Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How To Heal

It's with the heart that we recover from the bumps and setbacks along the way as we awaken. The heart is hardy and strong. It helps to remind ourselves along the way that there are no accidents.

One reader had a shock yesterday.  Her father, curiously enough, was a thirty-second degree mason, an airline pilot, and had many, many life insurance policies taken out for himself.

Could he have been with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?

Could he have led a double life?

He died young, from a brain tumor in his fifties.

There's no way to know, not for sure. Evidence points to this, though, and it's deeply upsetting.

Another reader, after reading the blog which pretty much spells out all the possibilities that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are controlling--media, entertainment, justice, government, etc.--said, 'I thought I was going crazy as I read it but I trust in Ross'.

It's time to heal.

Healing isn't 'one and done'. It's not 'instant'. It's not something that happens overnight.

Healing is a commitment to staying true to what's happening inside your soul and your heart, in this Now moment.

You will find Life Lessons you will encounter which will help you become stronger, more resilient, and more focused.

The work needs to go on the inside.

For the person whose father had questionable ties, you will never really know for certain except the truth you sense deep in your heart. As an advanced soul, an old soul, it is highly likely you incarnated into such a home to bring light to the darkness. Many souls incarnate in this manner to help the awakening process take place in the souls around them. Perhaps you are the reason your father never chose to advance to level thirty-three? This in itself is an accomplishment! It will have affected many a soul including the one of your father.

As we encounter truth, there is a feeling of betrayal, one of being tricked, which is natural. This takes time to heal. For myself, I distanced myself from organizations which promote a darker agenda (with the exception of my assignments, for example, certain theme parks, where Spirit sent me to do healing on a larger scale to assist others.)

It takes a while to return to psychological equilibrium.

Take your time.

When you can, turn to Nature and to Spirit where you will find inexhaustible nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to sustain you.

Eat pure, whole foods which are filled with life force to regain your strength.

Make time for some physical activity and get some fresh air.

And rest!

All of this is important for the healing to take place.

How will you know when you have healed?  It's almost by accident that you notice, it's so subtle. It's like you are looking over your shoulder at it, because by then you are so immersed in your new life there's really not much time to stop and take notice.

The difference for me is a strong connection to Ross, a sense of feeling loved, which I feel twenty-four seven. It colors everything I do. It gives me hope, and reassures me that no matter what, everything is going to be okay.

The part of me that was always worried about Ross and his well-being is finally convinced that he is OKAY and that there is nothing but HEALTH for him for all eternity, and he is not going to die in any way, shape or form ever again!

This frees me up to live my life! And I do!

This New Year's I was in the kitchen. Anthony played his video game. And we were liberated from the horrible TV coverage of Times Square! We had better things to do and had no interest in being exposed to any form of programming. At four minutes to midnight, we turned it on to see the ball drop. But there were two minutes of ads first! We saw 'enough' and quickly turned it off again. I said a prayer in my heart for the people who were out there in the bitter cold.

For me, a sure sign of my healing--and I'm not sure when or how or why it came--but I've been asking for it for five years--is my ability to throw things out.

When I was two, my father had a bizarre discipline for me. If I didn't pick up my toys the night before, by the morning when I awoke they were thrown out.

It didn't matter if they were my favorites, or expensive.

It didn't matter if in my distress I begged for a second chance, an opportunity to redeem myself.

The discipline was cold, hard, and ruthless.

It happened at such an impressionable age!

I've always had trouble parting with something because I thought it might be forever, and I wouldn't be able to get it back...not Ross...not my toys...not my 'stuff'.

It's better.

Yesterday I threw out all the old soaps in the bathroom I'd been trying to use up before I got to the ones I really liked.

I also threw out the old coffee pot I'd used since medical school. A little copper press pot where the top had sort of started to rot.

I didn't need my 'lucky' one any more, I had others, and I clearly saw the need to get rid of the junk and to stick with one that works.

It's so hard to explain this to someone who hasn't had this lesson. I'm sorry if it seems rambling. My point is that it is a sign of a huge internal healing change deep inside of me that I am able to function like this. I'm very grateful for it. How this change happened to be, I do not know. For me, it is a miracle.

You will have your miracles too.


It is an early start, Carla has her work, and it is early in the year.

I will be to the point.

Try not to stick your head in the sand when it comes to 'discoveries' about the truth of what is happening in the shadows around you, and has been going on for a long time.

The more you heal, the more you face it, the easier it will be both for yourself and others.

The reason is energetic. The energy. For in reality, all of you are connected metaphysically, as One. All of you are pulling your weight together as a whole with your Consciousness.

You can see Carla as an example--who is honest and straightforward--who is simply one of many on the planet who is awakening, and closer to the finish of the awakening process.

It matters not what part of the awakening process you are in, or how long it takes for you, this is not a race!

It matters that you take the time, and the energy, what you need to heal.

There has been a great deal of sophisticated control systems which have been used on the masses to keep them 'manageable'. This includes the psychological and physical means to establish control, some of them which use advanced technologies to accomplish this!

You are on your way out from it. You are in the process of setting yourself free.

Many of you do not wish to make yourselves familiar or aware with the video tapes and links which are presented in this blog and in similar format. You say to yourself, 'I don't need it' and 'I want to focus on Love'.

This is exactly what those who are in control want you to do. To be unaware and unwilling to call a spade a spade. To not want to rock the status quo 'boat' or to 'upset the apple cart'. To keep living your life as if none of this ever happened, or if it's someone else's job to clean it up.

Those of you who are reading this blog are more awake than ninety-nine percent of the general population.

At least you can be willing to inform yourself enough to be of use to support them as THEY find out the horrible, awful, and very sad, truth.

There is no teacher more respected on earth than the guide who says, 'I have experienced/had that too.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple