Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Ascent

Today we are going to put things into perspective.  This is a photo of the beautiful aurora borealis. It is something I have never seen, personally, but there are various photos and movies of the ethereal and ephemeral colors which dance in the winter sky in the North.

The perspective is, while we are on our journey here, and Now, on our various spiritual assignments, we might as well enjoy the view of the special opportunity which is along our way.

There is beauty in the soul's awakening.

There is wonder in the fact that all of Gaia, and Her People/Inhabitants, are Ascending together and this has never been done before in all of Creation.

Yes, there are Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, who have enslaved us and lied to us for millennia.  That is true.

But in the operating room, there is a saying among those in my profession, which goes:  bad surgeons make great anesthesiologists!

That's right, the surgeons who lose lots of blood, who make mistakes and have to correct them, who take waaaaay to long...need an anesthesiologist who by comparison is at the top of their game in order to keep the patient alive!

And in this analogy--YOU--all of those who are reading these words--are the 'excellent anesthesiologists!' in this paradigm.

You are keeping the Consciousness rising in this age of imposed darkness, this time of censorship (it is starting to hit outside of YouTube--FB posts are being changed, people who 'follow' this blog are no longer getting their email notifications...), this time of poor nutrition, economic stress, and uncertainty...

You are AT YOUR POSTS and doing all the things you have been sent here to do!

In fact for you with a few throw pillows and some curtains you have managed to make this place quite 'homey' <3

For this we congratulate you.

Here is a little of our 'news', we made a 'Cryptocurrency paper' on Twitter yesterday.

Every little bit forward helps!

Check this out:

It's not pseudoscience any more.

Here is the science to go with it.  Plants can be given anesthesia and proven by experiments to go to sleep.

Talking to your plants works!

This is a man going ice fishing.

People in extreme climates develop specialized skills like this to survive.

One of the skills I have developed is discernment.

I wish to go over a few recent things I've seen on the internet with my Discern-O-Meter on, so you may have me as your 'training wheels'...

I see a lot of these.

Think about it. We are going 'multidimensional' and into the 'Higher Realms', right?

Why is it reduced to the binary of 'Asleep' and 'Awake'?

Only the human ego, who isn't fully adapted to 5D would make such a list. In the guise of 'trying to wake people up'.

The currency of the Universe is LOVE! And people who are fully 'invested' in this, EMBODY LOVE in all of their actions, and never call attention to themselves!

A person who is filled with joy and enlightenment would NEVER point out the faults of another, even if they are being ASKED, 'would you please show me my faults'?

They would emphasize the positive. And ignore the rest.

They would allow each soul to develop on their own, just like you can't rush a flower to blossom when the bud is on the tree!

Further, I would argue that 'Service to Self' is 'fully awake' in their own paradigm, it's just an unhappy one for people who are in the 'Service to Others' end of the 'spectrum'--like many of you who are with us on this journey. Perhaps a better description would be, are you 'low vibration' or 'higher vibration' in your habits?

The person who created this was well-intentioned.

We just want you to look past this concept of 'lists' and 'duality' to see the wonder of the Higher Realms.

The Higher Realms always have room for growth and spiritual development. It's not an 'end point', it's a whole new way of being...and you have forever to master it. <3

I've made lists like this in the past. I'll add a link to this here in a bit. Voila! here is the link  There's another link I'd like to add, it's about the effect of western diet on the immune system.

I'm going to mention something that might be painful to hear, but it's true.

This poster/image implies we have freedom of choice between the two extremes, raising and lowering the vibration.

I contend that we are living in a milieu--completely surrounded--by encouragement which affects every sense we have--by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart for us to Lower Our Vibration.

There is an unnatural, external force being applied to us all. Through money. Through social trends. Through being perceived as 'cool'. Through advanced scalar technologies beamed at us without our consent which make us misunderstand each other. Through war.

My point is that it's more than a 'choice' to be higher or lower vibration. It's being engineered in every possible way towards the 'lower' end by this outside force, and those who wish to 'rise' must overcome it.

Some of the more susceptible ones are caught in the quicksand of the lower vibrations--in a way it's not their fault. It's more like they are collateral damage in this great Spiritual war for our Consciousness and our Freedom.

How to win it is to focus with all your might on two things, one most important, and the other, okay but not a must:

  1. Working through your Life Lessons, and overcoming them, is the one greatest thing you can do to raise the vibration of the planet and save Gaia. You and Gaia are connected. If you are preoccupied with your emotional/spiritual baggage, or denying it exists, you are slowing Gaia and her Ascension as a planet with her inhabitants DOWN. You don't have to cure yourself of it overnight. But you MUST FACE IT. You must face the truth about yourself, your heart, your past incarnations, and sort your way through these lessons which are automatically presented to you every single day. You don't even have to be the 'best student' on Gaia. It is imperative you put some time into your soul, who you are and why you are here, what has pained you and working through it to healing in every possible way...a little every day. You can't skip this step. There are many, many, many, many, many people who would like to just 'wake up' and 'have a new life' without doing the work. It IS work. Very hard work. I've cried many tears, going over what happened with Ross and me in our past life. It hurt to remember the painful things that passed between us. There is a magical thing which happens, once you acknowledge these things, and truly are ready to move past it--they just dissolve and you don't remember them any more. It is only then that your heart is open enough to be filled with this incredible joy that you can't understand, after being here on Earth long enough incarnate, and yet, you know and sense in every part of you, that THIS is 'reality', THIS is 'home', and THIS is something the dark ones can't take away from you. No matter what trick and scheme they come up with, what new tax or loss of freedom or censorship...THIS is for reals and it's here to stay in your heart.
  2. Raising your vibration. All the things on the left will help you. Going vegetarian helps--some for a short time, like me, eighteen months until I got a Vitamin D deficiency and health had to put me back. I loved my vegetarian years, and even eat vegetarian meals more often than I did before. It helped me jump up to the next level in my Spiritual path. Sunshine is a good one for me too. It totally cleanses the aura. I am also a fan of sea salt in the bath--it 'resets' the jangled aura and soothes when there has been a lot of spiritual work going on. Here is one of my favorite videos, too, a Chakra Tuneup. I've once had the app for it in the past, too.

Ross says we are at the summit, just on the Ascent, really close to the top.

He says not to worry, we are in good hands.

He waves his hands and says none of you could ever slow 'this train of progress' by your refusal to grow/work on your Spiritual lessons, but if you choose to embrace it, you will in effect 'grease the wheels' and help this train really speed up to 'lightening speed!'

He also wants you to remember you are unconditionally loved, and cherished, by everyone in the higher realms, and to never forget this.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple