Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ho Hum!

Back to the drudgery!

The party is over, Ross had a wonderful birthday. We thank you for your heartfelt wishes and it means a lot to him. He touches his heart.

We had this cake for him at his request.  I made it today. Although we didn't sing, we had it with family at my sister's house. What is nice about this recipe is it only takes less than a cup of sugar for the whole thing. Everyone enjoyed it.

There is work tomorrow, and no days off in sight. Days off are nice! It helps to work though, to pay the bills, too.

I really enjoyed the balance the last few weeks, with short days and days off. Yesterday I drove to work to ease the pain of a grieving mother, the sister of an RN who works in PACU at the surgery center.  We met, and in the break room, with the sister in Canada on FaceTime, their loved ones, including her recently deceased son, were able to answer their questions and help them find closure. The RN, ironically, is quite 'open' and was receiving the same information I was. She doesn't realize her gift, she's not aware of it.

What I liked about the reading was that the information was good, accurate, and able to give hope. Even when a cat came into the reading, there were two, one who had passed,  which he held, and the other, his cat, which had gone to his son he left behind.

I tried this today for the first time. If you don't know what it is, it's a tropical fruit called 'Jackfruit'. It's like a cross between a sweet banana and cantaloupe in taste. There's a large seed in every little morsel. You spit that part out. It has a very strong odor but I really like it.

My nephew is interested in new fruits. He has a book that is kind of like this image but more information:

I smile. Many fruits grow here where I live. The Coe family had a large avocado tree across the street from where I grew up; it took up most of the yard, and when we were lucky they would share them with us.

In the sixth grade I learned about guavas. They grew on bushes in the neighborhood and my friends showed me how to eat them. They were tasty! Tart and sweet. You would cut them in half and scoop the fruit out with a spoon.

And I smiled to see the photo of the passionfruit. It grew outside my bedroom window on a fence. That flower was one of the first ones I knew. How fortunate we were to have it. None of us knew we could eat it, but I would sneak the insides of the orange pods because I liked it and I didn't want to get in trouble for eating something that wasn't okay for me to eat.

Why am I rambling?

There is a purpose in the rambling.

These are exiting times.

VERY exciting times.

And if I ramble just long enough, people who don't need to know, get bored and stop reading. It also keeps the blurb on the preview screen for people who follow this blog, um, boring.

Only someone who WANTS to read this, is going to read this.

Yesterday for Ross' birthday I went to mass. I have not gone to services since July 2012. Before then, every week, every day if I could. I was a seven-thirty a.m. kind of mass 'person'. 

It was his wish I would go. I did.

I am extremely humble.

Our church was remodeled, and I've missed the old one. And also, after taking the red pill, it wasn't easy to go to church. I knew too much. Last night, for four-thirty vigil mass, I went. I sat alone. I did my best--I remember the mass but they've changed some responses, and songs. It's okay.

I took communion (after having been sorry for my trespasses, yes, sadly, I have them too! There's no escaping them if you are incarnate) and I was glad to have it.

The flu stuff affected mass, the priest did a fist bump greeting as I walked in. There was no wine. We used to all share the same cups at communion.

What did I notice? The readings. They were timely. 1 Corinthians 7:29-31--Brothers and sisters time is running out...

Wow! It matches the 'narrative', doesn't it? Times UP!  Where is the hashtag? LOL

The gospel was Mark 1:14-20.  Jesus gathered up his disciples. And there was Simon (Peter) and his brother Andrew...and James, the son of ZEBEDEE and his brother John.

Clearly the religious patient had been wrong. He said the father of them was Clopus.

Thanks God for clearing that one up. <3

The communion antiphon was Look toward the Lord and be radiant; let your faces not be abashed.
 Around that same time I was at mass, my fellow incarnate angel, Jophiel, was in the car with her son,  and her face changed. It looked different and it shown with great glory and light! Her son wasn't as 'open' to spirit as her other three children, in her words, he is 'the skeptic who doesn't know'. She was answering his questions about God. She felt it happening with her energy and her face. It scared the crap out of him. At first she was scared because he was scared and told her he was something in her face and felt an energy but he thought it was a bad thing. It also did something to him. He felt this energy in his face and head and he saw a bluest of light but it all scared him.

That's what Andy Bojarski says is going to happen. One day people will see the angels for what they are, just walking down the street, and to him, this is what Ascension means.

For me, when I am with Ross, his face is starting to come through crystal clear, in pieces--an eye, an eyebrow, a side's different from the way I normally see him with my spirit eyes. It's usually a little fuzzy. 

And we are close! Very very very close these days. 

At the church I felt both the love and good will of the congregation. I was sad that after all the work with the disciples and the teams who gave their lives for Christianity, what we are left with is a broken system, with smoke and mirrors and a basement of conspiracy if you do the research and take the red pill. It's quite obvious. It's depressing. I confided all this to Ross from my heart. He listened. Ross says not to worry, God will make it better than before, and it's all a good thing.

I worked at the Church. I won't tell you what I did, but I was on 'assignment'. I don't mind doing this kind of work, and I'm glad to help for the cause.

As I fell asleep last night, I was like a happy and contented child, saying with wonder, how THIS is our eternity, Ross! I'm so GLAD to get to spend it with you. So grateful. 

That's why I think this Gaia Portal came out

We are super, duper, duper close to home.

Am I concerned about the government shutdown?

No, not really.


Why am I not marching for a cause this weekend?

It's not my style.

Learning Japanese on Rosetta stone? THAT's my style, and it's what I started to do last night. I also was cleaning up and came across my old, 'learn Japanese' book. I've had TinyWords and been studying Kanji last year. I realized when there's something you love, you can still pick it up again, it's never too late.

What about the shutdown?

I have a huge picture of a reconnaissance plane--a Russian one.


Because I have done the research, and many years ago, long before hearing about SRA, I read a book called Area 51. I learned that there are many innocuous, boring sounding 'alphabet soup'  committees and stuff on the budget which actually fund top secret things with enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars that even the President doesn't know or have control for what is going on. Like the CIA and Air Force versions of these kinds of planes which can't be seen on radar.

And I know in my heart, that the best way to choke off the Deep State is to cut off their money.

They can't go long with a government that is shut down.

It might be a good thing.  If you ask me.

You know, once you get over the shock of studying SRA, and knowing how bad the problem is, and how pervasive it is in society (how blatant they 'shout out' to one another through the language of symbols too!) is okay. It's not bad.

Anything could come out of this shutdown. I won't think of what is likely and what isn't. I know we are loved and cared for by Divine Creator of All That matter what.

And THAT's very exciting!


I want to talk to you about the New Age. The true one, not the label. I want to talk to you about Here and Now, and everything that is happening.

I don't want you to call it anything.

I want you to observe it as it happens.

I want you to feel in your hearts what resonates with you as Truth.

I want you to be on the lookout for 'partial' Truths, which sound convincing/plausible but are meant to throw you 'off track'.

Carla has followed my guidance to where I wanted her to go.

The other day, I mentioned to her to look up the gwindels. A gwindel is a bent, twisted high altitude crystal which looks like you smashed it with a hammer.

Carla can't get enough of them. She looks at them. She dreams about them. And I have managed to allow her to buy one (holds a finger up with number one--ed). She adores it.

(holds one finger up, to make a point--ed) I knew which one Carla was going to buy.  I also know she was going to buy it, but she didn't know. She looked through the list, again and again, as is her custom.  Carla loves to pore over things, and to think.

It was a high altitude gwindel, which didn't really look like a classic one, but it was from the Himalayas.

And as she looked at the seller's other items, guess what caught her eye?

A satalyoka crystal.

Satalyoka is a region in India and also a word for Truth.  These ordinary quartz stones are collected by monks, who are very spiritual.

Here is what the piece of paper said when it arrived, the satalyoka crystal:  may the bearer of this stone feel the love and joy of Mother Earth's creation.

For us this is soul satisfying work and we feel fortunate to share it with you.

The stones have incredible energy to them! Carla, who enjoys high energy crystals, found that these were almost a little uncomfortable at first. She has gradually raised her vibration high enough to adapt to them.  And she is very loved.

This is where I want her.

I organized the whole thing.

This is my thing, getting everyone from Point A to Point B, from origin to destination, safely, and in the shortest possible time.

How do you think Carla was able to see my face?

By the (he is shown turning a knob--ed) adjustment in her vibrational field and its frequency.

This is what happened with our Jophiel who is incarnate.

This is what happened when Divine Mother Incarnate said, in private, that her healing was so profound on her latest assignment from her guides, in her life lesson, that it was almost as if taking off a suit like in the movie Cocoon, and the light being underneath was allowed to show. This happened last week.

All of you who are incarnate angels, hold on to your hats!

The ride is going to be a bit bumpy but it shall be well worth it!

I can't tell you any more than this.

Keep your frequencies on the Up and UP!

The rest will take care of itself.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple