Saturday, January 27, 2018

On The Threshold

I know things.

I know things because Ross lets me know, for example, yesterday he said, with regards to Ascension, as a planet and her inhabitants, we are 'rounding third (base)  and heading to home plate'.

I know things because I experience them in my bones, with my intuition.

I am feeling the energies building up.  It started last night.

I know things because I NOTICE! I have my eyes open. People at work are kind and loving, all the time, to everyone, and putting in their best work to help the patients. A hospital is the most complex social system in all of society--there are 'turfs' to respect and 'mini-fiefdoms'.

People getting along like this is unreal. A total miracle.

And I'm thankful for it.

I'd like to share with you a series of conversations with people I know and respect and love--who have no idea I am here or that I'm sharing their words with you--to help you 'see with eyes that see' and educate you.

One is a former surgery resident who went to psychiatry, and works at a large mental health institutional facility for the sickest of the sick who will never get out.

The second is a chairman of an anesthesia department at my old medical school, a lovely man, I have done many a heart case with him, and I would gladly scrub toilets with that man just to be with him and his genius and impeccable sense of humor.

I shared a David Wolfe post, 'Who Is Sicker' from October 22, 2017--homeschool kids are healthier than their mandatory vaccinated public school kids video. It has 360,734 shares. And over ten thousand comments.

Psych:  (something along the lines of this) I'm a physician. Quite cynical when it comes to pharma but this simply isn't true. Spreading false information can be dangerous. I enjoy your page but please do your research prior to posting.

Chair:  (something along these lines) I have to speak up with Laura. Show me the data this David Wolfe has to back up what he says. He said, 'look, these things wiped out polio, diphtheria, etc. etc.' (another reader to the original post said Who knows but my educated opinion is to get vaccines. Everything is a risk and a benefit. We don't want polio, diphtheria, measles etc making a come back. The BS about autism and vaccines scared off some and we saw the worst measles outbreak in California in decades a few years back which could have been avoided.) My Chair also said, 'don't trust Dr. Google'. He said, 'We need to make these important decisions for our patients based on evidence and research'. And 'I don't think people are making lots of money off these vaccines'.

This was the second challenge from the Psychiatrist, who I didn't respond for an earlier similar post with her challenging response.

I knew they were listening. 

I knew they were bothered by this post. 

I knew the one thing we agreed on was, 'So tell us the Truth'. 

They wanted it formally. I know the truth from the mothers of children who have been affected by the vaccines.  I also know the truth of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. There is no Truth to be proven to anyone, there is only 'The Narrative' we are coerced to believe in just about everything. I know what evil exists, due to reading Kerth Barker. I know to follow the money, and when there is lots of money, funny things happen in the ethics and morals department. 

I struggled to explain what I know to them. I decided to share a video of MK Ultra failures, and say, I love and respect you, I'm grateful for you. There needs to be agreement on between us on the existence of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  Who did this to these people? How? Why? Where? When?  (To me it's a smoking gun, honestly, this video, including poor Al Roker getting frozen after hearing The Holy Ghost)

Here's my answer, verbatim:  I agree it is a disturbing issue. You are right to ask for this high quality research. It would settle the issue once and for all, although to be certain, I'm not entirely sure who would fund such a study. The vaccine companies? The government? I know Patrick Kennedy is pushing for such work, but he seems to be the only one. Some physicians in alternative medicine these days who work on this subject of interest, seem to die more often than their peers like us in mainstream medicine. I don't know why so many are found dead and suicide but there's like a whole lot of them. 
I would encourage you to look in your hearts as to the existence of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's controversial, and you can see for yourself if it makes sense to you or not by watching this film. Is it a coincidence? Is it not? Who does this to these people? Where? How? And why? These are the kinds of questions need to be asked. I know it's a long video, I'm sorry I couldn't find a shorter one, but this is the best of its kind to show what may be contributing to the so many ways, sadly. My love and respect for you both, and my gratitude to you for all you mean to me, is unchanged, no matter what. Always!
Both the psychiatrist and the chair said, 'you are a DOCTOR. There is an expectation for you to post things that are true. Stop doing this.'

I told them they are right and I thanked them. I was glad we were having this conversation.

Here are my thoughts:

  • oh my gosh, how can you defend a flu shot after this year with only ten percent effectiveness?
  • BOTH aren't parents. There is a special mystical something that happens when you are a parent, there are some things you just know. Nobody has to tell you, it's in your gut what is good or bad for your child. You have what you mom did and said to imprint you as you were growing up--that's strong. But this gut is even stronger.
  • how can you deny the horrible injuries?  This person did on a comment on the original post: Autism, learning disabilities, adhd, and the like are NOT diseases. And I would much rather have a child with a learning disability than lose my child from an actual disease caused by not getting vaccinated.
    On another note, there is no research to prove that vaccines cause any of the things mentioned in this video. It's all just conspiracy theories
  • here is another who brings up the horrible injuries:  I'm pretty sure the parents of the children who have died from vaccines would beg to differ. I would take on measles or mumps any day over the loss of my child from dtap. Or the constant round the clock care an autistic child takes because of vaccines. But please.. continue with your blinders. I will believe thousands of parents who watched their children regress into autism after a shot over a health care person who had had zero training in vaccine reactions. If you think I'm kidding, look up the courses that doctors take while studying.
    I will continue to research. I will continue to keep my children safe. And when they finally decide to do proper thorough testing on vaccines and actually show me data that proves their safe. I'll think about it. But guess what. Those studies don't exist. Read about the whistle blower that came forward from the CDC who had to falsify a study that proved mmr causes autism. You won't hear about that on the media.
    Btw if you go on the CDC website, autism and death is listed as a side effect to vaccines under reactions. So yea. I'll take my chances with chickenpox.
  • David Wolfe isn't 'under the radar'. He is , as Anthony would say, 'a You-Tuber' (makes his living off the internet persona). He seems to be doling out things people want to read, my friends were right, and many things seem to be 'troll-like' (supported by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).  If he was legit, they would have killed him for what he does long time ago. Here's  a fascinating article though. It would be nice if it could be proven 'True' as easy as this:

Here is where things get explosive.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are at end game. Once the money runs out, they will fight for power, and won't care if anyone sees. It will be like the Wizard of Oz having the curtain drawn back by Toto.

If you are trusting in the Narrative, I envision you like this at this time:

Because I have for you one astounding truth.

Angels in Heaven don't need double-blinded, peer-reviewed studies to be effective healers.

Go try telling that to Archangel Raphael! Please show me the high quality papers on that before you send me healing...right?

Good thing he has an excellent sense of humor!

I have another astounding truth:

Although traditional schooling engages us with our right side of the brain in early childhood education, it gradually moves us over to be 'left-sided dominant' in our perception of the world. 

This is on purpose.

This makes us easier to control.

Where do you think those who control us 'live' in THEIR brains?

The power is on the right.

Magic.  Intuition. Clairvoyance. Clairsentience. Clairaudience. Claircognizance. Clair-nosmia (smelling). All of the gifts of the Divine Feminine!

Men have been telling women for years they are inferior just because they cannot PROVE how they arrived at a conclusion with logic after reaching it by using intuition. 

This is not true.

There are two separate brains, two separate ways of realizing things, and both are equally valid!

Furthermore, in my opinion, the right side helps us to connect more with both Spirit, and the Heart. 

If this wasn't true, the secret societies wouldn't keep secrets, they wouldn't work with the ley lines, and they wouldn't have all their rituals they keep to themselves. And if it wasn't true, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart would have SHARED it with all of us, to make us go off the true path, instead of bastardizing it and hoarding it to themselves and trying to cut us off from it forever!

They created Black Magick, Dark things, and low vibrational 'stuff' that Gaia has been infested with like the mange!

But before all of them, there was the way of the unicorn, the way of the faerie, the way of the dragon...the way of Earth and all of her magic.

And by the looks of is, a huge part of Ascension means that the Right Brain is getting fired up and going to be getting its respect.

(As an aside, Anthony was really ragging on me on the way home. Putting me down, like he's the smart one. Ah, yes, 'When I am thirteen you won't drag me to girl places because I'm not a cute five-year old any more!' He didn't want to go to my sister's baby shower. I'm fine with that. But as soon as he started, this song came on the radio. I haven't heard it since it was popular. I started singing loud and drowning him out. Ross? I LOVE YOU so much thank you for sending it!! Anthony said his friend Ryan always sings the song at karaoke, he's sick of it. I said, 'you have to take the good with the bad. When you were five I didn't have anywhere else for you to go. If you want the good things--nice vacations-then you don't rock the boat!'  He said, 'I'll strike that' and I said, 'good'!)

Back to the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, as a loving, respected EQUAL to the masculine 'left brain only' paradigm in our did I realize this?

I realized all this while making a bracelet for a beautiful girl named Bella, who loves pink and purple. 

I'd been trying for weeks to come up with just the right design for her.

Last night I succeeded, and I realized the Divine Feminine is surging back to it's proper place, both in our minds, our hearts, our brains, our souls, on Gaia, and EVERYWHERE.

I call this bracelet the Celebration of the Divine Feminine, and I will offer it, but I will post the photo after Bella has received hers. I want it to be a surprise.

I also have a special one I have made, I'm sending it to her mother, and to all who care for a special needs child. This one I will offer too. After her mom gets hers. 

Thank you Bella, for being the beautiful, loving Unicorn you are in a world of so much 'followers of the Narrative'. 

Thank you for guiding us home.

And look! Look what just got published!

Magic belongs to everyone, equally, the faeries and all the Earth say.

It doesn't belong in a kingdom where you have to pay to get silly is that?!

No more members only clubs and scary secrets!

Gaia belongs to everyone...

The angels told me, that the real Gaia, in her true form, looks like this.

This is Gaia's face.

And her true age when compared to other souls.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are run by 'teenage' souls.

This is why all of Divine Mother and Divine Father and the Higher Realms are stepping in.

Gaia is only a baby in the grand scheme of things.

And she really, truly is the Angel of Love.


Everything happens for the best.

Don't let the doom and gloom out there sway you.

These are most special times, and something wonderful is happening, and you are fortunate in that you will get to see it in your lifetime, with your own eyes.

Do not be concerned about the deceased. They will have ringside seats, and enjoy it too, from their vantage point.

Enjoy being in the ring, in the center of the stage, on the court or the field, wherever your favorite metaphor is, in your heart and your soul, for your Time on Earth is about to commence.

Your Heavenly Time!

Carla and I LOVE you and truly respect and cherish you for being who you are, walking on our path, keeping us company, and helping to point the way Home to those who are lost/only sleeping.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple