Saturday, January 6, 2018

There Are Two Sides To The Same Coin...Plus There Are TWO Separate Coins!

This blog post is going to be 'dense' in that it covers a great quantity of information in a short passage. It might behoove you (Ross' word, not mine--behoove = to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for) to save it to read again as your consciousness awakens to a higher vibration. At that time it will 'make more sense'--Ross says.

As a guide I will help you with a summary of the major points:

  • Social Media and electronic devices with screens have unforeseen influence on our psychological and physical health that the pioneers in the fields only now are admitting to have second thoughts.
  • Social Media et al are tools which can be used both for Divine Purposes and for Darker Ones
  • There is a long history of tools and symbols which are associated with the Occult (hidden knowledge) which like Social Media can be used for both Divine Purposes and for Darker Ones.
  • Part of the purpose of this blog/work has been to support you in your awakening, to strengthen you, and to increase your awareness for Divine Purposes--in ways you can see clearly and in ways you can't fathom.
  • This page is connected to the 'firmaments' --Ross' word not mine-- 'of the Divine Itself'.

Shall we begin?

Here's a video. It caught my eye, and also, separately, that of incarnate Archangel Michael, who shared it with me.

It doesn't surprise me. I know for myself, and for Anthony, it's so easy to reach for the smart phone when there is something we want to know--the time, the weather, what time a local business opens...

I also know there has been a shift over the last five years at Disneyland when it comes to their restaurants. I am a local, I've known how to enter the park and head right for the Blue Bayou to see if there is an opening. Most times, I could get it. Not anymore. People reserve the table service restaurants in advance. On the app. And it used to be only a day or two to find something. Now it's a week. 

There's been a shift in our way of doing business. Work expects you to be available 24/7, always within reach of your phone. And people through email want a turnaround response in less than a day. 

So there's pressure all around.

Instinctively, I sensed that people who are readers, especially on FB, want to be heard. 

Validation is important when you are a healer. There's bedside manner, in the hospital, where you actively listen and nod, and ask questions to show you are listening to the patient. You validate them, and they get better. It's a deep need and it's important. Then there's the socratic method of teaching, where questions are asked in a series to help students arrive at a given conclusion.  They are engaged, and you help them to develop their own skills through careful interaction. Then there's also love and gratitude to our readers for participating with this work. It is our passion to be of service in this way.

That's why, whenever possible, we 'like' every comment as confirmation we are paying attention, and have read every comment our readers post. 

It's closing the loop.

We also use this platform to send Reiki and Divine Peace Healing (two separate healing modalities) to our readers every day. 

Just because there is a connection, and just because some people designed it to 'hook' and 'addict' people in order to make money for the designers of social media--doesn't mean it's all bad or it's all good. 

It depends on how it is used.

Through Doctors With Reiki, incredible friendships have formed among our readers. Furthermore it is a safe, caring environment for people to seek support and to share.  Here are the different works we oversee or have helped to launch by our students:
  • Blog Doctors With Reiki--this page here--is a living record of Carla's awakening and perception of the world as well as the only official place where Ross speaks 'off the cuff' and 'off the record' to you.
  • Facebook page Doctors With Reiki -- where we post our latest blog posts, where we announce that we have sent the healings usually with a photo for your inspiration (Carla takes most of the photographs she posts, she enjoys digital photography), where in the past we used to ask 'challenging questions' to our readers--whom now prefer not to have a challenge so we keep it on the up and up, and where items of interest as well as latest messages from Creator Writings, John Smallman (Jesus and Saul), and the Council are shared. As well as the Gaia Portal. We also post Reiki Requests.
  • Facebook Group Team Doctors With Reiki--a closed group with more 'structure'--we send healing across the world to requests for free. It takes three administrators to help make this run smoothly.
  • Twitter is a mirror to the FB page DWR, it automatically feeds through. Some of our readers prefer this format.
  • Team Mati -- this is a format group on Facebook where people who have time can practice their intuitive skills in real time. My cousin was in charge of it, right now I am not sure if anyone is running it. There's no activity.
  • Healers for Healers is another Facebook Page. It is even more 'inclusive' and less 'challenging' than DWR. The goal is to unite the healers, so that what we have in common is realized and that what is in common far outweighs the differences.
  • The School--a handful of students in a private setting online. These students are branching out, with our blessing.
  • Spa 5D a Facebook group, where within guidelines people may freely post and share their perceptions and experiences of the Higher Realms. Their own direct perceptions--such as time acting funny, or being very sleepy, and asking the group for their input for support. This group is also closed. 
  • The Divine Healing Codes Support Group on Facebook, a page where anyone can post their questions and a team of administrators is ready to help them.
  • A related page is led by John Garrison, Spirit in the Sky, again a group, and he has many such groups. All of them have our blessings. They are closed groups where interaction is encouraged.
  • Another outreach is sponsored by Aaron Das Harris, it's called EARTHzSCHOOL, and it is a safe environment for those who are uncovering what is hidden to share what they find and to offer their views/feelings/perceptions. This is a FB page or group too.

As you can see we are busy! And very fortunate and blessed to share this healing work with the world. 

So it's not 'all bad', and it's not 'all good', it takes discernment when it comes to the internet, and your involvement with it.

As a reader said, brilliantly, yesterday, ... BE aware of the symbolic language of luciferian ritualistic child abuse and sacrifice in your city. It's not just art or a joke. These people are dead serious.

I will provide some links to other things, which help you to see what is hidden and the dangers they present:

Let's take it for a test drive, shall we?

In looking for the coins for the blog post, I saw LOTS of strange hidden things.

Why the star? In this manner? I'm glad it's right side up, but still, does it belong on money?

What's with the compass?Why is it on a coin? What does it have to do with a coin?

This is a common coin, the question, is, why does the face of the queen need to be on all of it? Every denomination?

The Soviet Union has a star too?

This old penny I'm not sure of the meaning, but I know other US coins have it

This is a Shekel. Like from the bible. They still have them.

That eagle thing is creepy.

I almost picket this one for the colors. Then I saw 'it'. Upside down star one fourth of the way down from the top in the middle. Sorry. No hidden symbols here on this blog for us, except for teaching!

So, in summary for this section we agree--I hope!--on this:

This is the world when it is run by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, the Dark Ones

This is the world we are working to create, together, where all souls are FREE from the control--psychological, physical, financial, societal--which binds us to do the bidding of the one percent, who hold all the riches of the world, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Our goal is to be free even if it requires a huge leap of faith!

It's not going to take isolation and retreat from our daily lives to accomplish this change both within ourselves and others.

There is a whole world 'out there' which has to do with the unseen. 

It is hidden.

Let us help you to navigate it.

The only thing that can 'rightly see' this unseen world, is the heart.

The Dark Ones are masters at controlling us through our physical senses--sight, sound, smell, taste, skin touching--and to get us to believe that anything outside of these five senses is 'crazy'  and 'couldn't be real'...all the while they are working their own version of the unseen much to their advantage through the worship of ancient religions which tie back to Egypt, Sumeria, and Baal. 

Carla works with the unseen too.

In the operating room.

Ross asks me to tell you what I saw and did.

Two days ago, I was healing a patient, and I felt a need to 'yank' quickly, about six inches, on the soul. I pulled it just outside the physical vessel, sharply, as if moving a top layer that was superimposed on the bottom one. It was offset just a little. I did a series of these movements.

What was exposed looked something like a cross between these next two photos, lots of tiny metal pieces, thousands of them, came loose, and clattered to the floor--in spirit.

My team told me -- in Spirit which I heard with my spirit ears--that this was healing on a 'cellular' and 'molecular' level. 

I continued with the Reiki. 

Then I was astonished to see something like this:

Beautiful layers of freely moving iridescent 'fish scales' all over the soul, moving as if they were underwater in the ocean. 

It felt' right'.

And remember, whenever I heal the ONE, I heal the ALL, by intention. 

I am not alone.

There are too many angels to count who are helping with the Awakening. 

We have Creator of All That Is on our side, both Divine Father and Divine Mother. 

We have all the planets of the skies on our side.

We have many of the angels and archangels who once walked through history here with us today...all of them helping, and many are helping together as teams!

So remember this:

What looks like this to human eyes

Is in fact THIS to eyes of God

Take heart.

Learn your symbols in order to identify them and protect your loved ones. 

Be a strong, sturdy support for those around you who are awakening.

Be aware that there is an addictive quality to the screen, and give yourself time in your day that is away from it. 

Remember there is an invisible 'internet' which connects your hearts and souls both to Creator and to the Divine and to all that is and to one another.  Build these muscles as they are the only things you will be able to take with you.

Remember we live in a world where being a good mother won't show up on your paycheck as a raise--you won't get more money--and this shows how wrong and misguided our society is when it comes to honoring the Divine Feminine. It's imbalanced! Seriously imbalanced.

Remember too, that the society we live in counts on the parents to 'socialize' (indoctrinate) the children. Many people who are awakening are going to feel the pain of the truth, that their parents were lied to, and that's why their parents lied to them. They didn't know it, and wouldn't have done it if they didn't feel they were preparing the child for success.

I wouldn't be surprised if the DNA tests which are popular have a dark purpose--could they be searching for bloodlines? I don't know, but I wouldn't put it past them.

Even though Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart OWN the government, the news, entertainment (music, sports, movies, TV, fashion), and control financial/business sector--they don't own our hearts. We have Free Will. And Creator of All That Is is NOT owned by THEM!!!

Watch the show--the unmasking of the pedophile rings and everything else hidden--there is no harm in being pleased for the truth to come out--but don't judge or condemn these individuals as it's not our job but Creator's to judge. 

Pray for the nuns, the children in prostitution, for those sacrificed in ritual abuse, and those who are trapped in the system and wanting a way out--every day--if you would be so kind. Pray in these words, 'for all suffering to end'...this includes meat of all kinds, and the savagery which goes with it.

Know you are here and needed for your Purpose, and it is important. Don't be too hard on yourself. Humans are frail. Spirits are strong. You are doing the best you can given the situation.

We love you and you are LOVED by all of the angels and Heaven!!!


Ever have a mosquito in your room at night? And you hear it? Can you sleep?

I doubt you can.

Ever have ants invade your kitchen? There's no stopping them when they want sugar, is it? It takes much effort and lots of poison that is expensive to make them go away.

Who rules the world?

It it the humans or the insects?

It's not so clear is it, when you think about it. First, they outnumber us. And some of them will survive nuclear explosions. Can we say this for us?

In their minds their world is absolutely the same as it was since time began! Nothing has changed for them! They are prolific!

In our minds we think WE rule the world, because we dominate everything on the planet, so we think.

But what happens to us if the honeybees die?

Everything goes, doesn't it?

I would like to think of the insect world, and ours, as 'mutually interdependent'...they overlap.

Try to think of it as vehicles for the soul to have a life many different bodies...insect, animal, human, plant, mineral, microbe...and experiences in life have been experienced!

There is a Divine Intelligence to all of Creation!

There is a reason I say this.

An overwhelming cloud of Love has enveloped the planet.

(one finger up, wags side to side--ed) and LOVE is all which exists!

Everything which is not in harmony with this Loving Energy which is flooding the universe at this time, is losing power. It's losing souls. It's losing money. It's losing the football game and someone is going out to make a long 'Hail Mary' pass and I'll tell you what--they are not going to make a touchdown no matter how hard and cleverly they throw the football!

This one is in the books.

It's a done deal.

Life and Harmony have won.

Everything else is just housework, picking up the pieces, and making new of what is left, what remains.

You are here, and I commend you.

Now is not the time to 'sit on your duffs' and 'rest on your laurels'!

The time is to be awake, and to use ALL of your senses and discernment, especially with the heart, and live your life as best as you can with service to others--after you have healed yourself as much as you can, some of you have borne unimaginable pain and suffering.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple