Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hanging On For Dear Life! -- Gaia News Brief 18 May 2016

I am good. I'm super tired and sleepy. I am in the recovery phase from a full twenty-four hour day on Monday with my last O.R. call. But I am okay.

Anthony's project is finished. He needs to do the research part.

He had his drum lesson.

We visited his grandmother and grandfather in the hospital while she was having surgery. We brought flowers and cards. I had 'sensed trouble' all day. There had been confusion and delay where the surgeon's staff and the hospital had miscommunicated. It was a total surprise to his grandfather to see Anthony with a bouquet of beautiful roses, lilies and hydrangeas.  It was very healing for him to vent and be offered support and a meal. He had only eaten a granola bar all day.

My niece isn't doing so well. The low blood pressures and low sodium persist. Her primary care doctor sent her back to the E.R. for 'kidney and liver problems'.   I would like to share more, but I'm not sure it's appropriate. Just know the family would appreciate all healing to be sent to them as it is very stressful.

E.R.'s are now just like the one I saw in Montreal, Canada in 2007...totally packed with people sitting around with heparin lock i.v.'s in their arms and no beds in the E.R.   Even our local E.R.,which was always super efficient--we stopped by their admitting area to find Anthony's grandma's room--we got the total runaround at that hospital too!--was backed up with what appeared to be an hours long wait for many sick people.

It's a shame our medicine is now like a government-run system. It took everything I had to keep from telling my sister and niece--'it's like the V.A. hospital--you wait but you will get the care you need'.

I hope my niece gets an inpatient bed, and the transplant team who cared for her six years ago will be able to sort things out so she can feel better.

In times like this, meditation and Spiritual practice sort of fall by the wayside--there is only so much that can be done.

However, as meditation practice is long-standing, there is a sense of relaxing and letting go to allow the energy of LIFE itself, and all it's crazy duties and obligations to carry you through.

I YELLED at Anthony. Flat out raised my voice.  I hardly ever do. 


Because he is very stubborn, and didn't want to see his grandmother in the hospital.

He wanted to go home--naturally--he had been at the sitter's overnight, and also had a huge project due.

He fought the drum lessons because of the project.


I said, I WILL NOT BE HELD HOSTAGE BY YOUR PROJECT! PROJECTS COME AND GO BUT YOUR DRUMS ARE WITH YOU (he had missed two weeks due to vacation and his teacher's schedule).

He grudgingly went to the store, picked the flowers, and a card. I got us home, fed him a snack, and we took off for the hospital.

And you know what?  

He was very content at the end of the day. Over dinner, I asked him, 'what was the best part of your day?'

His drum lesson.  (he's learning advanced stuff).

Mine?  Was seeing the look of total surprise on Anthony's grandfather's face to see us with the flowers in the surgery waiting room.  How he relaxed and was able to share about the horrible day he and his wife had experienced.  Anthony agreed with me that was a very special thing too.

We finished everything, and even saw Jered Weaver go up to bat on T.V.--it's the Freeway Series and our pitchers in the American League never bat except then.  It was fun to watch!

The only other thing I did--to help myself--is to ask to be with a lady urologist today. She knows my niece, and was supportive during my mom's illness. She's the nicest doctor friend I know, and I need to be with her today, instead of some other surgeon, because I just need it.


I'm not going to say much.

I want to point out that Carla has years of spiritual practice as a Catholic before all of her Reiki.

Carla was the kind who said her rosaries every day, and would stop the priest in the hall of the hospital when she saw him to ask him for communion and his BLESSING.

At the V.A. whenever she worked, if there was time, Carla would go to the chapel to pray, and if she was lucky, attend the mass at noon.

This counts for something, for her spiritual resilience.

I want to make you laugh.

There is a New York deli in the neighborhood where she lives.

Something about it has always been a little bit 'off':  they always play the Christian music station there.

Carla doesn't enjoy it, that music; although some prefer their worship--like Carla's sister and their family's church--to be modern with electric guitars--Carla prefers the silence of the daily mass and chapel when she connects to Source.  Carla likes to be on her knees in quiet meditation.

So Carla was listening to it, and thinking it's very hypnotic. She's asking me 'Ross, do you LIKE that kind of music?' (and I officially say NO COMMENT! --he smiles and waves his hands--ed) She's wondering if the Illuminati 'back' this kind of music too?  (the drum teacher knows people who have THE job--they play for the movies in the film industry, and was explaining--it's who you know--and she was like, 'oh, so THAT's how they get people into it! survival!')

And then it hit Carla like a ton of bricks!  What was wrong with this delicatessen is that it wasn't JEWISH!

All the real delis in New York and the best would never in a million years serve meat and dairy together--and would never play the kind of music they played there. THAT's what was 'off' about this chain restaurant that she's been trying to figure out for years...

And she laughed.

I will leave you with this, how the Consciousness, as it develops--is going to 'clue you in' on some pretty ironic things, and some fascinating ones too.


Lauren is going to be okay.  She is not going to be like Stephanie. Not at this time. Hold your thoughts and the space for her to get better. With your friends. And I will  help you.

It is the full moon. There will be a lot of shifts. This one is powerful.

Now go to your work.

I love you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family