Monday, January 29, 2018

Little Miracles

Many changes! Many things are going on!  It's starting to pick up momentum.

Fortunately on Friday, I was able to do two extra half-cases. It helps to make ends meet. I've been switched to a super part time schedule, one better for being a mom, with less call, and I like it. With my work, if I'm not there, I don't get paid. So, it's a lifestyle change, and I'm always up for an adventure.

This morning, we rode our bicycles to the nearest pancake house. It was fascinating how the concept of elevation is insignificant in a car, but VERY important on a bicycle. Climbing the hills is rough but doable with a good bike and a little conditioning. Going down the hills is a total blast! I tell you, there's nothing to make you feel like a kid again than to be on a bike. And it's good for you too. The workers at the restaurant know us, and they were proud and interested that we rode our bikes there. We learned of a nice beachside trail not far, and we might try that one in the future.

The biggest thing I have to report is clearing my clutter, both inside, and outside. The second thing is stepping up my game as a Reiki Doc. I know by his being quiet that this is part of the plan. Ross only guides me as I go 'uphill' in my lessons, and when I'm on the 'downhill' part, or, 'rapidly assimilating' he tends to let me coast a bit.

First object of clutter is my social anxiety/fear of my family gatherings. I'm okay most of the time, but this one was hard for me to read. My sister and niece gave my pregnant sister a baby shower, and my mom's instruction was for me not to be involved. I was a guest. It was awkward because I adore planning things, it never stresses me out, but it stresses out everyone else in the family, and mom wants to 'protect me' from things I don't need protection from at all.  I didn't want to go. I didn't want to go out of fear for making a social faux pas with my family. I need my family. I love my family. But they are like, SUPER social, high functioning, and I'm like, um, painfully not. I don't think anyone there would have guessed how painful it is for me to show up to something like this. Acutually, they probably know. But I'm glad I did go. I saw people who are otherwise busy with their lives, making time for my sister's big event. Our newest family member. Once I was there, I was glad. I love all of my family very much. I do not love makeup. I do not even know how to dress myself properly (there was an incident when my sister, the middle one, came home from the hospital with mom. I dressed myself for the first time, I was four, it was my favorite summer dress, but it was February and I was cold. I put a white tee shirt under it. The sleeves stuck out from the bright yellow sleeveless dress with the black polkadot trim. I thought I looked beautiful. I had missed my mom and was eager for her to come home. I wanted to look my best for her. With the baby in her arms, she took one look at me, yelled at me and said, 'how could you wear something so ugly on this important day?!'  I was devastated. Mom had never yelled at me in my life, ever. It didn't help growing up, because she was the beautiful one. I just, um, was around. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't understand her fashion 'world'. I gave up.)

So yesterday, I risked being vulnerable, I tried my best, I wore absolutely no jewelry (rare for me) so as not to draw attention away from my sisters. And I wore my one eleven dollar blue dress people say looks good on me. My purse was a clutch metallic and my shoes metallic too, both muted/subtle, not bright. Navy is starting to be my color. They said I looked good. I also won the game. I always win the games. I'm lucky. This one I just sat in the right chair. It probably looked awkward with me the sister winning. I got lotion. Rose kind. It's nice. Anthony was proud of me that I won.

The second clutter is around the house. It's making forward progress. Ross gave me an idea to use a cart I had for my beads for another purpose. I put all the vitamins on top so the tables would be clear. Then underneath are all the materials I need for packaging and mailing things on the other shelves.  Then, I took a small bamboo bench, and placed it where Ross said, and put all the unfinished Christmas card things on it. I have had two years worth of cards I never sent, and all the ones sent to us, on the dining room table. This is now a manageable project in itself.

There is a focal point I'd like to share--it has metaphysical significance so that is why I am sharing it. It's a story which applied to more than the topic in the story. I redid the bathroom storage. I took things out which had been there for ten years. All of it. It's not quite all the way back in. The important part is I thought about what I need, and how often I use it, as well as how appearance of the home matters to my sense of well-being. I took a good hard look at the cabinets under the sink. The pipes take up much room. It's no place for towels. So the toiletries, cotton swabs, and cotton balls went under.  The part I see, I made extra nice, on a shelf at eye level. Special books. A little cotton/silk angel I've had since fellowship. My best bath salts and lotion.  I brought the shelf I had towels on before, even though I didn't want it, back into the bathroom. What I did that was different was I changed the way I folded the towels. I have been folding towels the same way since my apartment on Francisco Street in Berkeley. Mark and I had a fight, and we compromised to always fold them that way. I was able to adjust the towels, to make it neat and tidy in these small folding shelves. I have to fold them more, and also, to size for the rack.

If you must change the way you fold your towels so they will fit where you need them to go, do it!

It's very freeing.

The last clutter, and it's by no means the end of it in my busy life, is online. I have clarity and vision for Doctors With Reiki now. And some of it comes from the kick in the pants by my asleep colleagues. If you want to talk to the world, and show them what Reiki is, you need to keep it professional. On a platform like 'Doctors With Reiki' it means there's a higher bar than other Reiki platforms online. For the Team, we are very efficient in our healing, and adhere to guidelines to keep the focus on the requests and the requesters. A lot of people put their 'flair' into healing. Our Reiki guides just give it to us when we ask, and I have not once seen any of our guides add 'flair' to it. Reiki on? It flows. It's as simple as that. So, by extension, from us to the recipient, it flows. It's a beautiful thing to behold.   Today I did it on the regular page. There is a time and place for sharing healing advice and remedies. Now I understand how to encourage this type of dialog--and to take it out of the healing request/response situation. A reader brought up an important point--'Go see a doctor!' message. I'd like to elaborate on that with advice I took to heart from my Reiki teacher Anne Reith, PhD.

As Reiki practitioners, we are in an unusual position we aren't in outside of the medical field.

We can sense the problem, see it, feel it. Might be a huge tumor. We can pick up on it through our Reiki hands.

Let me gently share with you what happens in a similar situation in the Operating Room when they take out a tumor.

The surgeon opens the patient up, and it looks like cancer. We discuss it, how it looks, is it bad? Can you get it all? Just everyday work talk. The surgeon hands the specimen to the technician, and the nurse takes it in a container and labels it. Someone takes it to pathology. Then there is a call to the room from the pathologist to the surgeon, but everyone can hear. When I take the patient to the recovery room, I always let the nurse receiving the patient know if it's bad news the patient is going to get, so she can be extra careful what she says and does.

When the patient wakes up, and asks about the tumor, all of us KNOW.

We ALL KNOW--nurses, tech, anesthesia, surgeon, pathology team.

We KNOW but we can't TALK.

Only the surgeon can tell the patient what is wrong with them.

Only the surgeon is the one whose job includes breaking the news to the patient on the exact diagnosis.

So we act dumb.

When patients ask me, I say, 'the anesthesia went great! ' When they ask more, I say, 'I'm not sure, your surgeon will let you know everything because it's a surgery thing.'

Anne says, as Reiki Healers, all we can do while still being professional, as Reiki practitioners, is to hint. This is because most times the patient already knows there is something going on, they feel it, they sense it, and to say more than a hint is going to freak them out. That's not what Reiki is about. It's about healing. So you say, 'I think maybe there might be something going on in --and you don't say exactly where but mention a region or gesture kind of in the area of concern--I think there might be something there you might want to get checked out.'

And that's enough.

Even though, like the nurses, the tech, anesthesia, and pathology, as a Reiki person who senses the energy imbalance directly through a Reiki session--you KNOW--it's not part of Reiki to diagnose and treat physical ailments.  Reiki helps. I think it's important. But you're gonna walk a fine line if you want to keep it professional.

I hope this makes sense. And with Doctors With Reiki, it's important to keep things professional, because now even the Chair of the ER at an academic hospital I've known for twenty years, is starting to talk on some of the things I'm posting on my personal FB page. We have two chairs now, one psychiatrist, a holistic physician in private practice, and some close Reiki associates starting to talk.

The awakening is starting to happen.

And I'm glad.

We are only in the 'snopes' and it's fake stages. But they are watching, and participating. It's a good thing.

I love babies.

I always have.

And they are drawn to me.

I love them because they have no social skills and there's no way to do a social faux pas.

I'm excited to be an aunt again. It's a good thing.

I feel bad because I was planning on going to see my mom today, to change her stoma, because it's my job. I mentioned it with excitement to my niece yesterday. She said, 'not tomorrow, don't come'. She was polite, but I didn't understand. I was ready to bring dinner from a place I love, to help make it easy on the family. There's more but it's complicated. I pray for a short day so I can change it for mom tomorrow. And I pray to be able to navigate this situation better than I am.

By contrast, a close friend and I chatted about spiritual things yesterday. About his role in Ascension, what he does. He's doing a lot. I thanked him. He's like, 'thank you, I feel better, I couldn't talk about this with anybody.'  Then I asked him stuff about houses. He's full of practical advice too. I do great in those situations. I suppose that's my job, to be like that, instead of the life of the party, you know?

I had some big spiritual experiences myself.

Today I asked Ross about Cobra. Lady Isis Astara is in critical condition. He asked for help. I asked him, 'Ross, what is the deal with those people? Are they good or bad?'

Ross was sitting in his desk, leaned back, and asked me a question, 'If it was me asking for prayers when you were critically ill, how would that be?'

So I figured, it's okay to pray for the sick when a partner asks. Even if Ishtar Antares (that's Cobra's email or something) and Isis Astara are totally--um--names that go with OTO and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I remembered Isis. I met her at a conference, I've been to two and also met her in Hawaii at a different conference I didn't attend exactly--only for one afternoon. She is very nice, fun-loving, kind. She has a boy the same age as Anthony. She is gentle. She's been abused in a previous relationship. We related about that.

She had an energy so feminine, it struck me. And when they offered her to do I don't even know what it's called--some ceremony to activate something in my energy--I gladly paid for it. One hundred dollars.

I went to their room. It was just the two of us. Normally it's a group but spirit had nobody else want to go at my time slot.

She said I have dolphin energy, I'm from Sirius. She always wanted to see the dolphins. I told her to go on a Safari, it's right out there by us, a short ride.

The ceremony wasn't very big, it was simple. She had an ankh. And she blew through the hole of it in places all around my body. She said they were nadis and she was opening them up.

I didn't feel anything. It was odd. I normally see, feel, sense. So except for her company, which I enjoyed, I didn't notice much. I remember now, she taught me how to bring this energy up. I had to move my arms a certain way and breathe.

I learned about the ida and the something else and the shushummna. I blogged on it around the time I learned.

As I meditated, I saw her. I see souls sometimes. We spoke. From what I gather, I think it's not good. She may live but I saw her soul go up. And it was happy and free. I told her to go to my friend, he could help her, whether she's on one side or the other, it didn't matter to him, and it didn't matter to me, as long as she goes she will Ascend with him. There might be a walk-in for her. I don't get time frames on this, but I do know I connected with her. And she remembered me.

What was disturbing was twice I saw clear flashes of pentagrams, two points up. She had told me that they had started off on our team, but then there was pressure from the dark ones...when I spoke with her in spirit but I don't have an answer.

I don't think I'll ever really understand the significance of the Isis Astara and Cobra thing. Ross isn't talking.

What is do know is the importance of being loving, friendly and polite--not without discernment!--to everyone we meet.


Oh man.

Oh man, oh man, oh man.

I've seen some YouTube things lately, and they go together. I'll give the links, but you don't have to watch them. I'll summarize.

MK Ultra survivor speaks She's Canadian. Her father was military, a pedophile I believe. There's so many of these stories it's hard to keep them straight. Her story is told first hand, very calm, and her drawings are something new. She talks about her eye going out and an implant going behind it, her eye was resting on her cheek. That would hurt but with local anesthesia it's possible to numb the eye and work on the surrounding structures. There's a lot of muscles holding it in place, and also, the delicate optic nerve.  I liked reading the comments. And one asked, 'well how did she wake up?'  Older techniques for MK Ultra weren't as effective. That's why. Newer ones shatter the soul worse. And even they have breakdowns, so people need 'touch up' programming. (Rehab...)

This video of MK Ultra glitches, along with a different one I can't pull up on my history--called 'human cloning malfunctions'. It shows bizarre behavior. I've seen a few these past few days, one had a woman's eyeballs going up and down like a chameleon--one up and one down at the same time--then they switch--for over thirty seconds. Lots of them are people spacing out. Or fainting.

What goes together is, if people have these things implanted in them, it can cause things we can't see. It's not just the words and the hand gestures (Al Roker, the holy ghost, or Conor MacGregor, the devil horn hand gesture) to trigger the alter. There can be these technology things too. And if they short circuit--seizure--whatever--it can explain the behavior.

What's fascinating is, just like with the Super Bowl lights going out, Ross and his teams have superior technology. They have the capability to interrupt the electricity/override the lighting system. They have the ability to intercept a missile launched from North Korea. They have most likely, the ability to make all those sensors do strange things, not unlike how Eggsy got all the heads to blow up in the first Kingsman movie. I don't think the galactics would blow up heads. But they could make what it hidden a little more obvious to help people wake up. That's totally fair.

I also see how with the Grammys (a ritual) it proceeds the super/Full/Blue/Blood moon on Wednesday. Remember the magic of a full moon is in effect three days before and three days after. Then on Feb 2 that's another ritual day too. And Superb Owl. LOL. This is their big week and they are working it, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

They keep doing the same things, over and over...but people are waking up. And Cobra said, 'when two people know it's no longer a secret. It's only a secret if one knows and the other doesn't'.

A lot of their Magick works only if it's a secret.

Here's a chilling video of how 'secret' secret gets family, skull and bones, Aleister Crowley...

Ew yuck! Fetus in a jar?!

This one matches what Kerth Barker says, and also Svali. It might have been Svali actually. I don't know. She's the one who talked about the guns. I've realized that with technology, not only are we trackable, but with driverless cars--they can control us where we go by overriding the controls--or if we don't pay make our cars not work. You don't need a boot on it, like from too many parking tickets--and a tow! I've sensed drones could attack us. I've picked up that perhaps humans are not necessary (except for breeding for their rituals and cannibalism). But I don't worry. I know there's lots of timelines. and they have condensed to one, we are on a good one, I feel joy. There is no more fighting. It's done. It's a win-win-win for everyone.

If you are a survivor, you need expert help to recover your life. Kerth got it. Fabian therapy. If you can't find it, or are afraid to seek help, concentrate on your joy. I know it sounds weird, but SRA/MK Ultra/Monarch best heal indirectly, not head on. Every day, appreciate something NORMAL in your life. How it tasted. How it looked. How it smelled. How your skin felt. How it sounded. Relive and enjoy the special moment. Perhaps looking at a flower in the sun. This type of daily practice anchors you to here and now. This rewires the brain. Journals are helpful. There will be memories that come up. Don't let them overtake your life. This is YOUR life. You set aside time to work on the past, but only an allowed time. The rest of your day if for experiencing life, for your joy, and for your reconnection to Source, Creator of all that is. In time, there will be thousands and thousands of specially trained healers to come and heal everyone. We've all been affected more or less, through media, entertainment, and some, more deeply and personally through ritual abuse.  The healing will arrive. Until then, take steps that work, as in Fabian therapy, and keep one day after the next as best you can.

Remember even prickly things can be absolutely adorable and worthy of being on Gaia with the rest of us.

Everything has its place. We are one. All of us, together, no one more important than the next.

Sing your song, sing it joyfully, and good things will come to you.

Ross says it's time for Carla to sleep with the unicorns. 


Good night.

Our blessings and love to you, with our gratitude too.

clap! clap! 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins