Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Hold On Best

I still haven't worked through all my lessons at this time, although I do have some tips, some kernels of truth which are golden, and I will share:

  • Focus on The Present I just endured an eighteen hour call. Ross' only advice to me was to not get all wrapped up in the past or the future, to just focus on the task at hand in the Now. Fortunately, I was able to create/manifest a couple breaks at the end, some pizza's for our team bought by the nurse house supervisor, and two important case cancellations. That being said, the acuity of the patients I did work with was high--they were very sick (that's acuity) and they were on the edge of life and death the whole case long--and the cases were slow--almost two hours apiece.
  • Is This A Real Threat or a Perceived One?  This is the only hint that came through with my neighbors who are taking advantage of my parking spot. It's also true for throwing a spotlight on the motives of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. The parking spot 'threat' isn't real, my neighbors are good people, and if I ask them to move I know they will. However, I was tricked into thinking it would be a lots less. And it's totally against the rules of our community that they don't park their car in the garage. There's a 'how to handle difficult decisions' tip sheet on the wall at the nurses' lounge at work, and I'm memorizing it. The resentment is building, and I have to keep working with Ross about it.  For Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, they ARE on the one hand a very real risk, because of Agenda 21, and they know if they do imperceptible changes--one generation at a time--we won't see it or know it's there.  They are working around our ability to detect risk. They understand our psychology better than we do...
  • Think Good Thoughts  That's how you beat pedophiles and get them taken off planet. Confrontation, anger, fighting is from duality--me verses you, us verses them. You see, the more GOOD THOUGHTS you keep in your head, ones free from worry and filled with joy, the higher your vibration and it flows to everyone all around you. As the milieu vibration increases, our ability to detect lies and tricks increases to the point where nobody can trick anyone any more.  This is because our 'ability to detect vibes' comes back full online in the higher vibrations. It's not just a 'conscience' at this point--where your inner knowing tells you right from wrong for yourself. It senses the vibration accurately, and you can make informed decisions from there.   
  • Increase Your Awareness this is the other arm of getting rid of the pedophiles-etc off the planet. You can't just wish them off. Sometimes you need to know in your neighborhood and sphere of influence (like me with this blog)--what's up. You need to know a duck is a duck in every way, shape and form the duck can take. That's why you educate yourself. Our opportunity to educate ourselves is dwindling due to the intricate algorithms being tweaked on our social media, which once was free. Mark Dice spells out these changes on YouTube  Sometimes even just turning OFF the commercial entertainment is a form of increasing your awareness, because then you are no longer distracted from the world around you.
  • Roll With It  It's a delicate balance between the needs of others and our needs for ourselves. Yesterday, I picked up Anthony from the sitter since I had worked overnight. We got breakfast. I've found gift cards while cleaning, and we are using them up. We decided to go to Dana Point to catch Pokemon. Then we decided to go whale watching. The sea was extremely choppy. I had dramamine on board, but also, a stomach full of fish and chips.  It wasn't easy, but I didn't throw up. We saw amazing things! A couple of Minke whales. And a super pod of short-beaked common dolphins. These are very active and athletic dolphins who jump and slap the water with their tails. Did you know each dolphin has a name? It's a squeaking dolphin pattern that's unique for each one. I guess someone in the pod names each one. I hope it's the parents. Lots and lots of super cute baby dolphins were with the pod.  So...that was our day. I was sleepy when I came home. I took a short nap that was even shorter due to a phone call in the afternoon. My loved one is better in the hospital. I would have loved to go visit. But I wouldn't have been safe for a long, traffic -filled drive which would be about three hours each way, six total if you add them up outside the visit.
  • Trust One way of another you are going to be okay. No matter what. Focus on learning your lessons, and everything else will take care of itself. Be sure to watch for signs and symbols from your guides.
Last night as I was falling asleep, I went to my guide's meeting. I saw myself walking with Ross. I stopped him and said I was embarrassed. He asked me why? I said, 'it's because this time I KNOW'.  I also paused and told him I couldn't have a nicer person to help me walk there. He was flattered. As I entered the room, I recall briefly who was there, and how we were talking. I was woken up by texts three times.  I was like, 'Ross?! What is this?!' and in the end, I couldn't remember, because of the texts. I can't remember anything more than a hallway that was white, walking and hearing heels from me (but Ross no, his shoe technology was advanced), and being happy to see my teams. 

It's time for work, I must go.

My blessings to you with the energies.

THESE are the energies I begged for to arrive in 2012.

I'm glad they are here.

I know it might be a stretch for you, so hang in there, hold on, and know in your heart as uncomfortable as they might be for you--we couldn't go from 'Point A' to 'Point B' in the Ascencion process without their energy, their  vibration, and their light.

Please know there IS an invisible sun, which gives its head to everyone (Sting)--I see it and know it and feel it. 

One day you will too.

I will clarify that there are TWO kinds of 'light' you might hear in the the Lightworker Community. Just like with 'God' and the term 'God Bless You'--the person is blessing you with THEIR God--which might not be the same as yours.

This being said, some people refer to the light of ILLUMINATION and these 'people' tend to gravitate towards clubs like Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

For the record, I generally avoid the term 'light' because of this dual meaning, and I refer to 'my' light as Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.--this term replaces the ambiguous term 'light'. 

I have heard and it doesn't surprise me that people on social media are saying 'don't go to the Light it's evil'. Of course! The brainwashed and brainwashers have partial awakening--and the confusion is being amped up on purpose--to scare the 'steeple'.

If you set in your heart the intention that the 'light' for YOU means only Nurturing Warmth Love and Compassion you are going to be safe. This one you can go to.

In fact, it's inescapable!

For both sides. <3 Those who do not have our best interest at heart...and US.

Everything around us is Illusion. And at some point, it will be time to wash up for dinner and everyone will be asked to go Home to the Higher Realms. 

Even here on Gaia, which is new, higher magnetic resonance frequency, and totally submerged in higher vibrations of the invisible Light--of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--for us all.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Couple