Friday, January 12, 2018

The Request

I was driving home yesterday, and my gaze caught a patch of land, several acres, which had been burned in a fire.

Little green plants were growing amidst the scar on the earth.

It was oddly beautiful, to see new life emerge , and the beauty was the spiritual concept which goes with it. Ross noticed how I was struck by it, and asked me quietly and earnestly, 'would you write about it?' I smiled and said yes.

Back to the regeneration after destruction topic, I never really liked a phoenix concept. Some mythical mystical bird.

But, that was really something!

When I looked at the land last night, I didn't see this. I knew it had happened. But it was over. And I wanted to look ahead to the new life.

Some things are happening right now, and I will post links to videos for those who are interested, which may make some individuals feel as if their entire world is going up in smoke around them.

These are the individuals who have been deeply asleep, and are awakening due to external factors rather than internal ones.

The world is going to change.

If you are one of these people, we encourage you to look for guidance in the example set by Nature.

Fires burn out.

They aren't forever.

I know that the mudslides made the news here in California.

Oddly enough it was worst hit in Montecito--home of several 'movers and shakers' in the entertainment industry...hmmmm?

Either way, famous or not, mud flows stop.

Life is stronger than death.

Life begins anew.

Have hope.

After yesterday's reading, I had anticipated a slow, steady but not too much to write home about beginning of my new metaphysical career in the middle of conventional medicine, where, in my opinion, healing is needed more than anywhere because our healers have good hearts and have been told so many lies by big pharma and healthcare industries. Maybe in a few months, another person would be interested in my being able to help them...

An RN came up to me in the recovery room, and asked about my 'gift'. Today! 'You see dead people?'

Yes, I do.

Well, my nephew just died. Can I show you a picture of him?


He was the nicest kid. But he was covered in tattoos, and smoking heroin. But he had asthma, and pneumonia. He was being treated in the hospital and left against medical advice (AMA). He said it 'wasn't his thing' to be there.

Well he was running up the stairs to his friends apartment, and was banging on the door, saying he couldn't breathe, he couldn't get enough air.

And he died.

She asked me, 'if you get any messages from him, will you let me know?'

I said, 'sure, of course'.

Part of me was concerned because the nurses at the surgery center all got free bracelets from me, and I was okay with it, and  now they kind of are conditioned to think everything from me is free. They aren't awake enough to understand the concept of 'energy exchange', and honor my gift to them in my choosing to share it to help them. The one, with the reading, was okay with my rate and paid cash, though. I was grateful. But for this one, I knew there was financial hardship.

And I didn't want to push it.

So I let it go.

As she turned to walk away, I heard him say, 'I love you'.

I let her know.

Tears almost came instantly. I could see the service I provide is needed, and I will have to let Spirit figure out the rest.

On the drive home, he came to me again.

He said, 'I DIDN'T DIE!', plainly, simply.

I was like, 'huh?'

He paused and said, 'I TRANSITIONED'.

I understood this was the message he wanted me to give his aunt. And he wanted me to meet with her for one half hour.

I asked him about the energy exchange. I let him know it's a precedent for all the other nurses, and I don't want to be giving services for free.

He dumped a basket of money and kept shaking it and shaking it in irritation, right in front of me, and said, 'I WILL PAY FOR IT'.

He was annoyed. Up there, they find their loved ones can't hear them. It's frustrating. And when there's a good conduit for their 'unfinished business', they need it. So to hear me hem and haw over energy exchange because I am always keeping a mind to this work and to keep it going--when up there they don't need it--is even MORE frustrating to them.

I was told by Spirit to give the message to the aunt who is an RN, as I waited in line for gas at Costco.

I gave it.  I had to explain his intention was to let everyone know he changed form, but he still IS.

She thanked me.

Later, I got a text. She had told her sister (his mom) and she thought I was amazing. Would it be okay for her to come talk to me too?

I said yes.

And I understood one way of another, Spirit or the deceased nephew will find a way to give something back.

I went to Costco after the gas.

I parked.

I wanted to listen to two songs.

One I heard earlier, and enjoyed and shared with a friend:

Then this one, whom Ross has sent to me, the words, of a song I had known dearly and played on the piano and sang while I was growing up. 

I was overwhelmed. It was Ross! Oh the words! The WORDS! They went straight to my heart.

Oh my gosh, it's so true for me, in every single way...

I felt, for the first time in thousands of years, Ross' sweetness, his LIFE...and that feeling of trust I had in him, this beautiful person, with a totally awesome soul who loves me unconditionally, and patiently is waiting for me to open up...

I sobbed.

The tears flowed.

I didn't care what people thought.

Moments like this don't come every day, and indeed, they truly ARE Heaven on Earth when a loved one really connects with you like that from The Other Side...

It's still making me cry, this time, as before, the happy tears.

So after that, I dried up my runny mascara, and went in to Costco.

Ross told me to look at the jewelry. To dream.

I did. I put my face right next to the glass.

An emerald cut solitaire with a halo caught my eye. It was eleven thousand dollars. I smiled. Ross was right to say 'to dream'!

Then I gazed at one even more beautiful, a solitaire in a Tiffany style setting, very simple, emerald cut with lots of brilliance, for twenty thousand dollars.

I couldn't help but notice, next to those, were a pair of diamond stud earrings which were enormous--and the cost was eighty thousand dollars. I thought, these are too big for my ears! I would look ridiculous! And I worried for my safety to wear them...but the ring, not? How bizarre my dreaming is, isn't it? LOL.

I looked at all the beautiful work of the jewelers in all of the cases with stones in them. Slowly. It was  like I had all the time in the world.

Did you know a tennis bracelet costs a lot more than a ring? It does. I didn't realize that.

There was a beautiful emerald cut Morganite pendant on a fine chain of gold, lovely, lovely.

I didn't like the Morganite heart though. It was cheesy. And also there was too much Tanzanite.

I had fun.

I bought all the things I needed.

Even, for the first time in my life, a whole Costco pizza.

Anthony and the sitter laughed so hard at me that this was my first one. EVERYONE buys a Costco pizza! (It's like, nine dollars).

But you know, I've been on a roll lately. I've been really cleaning around the house, and getting a grip on organization.

There's a pattern.

Ross guides me a little. The other day, I had done one task, and he asked me, 'what's the hardest thing for you to do?'

Without skipping a beat, I said, 'scheduling!'  So I started my new day planner (the old one overlapped through January) and made an appointment for a work team to come fix my grout. For the pricing. And to clean the tile floors too, the deep clean.

I have had three nightmare areas, become nice, in the last week.

The area by where I store the sheets. It had too many boxes with crystals--not fancy ones, just haphazardly placed ones.

My closet--it was a freaking nightmare on one end. I still have to clean the other. Let me tell you when Anthony looked at it he said, 'WHOA mom! It's NICE!'.

Today it was the freezer and the refrigerator. To fit the new food, I had to take everything out and rearrange it.

And you know what I did? I threw everything out that could make us sick. I used to sort of look the other way, and chance it. Today with confidence I said, 'it's not worth the risk!' and out it went.

Did you know I had three half used jars of sauerkraut in there?

But again, with confidence, I cleaned, and I arranged things to make it easy for Anthony--healthy snacks at eye level.

One row down--things for lunches and dinners--meals--sort of 'on deck' with things I need to make or leftovers for us to eat.

The fruit bin has only the highest vibration, freshest fruit. The rest I will generously share with the bird and the rabbit who enjoy them.

The top shelf has breakfast things, jam, eggs, butter.

The far bottom drawer has deli things.

I could see how chaotic my life had been, to have the refrigerator like that. I thought I had cleaned it not long ago, but it had been a long time. I realized in Feng Shui the kitchen is the powerhouse, it must be clean for the energy to flow well through the home. And also, for the body, you need good fuel and ease to access it. Not filth, old rotting, spilled mess...

It didn't LOOK like dirt, it looked like FOOD, all over the play, chaotic, but FOOD.

It wasn't until you take out everything you can size things up and know what to keep and what to toss.
(please keep this in mind too when I mention the videos in the 'fire' section).

This is how I feel.

Life is good.

You know, my tax summary came from my work today, for 2017. It was thirty percent pay cut versus 2016.

I smiled. I think that means I might get some money back at tax time when I file, because clearly, I overpaid.

Do I worry?

Not at all.

I give thanks.  A wonderful door is opening, and I'm enjoying watching it open. It's the future, where I can use all of my healing skills, to help ease the suffering in those who are around me. Even those who are around me online.

I can think of no better way to honor the memory of Ross than to continue his work, with an open heart, filled with love for both Ross and those who find me/us.

It's good.

I know Ross is on the Other Side. I'm patient. I sure wish I could hug him one more time, face to face, in the physical. But then, even if I did, at some point, I'd have to let go. And I don't want to ever let go of him again. I can wait until it's right for me to be with him where he is, some day...

Things are going on, rumbling, in the Truther community. If you are into it, great, here's the scoop. If you aren't, just enjoy what you find helpful (Take the BEST and leave the REST, right all you twelve step program people? I loved my time in Al Anon).

Here we go:

Either way, enjoy the 'show' as the truth comes out. Eventually. 

clap! clap!

Ross says, 'I love my HONEY' (I smile)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins