Sunday, May 22, 2016

On Being Multidimensional

You forgot.  You forgot how to be multidimensional. This is what you were before you were born. It's the whole point of being incarnate--to see what happens when people forget what they are.

It's not your fault.

I asked this morning, How Does The VEIL Work?  You know, what separates us from Home?

Archangel Michael explained to me, it's a vibrational thing. Below a certain threshold--these gifts are lost in the third dimension. But as your vibration and the vibration of the collective consciousness, and of surface Gaia increase?

Boom! (snaps my fingers and smiles!)

I'm just messing with you. It's not like that.  For each individual, there will be an 'aha!' moment.  But because Earth is a school with many different grades, you can expect for people to reach this goal at their own pace, at their own time.

My mother used to smile when I would confide to her how worried I was about Anthony's toilet training progress. It was slow. She would say, 'He will learn by college! Don't worry about it!'

She was right.

And all of us will learn and remember our multidimensional ability sometime before we get to Galactic College too!

So what is it like? What is it like to be multidimensional Carla? you may ask?

I was multidimensional and I didn't have a clue. I thought everybody was psychic. In my family, lots of people are.

I also had this funny premonition when people are going to die. I don't like it, but I know. I always have. I don't know how to explain it.

By the time I got to psychic development classes I felt like an ugly duckling meeting the swans.  It was so comforting to be in the presence of 'like minded people'.

I had no inkling of the possibility of 'multidimensionality' until my Karuna Reiki 1 class.  Anne explained it. She said what happened to her. After she was attuned, she had a cleanse, and she woke up one day and had to struggle with the concept of time. She was like, 'Time? What IS time?' She had been out of our dimension--her vibration was boosted up so high she forgot what linear time was all about!  She saw walls bending. She went to pour into a glass and it looked fine but she would miss the glass--due to the distortion from her perception now that she was back in 3D.

She explained this to us because the symptoms can be very unnerving. She told us the changes are temporary, and we would adapt.  We would be able to function.

I knew she was right because after Reiki 1 my hands were breaking the monitors at work. But now it's totally fine and never a problem.

What you can expect are some major--Major, Major, MAJOR!--distortions in your vision, hearing, skin sensation, smell, taste, and sense of what is 'right' about the world around you.  But it's temporary.

For a very few, myself included, (Anne estimates it to be one or two a year from all her classes), the higher dimensions make them feel better!  I had never felt so normal and healthy and good in my whole life!  I didn't have any cleanse whatsoever, and my only 'symptom' was one wall bending a little so I wouldn't feel like I 'missed out' LOL.

What will you get once you make it through to multidimensionality?

Your 'Clairs' might come back. These are normal for higher dimensional people. Telepathy. Clairvoyance. Clairaudience. Claircognizance. And more.

You might start talking to things that normally do not talk. You will communicate with perhaps, trees or animals. Trees are smart. I met some by the park where my son used to play. They felt proud to watch over and energetically protect the children.

I heard them! Just like I do deceased loved ones, and spirit. I am clairaudient...with practice I am very good at it.

It startled me when they first began to talk. Once I got to know them, I'm glad they did!

Other trees don't talk to me every day. But on that one time, those ones did.

The ability to manifest is another ability that has been dormant and will come back online.

I had no idea I have always had the ability to work with crystals as a healer at the time of my Karuna 1 Reiki attunement.

On that day I wore a beautiful long summer dress in blue.  I brought my 1 Corinthians 13 mug for tea.  I had no idea I would meet my guides--I have two--Buddha and Jesus. I always wondered why I had two.

Well, not any more.

But most people have one.

The other thing about becoming multidimensional, is it takes time.  Once past the initial part, your skills and abilities keep popping up! The more you learn, the more you enjoy working with your gifts.

There is much to look forward to, to anticipate, in the Higher Realms.

It isn't an all or nothing--you will 'straddle' both dimensions for as long as it takes--and this is OKAY!!  No worries!

Just be sure to cut yourself some slack when the major shifts happen, and you are having a Karuna Day--that's what we call days like this when the symptoms come and go and you can't really do much of anything else LOL.  It gets better but every now and then another Karuna Day pops up.

I thought I would write a word or two because this helps.

Ross gives a smile, nod, and thumbs up.

Aloha and Mahlos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple


  1. Wow, thanks sooo much for explaining all this. I must explain. When I took my Reiki 1 class, nothing happened. We were 3 pupils. We all had our eyes closed for most of the class. I was 'feeling' that the teacher wasn't really sure what she was doing, & that she wasn't very Spiritual...but I took that to mean it was my 'fault'. I also struggled through Psychic Development class, 'cos not much happened to me. I didn't become Psychic, lol...sometimes I would get a flower reading correct (I Love flowers), but it was with healing that I really 'felt' something. We were about 10-12 pupils, & we worked on each other. Then I asked Spirit questions & got something back, vague feelings, a yes here & there to my unspoken questions.
    I also took an extra week-end course, Crystal Healing, Loved it...another Course I did was Naisha Ahsian's course Crystal Resonance (CRT) Can't remember what the 't' stands for now...Loved Loved it. My Teacher had done the course & was accredited to teach it...Our Teachers had an 'open day' every so often where paying clients came in & we got to work on them (they were paying a reduced amount) & the actual money was split between us, at the end...I got a lot of questions answered that couldn't wipe the smile off my face...I was never so happy before or since....
    I stayed for an extra year, but didn't seem to learn much more, & was advised by another Psychic (kindly) to go somewhere else, as they had no more to teach me there....good advice, too. They are still teaching the same things, 5 years on, whereas I have been reading everything I can get my hands on, & learning. Still not in 5D yet, but have had a very few funny incidents on the way. Still clearing stuff out. In rest mode at present, & rather housebound, lost my confidence after a nasty fall on an escalator, late 2015. Still, I am working on myself, & hoping I can get back to healing people, but still have no idea how & when this might happen. The only things I do now is send out Healing & Love energy in my bedtime little ritual, out to all, Mother Earth/Gai'a, all people, friends, relatives, all animals, waters, all Dark people, all Galactics,all Lightships, etc etc
    Well, thanks again, glad I got that off my chest, it sometimes helps to write it down, sorry to use your blog to do that!
    Much Love & Blessings to you all, Peace & Love
    Aloha Nui Loa
    Sylvia Melaynia xx

    1. Thank you Sylvia, for your comments. We appreciate them. Big hugs! Ross and Carls <3