Monday, January 15, 2018

Three Stories

Ross and I adore you.

We are so grateful to everyone who is here at this time, opening up their eyes that see, and really opening their hearts to Heaven.

We are entering a promised time. 

Everything labeled on the clock is for reals--we are upon a time of utmost joy, abundance and prosperity. 

This brings us to some important lessons for these times.

They are times for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, not everyone is wanting to heal or to change their ways 'out there'.

And those who do not, sadly, are going to have to take responsibility for their actions against the weak, the defenseless, and the faithful who were entrusted to their care.


So don't feel guilty. 

There is a prison of the Consciousness of sorts.

The cage is opening, the key is being thrown away, and everyone is invited to step out into the energy field of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion...which is available to EVERYONE!

There is Freedom for you, in your heart. You know who is Divine Creator of All That Is.

You love Creator, both Divine Mother and Divine Father.

You are here to assist and gently support those who are awakening as if from a bad dream.

THIS is the skill we are here to discuss today, for you to realize you too have a task, and all the right much needed skills, to assist those who are around you...

These frightened ones may not realize they are free.

It is up to you to explore your freedom, and to those who are suffering, have a general reassurance along the lines of, 'I'm sorry this happened', and 'Everything is going to be okay'.

It is very important at this point to allow those you are assisting to decide their own pace.

You will repeat things often. You will be constant and loving in all of your interactions.

You will be above the vibration of Fear, and gently lead these souls HOME.

Here is a real time example, of myself in this role for healing work. My advanced students were visiting Salt Lake City.

They found this on the Eastern Door.

They found this to be disturbing.

Upon further inspection, they also found THIS image, which was unmistakable for SRA.

This couple also--who are both raised as Mormons but decided separately to leave the church many years ago--found this:

Notice the handshake

Here is a closeup. One finger is extended, the index finger. By the President. (this soul is actually a full Archon in human skin--very rare--but known. His grandfather is Alistair Crowley)

My students were correct to be concerned over this handshake! So I researched it.

The Patriarchial Grip.
The Second Token of the Melchizidek Priesthood--sure sign of the nail.

It is similar, but not identical, to the "Real grip" of the Master Mason, which is given by taking hold of each other’s right hand as though you were going to shake hands, and sticking the nails of each of your fingers into the joint of the other’s wrist, where it unites with the hand. Sometimes called "the lion's paw." Good drawing at down to "Real Grip of A Master Mason)

The "Second Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood" is given by clasping the right hands, interlocking the little fingers, and placing the tip of the forefinger upon the center of the wrist. Called the "patriarchal grip" or "sure sign of the nail."

Here is our conversation. Please note how I both support and encourage the student in this interaction. (In time you will be modeling this role too).

Student:  I've been thinking a lot about the Mormon community and how bad it will be for everyone when it comes out. We will surely do what we can to help.
One of our healer friends from SLC was posting today about a guy claiming to have been sexual abused by high up church leaders and business people here. He was scared for his life and has disappeared. It's starting to come out.

Teacher: SLC is Salt Lake City? I will pray extra hard and nag Ross with everything I have got to help protect these souls...who have apparently suffered the same fate as the Catholic Church sex scandals too. It's so sad.

Student: It is so sad. Heartbreaking for the children who were abused (heavily drugged so they would not remember later). Also so sad for all these faithful people who have revered these men as prophets, as pure souls. Men who have basically persecuted the LGTB community and who are banging little kids, little boys on the side. And likely ordering people killed. OMG!

Teacher: What hypocrites...and the members of the church continue to support it and tithe. So very sad.

Student: Very sad. About to change though, I'm sure. Here's looking forward to a new day!

Here is one more piece of research on the topic. I will use this one as I know they read the blogs, and it will be more at the pace of the student to find this secondary confirmation of what they have brought up as 'questionable' and 'of concern'--rightly so!

Now I am going to bring up the concept of radical forgiveness.

This is Ross' 'thing', his 'style', and I've learned it myself over the years so now I may teach it to you.

It hinges on the 'We are One' concept--everyone is our brother and sister. Like in Hawaii, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins...we are all one human family.

We have a forum for people to mutually support each other online, as the horrible news comes out about what is hidden. Some members have quit, but it is EarthZSchool, and it provides a vital service for those who are coming to terms with the Truth. 

A member posted a video--of a mother in Argentina who was abusing her eldest child, a three year old daughter. She lifted her by the hair and kicked her in the back and said she was going to kill her for losing the mother's electronic tablet device. 

This was filmed by someone in secret, and now the children are in custody and going to foster homes. 

I couldn't watch the video.  I saw two images, and it was enough.

I shared this with the group though: If you can forgive and love this mother, as well as pray for intervention for this innocent child, you are well on your way to Ascension. Divine Love is so very much needed to heal this situation.

Souls cry out when they are overwhelmed with an unpleasant discovery.

Please realize it is an honor when they turn to you for a reality check and share this unpleasant truth burden in private with you.

I have full permission to share this information with you from another of my students:

Student: Started doing my family genealogy while caring for Dad. Found much information online, prominent wealthy family, DAR, shared it all with Dad was excited to find so much info quickly. He started telling me stories and secrets, 33rd degree Mason great uncle who was a pedophile. From great grandfather & great grandmother back to prerevolutionary days whole families Masons and Eastern star. My grandparents/parents hid the Masonic connection. 

I am horrified to be descended from those people. 💔
Makes my skin crawl.

I am going to ask the Angels, my Guides, and Guardian angel to separate me and mine from this. I disavow any and all of what they did and continue to do.

Teacher: Well, healing yourself actually heals them, and decreases their power. Thank God your grandparents and parents were wise! They protected you. I bet those family members had creepy vibes. At least now you can sense those who try to hide, sniff them out—no fooling you. Keep working on your Ascension and keep treating everyone and everything with unconditional love, starting with yourself

Student: Yes I had wondered the reason for the great grandparents move from upstate NY to Wisconsin in the midst of the Depression.

Teacher: Wow, um, Chappaqua is in upstate New York? Hmmmmm (this was the day of the fire at the Clinton's)

Students: Chappaqua is about 30 miles north of NYC. Clinton'sNY home is there. My family is from near Albany-the state capital 125 miles west

Freemasonry has been and still is popular in NY

There was a big scandal about great grandma's brother the 33rd degree Mason who was caught with 2 young boys. They moved away to protect their kids and escape the gossip. Found newspaper articles about it.

Teacher: (fully aware of the implication of newspaper article hard evidence) Wow!!! Newspaper articles! Those poor boys...good thing he was caught. It saved everyone in the family from a predator...

I'm so sorry

Student: Yes, pedo was charged on a 'morals' charge. Did jail time, though I have yet to find the court documents. He was kicked out of the Masons, lost his business, big house, reputation, job as an something like an alderman, died a couple years later in a flophouse surrounded by booze bottles and bedbugs.

Teacher: Ew! Yuck! They are quick to turn their back on one of their own to escape bring caught. I would imagine back in those days it was the ultimate scandal. Perhaps his being caught wasn’t an accident—someone may have betrayed him. They are rotten in those circles, aren’t they?

Student: You probably have more info about TWDHOBIAH on that than I? I am glad you take the time to chat with me. It helps me stay focused on my work. Not on the situation at hand.The grief bracelet is wonderful. I can feel the energy from it.

Congrats on your new mediumship career. There will be one on each coast, Long Beach Medium and Long Island Medium. LOL

Teacher: I like that! Two Longs make a Light!
I have a favor to ask. Would it be okay to use your story of your pedo uncle without mentioning his name or where he's from as a teaching point in a blog post sometime? The story really sticks with me in so many ways, especially that it could happen in anyones family...I feel it will give a lot of people in similar situations hope that it's okay and it doesn't reflect poorly on them.

Student: Yes please share with your readers about the pedo uncle. (He is not mine, I will not claim him). Thanks for not using names/location.
My aunt provided some additional information. 
The family was well off during those tough times but Pedo was wealthy with a large home and servants. She says, he was an arrogant and mean man who called his siblings horrid names. Pedo's twice widowed mother lived with him, her favorite child and would tolerate no criticism of him -even after he was caught. Pedo's Mom and wife were very active members within Eastern Star - the Mason's female auxiliary in NY. After the scandal hit, both Pedo's Mom and wife were homeless, destitute & moved halfway across the country with the other family members. I wonder if they were involved with Pedo's Masonic and private activities.

Teacher: Undoubtedly they were! If you read Kerth Barker you will understand how the dynamics are. Thank you for your permission with the story.

This is the exact image you would keep in mind, as your role, as an angelic defender.  You help align one who has suffered, even suffered from being exposed to these horrible hidden truths, back to Here and Now, to the beauty of Nature, to the kindness of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion...through your listening, through your heart, and through your lovingkindness in the moment.

 Here are two more stories for you to get a 'feel 'for what's out there, so you won't be shocked or surprised when someone confides in you.

This story here is almost the exact mirror image of Kerth Barker. Kidnapped by the nanny, mind control, sex slave, forced into pornography against the will.

This one is the typical result of those who are in 'cahoots'--SRA/Secret society justice system--same as it was back in biblical times with the Zionists and the Goyim. If a goyim goes to court against one of the 'tribe', no matter how--the Goyim will lose.

Please note how the perpetrators are turned into the victims in this article. It's the same thing again and again.

Bucks Co News Feed

Kenneth C. Fenske, 57, of Milford Township, was charged last year with raping an 8 year old boy, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and unlawful contact with a minor. After a 4 day trial before Judge Alan M. Rubenstein and 2 hour deliberation Friday evening, a Bucks County jury found him not guilty of all charges.
Prosecutors alleged that Fenske and five others molested the boy in 2009 at parties during which several adults dressed up as animals at Fenske’s home on Old Bethlehem Pike. Fenske, dressed as a fox using the name “Lupine.” 
Defense argued there were inconsistencies with the boy’s story, now 16 years old. Evidence also showed the fox costume was not purchased by Fenske until 2015.
Deputy Attorney General Michele argued the case is not about the costume and rejected claims by defense that it was a scheme for the boy’s family seeking Fenske’s wealth in civil court. 
Five men and one woman had been charged in connection with the “furry parties.” 
David Parker, 38, of Stroudsburg, pleaded guilty in federal court last summer to child sex trafficking and is facing 30 years in prison as a plea deal to avoid life in prison. He was charged with child rape, possession of child pornography and related charges.
Paige W. Tasker, 28, of Stroudsburg, is scheduled for sentencing Feb. 27 in Monroe County Court after pleading guilty to statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors.
Stephen Taylor, 30, of Henrico, Virginia, was charged with bestiality and animal cruelty. Taylor was Craig Knox’s roommate, authorities said. Taylor pleaded guilty in Virginia to charges for sexually abusing two Rottweilers and was sentenced to 20 months in prison.
Awaiting trial...
• Craig Knox, 35, of Henrico, Virginia, charged with child rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, unlawful contact with a minor and related charges.
• Jeffrey Harvey, 40, of West Wyoming, Luzerne County, charged with unlawful contact with a minor, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, attempted statutory sexual assault and related charges.

Ross wants you to remember it's time and that everything is going to be OKAY.

He says 'you are going to do a fine job' and 'that's why you have been selected' to be alive at these times.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple