Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Anatomy of a Nightmare

What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't know is there.-- my grandfather Filippo

Anthony has been having nightmares.

The kind where he has to sleep with the lights on, and wakes me up all night, coming to my room, 'mom?, mom?'.

It went away at first several weeks ago when I gave him an Archangel Michael selenite necklace Lisa had made for him, but he was too embarrassed to wear a long time ago.

He hasn't taken it off.

In the middle of the night I checked, I checked with Divine Mother, she checked with Michael.  There were no demons present. Anthony's shield was working too, his diamond shield (if you haven't gotten one yet, Sirian Heaven has them, and they are an investment which is totally worth it.) was intact.

He said he saw demons outside the house, just beyond the window, wanting to get in.

He spoke with them, and eventually got them to leave. It deeply upset him, the whole experience and he didn't want it to happen again.

Was this a spiritual attack?

What should I do?

My belief is, the higher the vibration, the less the dark ones can see you and interact with you, so keep the thoughts, the heart vibration, the physical vessel's vibration too, UP. WAY the heck UP.

That's a hard belief to get anyone else to adhere to. Especially a twelve-year old boy.

I told him the video games invite dark things IN. Be careful about it. (I'm also limiting his screen time MORE.)

The long and short of the matter is, in a short time, a LOT of people's 'worst nightmare' is going to present itself...and I'll tell you why:  the current status quo involves Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart telling us everything is cool and by the looks of it, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are going down in flames. 

Who is going to tell us that 'everything is cool'?

There's a vacuum.

FURTHERMORE, these beings, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--are the masters of deception, smoke and mirrors, complex psychological operatives--to the point that they have convinced many an innocent person that black is white, oranges are apples, and down is up. 

So! From my mother's heart to yours, how are we going to be of assistance to humans who are Ascending without knowing it, and whose Spirit eyes are--like the sunglasses in the movie, They Live--starting to work? 


It takes a lot of focus on all of your senses, including the extrasensory ones, to get direction in close communication with YOUR angels, guides and deceased loved ones to get through the situation.

For the last few weeks I have been craving purple. The color. The food (a violet macaron). Just it's hard to explain but I needed purple. Just like when you are pregnant and you eat a whole carton of blueberries or can't get enough oranges to eat.

Last night, with this strange ominous feeling, I felt directed to get as much tanzanite on me as possible.  I started looking for it and wouldn't cook dinner. Every piece I have, is on me right now. The necklace had been in knots, I gently and patiently untangled it.

It's hard to explain but I felt something funny was going on in the continent of Africa, something was going to come down, and I didn't know what. And to protect everyone I love--all of humanity and all living beings--I had to get this tanzanite energy on my fast and to pump my own energy into it ASAP.

Put your own oxygen on first.

Then you use what you know.

My point is, that in dealing with Anthony's nightmares, I needed to address everything together, the physical, the psychological, the spiritual, the mental, and the parental.

For the physical, I made sure he didn't go straight from video game to bed.  I gave him a nice, low carb dinner--chili with beans, nothing else, and we finished Ross' cake right at bedtime (my family has a huge chunk of it only two servings were left).

I turned off the heater.  I knew his father's home has the heater off and gets VERY cold at night. When I used to overheat I had nightmares.

I had him take a shower before bed.

I also cut his time with his friend playing the video games short so he could catch up on his sleep.

For the psychological, Ross and I worked as a team.

Ross told him he is 'killing your mother' with these demands at night, stepped in as the father, and told him up front HE would be taking care of him tonight so I could rest.

That's about as fatherly as it gets!  Anthony actually felt Ross' presence, at bedtime, and Ross said he would be watching over Anthony like an old lady sitting in a chair sits all night to watch someone sleep.

I also smudged the home. The physical movement of walking through every room with the sage, the sacred white sage, showed Anthony I cared and I was doing everything possible to help raise the vibration of the home.

I left things open-ended with him, and took various ways--hugging and tucking in, gentle voice, reassurance--to let Anthony know everything was going to be okay.

I did NOT engage in a 'spiritual defense' because I sensed it wasn't a direct attack, it was a tiny, 'let's wear them down' kind of one--through a tired, vulnerable child.

This is a Hamsa, a sign of spiritual protection in some cultures. It's ironic how it too has 'the eye'.

Spiritual defense is the opposite of a spiritual engagement/attack/conflict. It's very harmonious.

For me, as a child, my mom put garlic in the windowsills. An old Italian custom, and she had me wear her gold cross.

As a child I had the nightmares too. When I was seven.

Long time ago.

For Anthony, I shared with him the Guides of Compassionate Healing, what they do, and how they are the best at helping to get rid of 'misguided souls' like he had seen through the window. Ross knows of them, they are okay, and call them in next time. (see how I empower and give tools?)

The smudge worked too, we could both feel it. It's a combination of spiritual and psychological--it's the EFFORT in the smudge process, the smell of it, that helps show the person who is afraid that you care.

Remember, do everything you can to assist those who are experiencing a 'bumpy ride' to Ascension:

  • in the physical
  • in the psychological
  • in the mental
  • in the relationship you have with them (I was a mother, set limits with love, Ross was father)
  • in the spiritual
Know that the solutions might not seem straightforward...keep listening to your guides and they will help you. Like me with my tanzanite. 

Your 'inner knowing' is going to be more accurate than your five senses in the short run--with the task of Ascension at hand--because it sees true and the dark ones lack the ability to alter it...that is, IF you have taking the time and energy and discipline to get to know what is truly 'it' and what besides the inner knowing--is the very easily manipulated 'ego' sense of 'knowing'.  I'm talking Discernment.

Nine times out of ten, a person who 'hears a voice' is actually the victim of this false/ego/phenomenon. It also could be heard true but originated from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. They have the technology to affect things related to us in the etheric plane (I'm guessing the name, sorry) that's 'up there' but affects our etheric bodies--so they can adjust a thought between the time it originates and the time you perceive it. It's that quick, that advanced.

I'm talking the general public, not the  people who read this page--on the nine times out of ten. Here we have awesome, spiritually awake souls as our readers! Remember--If the message is fear--it's usually not of the angels. That's my point.

Mother's intuition, the little voice that says, 'don't take that flight', all those 'coincidences' ARE the true voice...from angelic guidance.

Do your best and angels can do no better. -- Al Moser, Paulist priest

The control of humanity has been going on multifactorially for a very long time. It affects everyone who is alive at this time. And THIS is the one thing which unites us. Everyone has suffered--all in the ninety-nine percent--at the hands of the one percent. 

Remember this. 

And as you work with people who are frightened and afraid, respect their culture, and support them in ways they have been taught to understand. 

Early in the morning, there was an extremely large earthquake off the coast of Alaska near Kodiak Island. It was six miles under the surface.  It was felt hundreds of miles away in Anchorage.

Alaskan culture is deeply impacted by earthquakes. The one in 1964 destroyed large parts of Anchorage. Although tiny ones happen often in this region, the big one and the tsunami are etched int he consciousness of Alaska and her people. 

I don't know if there is a connection, but the urgency I felt last night has dissipated. 

It's gone.

Were Anthony and I picking up on the future? I don't know. 

There are so many things I don't know. 

He slept well.

I'm still learning my tanzanite.

And all three of us, Ross, Anthony and me, are praying with gratitude that it wasn't worse for Alaska. For the safety, the reassurance, and angelic protection of Alaska to remain.

And for everywhere else too!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins