Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cakier Cakes

Good morning!

Spirit woke me up with the words, 'cake-ier cakes'.

Do I know what it means? No.

This happens to me all the time, mysterious messages from beyond, the strongest of which are when I awaken.

Anthony likes a flat, Swedish pancake. I have a mix. Is it time to go back to the thicker ones?

The poor child had an upset stomach in the middle of the night. He wasn't sure if he was going to throw up or go poop. We had eaten all the same things except he had a chicken soft taco from Del Taco with his lunch. 

He struggled. Kept me up. He wanted me to stand with him and console him, but he took about two hours. I couldn't stay up. I lay down and offered verbal support.

I asked Raphael to help.

And by intuition, I knew it was heartburn, possibly gallbladder spasm, and that he wasn't going to throw up.

He left the lights on in the hall and the bathroom just in case, but he slept all night.

Perhaps spirit wants me to make him some pancakes to soothe his stomach today?

Then there was yesterday after breakfast.

Ross wanted to talk to me.

I have to lay down a certain way on the couch. I know because Anthony was upstairs and I told him I was going to talk to Ross. I lay so I faced the room. Ross had me face the back of the couch.

I relaxed and spoke.

All of a sudden I felt this tingling really strong all over my body.  I started to tell him when I had this strange feeling of someone/something from Spirit moving IN, jumping IN.

I was curious and a little startled.

I was told--not by Ross, and not by my HS--that there were no more 'pieces' of me any more, I and my HS were One. 

I get to be the awareness we both experience now, She is always there, helping me, only instead of from 'up there', now, it's inside me, and I am Her too. 

Do I remember what I do at night when I sleep now? Going wherever with my astral body?


I wish I did.

But the crazy dreams Anthony and I have been having lately--some so accurate that I was dreaming of the desert and my Uncle Ben and seeing the place there--when without my realizing it my brother in law had gone there for one night!

My dreams stopped. I haven't dreamed for years. Not since medical school, like 1992 or 1993. 

I think it's because I'm busy at those meetings or whatever I do.

Do I feel any different?

I have more clarity about myself, about my purpose, and about my teaching role in helping others...

This reminds me of the Amish Friendship cakes I used to make in the eighties. You get a little 'starter' from a friend, you keep it in the refrigerator. After so many days you add something and stir, then after so many more days you add the rest and you make a cake. Actually a cake and extra starter to share with a friend.

I enjoyed this very much.

After a while, people stopped wanted the starter. I did math, and cut the recipe to keep it just enough for us. 

I still have the recipe for it and I miss this cake.

Is this the 'cakier-cake'?

Last night Anthony wanted to watch a movie.  It was called 'Bright' and it had Will Smith in it.

I knew it would be my 'homework' while it was his entertainment.

It reminded me a little of Lord Of The Rings because of the elves in it.

I knew it was code for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, some kind of predictive programming.

But how to decode it?

There are orcs--very strong, almost demonic looking creatures, who are shunned.

There are humans.

There are elves who are 'very rich and run the world'.

There is a certain kind of elf called a 'bright'.

These brights can hold a wand an not blow up.

Wands can give unlimited power--money, youth, better sexual function, health, ANYTHING.

So in the movie, there are gangs in LA, it's sort of post apocalyptic, and cops find a wand and a bright. Lots of shooting.

There's a 'bad elf' who wants to bring back the Dark Lord who will kill 'thousands of people'. She is the villain. And she and her teams have superhuman powers when they fight.

The orcs kill the cop orc in their gang area and toss him into a bottomless dungeon. But the bright brings him back to life with her wand. Then the orcs see the prophecy, and let them go. The prophecy of the orc who comes back from the dead.

Then the bright gets sick from too much magic she spent to help the orc. So they go back to a pool in a basement of a building under a sacred tree.

That's when the bad elf was waiting for the three--two cops--Will Smith and orc Jakoby--and Tikka the elf.

She's bending over Tikka and there's glowing everywhere, and saying to Tikka, 'Come HOME!' and Tikka is screaming, 'Just Kill Me!'--that right there is a TOTAL SRA moment. Total. When you leave the SRA they come after you and spy on you and try to trigger your programming to get you to either come back to the group or to suicide.

If you apply the terms 'black is white'--how the Illuminati twists things around (for example, church is good, government is good, and yet both areas are filled with SRA)--to the movie--could the dark lord be--in their eyes, not ours--those who support the will of Divine Creator who are putting an end to their Party?

Are the Elves the Kazarian Jews? The bloodlines?

Are the Brights the Seraphim? (they won't blow up with high vibration energy, they can stand closest to God).

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

It will have to percolate for a while.

There there is one last possible meaning.


There is a new Divine Healing Code.

It makes all of the other codes work better.

It makes healing possible when a code hasn't been made available yet for a condition.

I suppose in its own way, this makes for a 'cakier' cake?

And to me, after working with the Divine Healing Codes for all these years, it truly IS the 'icing on the cake'.

There's a tab up on top of the blog for easy reference.

Thank you.

Ross says,  'now you can have your cake and eat it too.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins