Progress -- Gaia News Brief 20 May 2016

This morning right before I woke up, an image of cinnamon buns flashed through my consciousness.  It was a gentle hint from Ross to take Anthony to a special breakfast this morning on the way to school.

Yesterday on the way home, I had the funniest feeling to go to the school. But I couldn't. Our sitter was scheduled to pick him up.

Just as I passed the exit, I got a call from the school. It started with 'Anthony is okay...'

There had been a collision on the playground going after a ball with another student, and Anthony had been hit in the head. He wanted me.

Immediately at the next exit I turned off, and came to the school.

On the one hand, they did a neurological first aid exam at the school, and said he was 'okay'.

On the other, they didn't appreciate that it was the part of the head where the bone is thinnest that Anthony got injured. They didn't know the middle meningeal artery lies right under it. Or that there is a window of lucidness with either an arterial or venous bleed in the head, and that after that time passes, obtundation follows.

The school told me to just 'watch him' tonight. At that time the sitter arrived at the school, and was confused if she had the plans wrong for the day? I explained the injury. She is an EMT, and saw that Anthony was not himself. He was sleepy, dazed, and in pain.  She agreed he needed to go to the ER.

I was so glad she was with us at the hospital. (This is the same hospital where Anthony's grandmother--his dad's mom--is upstairs recovering from her surgery--I told Anthony's dad it was up to him to tell her. Two family members in the hospital at the same time might upset her.)

It's a 'mild concussion'. I did neurological checks every two hours through the night. He has a bad headache and he must avoid contact sports for the next two weeks.

I have crappy insurance. The copay alone was two hundred dollars. I'm not sure what the rest will be, as it is part of my deductible.

The peace of mind is worth it.

Thank you all for the healing and Reiki you sent to Anthony when I requested it on TDWR.

It really helps.

Also, Lauren is feeling better too, my niece.

Yesterday I saw an Osho talking about the three most important things about being human:

  1. Kindness
  2. Kindness
  3. Kindness

I'm glad I saw it.

I have to be honest--I don't understand all this 'be Love' stuff.  

I hate surprises.

When I am told by religion or spirit or channels to do this:

It's so formal and archaic I draw a blank. I just can't visualize feeding the poor, feeding the loaves and fishes to five just doesn't connect with my every day. How does LOVE create food?  Maybe my Nana in the kitchen...but FIVE THOUSAND?  My brain can't wrap around it.


It totally makes sense, and THIS I can do every day. Share what I have with someone who needs it. So we can both enjoy it. As EQUALS. Not as some metaphysical spiritual superhero with 'the little people' or 'everybody else'.

Again, here is another example.  Take this:

I am like OMG there is some Bible story I was supposed to remember or something...dang, he really WAS a superhero to stop them from stoning to death that woman who was cheating on her husband...did they really used to DO that back in the day? Ew!!!

But this--a father's kindness to his wife and unborn child?  That's kindness! That's LOVE!  There is a reason they are good to each other. (It's a miracle too if you ask me.)


Our of all these options, there is only 'one' that is 'okay' as far as society goes. The one in the middle on the top.  I'm grateful I don't have the terrible ache of childlessness. It was awful doing anesthesia for obstetrics, and wanting a child, and being single.  

Lately I've had a lot of trouble with Ross being disincarnate, and me here. Add to that the other husbands--Merlin, Raphael, Michael--and their trying to introduce me to 'Galactic Ways'.  

They are interacting with me in a normal way for them.

And I am fighting it.


Because they pop in and out of my Consciousness randomly. I have no real 'love story' for either one. And with the exception of Ross I know there must be other women. I'm not even their Twins. 

What if they tire of me like Earth men, and move on?

I had a heart to heart with Raphael last night in meditation. I told him how 'apprentice' I could understand. I was married to him and lived in his house for preparation for this incarnation as a healer. I 'get' that. It makes sense.  It's like that for Merlin too, and Michael. Each taught me very important things I needed to know. I cherish the training, I cherish the relationship, I cherish them. 

This morning I spoke with Ross. I've been very bristle-y with him lately. He's been a little taken aback by my not wanting to be near him.

I told him what I want.

I don't want a relationship that is on 'their' terms, one hundred percent Galactic and normal for them, but not in mine. 

I want something that is a hybrid. An Earth-Galactic relationship. That fits the social customs and cultures of both. Something I can understand and accept into my life--something that is NOT random. Something I can cherish, and has a purpose to us both.

Something like this:

I'm really glad I spoke up.

I have to share the funniest thing.

I got today off.

I've wanted a day off for some time now, to recover from Monday.  And when I thought, 'I want it off' I had to work.

Today, I was accepting working with a late start. I called the Nurse House Supervisor to make sure there were no add on cases. Then I saw the notice on my email.  NEW CHANGED SCHEDULE.

My name wasn't on it.

No wonder why Ross sent the cinnamon buns.

I'm so glad I may catch up on my other things.


Carla brings up a good point:  I can be perceived as intimidating, because of who I am, and my spiritual accomplishments.

(he waves his hand to the Council behind him--ed)  ALL of us are.

(puts one finger up slightly bent and moves the hand a little as he speaks--ed) And I NEVER would have guessed that we could be perceived like that!

(Taps his chest lightly near his heart--ed)  After all, up here we are 'ordinary Joe's' --no mention that a Joseph is any more ordinary than another name, I understand it's slang--or is it, 'ordinary Larry'?  (dusts his hands off--ed) Either way, I make my point.

I also not for one minute ever realized the stress it had on Carla, who needed to know where she 'stood' with all of us who care for her, in our many ways.

I DON'T understand, not for one minute, nor do I pretend to, know what it is like to be walking the earth in 2016.

(Anthony just called me downstairs to watch a video, and I think Ross is using it to make a point. He nods it's okay for me to add it--ed)

(he's laughing--and content--ed)  I AM a Panda! Just like Carla alluded to in her post. I am something that sticks out like a sore thumb when I am incarnate.  I am a legend (points to his head--ed) of the mind and of the stories.

And yet I am alive.  Carla watch and add the Magenta Pixie:

(clap! clap!)   I want to have a donut! Buy one for me Carla!

C:  I will... I love you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins