Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Cons

As many of you who have been regular readers of this blog know, I have access to memories of all of my past lives. I can remember everything, off and on, for a few thousand years--as my soul--and even before that as not incarnate.

My most immediate recent past life was as a 'kitten' for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. I died when I was nine.

I was always in a beige room, I never saw sunlight, and I was highly 'groomed' so only the elite could come spend time with me.

I did horrible things, and was praised for it, and given lots of candy and toys. I only remember the good and I have no recollection of the pain or of fear. It was my job and I wanted to do well at it.

I think I went to the bathroom in a little chamber pot in the corner. I don't have memories of a proper bathroom.

Monarch programming 'imprints' things on the soul which carry forth from one life to the next. This is the source of the clues which helped me to learn more about myself, until the memories came out from hiding.

For example, as a child I was terrified of blood and needles. I would literally run, screaming, naked, out the front door of the pediatrician's office and they would have to chase me. I thought for sure I would exsanguinate. I would only take a bath after my shots with both a band aid and my underwear on.  One day my father was sick of my peculiarity and took off BOTH my band aid and my underwear (I did this until the skin healed).  I've never screamed such screams before in my life, and I thought for sure I would be dead in a few seconds.

I lived.

There are other examples, but for today, I will share the newest one.

I wanted jello.

Red jello.

My soul wanted it.

I've been doing a lot of work trying to figure out what they have been up to, and how to find the truth and explain it to my readers.

It's time to stop and summarize the things I have had 'catch my attention':

  • I had an intruder in my daily meditation. I was flabbergasted because my time is protected. What looked like a healthy, kind, blond gentleman in spirit was NOT! I told this being to go away, You are too tricky for me. I don't want anything to do with you.  That night, as I was falling asleep, Ross took me by the arm, to a different room, a counsel room, and like a lawyer, defended me and my soul from this trauma. Actions were passed and this soul has--um, what is it called when you can't go near a person--a restraining order? and it was taken far away--this one and the ones similar to it.  Last night, as I was falling asleep, asked me to re-write my life in this incarnation with him. I met him in college and we lived in the Sunset District in San Francisco and lived a boring life with kids. I was overwhelmed with the joy and peace of another chance, inside this body, for happiness. He explained in Spirit we can re-do things, and in my heart I can live a 'parallel life' apart from this one of intense, intense, intense service, just to keep me going in this one. Then he surprised me. Ross took me to a pool. It looked like the morning glory pool in Yellowstone. He wanted me to swim in it. He had never taken me there before. He saw I was scared and splashed the water to show me it was okay. I was worried it was hot and would cook me like at Yellowstone. He took a little water and poured it in my hands, it was warm like a tub, and eased me into the pool. It was magical and beautiful and charming. He held me close and I felt REST. Next I knew, he took me underwater, and I could breathe. I met a dolphin. Ross said I could touch it. But this dolphin, when it squeaked, I understood what it was saying! Next I knew, the dolphin let me hold his fin, and he swam me down to a room where there were MANY dolphins! They were 'standing' on their flukes and talking like at a party or convention. I explained to them my soul pain, of learning about The Ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and what on earth should I say to my readers? It's totally depressing what has been done to Gaia's surface, it's totally infested, what should I do?  Immediately their sonar coursed through my body, like a sound bath. And I could hear them saying, 'it was just a bad dream'.  I saw they were right, and next I knew I was in a bubble heading UP. I fought the bubble and I cried and I wanted to come back. I managed and told them how in THIS realm, MINE, we say proper goodbyes and don't just zap ourselves away. They explained how they understand through telepathy, so they are always connected and don't say goodbyes, but respected my need. They even took a photo with me, and gave it to me as a souvenir. They told me a small stuffed dolphin is coming my way, so I could hold on to it. And then I left.
  • If you have to give a message that is a little rude or awkward, humor is an excellent tool to get the message across without hurting feelings. I've had a feeling that mainstream media programming uses HUMOR to deliver some of the strongest brainwashing there is. Last night, Anthony watched 'Johnny Test' and this was shocking how many 'reinforcements' to the programming 'themes' was in the 'kid cartoon'.  I saw hand gestures, themes like 'no mom is present and dad is stupid', and that hidden government operations (like a mini South Pole to train army troops)--are totally okay and normal.   Watch the programming, especially the humor, because darkness may use it as its favorite tool.
  • The muslims are warning their people against Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart In This Video  It's a good video.
  • My neighbor at the mailbox was making small talk about Kim Jong Un and Guam and the saber rattling. I was like, dude? THIS is why they are talking Guam, not that--The Catholic Church is exploding with lawsuits over pedophilia right now in Guam. My neighbor was like--I could see his face--it resonated with him. (This isn't the parking spot coveter).  He paused, and asked, 'have you heard about the pedophile stuff going on? I 've heard a little.'  I said, 'oh you mean Pizzagate? With the codes like cheese pizza and sauce for horrible things?'  He nodded yes and said it's disgusting.  (People are starting to wake up)
  • THE TESTS  --  I realized with my parking spot coveting neighbor, that just like how WE needed to 'test' our guides as being 'real' and 'with our best interest at heart' and all the temper tantrums we threw about being here as Ground Crew where the conditions were awful--now the shoe is on the other foot, and we, the Ground Crew are the GUIDES to those who slumber. (Sheeple isn't a nice term, I asked Spirit for another, and they said, those who sleep and those who slumber).  It's up to us to really fill our cups and nourish our spirit--because people like my neighbors are going to look for Consistency, and set up little 'tests' to see if we are legitimate and someone who can be trusted.  We aren't asked to do anything more than hold the vibration--we are energetic walking alarm clocks with our very high vibrations! --and to answer questions/offer support to those who are awakening. The only thing is that awakening from a nightmare isn't like waking up in the morning after a good night's rest. So be ready to be tested, set good strong boundaries, and recharge your batteries--a LOT!
  • FACE to FACE. Not everyone in the organization of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is a  specialist in 'things spiritual' (their rituals, or as they say behind their backs, the 'slicers and dicers'). They have experts in the sciences, finance, law, politics, the military, and other areas of expertise, including medicine. I have encountered one nurse and three doctors I think are in that group. It's solely by intuition and careful observation of body language. When you encounter an individual like this, they have been through the Monarch like I was in my past life. So their brain has been shattered to have what they call a 'front' and a 'back'. The front is the day to day personality which may not even KNOW what goes on at night with the personality in the back. One, a heart surgeon, was VERY upset over saving lives if someone wasn't doing well in the heart room--a panic came over him, he sounded like a little kid, and he was going to get in Big Trouble if the patient died was how he acted. Something came 'out' of this surgeon...I could tell it wasn't the first time he's seen death the childhood was full of it, it deeply troubled him, and he came up with this career to 'undo' what he had seen. There were the other clues--the rich upbringing with the father who was an executive, with him being the only one in his family who was ever Christian...I just KNEW.  I knew in my heart. And I always did my best to love and support him, as I sensed it was traumatic, and I also kept my mouth shut until now. And I prayed for this surgeon a LOT. 
  • This is a horrible video. I almost didn't post it. If you are squeamish avoid the eye makeup part, just turn the video off. Yet it opens up realms of deep soul compassion now, for those who have been Monarch trained. They are puppets. It's a terrible waste of human life. And for the dear soul, with the eye makeup, for her suffering, oh my Creator I pray DOUBLY hard for all those behind this Monarch tragedy to be taken away from Earth forever! I can see with my medical trained eyes these are not 'special effects'. For even though the entire experience for all of us with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is a bad dream, and only a dream, the time for change is here. First part of video is okay, the very end at the makeup part is traumatizing--watch with caution.
  • This is the last part. Trauma based mind control is just that. The beginning they have a child in a cage in their feces, hungry and cold. Within sight is another cage with kittens, who are loved, lavished with praise, and fed anything they like.  The trainers say to the child, 'look at the kittens. Do you want to be a kitten?'  At this point, the child will want anything to escape the suffering at hand. This is not Free Will--it is Extreme Duress-- and the child wants to be a 'kitten' and says 'yes'.  Then the long training begins. It's painful. Everyone you have seen in the video before has been raised with this type of training. That's how they trigger at the words and space out. If you have ever looked up from your suffering, and seen the parade of celebrities who are lavished and praised, and wished you could be like a are being 'trained'.  My point is that the exact science of Monarch is being applied without our knowing it to the masses--not in the usual context--but in a larger one for crowds of people. I want you to know what the beginning looks like. And how many times our Fear 'porn' mass media exploit us to 'heartbreak' over and over--then 'praise' us for enduring the 'sessions'.  My neighbor said to me, 'you know, I thought at some point life was going to get easy as I grew older. It hasn't.'  It's true. In our lifetime many external pressures we endure without question. For example, Income Tax to the Federal Government never even existed up to the early 1900's. Now it's here. Stuff like that...I can't see it clear but I can see enough to overlay the template of what goes on behind public view--to our public experience as a whole. Look for it.
  • I would never in a million years think an eclipse of the sun is a holy event. I've lived through many, in my youth, and the energy is visceral and sickening. I can sense these things many people can't. Remember in the Bible what is told--when you want to pray, go to your closet, and talk to God one on one. Don't go to the street corner and pray in sight, because your prayers will not be heard.  These 'mass meditations' are almost like the Super Bowl or the celebrity film awards or TV ones--collections of 'attention' to be directed by 'magicians' in Those who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. For December 2012, Co-Brah had a tour to the pyramids. You would not believe it, but there were TWO groups in different pyramids at the same time trying to do their rituals. Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have STRONG, very STRONG ties to ancient Egyptian magic. I've read in the Melchizidek books--HE took training in the pyramids too, swimming through crocodile tanks and crawling on his belly to a spot in a tunnel where something focused energy to give him a telepathy experience of 'enlightenment' (I have NO clue what 'light' he means, too--all I know is he was trying to square the circle, couldn't figure it out, and a Mason randomly knocked on his door and showed him how. The Mason said he was 'sent'...)  I felt the energy of the Lion's Gate, the Emerald Pathway--open and close. Much good energy came to tide us over until next year. But for the Eclipse? I'm not going to meditate with any group. I'm going to my closet, like I do every day, as my practice.

clap! clap! (that's Ross and it's time for work!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple <3