Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Turbulence -- Gaia News Brief 1 June 2016

The Creator Writings said yesterday there was a reason for the eye of the storm.


My mother has been admitted to the hospital.  My niece is currently in ICU at the place where she got her kidney transplant in the past--it's three hour drive away.

When it rains it pours.

I was just in the closet meditating with my council.  I asked why death is so hard?  I realized I was extremely thankful that for all the five, four of them I have no concept of separation or death from them in any way. It's so much EASIER!

I recalled how my grandfather used to say the old ones need to die to make room for the babies.

Mom's ER nurses have the same names as her parents. It's kind of spooky, really. I know they are ready for her UP THERE--her real parents--for when it's mom's time.

I don't like the thought of life without my mother.

My Council asked me why I felt like this?

My answer shocked them to the core--I felt it.

I said there never was enough time to be with her.  I was always studying or working. I never got to be the daughter I always wanted to be. Only recently have I had the ability to enjoy spending time with her. It's too short.

They were polite, and really I could tell had their Consciousness grow, from my pointing out what it is like from inside the Illusion.

Other things went very smooth today, fortunately. There was a blood draw for Anthony that went well. A dental checkup with no cavities for him. And a thyroid scan with the same size nodules as before for me. On our end things couldn't have gone smoother. For this I am grateful.

(my unicorn card today said Gratitude).

Out of all the strangest things, today, while I was in the car driving to my ultrasound...I got a visit from the higher self of Albert Pujols.

He challenged me.

He wanted to know why I wrote him off as a Christian, and stepped back from his relationship with JC?

I said it's what you've been told, it's your adaptation. You need it to go through your life.

He asked why? Why do I put him in this pigeon hole as a person?

I said, in word-thought-pictures--'you had a Down's baby, and it's your band aid to help you through. And to push you to help others with the same condition.'

He turned it around on me. He said, 'If I can accept a Down's baby, and grow, what makes you think I can't accept anything different from what I've been taught in church?'

I felt his spirit, his spark, his competitive FIRE with his statement.

Furthermore he said, 'It's all about love. I have plenty for him. And there's plenty for you. If that's what IS, then why wouldn't I want to know the truth?'

It was like a wall that was a million miles high, was starting to crumble. I don't know who the spirit of A.P. is, as in if he is an incarnation of an Archangel or something. But I do 'sense' the whole conversation helped me to consider the possibility of people being able to accept that which I had thought was a done deal as one hundred percent unacceptable to them.

Our new life...we have dinner on the barstools downstairs and watch the ballgame.  Anthony is playing with his friends down the street after school. I had today off, it was spent running errands but I had some moments of pleasure.

I had sushi at the place. I sit in the far corner of the sushi bar.  That way I can watch the fry chef. Did you know they fry everything in the same oil? And the little fluffy panko breadcrumbs are really batter poured straight into the oil? They break up and scoop them out.

At the grocery store I found some cool new plants too. For the garden. Food plants. And sorrel.

There was some non-GMO corn. And I got salmon burger patties, wild Alaskan caught--and organic smart chicken for Anthony. He said the salmon patties look like barf. I love how he is still eleven and acts it.

Last night we saw Mercury with his telescope. We saw the craters and it was really nice.

My garden is giving us tomatoes already. There is nothing better for the garden than bunny droppings. I'm serious. With that, compost, and old coffee grounds my plants are happy as can be!

I felt a little turbulence in my tummy today.  Remember how I wrote about being able to see things other people can't, like who's going to die, or what plans are going to be a disaster?

I see things.

I realized that the gorilla thing is a huge psychological ops.  It's designed to get us to think its okay for some kids to die. It's very oblique but that's the purpose. Read Cobra's little red pill if you want to have some background into the whole concept. Be sure to read every link in there too.

Another thing that is going on is there is some distortion between Spirit and Lightworkers. Depending on the person--they can get an idea that isn't really from who they think--and go act on it.

There's a lot that can happen between an origin of a thought and a thought in the etheric plane.

That's why discernment is important.  Sometimes important Life Lessons present themselves this way.

I checked with Divine Creator of All That Is, and what I suspected was true.  So I responded appropriately.

For comparison, most new Reiki symbols I keep to myself. They are 'working' symbols and are important to the liberation of very important planetary energies. They do a lot of good in my head and I use them!  With Spirit's guidance, and with much trust--I have shared one Gaia Sophia Reiki, with a handful of people who I've worked with many lifetimes and incarnations prior to this one.  Then--and only when it is 'right' for the group after much discussion first with my Council and guides--will it be shared with the world.

A different one, Agarthan Reiki, I shared for free on YouTube. You can go learn it. 77Picklehead. That's me.

Some new symbols were a collaboration between me and Archangel Ariel incarnate. These were to be shared, and we did. They are Keys too.

Be careful, in everything.  Especially when it comes to Spirit.

I'm so thankful my father passed just enough of his baseball knowledge on to me, so I could pass it along to my son.

Baseball is a wonderful gift.

I can see why people enjoy it. It's clean and it helps to pass the time while incarnate.

I'm sleepy now. I'll give Ross a chance to speak, and I'll go to bed soon.


What are you to do if you make a mistake in the discernment department? Are you to quit?

No! That is not the intent of our blog post!  (waves his hand to say no--ed)

How else are you to learn to ride a bicycle if you do not fall once or twice?

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

And all of it is perfect in the Lord.

Even you!

So try your best to discern and to truly know what is asked of you, in your role on Earth at the present.

Carla tell them about the gift shop at your hospital today.

C:  The volunteer who had worked there for five years thought she could do a better job on the flowers there than the contractor who just made overpriced gerber daisy arrangements. I agreed with them. I also said to make diaper 'cakes' for sale, they will be popular. And compatible 'bouquets' for ICU.

R:  how was the energy?

C:  that woman was right on. She can help a lot of people that way too, if she makes them.

R:  what is the most wonderful moment of your life,  Carla?

C:  this moment NOW because I am talking to you. I'm happy. And content. Even if sleepy.

(he looks around in mock surprise, like a teacher--ed)  R:  see how fast she learns?!

C:  I'm blushing!

(clap! clap!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple