Sunday, January 14, 2018

Renew Yourself!

I have been having a blast!


Yes that's right, me.

Friday I was first call. I picked the room with surgeons I liked. I didn't worry about the money. I knew there was a good room, a long room, but there was a glitch--a second surgeon--in the lineup of another and I didn't want to hear the grief of one surgeon delaying another and all that crap.

I had a great OB-Gyn surgeon, pleasant. He likes to listen to the Beatles so we did. Then came my favorite hand surgeon, the one with the stage IV lung cancer. He was oddly quiet. It turns out the scrub tech is a pescatarian. She saw the movie, on Netflix, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and changed her life. Her Mexican culture is big on meat, lots of pork, beef, chicken. Now she only eats fish and dairy.  I spoke about the dairy with her too, as I had been vegetarian for eighteen months. It's tough because you need supplements, good ones, for vegetarian life. My Vitamin D hit rock bottom so low I was craving mushrooms (Vegan D2--unlike other sources of D) and didn't know why. Mai Nguyen, the owner of Au Lac and my friend (wife of my colleague too) cured herself from disease with vegan diet. She taught me to take Dr. Shultze once a day and also a good vegan pea protein to keep myself strong. But for me, it wasn't enough. To be honest, vegetarian food takes longer to eat, and my work doesn't give me TIME to eat a salad, you know. And Anthony gave me grief about it since day one. I caved. (I HAVE come back and serve him one or two vegan meals a week at dinner, and he doesn't bat an eye--I am persistent. lol)

Anyhow, this vegan stuff came up because I mentioned the Cannibal Club. You can look it up it's still on the internet for now. And it's not a hoax.

I thought my surgeon was quiet because we had grossed him out. He gets quiet, especially when things make him think about his lung cancer.

But the NEXT case, he came in talking about the movie of the soccer team in the Andes, ALIVE, where they cannibalized each other. Some didn't want to, and let themselves starve to death. The others, ate, and only had broken glass to cut off the meat.

He listened!

Then he shared an embarrassing story about his last day in Viet Nam. His father worked for the military. The family had to hide in an office on the base, waiting for the transport to take them to Manila. A huge military plane. He had to go to the bathroom, number two, and he couldn't go out because it would attract attention.

At the very last minute, his dad said, 'go here in the office' because the plane had arrived and they were due to board.

It was the biggest poop of his life! HUGE! Absolutely ginormous!

The running joke with his family was, 'It was your last gift to Vietnam'...

Call went well. I got some sleep, although it was in a hospital bed in --my new name for it--the biggest bedroom ever!--PACU (recovery room).

Anthony and I went to breakfast at this local French cafe. It was horrible. Ross has sent us there. I had been once, lunch was nice. They didn't even have continental breakfast--what people in France actually eat--bread, croissant, coffee, jam, butter.

I even wrote a bad review on YELP. It was ridiculous, forty dollars for boxed eggs, inedible bacon, and ho-hum potatoes, with a tiny bit of 'French Toast' for him. And two croissants for me. Coffee. Juice. Hot Chocolate for Anthony. Horrible, horrible service. And the cook looked like the son of the server.

I never write bad reviews. Only once at the Tea at the Empress after they 'changed' it.

But I saw this there:

It was a little sticker up over the exit sign.

I think Ross wanted it for Aaron. Me too I supposed? I don't know.

Yesterday I cleaned holiday decorations.

I sat in the sun for fifteen minutes.

Anthony wanted to play video games all day with friends and I negotiated--one hour screen, one hour active...He was like bummed. So I said, if you swim for one hour, really work out with me, then you can have the rest of the day.

He did. He really thanked me for making him work out.

And we also went to the jacuzzi after, and I sent the healings (didn't mention it, but I sent them) from there. Aaaaah.

Our late lunch was Panera. I had a huge Asian chicken salad. And dinner? A late night run to In and Out.  (Kitchen is too dirty to cook right now. I have to take one thing at a time).

The energies are SO good right now. I'm able to manifest things somewhat. (there's a little girl in a video who describes manifestation too, about toys, even though the video is about something else.)

I'm happy.

Except for one thing.

I woke up this morning, and 'telekinesis' was told to me. I realized THAT's how they did the pyramids.

So I looked it up on YouTube. I looked up a lot of things. I'll share.

I wanted to play my bookworm game, and Ross said no. It's the one relaxation I have. But the stupid thing won't work right. It's stuck. I guess it needs an update. Sometimes a husband ACTS like a husband too. lol.

Okay, Ross, okay!!! (he's cracking up because he absolutely loves it when I give him a good-natured hard time. )

This is YOU.

Your body is inside YOU.

You are the AURA...that eggshell.

And the PLAY--is that we are in a time where we can learn things about it. How it works. And you can practice.

I just love this lady. She is so cool. Be sure to watch both her videos, and please, 'pardon her ahem-French-colorful language.

In this one she tells you how she directs the energy out to make this happen.

Please note that she practiced this a long time, before she got to where she could do it.

Here is a delightful girl. She has awakened her third eye.

What is a third eye? I'll show you--

Critics say that the fluoride in the water not only makes us passive (they gave it to concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany) but it CALCIFIES the pineal gland where all this cool extrasensory perception stuff can happen. (I'll show you a couple videos to help you chew on your Discernment 'rawhide' in a bit--to sharpen those skills--later).

Watch the girl.

How can she do this?

Because SHE is her aura, and her aura can see, besides her human eyes, and she's vibrating at a high enough level (pure girl attuned by religious dude) to keep this 5D skill.

Here is another example of this kind of 'vision', from a Near Death Experience:

He had an aortic arch aneurysm. You can't cannulate in such a way to fix it because he will bleed everywhere while he is on the heart-lung machine. The heart itself you can have the circuit run and nourish/oxygenate the rest of the body. But the aortic arch you can't. I have a cardiothoracic fellowship, and I've done this kind of anesthesia hundreds of times. It's called, 'Deep Hypothemic Cardiac Arrest'. You cannulate, you keep the patient on the pump and cool them way the heck down. And then, the anesthesiologist puts the head on ice or the equivalent by wrapping a shoulder ice unit around the head. You measure the temperature and take it to near freezing. 

This is to protect the brain. When the time comes to fix what's broken, then they turn the pump off. 

He's dead. Truly, in every way, dead. But on ice. When we rewarm the heart will start beating and everything will come back.

It's fun, it's actually my favorite. We used to give lots of sodium pentothal to protect the brain--silence it--too. 

This patient had an endotracheal tube in place, he was lined up, there is no way for him to either move or talk. Everything that happened was with his Aura. His 'higher self' for lack of a better word. His consciousness, I suppose is another way to say it.

You can tell his experience was real.

And the 'style' of interaction with 'God'--how God speaks--is very, very familiar. Both the way of saying things. And the little bit of mystery, never really disclosing or saying anything that you can pin down. I'm sure it was Jesus he saw. That's how he acts, his personality, his style. 

BRESCIA, ITALY - MAY 21, 2016: The fresco of Madonna with the St. Ann, Joachim, and St. Mary Magdalen in church Chiesa del Santissimo Corpo di Cristo by Jesuit Benedetto da Marone (1550- 1565)

I adore Art History. 

Let's look at this image. Just like my Art History teachers used to do with me. Let's start with the perspective. Building, and drape give the illusion of depth. It's a fresco, a painting made in wet plaster. The bodies are more anatomical/volume than the Flemish style of art. This is Renaissance style. And the draped cloth is another huge part of this style. They are gorgeous and the working with the light is good.

It's hard to see where the source of the Light is, there are shadows on St. Ann (Ann and Joachim are Mary's parents, and Jesus' grandparents). My guess is the top left behind the viewer is the source of the light. 

The colors are interesting. Yellow on Magdalen, with a darker hue of it on Ann. The blue and red to tell people it's Mary. (there's also Masonic reasons for blue and red, too, actually, but I can't recall their significance exactly). 

Look next at the hair. What color is it? Red. Mary M, Mary mother of Jesus, even the baby itself. Grey, I can't tell you. Look at Mary Magdalen's robe. It's like Joachim, right, one shoulder bare? Mary and Ann aren't like that. You can see Ann's sleeve under her right hand. A tiny corner.

What does this mean?

The mistress has her shoulder and breast exposed. The love interest of a king, a consort, is clothed like this! Look at French Art. It's there again, and again, it's a convention.

This is why I like art so much, it's the language of symbols which are pertinent to the culture. 

Mary Magdalen holds the chalice, the cup. Hmmmm? Another symbol too, isn't it? Could it be for Christ's blood? Perhaps. Or perhaps SHE is the vessel to carry his child! 

With art you never know.

Please look at the order of the artist. He's religious. He's Jesuit. 

Remember the 'little nun' Charlotte? The Carmelite? That was the order of the priests who were their 'confessors'. Yup.

Do the Jesuits have access to hidden history we 'ordinary people' do not have?


That is why I take THIS story with a lot more weight than one painted by a different artist.

Would  you like to have more fun?

I was super excited to see this:

This was the birthplace of Christianity.

Important things to note:
  1. Greek Orthodox has the key. This is the closest to the the Cathar faith which was indeed the early church. The Cathars were massacred, subject to intense, intense persecution by the Roman Catholics who said they were heretics. Mary Magdalen is reported to have has strong ties to the Cathars, and was a leader of their church.
  2. The religious persecution which continues today. The trash thrown in for 'King David' and also, the whole thing against Christ. It's alive today,
  3. The symbols. Some of you are going to love these symbols. Yet, the 'menorah' is missing an extra pair of candles. I think there's a different word for this one which only seven candles on it.

This show here, might be fun for you, if this is what you enjoy, the ancient history:

I didn't watch it. I'm keeping a mind to the clock, and Anthony is hungry. I saw up to eight minutes. And also, remember, there's a chance these things underneath are like for Sister Charlotte...where much suffering happened. I don't know. Only your Discernment will tell you for sure. It's 'close' enough to the past for me to add it to jog the memories of some incarnate souls from those times who are alive again today.

How about those of you who like a good exposing of lies and hypocrisy for fun? I know some who are in EarthZSchool who love it. It's like sporting events for them. It's a 'pastime'.

Let's try this:

Did you pick up on it?

First of all they say, 'Illuminai Spiritual Teacher'. 

Yes! Do you see where I am going at?

Not all is what it seems!

My tip off was the watch. Big expensive heavy watch.

Then the haircuts on the 'disciples'. 

I went to Berkeley. The Hare Krishna's were a cult and they took the lives of many students. Furthermore, they would recruit! Free vegetarian meals to the community (where they start the brainwashing). And also, at finals, they would march around the dorms with their music and chanting, to get stressed out, vulnerable students to leave their studies and join them! 

It's sneaky, isn't it?

But...the VIBE. This man does not have the kind of 'unconditional love' emanating from him that the little girl has, or that the near death experience man received from his hug from Jesus. 

No Love? No dice. No matter how much things make sense and make logic and sound spiritual.

Spit it out!

Are you ready for another? It's advanced.

I will argue this proves Uri Geller is true!

I challenge you who are half-awake, awakening, and asleep!

Both James Randi and Johnny Carson are 'magicians'....perhaps they made money by 'slight of hand'?

I suspect they are both high ranking secret society members--which practice another kind of 'magic'.

Are they going to want a 5D gift of telekinesis, like Sarah Grant from her videos, live, on TV--in the form of Uri Geller--giving the general public ideas?

No way José!

They are going to squash him. Nip it right there in the bud. Just like SNOOPES does online today.

I have some sad news:

Note to self--keep backups. Of everything. If you are in the Truther community. Because, like this guy here, many videos have disappeared. He just doesn't have them because the channel got blocked. He can't access it, his own work.  

His work will continue, it's quality, and he has two more channels as backup for now.

Keep important things on thumb drives or printed out especially if it has symbols and meanings. There's a whole lot of censorship going on right now. 

And from what I hear, FB is going to be 'fixed' so it's 'less videos' and 'less passive' and more 'interaction'--which although they say it will 'fight depression' I believe with my whole heart they want to dumb us down and keep us quiet as the Awakening and Ascension of Earth and Her people is going on, unstoppable, around Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

You know how I'm able to manifest things?

This is because I thrive/was built for, higher vibrational frequencies. 

And for the 'other team'? Their 'magic' works best in the LOW vibrational frequencies.

Do you get it? One team is getting stronger at the same time the other is getting weaker. It's a good thing.

If you are into politics and intrigue, here is an interesting one for you.

He was molested by American priests! All of the boys there were. And he says there is a book, 'Altar of Secrets' by Duterke...(I bought it on Amazon Kindle)..which exposes it all.

If you are into the extreme science fiction-like, Truth is Stranger Than Fiction in the coming to the light of things that are hidden, this one here--more for the drawings than anything else--shows the two different types of cloning:

And if any of these things are not your cup of tea, that's perfectly acceptable. Just find a cup that you ENJOY!!

You might like to try reading body language, like Bombard...

Bodies never lie. Not even for actors. This is another way to always tell the truth.

Ross is smiling. He wants me to share this--it's for us all--

1. Be polite.
2  Respect all not just yourself!
3. Doubt doesn't exist-- only if you let it.
4. Always be yourself no one can change you but yourself!
5. Have fun with life!
6. Be calm!
7. Help somebody in need!
8. Never say never! Unless you need to!
9. Music is part of your soul so listen!
10. Fear doesn't matter! Just stay chilled!
11. Everything works out!
12. Make good desisions
13. Be safe always!
14. Kindness is everything!
15. Help the world!
16. Be sweet!
17. Friends are the best Part sometimes!
18. Blow them away you're amazing!
19. Rest!
20. Trust is very important especially with yourself!
21. No one will drag you down if you don’t let them!

clap! clap!

Ross says that the twenty one quotes from Sammy Diva are the MOST IMPORTANT message of this whole blog post.

And now...Anthony can eat his breakfast.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple