Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Terra Cotta

One day, when I was early into my teenage years, or perhaps around the time to go into college, I forget exactly when, my mother gave me a single, four inch square decorative tile, and looked at me in earnest.

I was puzzled by her gift.

She explained the symbolic message of her gift to me, very clearly. This is an Italian tile. It is very strong. It can handle ANYTHING.  Always keep it as a reminder to yourself of how very strong you are made to be, just like this tile.

I turned the tile over and looked at the back, which, besides the decoration, looked like this:

And I thought about it.

Tile is earth that has been put through fire, and it can handle heat. It is durable. It is used in surfaces around the home.

Yet it's beautiful, too, when you look at the decoration.

I knew it could chip, or crack, or shatter.

But compared to clay, it was vastly improved, and I took mother's point to heart.

I supposed in some ways, another term for it is 'grit'--the ability to endure just about anything to achieve one's goals...

This fragrance came to me the time before last I went to Di-z-knee-land

It was a Saturday in summer, and Anthony and I had a wonderful time. I bought him some shirts and I got a new jacket. But at the fragrance store in New Orleans Square, it was on special. I was told it has coconut and gardenia fragrance in it.

The first time I wore it to work I had a patient almost die on me, not from the fragrance but from their many comorbidities. It took hours and hours and an ICU admit and I was badly shaken. I almost thought it was bad luck, the perfume!

But the next day, the patient was awake, extubated, doing well, completely normal.

Then I noticed the image on the bottle--the sun--was it an eclipse sun or a sun I can't tell--and the name of the fragrance is Terra Cotta. Special edition. That's what the woman at the store said. It's special edition, limited edition, they won't make any of it any more.

What timing, huh?

And after the energies shifted on Sunday night...the fragrance is good luck, too.

About Sunday. I wasn't sure if I mentioned it. There were two simultaneous fireworks displays going on in Anaheim. One was at 'The Mouse House' and the other was at Angel Stadium. The Harvest Festival with Gregg Laurie had just concluded. It had been a three day event to stop human trafficking.

The five freeway goes between both sites. We were wondering where the second fireworks were as we were driving home.

I would imagine some people use fireworks to invoke more than a show of lights in the nighttime sky.

Especially certain, um, 'teams'.

I think Ross got me to that place in between them at just the right time to uncouple some of the 'magic' and everything unraveled from there for certain 'teams'...and that's the exact moment I saw Divine Father open the door. As my car crossed the invisible line connecting the stadium and the resort during their simultaneous fireworks displays.

The energies are still good.

And I am growing.

I'm starting to poke my head out from my life circumstances and ask myself, 'is this what I want?' and to start talking to the right people.

I know of one internal medicine doc who has cut ties with 'the system' successfully.  The healing is a blend of ALL -- both holistic and traditional and Reiki. People love it.

I've been like, 'I can't do internal medicine, I'm not boarded. What can I do?'

My friend from long time, another anesthesiologist, is in 'the transition'. She says with all the stress there is no time to live life and do the things you enjoy. People would invite you to a social gathering, and you would say yes, but you would have to cancel because there was an emergency and you had to go to the hospital. She says we are not born to be beasts of burden, like plow horses or oxen, and that is what our careers had done to us!

She says there is a certain amount of stress and anxiety that makes it hard for you to hear Divine Guidance, especially for me as the sole supporter of Anthony and myself. She says there is panic.

Once you decrease the workload, you can think. The clarity comes (that's the exact word I was looking for, in talking with Spirit, clarity).

And you need some source of income until the 'soul aligned' business takes off.

She works in surgery centers now. Every now and then. And she sells a supplement. It's just enough to help her get by and not worry about her survival.

She said she still loves medicine. It's just that the hospital is such a hostile environment to those of us who are's time to get out.

And it's true. A patient wrote a nasty letter to administration saying I belittled her. In fact it was a safety precaution she didn't want to hear--we don't eat on the day of surgery due to aspiration risk--and I'm so busy right now from the accusation with people asking me my side of the boss...the OR manager told me she defended me because it's for patient safety.  It's getting to the point where you have to really be submissive to everyone in the hospital because they will write you up. Nurses. Patients. Other surgeons. Already I am like high end retail in my interpersonal skills. I fully understand the Customer Is Always Right.

My friend says I need to work on my self-worth, my self-love, and then I will realize Reiki is just one form of my many gifts. I bring Spiritual messages and healing to Earth plane for others who can't quite sense it yet. And I teach others how to be open like that, and independent.

I'm making her a bracelet in exchange for her mentoring me.

She tells me not to put myself in a box...and to let Spirit guide me.

Yesterday Ross said for us to stop off at the gym (local Pokemon one) and 'fight'.  It was after basketball practice and I was like, 'hmmmm? okay.'

The characters on it were very weak. Anthony was able to take over the gym by himself. We both put characters/players on it.

This was the first time we have ever been able to take over the gym without an hour of battles back to back.

I miss him so, Ross.  And I am grateful he guides us, his family, who are still incarnate on earth.


(stretches and yawns--ed)  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Carla's mom also likes the Blue Delft tiles, and other porcelain decorations. The neighbor Thelma Monette gave a pot to her. And later, she gave that one to Carla.

Blue delft is very un-Italian, but it has its advantages too.

(he looks at you intently, I can sense he's been planning to say something, and I'm ready to listen too to what he has to share--ed)

I'm here.

I'm ready to work with you, just like I do Carla.

All you have to do  is ask.

It is safe.

It is time for you to begin working with your guides more closely.

I have my teams of them ready to answer your requests.

I recommend you start with little requests, so you can adapt to the process, and be clear that it's not the imagination.

Perhaps a penny from heaven to show you you are making the right choice? Right there, on the ground, out of NOWHERE, with the right choice for you which is in alignment with your Higher Self 'heads up' and with the 'not so good choice' with the message 'tails up' when it shows itself to you?

After a while you will get consistency, and trust and be able to go on it, just like Carla, without the coins.

Or how about magic feathers? A black one was shown to Carla yesterday. She knew to be cautious, to wait, to watch for an omen. Even though there were lots of crows out there on the basketball courts, Carla is trained to read the messages of random bird feathers which show themselves in her path by decoding the message in their color.

Or how about totem animals? Carla saw a hawk flying earlier in the day, and knew that a message was there just for her--sometime--and to pay attention to symbols and signs, and Hawk is Messenger from Great Spirit...

The possibilities are endless and I encourage you to begin.

clap! clap!

Carla has an early start today. She has to make both the breakfast and the lunches...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins