Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Discussion On Diversity

While we are incarnate, we inhabit human bodies which are fragile. Our emotions, our psyche, has a filter which is called a 'veil' in studies of the metaphysical.

It separates us from who we are when we were back Home, wherever it is, where we came from before we came here.

We are blocked, many of us completely, from knowledge of our past lives, our life purpose, our many life lessons...

We are also conditioned not to use many of the gifts, for example, telepathic communication, which is normal for us when we are 'back home'.

Basically, it is the experience of the 'veil' which creates the Illusion of Separation...from Home, from Creator of all that is, from one another...and creates the painful experience of being alone while we live out our lives on Earth.

This brings us to a point--everything either enhances the state of separation, or unites us.

I call this driving force the 'energy of separation'.

According to our teachers and wise ones who have walked the earth, such as Buddha, for example, they teach we are One. One with everything, with All That Is.  They taught the energy of 'what is in common', of 'harmony' and 'peace'.  Some of their followers may have created divisions, in promoting Buddhism, for example, by saying it is 'essentially different' from, let's say, Shinto or Catholicism...right?

When we 'celebrate Diversity' what does that imply?

Let's think about it.

Diversity is the energy of separation--I look different from you, I eat different from you, and LOVE different from you--and that's OKAY.  Right? Isn't that the gist of it?

To me, the focus is on DIFFERENT.

It maintains the status quo, the terrible belief systems which perpetuate the energy of separation.

Why not celebrate US?

We have appearance.

We eat.

We love.

It's a very subtle shift in the consciousness which automatically decreases the energy of separation, and promotes the energy of harmony and peace.

I like my appearance, and I like yours too, I think we look AWESOME!

I like to eat, and you like to eat, perhaps we could share our favorite recipes?

I have love in my heart, and you have love in YOUR heart, isn't that wonderful???

We even have the same home!

Planet Earth!

Wouldn't it be nice if we were able to take good care of our home?

We could make it really nice if we worked together, don't you think?

We could all have clean air and water and food...and a safe place to live...once we make it a habit to let go of the energy of separation, and embrace what's left. 

We are very fragile beings with the gift of life!

Let's enjoy it while it lasts.

Here's another view on the same subject--funny I went to sleep last night thinking of this topic and this came out today:


I agree with Carla on her points too.

I'd like to emphasize this.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The CT Scanner

My yesterday waking hours were spent on this.

It began with calling my insurance to obtain 'pre certification' so I could go. They needed both a diagnosis code from my doctor, and a procedure code from the facility that was going to do the scan.

My doctor knew the facility needed labs and the order.

The order was made into my hospital system.

My doctor's office was on three-way call with my insurance and me to get things straightened out.

My insurance outsources the approval process for radiological studies.

So, my doctor's office (and my doctor herself!) spoke to the outsource approvers who approved for the study.

The whole time, I kept telling the insurance person, 'I am in PAIN! doesn't that make any difference?'

Basically, it doesn't.

I also mentioned to her about the contracts. She hadn't heard about them until late last week.

My insurance's outsourced approvers sent me to a neighbor hospital--the almost county one.

I arrived, the lady was nice on the phone, they fit me in for three fifteen. Don't eat lunch and show up at two to drink the contrast.

But she didn't have the labs. They couldn't do it without the labs. They needed them printed up.

I offered to walk to my primary care doctor's office in the building next door.

I called my doctor's office, leaving messages. Then I got a real person. They had to look under my duplicate medical file because someone created a second chart on me to find them. I had to explain it. They faxed them.

But then the order was for 'pelvis'.

Nobody ever looks at just the pelvis in a CT scan. Ever. It's doesn't make sense.

It's always, always, always, abdomen-pelvis with and without contrast.

I called and the approval was only for pelvis form the outsource people. I told the receptionist I would pay for it, don't worry, just order it.

It came through. Just at the last minute.  Here I was with contrast in my belly and they are fighting for the money, everyone, over what medical care is 'covered'.

I have a huge sky high deductible! And my coinsurance rate was fifty percent. I had to pay too before the study. Two hundred fifty something dollars. I will pay the other part too, due to my deductible, but later.

So I go back, the facility is new, it's clean, it's nice, and I have the German tech. She makes a big to do over my vein and i.v. Is it in, will it flush, can you draw back blood, is there pain?

I had to hold my left arm up while they injected the contrast.

It was crazy.

I still don't know the results, and I made over fifty phone calls yesterday coordinating everything. I don't know how my doctor's office can make money at all with all this busy work to get a study.

It wasn't like that thirty years ago. Not even twenty years ago. How much cost does this add to healthcare? The middlemen, the miscommunications, and the complexity?

My pain is very dull, very low, and not troublesome. It's still in the lower left hand side of my abdomen. I think it's an adhesion, which won't show up on CT.

The funniest thing happened though. I sent the Reiki from the waiting room. And the Divine Peace Healing too. But when I went into the bore of the scanner, Ross asked me to do something. He had me touch my ring to the scanner, and say the words, 'I heal you'.

I'm not sure why.

But I did and I hope it works.

A similar story from the past with Nellie Bly...I hope I let you know what's going on in medicine these days. No wonder why most people would rather smoke cannabis and avoid the whole nightmare altogether!  I'm a trained medical professional. I'm not sure how others manage in these situations, with the runaround, especially from the insurance. I can always play the attending anesthesiologist card. I know the business. I feel so bad for the elderly and frail who are most vulnerable to this...

This was the floral display I sent to France.

It cost a lot.

The flowers gave great comfort to the grieving family, and deeply touched their hearts. They said the flowers were fresh and wonderful just as Jeannine was in life.

Ross told me to 'go big' and I did.

Some lessons in life are so difficult.

This one isn't easy to share.

Yesterday Anthony wanted my phone. I wasn't sure why.

He went to my app that reverses music and things you record.

When we had been on the ride, The Haunted Mansion last time, the ride was stopped. When mobility-impaired people transfer from their motorized chairs, they have to slow the ride. We were in the seance room with Madame Leota.

I took out my phone and recorded her, just in case.

We were both surprised to hear her, clear as day, at the tambourines part, in reverse, call in the spirits of the devil. (I just uploaded it to Bitchute, channel is 77picklehead. It's still processing)

A chill came over the room. We both knew what happens to people who tell this stuff.

You hear it best at about 50% speed.

Anyhow, he got spooked. Sometimes he gets the bad thoughts. He had them really bad in 2014. He was suicidal. That's right, my sweet boy, at nine, was deeply troubled.

This time I had to sit him down and tell him the truth.

There was a time when he was very little that he was saying inappropriate sexual things at the dinner table at his dad's house, who was living with his grandparents. It was so shocking that they dropped their forks and stared at the child. They asked him who taught him these things?

He said my father.

It was reported to child protective services. It was horrible to listen to the caseworker interview my baby. It broke my heart to pieces. It almost broke up my family. They defended my dad to the end.

The social worker told me whatever it was, it was caught early. A child needs to have a relationship with their grandparents, it's healthy, just never let those two be alone. EVER. And since my father was terminally ill, they wouldn't take further action.

I gently let Anthony know he was totally innocent, a baby, and didn't have words or even concepts to understand what happened. And that my father, was sick, and as much as he could love and appreciate Anthony, he did, but there was a huge huge huge problem, and I'm deeply sorry that Anthony got hurt in any way, EVER.

There was more, but it's private, and between us.

The basic point is that it's very understandable to have crazy thoughts, because they go way back, and there's reason for it. It's not imagination or his brain making it up. I told him how his father and I worked together like a team for his safety. And didn't he notice how I never, ever let him be alone with my dad? I always followed them around.

His memories that trouble him are in this house, at night, downstairs. That's where my father used to watch lots of TV.

I told Anthony that if he needs my company going downstairs at night, I'm fine with it, forever.

And that sometimes, thoughts of hurting ourselves is anger turned IN. Sometimes it's healthier to identify the source of the anger, and direct it OUT.

He said he doesn't get 'angry', at anything, he just 'goes weak'...and he doesn't like it.

I've never heard a better description of how someone being molested just gives up because they are overpowered and can't fight off the attack. I know it well. It happened to me at four, and I thought I was going to die.

I shared one other thing with Anthony to help him. A reader had described her daughter had been molested, and asked for a healing, when I was in Tucson. At the gift shop, I found the ballerina bear keychains. I remembered! When I first remembered my abuse, at twenty-six, I felt dirty. I found a ballerina bear, tiny, and I named it 'Carla'. She was my innocence I had lost. I carried her with me as I grieved and healed. Once I forgot her at work on the weekend and we had to drive back so I could get it!

I had bought two bear keychains, one for me, one for the girl. But instead, I gave the one for the girl to Anthony. So he wouldn't feel dirty, and he knew he had a right to his innocence, it was and always shall be his, no matter what.

I kept him home today. I have the day off, and didn't want him to get a sunburn at the school activity. It's costing me seventy dollars to keep him home.

It's worth it.

We have KAPA radio on (Hawaiian music) and had nice breakfast. Zucchini bread, a little bacon, fruit salad, and scrambled eggs. And coffee. I set the table for Ross too, so he could join us.

Ross danced with me as I cleared the table. He had me write down the song. Let's see if it's on YouTube:

I hope you enjoy it.

Time to go finish the breakfast dishes and get to work on bracelets! Today is my kind of day!


I want to talk to you a minute.

There was a moment where Anthony asked Carla, 'How come I agreed to this?' implying that before he was born, he consented to the abuse he endured at the hands of Carla's father, who is his namesake, nonetheless.  (Anthony is Anthony Richard, after my father, Richard).

There was a hologram at that moment.

It looked and felt precisely like that of Walt Disney. Both of the two perceived it.

Carla instructed Anthony what we do with all spirits who are unkind and unloving in their heart when we are incarnate on the Earth Plane--in Carla's words, honey, please go ahead and write them, it's okay for our audience so they will understand, 'we tell them to fuck off and go away' (an alternative it, 'to go fuck themselves and get OUT of here!')...isn't that right honey? Weren't those your words you always use when you yourself are in that powerful situation?


And what happened honey? To you and Anthony?

(immediately the air cleared--ed)


(because we have Free Will and things that are not incarnate who visit us here have to obey our commands--ed)

(Ross gets a funny smile, like he is showing us two plus two, and he's waiting for us to make the connection--he's looking all over the room and making eye contact while the wheels in our minds turn and we figure his point out--ed)

Clap! clap!

One last thing. Anthony was startled to learn of the hologram and that it was a lesson.

Carla what did you say to him? In order to explain it?

(how do you build up muscles? you work against resistance. That's how they get strong. --ed)

(Ross clears his throat--ed)

There you hear it! You heard it first! Here (pats his desk, thump thump thump--ed) Right at our work, Doctors With Reiki.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Monday, August 28, 2017

Feel Good

Yesterday I felt like making a zucchini bread, and I did.

I can't begin to tell you how content it made me feel...I was home, I was in the kitchen, I was cooking dinner, and I just got the urge to make use of the last two zucchini that way.

I made two loaves.

To me, this is Heaven on Earth...

Having both the time and the energy to take care of my loved ones and show them affection.

I haven't baked anything except perhaps two years ago cupcakes.

Anthony wanted a Nolan Ryan bobblehead doll (a collectors item for baseball with our local team, the Los Angeles Angels). I had to work. But he asked his dad, who took him. The Angels lost, but it was fun for them both.

Saturday, we had some tickets left on our voucher, so we decided to go. It was fireworks night. Our usual seats weren't available in the club section. So we had to decide what else? Anthony was trying to calculate where a home run might be hit, and to sit in that area. But my stomach wasn't the best, and I got annoyed because I wanted an end seat so I could use the bathroom without walking over rows of people who have to get up for me. Anthony said, 'okay mom, you decide'.

Well, we ended up behind the bullpen.

I believe to Anthony, the bullpen where the pitchers warm up, IS Heaven on Earth! One player threw bubble gum to the kids, and Anthony was so excited! If you are looking for autographs, the pitchers are always the most likely to agree to sign a ball.

We had a view of the most fantastic play. Andrelton Simmons hit a home run to left field, just at the fence. The left fielder jumped up, the ball went in his glove, and it just tipped out of the glove and landed over the fence into the bullpen. It won the game!

Anthony was so delighted, that he wanted to finish the series (we've never done that), and sit in the same seats on Sunday. In the hot sun with no shade. I took him.

I took him because Ross told me to enjoy my son.

On Saturday I had a bind. My insurance was closed and I couldn't figure out how to get 'pre-certification' (a new term for pre-authorization) of my CT scan I need for my abdominal pain. I had the order, the techs would fit me in, but they needed the okay from the insurance.

Ross asked me, 'is the pain interfering with your daily activities?'


That's why he said, 'enjoy your son'.

My doctor--my REAL doctor, not my 'primary care for my EPO' I have to see--contacted me. She is in another state, and a healer. She picked up on inflammation. She told me to up my vitamin C, take my probiotics she had sent me, and to rub the frankincense oil over the painful area every two to four hours.

She also did a remote healing on me with Ross and Raphael.

The frankincense was like magic! It soothed the deep hurt and cramping right away. I did the other things too.

Miraculously, the pain kept decreasing and decreasing. Today, there's just a throb every now and then, and I can easily ignore it. I'd say it's a two out of ten.

(I made a Reiki Request to Team Doctors With Reiki, and I am sure that helped considerably too)

The other thing that helped is my clarity. My mom told me my grandmother had lots of trouble pooping. She had to sit on the toilet for two hours at a time. My sister has trouble too.

Both have had pelvic surgery. My nana had a hysterectomy. My sister had a huge incision high up because of her placenta previa. I had a c-section too. When they went in for my myomectomy with the robot seven years later, there was an adhesion from my colon to the scar (my pfannensteil incision from the c-section)...on the left hand side. They took it down for me. That's where my pain is again, in that area.  It could be diverticula (that's a common area for pain the left lower quadrant), adhesions, or as my mom suggested, constipation. Somehow the understanding as a physician helped me to relax, and to both let go of the outcome, as well as resolve to complete the workup to understand it.

I also recall my mom and my maternal grandfather both battled with Irritable Bowel Disease.  I've been diagnosed since medical school. My grandfather, a construction worker, had to retire because of accidents he would have in the field. My mom said for her, it 'hurt worse than having a baby' and she always needed to go where a restroom was nearby. Both of them have had abdominal surgery too.  There's an excellent book out, and the author sells peppermint tea to soothe it. I bought the tea once for my mom...

For an update, I spent hours on the phone--approximate forty-five minutes on hold--with my insurance to get pre-authorization (certificate) for my study. I had to call the doctors office for the exact diagnosis code and procedure code they were going to use to bill. Well, the radiologist bills the procedure code. So there's a subcontractor for Anthem...'Ames'...who actually approves the outsourced authorization requests for radiology. I asked politely, 'I am in pain, how long is this supposed to take for me to get a study?' I also called customer service and told them how Anthem owes it's members more accountability, and they should know how terrifying it is to be without coverage due to the contract negotiation breakdown with my work. The woman told me she hadn't heard about it until last week, herself, it's (implied--hush hush and behind closed doors).   So I can be seen, today, but I have to go to a totally different hospital. I leave soon to drink contrast. I was not allowed to eat lunch. This way I will know for sure if there is any pathology. Hopefully there isn't.  And I can concentrate on getting better from here.

Ross also did a healing on me yesterday morning. He told me to relax and lie in my bed while he did the healing. I hadn't gotten out of bed yet. He had on his healing robes. I saw in my mind's eye, five or six spinning flowers, points down (part that attaches to stem), in a carnation pink or deep salmon color. They didn't touch me but were there. I just relaxed and tried my best not to watch. The only part I saw was him pulling a long thin white stringy thing out of me.  I thanked him and was grateful for the healing.

I see I have gained twenty pounds since 2014. I came across an old note where I kept my daily weights on it. I don't exercise enough. I do enjoy a dessert every now and then. I found my scrubs were really pressing on my abdomen. I had to switch to a larger size. This could be a part of it too, I don't know...

But I really must make a new commitment to self-care.

I see it now, with the house, with my son...when I am not in balance, everything else isn't.  I pray so hard for a routine, and for time, and for balance.

Ross mentioned to me not to worry too much as I was frantically tidying up the kitchen. He said it's not too long.

I believe it.

Mark Taylor came to me yesterday at the ball game. He died long time ago, when Anthony was a newborn. He had told me to walk to my man, he's a good man, and I would like him because Mark liked him. This time, Mark and Ross were together. It was delightful for everyone to know who is who. Mark had told me long time ago that he would be there when I meet my man. I hope yesterday was a sneak preview of things to come. <3

I just had a family member/close friend die of stage four colon cancer.  It's so hard.

Last summer I spent a week with her in France, and she was so awesome and fun and kind and loving. Her sister is devastated.

I feel awful because I've had gifts for her to send on the kitchen table for months, and I never sent them. (Her spirit was kind and told me to send them to someone who will appreciate them). I never made the bracelets for her.

I had to forgive myself. I'm so busy, not only do I suffer, but those I care about suffer neglect too.

I had seen her cross over with Ross, and I wrote about it.

But there was the language barrier. I didn't know that when her sister said, 'she fell into coma' meant she had passed. I was waiting for the news. The family said, 'where are you and why aren't you crying with us?'

The end of life is a delicate part of the language to master.

So I researched it. I looked online, and I learned that although the French dress casually--jeans--to funerals, there is a protocol.  A beautiful one is the book left at the door, for people to leave their messages and memories. All the neighbors can write in it, and it gives the family comfort.  

But the French like formal contact. You have to say you heard the news, you were shocked, and you are sorry. You say often, it's hard! They were too young! A letter or card is traditional, and you will get a thank you note promptly in return.

Also, many cremate, and there is a small gathering of the family at the crematorium. And if the cremation is at two, you better come early,  because the gathering is BEFORE and the body goes to the incinerator precisely at two.  Flowers and showing up after are too late and not appreciated.

So I sent flowers. Sending flowers to France isn't easy. I still hope that they arrive at the right time at the home and can be delivered in time. Ross helped me pick the arrangement, and he said, 'go big'.

Anthony and I were in an awkward position. We are close enough to this family to feel like we should go to the funeral. We were even looking up possibilities, to fly out and get back in a short time. But we weren't sure if their customs are like ours, and we would be welcome. I was also concerned I might miss work--be late for it--due to travel delay on this tight schedule.

Ross pointed out I had my pain, and I needed to solve it first. In other words, I wasn't healthy for the trip.

I called. I notified by Facebook I would call. And it's not easy because the rules have changed. I needed my cell phone, and I dialed 011 to get out of the states, then 33 for France, and then after that, the 0 in front of their 02 phone number had to be dropped for the call to go through.

For the flowers I had copied the phrases and adjusted the verbs and stuff to go onto the card and the banner. And for the phone call, with my not so great fluent French, I said what was proper to say.

Sure enough, on Facebook, there was a thank you by the sister, which told everyone I had called all the way from here, and my thoughts will be with the family at the cremation.

There's one last thing I will mention. Ross and I did the healing to help people awaken the other day. It's working.  Anthony says the kids at school are creeped out by the new Taylor Swift song. The part where she says, 'she's dead and can't answer the phone'. He said the video is super disturbing.

I wasn't surprised.   But I was glad the kids are picking up on this stuff. It's a good sign for the awakening.

Here is a link to the video analyzing the new Taylor thing:

This other one is even more worth watching--it's proof of censorship--

I'm so glad I never monetized any of my work. It's better for you--no ads--and also, better to be 'under the radar'. I haven't made any YouTube videos since I got served for my medical malpractice lawsuit. Once it's settled out, I can go back to my videos again. I have to be careful.

I'm off to the CT scan and ask for your blessings and love.

P.S. if you ever want to contribute, just PayPal to  I would appreciate it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Little Bit

For the past week now, I have enjoyed a new development in my relationship with Ross. He's wanted me to write about it, but until now I kept forgetting.

I'm happy I can tell him I love him, and see his reaction, and knows he heard me.

It's so special.

Every morning, and every night, I don't just send a message UP, like I used to.

I see it. And I enjoy his reaction every time, just to know he heard me.

Sometimes he doesn't really say or do anything special, but I still KNOW in my heart, he heard, and it makes me glad.

He also says I love you to me. And I love to watch his face when he sees my reaction.

I'm having a little bit of a health concern right now. I have pain in my abdomen, and also, it feels like there is pressure and it's wanting to expand. Fortunately a friend told me about another friend, who's an OB-Gyn, and she checked  me out.

There was a while where I was really concerned, since I can read ultrasound images for the heart. I watched the study.

I waited for my friend to call me with the results.

Being the doctor and anxious person I am, I looked up ultrasound images of the pelvis, and tried to figure it out.

I'm post-menopausal and in my fifties.

I am a sitting duck for ovarian cancer, which is bad news.

The strangest transformation came over me, during the time I thought I might have it...I realized sad and unexpected as it is, I would simply be leaving to join Ross. I don't know how I could ever say goodbye to Anthony. But everything else, all the drama, just sort of went away. I realized all I need is my computer, my son, my books, beads and crystals...

I was surprised at how easy I could lay my life down like that.

In a way, it is a blessing because one of my major philosophies in life, something that keeps me going, is to never have any unfinished business of the heart. To live my life in such a way as if I were to die tomorrow, people would know how I care about them. To be an open book.

I guess I accomplished that, right?

The OB-Gyn said they couldn't find anything on the ultrasound. It could be diverticulitis. And to get a CT scan.'s the rub. My insurance is BACK with my work. They decided at three p.m. yesterday. But their office is closed and the radiology department won't do the study without preauthorization (pre'certification' now it's called).

I wasn't sure what to do.

Ross asked me, 'is the pain interfering with your daily activities?'

No. It hurts. But I'm not slowed down by it.

So he said to wait for Monday when the insurance is open and to go from there.

I don't feel sick in any way at all, just crampy burning pain in the left lower quadrant.

When Ross puts his hand on my abdomen the pain goes completely away.

What have Ross and I been up to? Well, yesterday we did a special healing for all of humankind--where we 'take the scales off' the eyes that see--including the third eye--and we literally sandblasted the accumulated layers of attachments off everybody.

Sure enough, although we didn't tell her, Divine Mother Incarnate was overwhelmed with nausea--due to the marked increase in mergings.

Today, we healed Gaia and her people.  She --the delicate ecosystems--is a mess! I'm serious.

What you can do to help, is to go outside, and to be One with Nature. Quiet the thoughts, and be One with the birds, the wind, the plants. Be mindful to their presence and their noises, and breathe it in.

This is one of the healthiest things you can do for your Ascension.

I'm going to talk about some disturbing things.

This shows how the media brainwashes us--literally.

The informant from Dutch Banking is found dead.  Just like Svali disappeared from the face of the earth. Apparently Ronald Bernard went for a walk at one p.m., then he was calling for help, saying his life was in danger, and his phone pings were all over the park, randomly. Then his body was found face down in water.  According to Svali, they kidnap you when you tell. You shouldn't ever go out alone or at night, because you are vulnerable. She was almost kidnapped once (what was I thinking? she asked herself)...

But there's more. I recall sometime when Jim Carrey was talking 'spiritual'. I just couldn't read the 'vibe' on him. His face and body language looked trustworthy. But he's from Hollywood, a huge success, and to get that, you HAVE to go through the 'gravy' and 'sell your soul', right?

I've learned of his former position within the organization Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Basically Jim was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

According to Divine Father--he had told me one more old man needed to die for us to be 'safe', not quite an actor or celebrity but well known (he told me this at the eclipse). Well, it's done. This was the person, he was a double-agent, essentially, on a soul level, although I would like to think he was legitimate in his exposing the dark ones.

We are well on our way with the 'loose ends' to be cleaned up. And the message is that 'life will be getting easier for all of us' is what is scheduled for next.

This morning I went into the garden. It gave me great joy. I picked two large red Hungarian peppers. And then I picked many green tomatoes, which ripen in the house away from anything which might want to eat them. I also have two pumpkins to harvest too.

Ross picked this photo:

I sense he wishes for us to welcome in the change of the seasons, and to enjoy the extra special warmth and welcoming and nurturing it has to offer.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, August 25, 2017


I will be brief and to the point today.

Under the new energies, rifts and alliances are starting to shift.

They are shifting in ways to honor the qualities of the Divine Feminine.

Teamwork, including Spirit, is helping us to get things done, to grow, and to thrive.

My colleague was sharing with me how she had a diagnosis of stage three colon cancer based on a CT scan result of a five centimeter mass.  Next to her spleen. She was terrified and went to her friend and mine, the OB GYN who scanned her. Then she went to the ER because with her insurance it would take a month to get an outpatient colonoscopy. With that size mass you don't want to mess around.

She did it, and the diagnosis was 'pre-cancer', not 'cancer'...she is very shaken. Yet I know the group will support her, and she will be able to take the time she needs to get things fixed.

There was a moment right after the diagnosis they told her to come in and she was like, 'I have a long line up with Dr. So and So in the morning, I can't!'

I totally understood.

What she didn't know is I have been having terrible pains deep in my pelvis and I was up late the night before, examining my own stomach like you would for an acute abdomen or an appendix, right before I went to sleep. I had located the pain but didn't know what to do, and asked Ross for help.

I was afraid.

Yesterday I texted my friend the OB-GYN.

Not only did she see me right away, she also takes my insurance.

She was only one floor above me.

So, between cases, I went to be seen.

Downstairs the nurses were having trouble with the I.V.

They called me for help.

I told them what was going on, I was embarrassed, but I needed to be seen, so after I would come.

I was a teeny bit late, ten minutes, to the bedside.

But to have my friend tell me 'you're not going to die!' and that there is a cyst right in that spot with the ultrasound...helped.

The nurses in pre-op were very supportive, said, we are all women, we've been there and hope you are not in too much pain.

I got the i.v. on the patient the first try.

(my friend the OB has been my patient twice. She requested me. Once she actually forced her surgeon to have her case at my hospital instead of his, just so she could have me. She called his scheduler behind his back and switched! But I never had her for my fibroid surgery. I had a different doc--who is with my hospital system now, and for some reason, I just couldn't go to him, then I heard of their disagreement--and I understood why. I'm in good hands now. She even had a place for me to go for my mammogram that will take my insurance...)

We also had a dinner out last night with all the anesthesiologists in my group, and the group paid for it--to say goodbye to a colleague who is moving to Arizona. He is going so he can work less and be paid more.

It was a beautiful dinner and everyone was relaxed and having fun. It was wonderful to see everyone in that light.

One colleague left early, he was having stomach pains. He hunched over as he walked slowly out. We weren't sure if he needed surgery himself. Time will tell.

My elder colleague who does OB doesn't like to drive at night. She was leaving when I left. I realized even though we were two blocks from Pacific Coast Highway, she was afraid of getting lost. I had her follow me. Then she turned one way, and I did the other, at PCH, as she knew where she was and could find her way home. I was planning a different and faster route home, but I took the slow one, because I helped her.

Sometimes these are things you just have to do for a friend, for a just is.

I am going to be a bit cryptic.

This photo is a shout out to a friend and incarnate apostle.

He asked me a question.

His question involves a woman who I have given anesthesia to for plastic surgery, not once but twice...and Ross.

Our friend always teases Ross about driving a VW Bus like a hippie.

Get it?

I asked Ross to put a muzzle on her at one point.

I don't mind being under the radar, but when this person started making cards with Ross on it, I was like, 'babe? I've tried to contact this woman, she has totally ignored me, and look how many people she is influencing (teaching seminars, etc).  Can you do something to get her back on the same page as us? I can't take it.'

I've seen HER. The real her, not the public persona.

I've seen everyone under anesthesia.

People who are focused on their appearance are, um, a little different.

I get it that when you are in the public's sort of expected.

But to me, honest, Dee wasn't very nice.

When I first met her, I noticed her name sounded like a stage name, but I didn't know who she was. I called her on the phone the night before surgery. I asked, 'what do you do?'  She said, 'I am a writer'. I paused. I've taken care of romance novelists before. I don't like romance novels, but the patient was nice. So I blurted out, 'well, as long as you don't write romance novels things will be okay.' Then I proceeded with the medical history.

There was no warmth at all to me, on either of the visits. But both the surgeons knew her well. (this was at two separate facilities).

I'll never forget the anguish the husband had for her to leave for the O.R. from pre-op the first time. I think he liked her old look and didn't want it to change.

I've also given anesthesia to Dee's boss and also Dee's boss' husband.

With Dee's boss she said an affirmation as I was going to put in the i.v. It was old lady arms, the hardest thing on earth to put an i.v. into because they are fragile and explode and the skin is loose. I had never heard of an affirmation like that. 'This i.v. will go in beautifully and without pain!' I shot her a look, and thought, in my O.R. you don't need to say affirmations because I have skills! LOL

Anyhow, Ross accomplished my request BEAUTIFULLY.

She understands now what drives us--total selflessness and love, just like with the colleague who was scared to drive at night--every single day, 24/7, without asking for anything in return when there is need. All of our students are like this. All of our teams of healers are too.

Dee 'gets it'.

Yes, she's taken a different turn, and it's growth for her.

Always remember, she communicates with Archangel Michael, but can't see Ashtar. She only saw him once. On a plane flight.

I see Michael, Ashtar, Ross, and don't say a peep except here.

That's how we like it.

I will add one thing. If you become dependent on Ross and me, we will help you stand on your own feet. I had one reader who is basically fear driven, and has been asking me for personal Reiki requests, often, for over a year. Perhaps I should have communicated that the group Reiki Requests are free. But it was starting to drain my energy. A lot. So I spoke with Divine Mother Incarnate, and we came up with a solution. To honor the energy exchange. A fee for my services from here on out.

If you are really benefitting from the service of others--healing, medical advice, even just this blog--it's nice to give something back. Many offer prayers and healing in return. I have two donors who help regularly. And my students pay a small tuition. It really helps. In so many ways, my outlook, my sense that people are 'getting it', and the tangible encouragement to continue in this work. I feel like perhaps one day, this can be my life's work and I can support myself and leave the hospital for good.

Ross is showing me signs.

We will always, always, always put your highest good as our top priority. We will set boundaries as appropriate, and encourage and guide as appropriate too.

I'm so glad Ross stepped in with Dee, though.

He's the best husband and twin I could ever ask for.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Working With The Energies

I'm going to blow your mind.

See the above statement, 'a goal without a plan is just a wish'?

That worked in the third dimension.

In Duality.

We are in 5D now.

The vibrations are very fine, very strong, and are able to assist us.

Spirit can too.

You will find you soon have the courage to do things you never thought you could do, for example, my gay friend who for years used to rush home from school to watch Oprah--is going camping for the first time, enjoying the stars, building a fire, even drinking a beer!  He remains just as gay as ever, this wasn't the purpose of the trip. However, as he practices new skills and reaches to be 'off the grid' and 'independent from society' on his vacation, I also notice his Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine 'balance' within himself is 'readjusting' too.

What if the energies are knocking you on your butt right now? You can't handle them?


Drink plenty of water, eat things that grow in the ground, and walk with your bare feet on the earth to help you ground them.

It won't last forever.

It's the quickest way to assimilate these new energies...if you work with them.

How about me?

I got an order for two bracelets and a distance healing from a nurse at work yesterday. Yup.

Ross had said to continue to provide what I have to offer and see what happens.

I also had a wonderful two hour gap--I ate, I napped in the car--and I had a very good lineup for the day. I got home around eight, and I would have liked to have come home earlier. But at least it wasn't eleven.  I also had the insight to realize I've been assigned almost every other night calls, I lack sleep, and lack of sleep isn't good for us in so many ways...including weight gain.

So...I have a foot in both worlds, one of medicine, and one here.

There is resilience to me too--things which once were disturbing or threatening, I just mention to Ross and my teams and let it go. For example, I read a new channeled message on Galactic Connection from I think the seventeenth. Some parts are very true. The accountability one I've been mentioning for some time now. Everyone will get to look me and Ross in the eye, and due to the  nature of the higher realms, everyone will KNOW without needing to ask, who helped, who hurt others, who did what, and they are going to be accountable for their actions/choices. The part about being in a virtual reality? I grandfather told me mom life is 'like a movie' and 'we direct it'...what we think about now happens in a few days.  The discernment there is many I know talk to Divine Father, and also, there is only LOVE. The message channeled didn't have the qualities of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. It was more of the mind. And I'm not surprised at all that it's a mixed message--with some truth in it--because that's very common and to be expected.

I saw a post over some 'Angels in the O.R.' training course. People are paying money to be in that role I have in surgery. Not the anesthesia part. They are getting certificates and I know someone else who is trying to make a business out of it. I wasn't the first Reiki practitioner in the O.R.  Pam Miles is the first one I met who did. I'm sure others were before her too. My goal is to make EVERYONE in the O.R. Reiki trained, if they desire it. And in the pre-op and recovery room too.

The latest by Kryon, Co-B-rah, Sang Nguyen (talking about the latest Montague Keen, etc)...oh yeah and  Fulford...I'm like...whatever.

I don't feel threatened any more. There are channels who channel EVERYTHING. And most aren't the ones for me. I had hoped all the disinformation would disappear once the frequencies jumped up. They didn't. There's no reason for me to expect things to stay the same as they were before. At some point, the energies will be incompatible. It's best to work on my own energy, and keep it healthy, than to compare myself to others who I am powerless to change.  Furthermore, they are 'all over' the community and I remain 'under the radar' and I suppose in its own way that's a good thing <3.

I will share you a story.

A good friend and star family member (she is my soul sister, another angelic being on Earth)--asked for advice on her living situation.

I sensed Spirit wanted to tell her to keep her eyes open, and when the opportunity they line up comes along, go for it! The window of opportunity won't stay open long, and she will have to be quick.

That was Spirit.

My friend has filters.

Even though the answer went from Spirit verbatim into typed friend received a distorted message.

Because of fear.

At first she thought she had to move right away, and buy a house. She panicked.

I had to calm her down.

I had to gently share an example how I needed a car to haul Anthony and his friends. I'd failed at looking in September, and given up. Then one day, Anthony and I got a nudge to visit a local dealership we hadn't seen. There was a car Anthony loved so much he offered me everything he had, all his money in his short six-year old life, two hundred fifty dollars, to help with the downpayment.

Spirit had communicated something to that child, he KNEW. And I had my fears about the financial burden. But I sensed the deal wouldn't be there I signed the papers. I may have slept on it. I don't know.

Over the years I've seen how it really was the best choice not just for then but for my years including now. It was five years ago.

So this is how Spirit works.

It turns out she had a minor financial miracle with just enough money to buy a car for her son, which was kind of the same.

The fear backed down, the message from Spirit she had requested came through, true this time. Without fear. Fear makes us not think straight.

It's all good.

It's only good.

And all the loose ends are going to settle themselves out in time, as we settle in to these new energies.

I have another example.

I thought today was a day off. I almost cancelled the sitter. But I knew she was cancelled last week. I planned to come up with 'other things'. Turns out a colleague is leaving the group, and tonight is the only night we can take him out for dinner as a group. And I have to work and have an early start too!
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother entertaining plans?  In this Now Moment--it seems like things change around often--'spirit style'...because so many unseen hands are guiding me and my life experience. LOL.

Ross wanted this picture. It's from him.

His message is 'you will reach your target'--of whatever you desire, as long as it is for the Highest Good and compatible with your Life Contract.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Terra Cotta

One day, when I was early into my teenage years, or perhaps around the time to go into college, I forget exactly when, my mother gave me a single, four inch square decorative tile, and looked at me in earnest.

I was puzzled by her gift.

She explained the symbolic message of her gift to me, very clearly. This is an Italian tile. It is very strong. It can handle ANYTHING.  Always keep it as a reminder to yourself of how very strong you are made to be, just like this tile.

I turned the tile over and looked at the back, which, besides the decoration, looked like this:

And I thought about it.

Tile is earth that has been put through fire, and it can handle heat. It is durable. It is used in surfaces around the home.

Yet it's beautiful, too, when you look at the decoration.

I knew it could chip, or crack, or shatter.

But compared to clay, it was vastly improved, and I took mother's point to heart.

I supposed in some ways, another term for it is 'grit'--the ability to endure just about anything to achieve one's goals...

This fragrance came to me the time before last I went to Di-z-knee-land

It was a Saturday in summer, and Anthony and I had a wonderful time. I bought him some shirts and I got a new jacket. But at the fragrance store in New Orleans Square, it was on special. I was told it has coconut and gardenia fragrance in it.

The first time I wore it to work I had a patient almost die on me, not from the fragrance but from their many comorbidities. It took hours and hours and an ICU admit and I was badly shaken. I almost thought it was bad luck, the perfume!

But the next day, the patient was awake, extubated, doing well, completely normal.

Then I noticed the image on the bottle--the sun--was it an eclipse sun or a sun I can't tell--and the name of the fragrance is Terra Cotta. Special edition. That's what the woman at the store said. It's special edition, limited edition, they won't make any of it any more.

What timing, huh?

And after the energies shifted on Sunday night...the fragrance is good luck, too.

About Sunday. I wasn't sure if I mentioned it. There were two simultaneous fireworks displays going on in Anaheim. One was at 'The Mouse House' and the other was at Angel Stadium. The Harvest Festival with Gregg Laurie had just concluded. It had been a three day event to stop human trafficking.

The five freeway goes between both sites. We were wondering where the second fireworks were as we were driving home.

I would imagine some people use fireworks to invoke more than a show of lights in the nighttime sky.

Especially certain, um, 'teams'.

I think Ross got me to that place in between them at just the right time to uncouple some of the 'magic' and everything unraveled from there for certain 'teams'...and that's the exact moment I saw Divine Father open the door. As my car crossed the invisible line connecting the stadium and the resort during their simultaneous fireworks displays.

The energies are still good.

And I am growing.

I'm starting to poke my head out from my life circumstances and ask myself, 'is this what I want?' and to start talking to the right people.

I know of one internal medicine doc who has cut ties with 'the system' successfully.  The healing is a blend of ALL -- both holistic and traditional and Reiki. People love it.

I've been like, 'I can't do internal medicine, I'm not boarded. What can I do?'

My friend from long time, another anesthesiologist, is in 'the transition'. She says with all the stress there is no time to live life and do the things you enjoy. People would invite you to a social gathering, and you would say yes, but you would have to cancel because there was an emergency and you had to go to the hospital. She says we are not born to be beasts of burden, like plow horses or oxen, and that is what our careers had done to us!

She says there is a certain amount of stress and anxiety that makes it hard for you to hear Divine Guidance, especially for me as the sole supporter of Anthony and myself. She says there is panic.

Once you decrease the workload, you can think. The clarity comes (that's the exact word I was looking for, in talking with Spirit, clarity).

And you need some source of income until the 'soul aligned' business takes off.

She works in surgery centers now. Every now and then. And she sells a supplement. It's just enough to help her get by and not worry about her survival.

She said she still loves medicine. It's just that the hospital is such a hostile environment to those of us who are's time to get out.

And it's true. A patient wrote a nasty letter to administration saying I belittled her. In fact it was a safety precaution she didn't want to hear--we don't eat on the day of surgery due to aspiration risk--and I'm so busy right now from the accusation with people asking me my side of the boss...the OR manager told me she defended me because it's for patient safety.  It's getting to the point where you have to really be submissive to everyone in the hospital because they will write you up. Nurses. Patients. Other surgeons. Already I am like high end retail in my interpersonal skills. I fully understand the Customer Is Always Right.

My friend says I need to work on my self-worth, my self-love, and then I will realize Reiki is just one form of my many gifts. I bring Spiritual messages and healing to Earth plane for others who can't quite sense it yet. And I teach others how to be open like that, and independent.

I'm making her a bracelet in exchange for her mentoring me.

She tells me not to put myself in a box...and to let Spirit guide me.

Yesterday Ross said for us to stop off at the gym (local Pokemon one) and 'fight'.  It was after basketball practice and I was like, 'hmmmm? okay.'

The characters on it were very weak. Anthony was able to take over the gym by himself. We both put characters/players on it.

This was the first time we have ever been able to take over the gym without an hour of battles back to back.

I miss him so, Ross.  And I am grateful he guides us, his family, who are still incarnate on earth.


(stretches and yawns--ed)  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Carla's mom also likes the Blue Delft tiles, and other porcelain decorations. The neighbor Thelma Monette gave a pot to her. And later, she gave that one to Carla.

Blue delft is very un-Italian, but it has its advantages too.

(he looks at you intently, I can sense he's been planning to say something, and I'm ready to listen too to what he has to share--ed)

I'm here.

I'm ready to work with you, just like I do Carla.

All you have to do  is ask.

It is safe.

It is time for you to begin working with your guides more closely.

I have my teams of them ready to answer your requests.

I recommend you start with little requests, so you can adapt to the process, and be clear that it's not the imagination.

Perhaps a penny from heaven to show you you are making the right choice? Right there, on the ground, out of NOWHERE, with the right choice for you which is in alignment with your Higher Self 'heads up' and with the 'not so good choice' with the message 'tails up' when it shows itself to you?

After a while you will get consistency, and trust and be able to go on it, just like Carla, without the coins.

Or how about magic feathers? A black one was shown to Carla yesterday. She knew to be cautious, to wait, to watch for an omen. Even though there were lots of crows out there on the basketball courts, Carla is trained to read the messages of random bird feathers which show themselves in her path by decoding the message in their color.

Or how about totem animals? Carla saw a hawk flying earlier in the day, and knew that a message was there just for her--sometime--and to pay attention to symbols and signs, and Hawk is Messenger from Great Spirit...

The possibilities are endless and I encourage you to begin.

clap! clap!

Carla has an early start today. She has to make both the breakfast and the lunches...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day One

We made it!

The energies are clear and bright, and filled with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

I can go on.

Life is not without its lessons.  Yesterday I was assigned to work with a soul who has betrayed me, an anesthesia colleague (a 'pain specialist') who is the expert witness for the person suing me for medical malpractice. I had dread as I came in to work, and I realized the room and time I was to be present made it very high likelihood I would work with this person for the first time since reading their letter against me. I asked Ross what should I do? Should I refuse to work? Should I work? How should I even face this painful person?

Ross told me to turn the other cheek.

It wasn't easy, but I did. And I'm glad I did it. Because I am not a vindictive or angry person, and I didn't want to have fear around this anesthesiologist for the rest of my career. It's just a game to him. It's money. And sad as it is for me, he made his choices.  I am totally free to make mine. And I chose to follow Ross' example.

I realized since work is so slow, and seven of my colleagues had the day off, I was fortunate to have the work. Two cases. I was humble enough to realize I need to eat and support my family.

My lesson was learned.

Even Coh-Bu-Ra said 'we achieved victory of the light!' -- the third confirmation of this momentous change from the status qu0-- although I still prefer not to trust him.

Where we are at now is a place in energy, in time, in consciousness of our population on Earth--where it doesn't matter how we 'got there' but we ARE 'there' for the people who say the eclipse changed their life? Thanks to the wisdom of Divine Father and Divine Mother, in a way, they are correct, because of the timing. How else would they know? Right?  The only sadness I have, is that I can tell quite clearly who reads my blogs, and who doesn't, in our community, and the ones who made a big fuss about the eclipse -- well, they get to have just as much of these new vibrations as those who DO read and apply themselves.  For those of you who do study and work at your growth, and follow our efforts to help you awaken, you give us great pleasure and satisfaction, and I want you to know, I KNOW who you are, and Ross does too.

At some point, everyone is going to look us in the eyes, and as a couple, when you meet us, everything will be clear, and known.   All of it. In an instant.

So those of you who bring more JOY to us by your study and growth in working with us, are going to see it reflected in our gaze at you, and it will be a JOY well deserved and entitled to you, for all of your efforts!

I will stop writing now, for the day. There are tasks to do. I have the luxury of a day off, and many things to accomplish.

I ask you for the Reiki Transition Symbol to be sent, if you know how to send it, to Jeannine Pimoult, in France, who is dear to our hearts. She is in coma now, after fighting a battle against metastatic colon cancer.

In meditation, I saw her. She saw me, and met Ross.

She started banging her head over and over because she never realized in Life who we were. And how Anthony is Ross' son!

Ross stopped her at once. He told her how much she was entrusted by him through his giving her closeness to us, and how, by her own heart, she chose to love us unawares. Her kindnesses to me and Anthony gave Ross much joy and happiness.

She understood.

Ross gave me a kiss and she was tickled and delighted to be 'in' on the secret of Ross having a family. She asked me if he is a good kisser and I said, 'yes' softly and with a big smile that includes my eyes crinkling up at the corners.

I can see her family waiting for her on the Other Side. Souls tend to come and go a lot at the end, between both worlds. I'm not sure exactly when her official Transition will be.

But we thank you for your love and your Reiki.

Tomorrow is another day. I will talk about 'the terra-cotta' Ross says.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Happiest Couple on Earth (an a little above it) 

Monday, August 21, 2017

IB HEARTY -- Eclipse Update 2017

Ross chose the photos for this post.

It's a quick update.

Yesterday, I could barely function. The energies on Gaia were so low I could barely breathe.  I simply was going through the motions.

For those of you who sent me Reiki, thank you. I couldn't have made it without you.

It helped.

Yesterday I had a clog in the bathroom tub. It had been clogged for a week--but I finally got on my knees with the tool and fished the hair out of it. It wasn't easy. I had to keep at it, and make sure as I pulled I kept the clog together so it kept pulling.

I do this from time to time.

But as I went to give Reiki yesterday to all of humanity--I was guided to look at it for the first time--it was bloated and grey. It was in very poor condition, spiritually.

I'm not sure how I thought of it, but I started to pull on the energy of humanity just like I did with a clog. Reiki healers are sensitive to energy flow, and just like on a single patient, when there are blockages you can pull them so the energy flows better.

I pulled, and these stretchy black strings--a grid of them--tangled like hairs and about the same consistency, started to come out. Ross and his crew had a hook, and I attached it. They pulled, and I monitored the area where it was pulling out. I reattached new hooks.

Ross told me the Reiki healing wouldn't finish for like, three days. Just to let it go and not close it.

I told my team, my closest Ground Crew who are in fact my Star Family.

They helped. Divine Mother Incarnate helped with the pulling. Others supported me.

Around the same time, I could hear Divine Father making the noise of opening the handle to open a door. I alerted Divine Mother Incarnate of this.  I didn't know how long it would take.

Yesterday after the basketball game Anthony wanted to go to Disneyland. Apparently there was a Pokemon convention at the Anaheim Convention Center.  I had known he wanted a Kangishkhan--rare, from Australia, only in California for a weekend. We had tried in Irvine yesterday with no luck.

It's odd because I didn't know, but before I left for the basketball game, I had asked for special healing to be sent to the resort, the whole thing, the whole area. I had never done that before.

So like wood, I walked through Disneyland. I was hungry, I didn't want to delay my son, but we stopped by the LaBrea Bakery for a salad and some bread.

Wouldn't you know it? On the drive to the park he caught an Unknown (rare Pokemon) and at the table we both caught the Kangishkhan!

I had been needing chocolate. Ross told me it's okay. My breakfast had been Hershey kisses and toast with nutella. For lunch I wanted the brownie too.

Wouldn't you know it, last night was the last night of the Main Stream Electrical Parade, too?

I watched it, as it went into the door at the beginning of main street. I was up by the train area. I had to bend. It didn't hold it's magic. I was glad to see it, my childhood, and also the memory of the awe of being an employee, backstage, and watching the whole parade get switched on before it took off...

But Ross was in a hurry. He wanted me to go. He said to avoid traffic.

So I went.

We even skipped the fireworks.

I was driving us home, and around 2200 our time, I SAW Divine Father open the door!

I was puzzled, and with my spirit body, I asked him if this was it? He was smiling very wide, and like a kind host, ushered me inside.

Just to my right, was Ross, dressed in his finest, and he asked me if I would like a drink? There were a lot of people present--Ross' people and crew--all dressed up and I could hear the hubbub of conversation.

I looked at the glass, and asked him, sincerely, 'will this make me feel silly and I might say stupid things if I drink it? (It was Galactic, I didn't recognize it, but it looked like our champagne in a champagne glass from the sixties).

He smiled, understood, and said, 'yes, drink it slowly so you won't have that effect; it's very strong.'

So I took it and had a baby sip...

I noticed I could breathe again, ever since the door opened, and new energies were flooding me.

The energies were exactly like the realm where Ross had taken me UP when I couldn't breathe the last time. Some super high dimension.

Only right now, those energies are here, and here to stay.

Divine Father told me they pre-empted the eclipse by about twelve hours. That way nobody would know what happened, and the only cause they could attribute it to, was the eclipse, when clearly, it wasn't, it was the door.

I was surprised at his cleverness!

The rest, since we have co-creation here, are loose ends to tie up. I'm not sure how this realm is going to eventually look as it's supposed to look. I'm sure Heaven doesn't want to confuse anybody. But right now, energetically, Heaven is officially on Earth.

Here is the secondary confirmation:

And for reference,



Welcome to the higher realms.

(He smiles and nods yes when I ask him 'is this real?'--ed)

(He offers me his arm, I take it, and we walk--ed)

(He had showed me, twenty something years ago, the land of the future--he's showing me it again now--low ivory/white houses, simple, dirt paths, lots of nature. I don't see any people, but the city is shining with invisible light. There is peace, there is order, there is activity, I can feel it. The people are busy and they are whole again.--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, August 20, 2017


The energies are very weak right now.  I feel them. I feel the energy of the sun, having been born and raised in Long Beach, California, and having lived on the west coast for all of my life. (I had a summer in Cincinnati but that was the only time I was away).

I am always feeling the energies which are coming in from the sky. They are invisible, and yet, I 'eat' them--metaphysically, I need these energies to help me connect to Source, and also, to my guides.

When I am at my mother's house, it's harder for me to 'connect' up.  She has this stuff on the roof of her house.

But when I am on the road, I have always connection open, open, open, like this:

I got a message from Ross.

I'm not too excited about the eclipse because between the hype, the mass reaction to the mainstream media, and all the stuff going on behind the scenes, as an empath, I feel like I am the washing machine going back and forth, back and forth.

So I'm quiet.

I'm taking extra steps to ask for forgiveness from others.

I'm doing what one would do before they die.

I don't expect to die.

But as one approaches death their Life Force is waning, and with the cosmic energies as they are, I feel the same hopelessness and waning in my own connection to the Galactic Life force too.

I am weakening with every minute we click closer to that astronomical event.

Here's Ross' message to me, while I was on call, and waiting for a case:

8.18.17  1456

R:  I want to talk to you.
Hold on to your hats.
Are you ready honey?
I invite you to something greater than yourself, than me.
You are/shall be a part of us -- FOREVER.

C:  Hate? News? So much conflict?

R:  Let go of the stars -- there is only LOVE and LOVE is what it takes (I see his two fists bumping toward one another and they impact)  We are going to meet everyone half way.
On their terms, because that is the only way possible.
Even if you are incarnate.

I will hold you in my arms tonight and love you soundly.

All my love,
God is Glorious!
Your Beloved,

What I sense is that if you are ultra liberal, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are ultra conservative, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are highly spiritual, and have studied and worked hard, like me, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are very worldly--in the world and OF it--you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are suffering, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are living 'the good life' and not suffering in any way at all, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are welcoming change, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you hate change more than anything in the world, and do all you can to resist it, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are alone, old, tired, and desperate, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

If you are young, and full of enthusiasm, you are going to like and connect to the message the Galactics have to give.

Does this make sense?

I have seen just a glimpse of their elaborate plans, and contingencies, and backups for that.

The Galactics do fine work, and leave nothing to chance.

We have the gift to help others with their lessons.

By some strange phenomenon, we can see what others who are having their lessons, can't.

However, due to the nature of lessons, most people who are in one, not only can't hear their guides in spirit, but they can't hear their guides, teachers, friends and family, who are incarnate right there with them, too.

There is an energy that is given off by every living thing.

I can read it.

And one of the worst energies I have felt, next to this whole impending eclipse thing, is the energy of the cheating lover.

I had a friend/Boss at my old work, at Clorox. Let's call her 'rolle'. She was single. Tall, very thin. It's because she had a terrible disease, scleroderma. Her face skin was a little tight, and her fingers turned blue. She wasn't attractive, but she was smart and very outgoing. And super, duper, Christian. We used to pray together, and go to lunch outside of work.

Enter 'ike'...the new hire from Arizona who was married and had a son.

Sparks flew between 'rolle' and 'ike'.

It's the only thing that mattered to them.

Me being the friend, I heard lots from 'rolle'. It seems people like this always have a 'wing man' and never explore this type of 'lesson' on their own.

I wasn't a willing 'wing man'.  But I had to be polite.

As an empath, I saw where this was headed, every nuance, every step of the way for this couple.

Ironically, as much as they wanted it to be hidden, by their actions, and their energies, everyone else in the company knew what they were up to, also.

So did the wife.

Torn, as a Christian, 'rolle' would tell me 'she wouldn't' and 'she knew it was a sin'  and 'why would God send her this love?'

The whole time I was like, 'dude? he is married! don't get involved!'  Every single time.

Soon they were kissing in the copy room.

Not longer after that it was more than kissing.

'rolle' was very, very, very lonely, and vulnerable...but I knew in my heart this wasn't a solution to the loneliness.

'ike's' wife got pregnant.

He had to choose.

The wife, determined to save her family, chose the most painful day of the year to give birth to their new daughter--'rolle's birthday, July 4.

With much drama, 'ike' broke up with 'rolle', quit work, and moved the family back to Arizona.

I ended up leaving the company not much longer than that, and I've been out of touch with 'rolle'.

It still makes me feel icky to write about it.  The energy was so heavy, so gross, so backwards from the whole relationship!

Why not just find someone who is right for you? Or leave your partner before you have sex with someone new--if you are not happy?


Well, I've done it.

I've cheated too.

I've been in that role of 'rolle'.

I was in fellowship, and it was a neighbor, and it was for less than one month the relationship was there.

I was dreadfully unhappy, and I felt 'stuck' with my husband.

The reason?

Our sex life was terrible, and I wanted to enjoy being intimate.

I knew I was cheating--not leading up to it--but while it was happening. I felt a little bit of that 'invulnerability' I could have everything I wanted in life and the rules didn't apply to me.

What I learned was important--I could change my life--I needed to! If I could only find the courage to leave my home for good.

That one data point was worth risking my marriage, which eventually collapsed due to a combination of things.

I was so weak I was ready to stay with my unhappiness, because it was a 'hell I knew' rather than exchange it for 'a hell I didn't know' (a new life).

But my ex knew it was time to go, and we decided to part while on vacation in Hawaii.

What are vows? I don't know. Why are they so important here, and not so much in the Higher Realms where stuff like this happens more often--their views on love are very 'open' to put it lightly. Monogamy is a 'can' but not a 'must'...that's how they put it.

I'm sorry.

While I'm here on Earth, I go by what I sense, the energies.

The energies of cheaters are very low vibration, there is nothing beautiful about it, and I don't like to experience it. Not from either end. But I am human and will tell you, I've been there (once), I've had the lesson too, and I grew from it.

Would I repeat it?

Not on your life. It was a painful lesson. My 'friend' dumped me hard and told me never to contact him again because he was getting married. I wasn't interested in him in the first place, but to be rejected like that still hurts.

This is a city in Spain.  It's by the water.

I was born and raised in a city by the water, Long Beach, California.

It was rumored to have lots of ties to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It was supposed to be a big group of them there...

When I was born I didn't know.

I just barely found out later in life.

But most of my life, with the exception of training and education, has been on the 33rd parallel.  The home I lived in with my ex was actually on the 33.33 parallel.

I educated myself last night by watching some videos, one was on the hidden energy work built in to the layout of Long Beach architecture/city planning by the masons. Apparently it collects energy, and not just earthly but human energy, and focuses it for an 'adept' to be able to use. This person who is making the video seems nice. Kind of curious and interested in the occult and the use of unseen power that the descendants from Egypt knew--such as found with the masonic order. He also aligns strongly with music and JZ. I watched the whole hour plus...because he pointed out the structures, I saw he was right, and I wondered what the conclusion was going to be? There was a part where an entity asked him to create a time portal with sound and his computer and a flashlight. He didn't want to be interrupted. He locked himself in his room, and the whole building started to shake. His roommate started cursing and asked him to stop and banged on the door. He didn't. He passed out (went to sleep at ten instead of his usual 3 am).  When he woke up there was a swastika in ashes on his apartment building front wall that faced the street.  This portal was timed to match a release of JZ's something--I'm not sure what.

This was in early 2012, and the entity had said 'someone had HIJACKED' the regional energy flow system and it was to 'get it back'. 

I am the Hijacker.

I do lots of work with these things I can't see, and always, always, always, with my teams.  The location of the hijacking was in Anaheim! But the timelines were close.

So I do good work.

And I'm sure there's no backing down from the Hijack in the first place--shaking buildings and all, because Gaia has her Free Will and that is to be joined to infinite supply of Nurturing , Warmth, Love and Compassion for herself and all inhabitants.

I'm not even going to give you the link, because it's dark, that video. It's not super dark. But it's definitely from The Other Team.

Someone shared this with me for the Eclipse.

It's total darkness.

There's no Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion to the found anywhere in it.

I wouldn't even watch it.

The eyes glow.

Things are supernatural and ominous. 

Just so you know, I even went to analyze backwards the vocals--I'm not very good at it--but this is the type of 'entertainment' that pays homage to something else, some other belief system, that is NOT from the Divine Creator of All That Is.

This video explained things.

Now I know why there are 'funny arches' to Adventure Land, and in a statue at my work. It's the arch of Baal. 

I also understand why in that strange video clip of Rihanna with some mason dudes in some meeting where the old guys with grey hair and black robes sit like judges in court, and she opened her legs in a chair at the audience, and did writhing and flipping dance moves--she was opening her Vescica Pisces  to create some portal or something.

This also explains to me this photo:

what this photo means. It's souls coming through a portal, or being consumed by the Galactic central sun. There's sex orgy and death energy in it. Just ask icky as the cheater energy.   I had brought it up with Divine Mother Incarnate earlier--what is it and why does it feel so icky and so related to this Eclipse thing?

I suspect it's souls falling to earth from heaven, fallen angels.

In summary:

  1. We are in the middle of a war we can't see, it's spiritual, it's invisible, for the most part.
  2. There are strong proponents who trace back to the two hundred fallen angels, Baal, Egypt, and organized groups like Masons--who not only built our cities to harvest ours and nature's life force energy--but control the news and the media too. Their 'attack' on our psychology is at an all time high.
  3. 2020 is the proposed rollout of 5G (, and an 'event' with Bitcoin, and also, reportedly, the time satanism will be worshipped openly. People are already getting chipped like their pets--their employers will require it instead of a badge--I've read that article too. We are only two and one half years from that time. Do know the effects of an eclipse aren't always seen immediately and last for months to years after?Link to my teacher Anne's description of the astrology And that the Dark Ones worship the Black Hole Sun.
  4. This video totally makes me smile. I could watch it over and over and over.
  5. We hold the upper hand. Team DOES Have Your Best Interest At Heart. There are some very high ranking incarnate angels and sentient beings from the cosmos walking here on earth, now! They might not remember what they were sent to do, but they are very very good at it, and are doing it. (the Dark ones invaded Saturn. Saturn before the invasion is good. Saturn is infested, like Earth is. Mars was depleted by the invaders before they came to Earth. Earth is poised to turn into a dry, desolate planet by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...and Divine Creator of All That Is has intervened to stop it.) This Channeled message from Anne is especially timely

Am I afraid?


My soul has been through lots of things like this before.

Am I glad Ross is strong, and with me?

Yes. He has overcome the darkness, and instead of going on his merry way, has committed himself and all his teams to guiding us to overcome it too.

Lots has to do with our inner world, our thoughts, our choices to remain silent when we could choose to be painful or angry, our choices to raise our vibration UP...and to hold our heads up high as we pass through our lessons and tests and challenges.

Our souls outnumber those of the fallen angels and their sympathizers.

And the more our inner world 'straightens up', the more higher vibration utopia we will be able to manifest. 

I laugh a little, because at my work, I could be very grim. It's a ghost town already in the O.R. because we don't care for CalOptima patients. And as of the fifteenth, now even my own insurance, Anthem, isn't taken by my healthcare system I work for. That's right, I can't go to my own hospital, it's out of network, and so are my doctors. Yet I pay seven hundred dollars a month for health care!! The only places I can go now are basically county hospitals, which are over crowded, until I can change healthcare plans in November. 

I've been wanting time off work, and I've manifested it REALLY well, right? LOL. No work to pay for the seven hundred a month in healthcare insurance.

I'm so glad I trusted my intuition, and didn't move a few years ago. I couldn't pay a mortgage on a new home. But with this old one, I still can, even with much reduced work. 

I've lived a life as a kitten, with all the terror, right in the bosom of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  It didn't touch me--my heart of hearts, my consciousness--but I did gain lots of reconnaissance about the other team.

I've been born and raised in some locations linked to the other team, and been employed by, some very strong proponents/players on the other team--without having a clue for most of my life.

It's ubiquitous. 

And yet, we can be FREE and GROW and raise our VIBRATION no matter where we are!

Nature, is our best ally here while we are incarnate on Earth.   Go to Nature for strength in your battles are incarnate Ground Crew while we go through this really dissonant energy of the Eclipse. 

Everything is going to be okay.

Ross is going to meet you halfway.

Ross is even going to meet the most enthusiastic eclipse embracer who erroneously thinks it from the good angels--halfway.

Everyone is going to be delighted.

Ross wanted me to write this for you first thing when I got out of bed. I've been writing for two hours.

I hope it helps.

And I hope my husband and Twin is satisfied with my efforts.

clap! clap!

I guess he is because he's clapping and smiling.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla