Saturday, August 5, 2017

On Eee Vah

The title of this is the phonetic pronunciation of one of my favorite, favorite, favorite phrases in the French language--on y va--which means in English, 'here we go!'

On y va!

On y va!

On y va!

I am absolutely delighted with the energies at the moment, and in my heart, I feel like I, too, am going like this:

I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful in these energies.

There are lots of downloads coming right now, I can feel it. It's like an electric tingling up and down my whole body, like the electrifying excitement you feel before a big race, or a big game, or a big performance.

I haven't felt like this in ages.

And the energies are building! OH! I can feel them with excitement as the full moon builds, and the lunar eclipse is whenever--I think--sometime around this time.

Why, why, why am I so excited?

I am doing the impossible.

Right when I got to the point where I was like Ross? With my work? Guides and teams? I'm not sure if I can take much of this any more.

Guess what? The hospital won't take a certain kind of insurance, and there's no work!

Three days with no work for me, and I work basically full time.

This is the break I've been waiting for --for years! And I always knew in my heart if I had the time I could clean the place up and get organized...

I have Virgo as my Ascendant.

I thrive on structure, organization, and have a VERY CLEAR picture in my head for how something will look before I create it.

It's been a real energy sucker to my soul, to have papers piling up everywhere. I did eight hours of email erasing yesterday. So many stupid ads and things I don't want. I got perhaps ten good things in three months.

Today I went through three bins of shredding.

It's like the breakup in Spring when the frozen river ice melts and the river starts to flow.

Even more important, I finally started to make sense of my retirement plans/accounts. When I had to change things for my work, it was like a bomb hit in my 'systems' of 'keeping track of things'.  I consolidated a bunch of smaller retirement accounts into one with the advice of my tax man. But it was like a cloud over my head I was so freaking confused!

Well, today it all makes sense.

I can't begin to tell you how much fear and dread and paperwork from deadlines I barely met got shredded up in the shredder today.

I'm thrilled.

There are also some hardships I am holding up quite well. Illness in a loved one, and I'm stuck on call and can't go.

It means lots of guilt and resentment piled up on me by the others taking care of the loved one.

Yet at the same time, the hospital is sixty miles away, and has the worst traffic.

What can I do? Right?

So there's this BALANCE in my mind and heart and soul, and a trust...

We were watching a baseball game--the only thing I watch and not often--and a freaking MOUSE walked right down the hall and into the closet.

About twenty minutes later, it walked back!

It wasn't pretty. We have been through a lot with rodents living where we do.

But I caught it.  I caught it on the glue trap.

You know those things don't die right away on them? It wasn't pretty. I was squeamish, and didn't want to smash it's little head or break its neck. I gave the Reiki Transition Symbol and hoped for the best while I waited until morning. Sadly, it was still alive when I went to check. I didn't know what to do. For this, I'm squeamish.

I got an idea. I put the glue trap upside down in the toilet and left for my errands. When I came back it was deceased and I was able to dispose of it.

There you have it--work, home, extended family--even tonight Jared's parents who call me 'daughter' aren't inviting me to the family dinner. It's a long story and had more to do with Jared's brother. Actually I saw Jared's new house and when his brother arrived after a bright hello I knew to quickly say my goodbyes.

I also went to the post office. I got a special bracelet made by Ross with a friend's help. It's azurite quartz, K2.

The energy is wonderful and there's a special message for me which could only be from Ross. And earrings too.

My friend had to send away for the beads.

Little did she know in Boston, I bought an azurite/malachite bracelet, and I've also been wearing a similar blue/green stone called chrysocolla.

Ross told her--and she heard correctly--so she could believe in her gifts.

This image is golden for so many things--we are reaching a time of fruition, and all the ducks are falling into place.

It's not without its lessons too.

I made a terrible mistake.

We have parking spots that go with our houses. They are assigned. I told my neighbor we could share, since his daughter works late at night and has to come home and shouldn't park on the street.

This family doesn't use their two car garage, I'm not sure why, and takes up the visitor spot every single day. So they use two parking spots every day already.

They also have been using my spot without asking.

Since I said yes, they have never left, and now I am the one who has to ask them for permission to use my own space! It's been one week, and I'm terribly unhappy.

This is where the cutting edge of my spiritual practice gets a workout--this SITUATION is really messing with my anxiety--and I'm having to put the whole concept of energy--we are one--Love Your Neighbor As Yourself--into the fire and see what slag and crap I can burn out of it until I am left with pure gold. 

Why am I all hung up over my parking space?

It's my territory, right? And also a little convenience for me, and a necessity when I have workers of guests.

I'm getting a little workout in my boundary issues (many survivors of abuse, particularly the kind I have--have an ALL or NONE approach to enforcing them. It's very difficult to confront and not blow up. )

It's just what the doctor ordered, right Ross?  (I ask this pointedly, and he chuckles because I'm learning what he's up to more and more, every day lol)

What I did do, is give my phone number to the girl who works at the restaurant, and I asked her to text me for permission every time she needs to use the spot.  I'll mention this to her dad, too. That here it's customary to do favors once in a while, always respecting the neighbor, and asking for permission first.

Check with me...

With your permission, I'm going to take you through some of my latest research, too. Some of it is good, or bad, depending how you look at it.

The Magenta Pixie, is totally uplifting and validating for the work for myself and all of my teams.

The others, a pair of videos from End Times News Report, are phenomenal pieces of journalism on a subject most of us would rather ignore than delve into, but for Gaia and her people to heal, the child pornography has simply got to leave the planet. The channel shows us with one hundred percent proof it's on YouTube...and how our own kids are at risk to watch it while we are doing the dishes and thinking it's safe what they watch. And how predators in the comments section try to lure innocent children in.

Then there's lots of other fun things in between, a cornucopia of knowledge! And nothing makes me more delighted than encountering a soul who really wants to learn...

I think that's enough of a workout for you, so I will reset the list of stuff I've been saving for you, and start fresh in the morning.

Our blessings to you, and our love...

One more thing, I forgot to mention...Ross says he will discuss minute ...


I love this flying thing!

I absolutely, positively LOVE IT! (and no, that is not me in the picture. I am considerably taller than this gentleman in the photo)

That's what I wanted to talk to you about today--LOVE.  (he taps his chest--ed)

The kind of love that babies have, that absolute, positive, delight in the most common and mundane things in life.

For example, who could play with a box for hours and hours with the imagination, happy as can be?

Who could be delighted and coo with a game of peek-a-boo that goes on without end?

The child.

The child in us, in me and you, and in all of us.

That child is not dead.

Even though Carla went through so much, slogging away at all the paperwork in her free time, Carla is sparing herself the struggle in the future, and the agony of looking at the disarray--for her decidedly VIRGO inner child...

I want to talk to you about what this love feels like.

I want you to recognize it.

Carla made a little joke with me when she went to describe it.

Start with a warm feeling in your chest. Like the inner sun.


Allow this love to penetrate your every cell, your every emotion, your every thought you ever had in all of your lifetimes while you have been incarnate...and relish it.

Not like pickles chopped up with vinegar in a jar.

RELISH as in 'enjoy every last savor every drop'...

It is Golden.

Are you ready for Carla's little joke?

(he clears his throat--ed)

Carla said to me, 'Ross? You know every drug you've ever had for pain in your whole life? Tylenol with codeine, Vicodin, and the one that starts with the letter D--lol --Dilaudid'

I was like, 'well, yes, Carla, yes?'

"Ross? THIS STUFF IS BETTER THAN ANY DRUG ANYONE HAS EVER TAKEN IN THEIR WHOLE LIFE, EVER!!! It takes all of the pain away, in the body, in the heart...It's A GOOD THING ROSS!!!'

And I laughed.

I laughed and I laughed with love, and Carla laughed too.

Because...after all this talking till I'm blue in the face, FINALLY, Carla 'gets it'!

(he rubs his hands with delight, and smiles, and waves goodbye--he's teasing you because he knows you want him to clap good bye like he always does. He waits with a beautiful lonnnnng pause..-ed)

clap! clap!

I wish all of you a good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple