Saturday, January 20, 2018

Look Inside

Spirit tells us, for a long time, through messages such as by John Smallman and The Council and Creator Writings and spend time in that quiet place where you connect with Creator of All That IS and bathe yourself in that feeling of unconditional love. This will strengthen you.

They describe us as being 'distracted' and 'having many distractions'.

I woke up this morning with a message 'Look Inside'. So we will make the point Spirit wishes to make, one more time, about the distractions.

Society is always telling us 'the answer' is always outside ourselves.

Fashion and being in style is one way to be 'cool' and 'liked by others'.

Popularity is another way to find this supposed happiness. If you do all the right things, and have the right friends, then life is 'good' according to our society.

It's not what you know, it's WHO you know...right?

Relationship is another way to really take our focus off of ourselves, our life purpose, and our connection to Source.

For some it is an addiction. They seek their 'missing piece' in 'their other half'.

They want to live in the right house, have kids when their friends do, and send them to the right school.

I once suffered from this feeling of emptiness I tried to fill with 'love'.

Ordinarily, relationship is an excellent forum to develop trust, communication, and connection to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine through your partner. This is when the outside intrusions are at a minimum, and daily time is spent in prayer and meditation. 

The pace of family life these days--I know, as the mom of Anthony--it's really fast, and it's difficult to keep up.

Today we are doing an eye examination, for 'eyes that see'.

Actually for all senses:
  • eyes that 'see' beyond the images our reality presents to them
  • ears that 'hear' messages from Spirit and from the other side
  • noses that 'smell' when something 'fishy' is going on even though society tells us 'it's all good'
  • skin that can sense the 'winds of change', the 'Tsunami of Love', and how much we have in common with people living across the globe even though the governments tell us to hate them.
  • taste that knows the difference between food designed to weaken us and ensnare us, and food which is from mother Earth and cruelty free, made for our original design.

The difference between 'eyes that see' and 'eyes that do not' is the presence of the heart during the process of 'vision'.

Both the heart and the mind, working together, can free us from the smoke and mirrors which are set up by design to make us think 'everything is okay'.

Many people, due to the stress of living in this 'matrix' of 'duality', cope by seeking something outside themselves which helps them to be entertained. 

Nobody likes 'life on the farm' where you work hard, go to bed early, wake up early, and live off the land.

Everyone wants the luxurious life as glamorized to them by sports, TV, movies, music industry, fashion, etc.

Everyone wants to be a 'success'.

When you find those who are a 'success'--many are unhappy and will tell you that they are.

They have changed, they miss the person they once were, 'money isn't everything', etc. etc.

We hear these stories all the time. 

If you read about the Near Death Experiences people who have been up through this tunnel and come back tell fantastic tales of unconditional love, of peace, of seeing deceased loved ones, and wanting to come back and help others.

They are truly reborn.

If you are ever depressed you might want to read about these experiences, they are very inspirational.

Are you going to be able to 'measure' these experiences with your heart/senses/mind working together and write a paper about it, and prove it to the world?

I wanted to do that, with Reiki.

Reiki taught me, that as long as people can feel it, and as long as it works, that is proof enough.

Are you going to be able to communicate these experiences you have, with 'eyes that see' to those who do not? Are you going to be able to wake them up?

Only if they come to you asking questions and confirmation.

They have to bring it up first. You must take care not to overwhelm them. And they must be ready to trust in you and in themselves that this 'new idea' is worth keeping.

I loved the movie 'They Lived' for one scene which brought a lot of life to my own life experience as a Lightworker for the past seven years.

It was the fight scene.

The hero is wanting to help his friend, the hero with the sunglasses that see the Truth. And he says to his friend, who is obviously brainwashed into the system, 'put on the glasses'.

His friend, deep down, knows there is powerful change from these glasses, as his friend killed people and had to hide from the law. And that the makers of the glasses were annihilated by the military-like forces of the police and the government.

So his friend FIGHTS back. Hard. With all his might.

NO! I will not put on the glasses!

This fight goes on for a long time, back and forth, with the asleep guy throwing the glasses  and the awake guy fighting with everything he has to keep coming up, to keep trying to show his friend the truth, so he may save his family from these horrors.

They bump into garbage cans, they roll on the ground, they hurt one another with all this anger and pent up hostility over what has been done to them. The asleep one wants the 'ease' of unknowing, and knows this is impossible, and still resists change.

Once the glasses DO go on, and he sees, instantly  he changes.

He is filled with questions.

He never says he is sorry or says thank you. But you can tell by his entire body language, he is overwhelmed with gratitude to understand at last what trick has been played on everyone for so long.

Every awakening experience is unique in how it comes about. It is always at the right time, at the right place, and in perfect alignment with Divine Plan.

Technology has helped me a great deal to find and connect with 'like minded souls'.

Sometimes, people who like to do things like 'go out with friends'--instead of a one on one date for example--only do things if their 'besties' do it too. 

I would watch out for that. Although you and your friends might have been through a lot together, and it's fun to share, this kind of thing goes more by the energy signature and soul contract. You might be sent to 'hold the space' for your friends. To help them with your example, not with your mouth. 

People LISTEN to others, with their hearts, and what 'rings true' to them. They remember every interaction, and this builds trust. It's not quite 'ears that hear', it's more 'survival' and 'team building' skills to make sure it's the right thing for them.

So be patient, and keep technology in its place, as a tool, but not as a substitute for looking inside your soul and your heart.

This is the doorway to Home.


When the other five senses sort of take a back seat, and you explore what you are while you are temporarily not engaging with the outside world.

These little angels are so new they remember HOME. You can see it in their eyes. You can notice it in their trust in us. 

My point is, you were THERE once, at this point, with this amazing, incredible connection to Home and the Higher Realms.

You couldn't talk. You couldn't walk. But you could sense who cared for you and loved you, and you automatically loved them no matter what.

This is the message of today.

Searchers seek.

Don't search for anything.

Look within.

Go where you are known, where all the angels know your name, where your guides await your company, through the heart and the Consciousness, to Reality...even if it's only for a short time.

Your teams miss you.

Why not stop by and say, 'hello' from time to time, and just enjoy their presence and their company?

You will also increase your self-confidence as you grow. You may recall some of your past lives...and learn from them. You may gain a greater sense of your self as you fit in with the Divine Plan. Are you a leader? Are you one who sends healing prayers for others? Are you, like me, a writer who is prolific and gets the word out?

Make time for this, even just a little, every day.

And know that more than twenty minutes is a little much, and not more than this is asked of you unless your guides specifically request it.


  • Anthony is healthy and his stomach is back to normal, he only missed one day of school.
  • I had call, a long day yesterday, and worked with people on cases I wanted to work with. I find a trend now, where the patients, in their anxiety, are somewhat more controlling than before. Since my HS did 'whatever'--so we are 'one'--I am able to meet these challenging patients with grace and ease. It takes a strong personal life force and self-confidence to manage these potential conflicts. 
  • I had an ├╝ber religious Catholic for their first surgery. We spoke fondly of the saints (my last name is one, and he quizzed me, and I passed). His favorite is Pier Giorgio Frassati. As he told me of his favorite, tears were in his eyes, and I found this faith precious and dear to my heart.  He wanted to know if I go to church, and I didn't have the heart to tell him about what's under the Vatican as clearly he had not taken, and was in no position to take, the red pill.  We said a chaplet together before surgery. And during his surgery, as the case permitted--I said the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries, something I used to do every day for ten years. I enjoyed it. Carefully I put his Bethlehem wood cross, his Fatima pouch with the Rosary, and a note with a smiley face on it, and my attestation to my prayers, along with a few caps from the vials used in his case, in a small plastic bag.
  • He told me, about who was at the foot of the cross. I had asked him about James and John, and there's too many James out there. Was one Jesus' brother, James? He said it was the translation. Bad translation to English. Not a true brother. And at the foot of the cross was his mother, and another Mary--the wife of Clopus and mother of James and John. Oh? Okay...he firmly believed it.  I realize that all prayer--even if it's a little misinformed--gives glory to those who count, the one who died on the cross for us, and Creator of all that is, both Divine Mother and Divine Father.  It's all good and pleasing to those in Heaven who love us and watch over us.  It's all okay...
  • Many thank you in PACU from this soul. Once awake. 'I have no pain'. Astonishment it was as easy as it was. Loving gratitude, and wanting to express it. This is because the personal interaction is what people recall the most, and is the most effective in change for the better. People remember how you made them feel. Be mindful when working with others are you dear readers are the ambassadors to the world for us, me and Ross. Every single day.
  • The scrub tech who learned about the Cannibal Club has been wanting more information. I will send her the Department of Justice training manual. She's actively waking up.
  • The RN who is an angel is now filled with questions. Her energy is good, and she is thankful for those in this group who are helping her grow, and taking an interest in her. We thank you.
  • An RN who helped to organize the first CME lecture for Reiki at our hospital is inpatient. I gave her a Reiki treatment. She enjoyed my being there for her, and it helped her to relax to where even though she thought due to her steroids she would need a sleeping pill, she didn't. The Reiki was enough. (severe, debilitating back pain and can't stand up).
  • She said that two nurses tried the Reiki after my talk, and it worked to calm a patient.
  • Today I look forward to mediumship with a nurse and her sister. The deceased was good on his promise, and I go in good faith. Yesterday he said he wanted his family to know he didn't KNOW he was playing with fire while he was using the drugs. He didn't KNOW he could die from it. And it wasn't anybody's fault he died, he wouldn't have been able to listen. It was the drugs. They took over him. And now he knows and he is sorry and he wants to make peace.
  • The patient also directed me to catholic dot com apologetics/questions. (I don't provide the link because I want to stay under the radar, just put a dot instead of the word and you can find it. Ross wants it here for some reason).
  • I look forward to a highly special day. I wait all year for this. Today is the day Ross has his family--me and Anthony--celebrate his birthday. I offered him this gift, I would listen to him all day. Just to be open and helpful. I don't always listen. And today I actually didn't eat the breakfast first because I was concerned I would forget the title and the song Spirit woke me with.

Oh my beloved!
Thank you for being born, and coming to our world when you did.

Thank you for your purity, your sweetness, in your heart which you so freely share with all of us in Creation, especially those of us who walk the earth.

Thank you for your unconditional love for us, in all times, in all places, no matter what we have done or how awake or asleep we are in this Ascension process...

We send you our heartfelt thanks for your being here for us, to love, and to guide, and to console, to share our joys and our sorrows, heart to heart, and to give us hope.

There has never been nor could ever be ANYONE like you!

And in this we rejoice and want you to know and truly understand how dearly LOVED you are in our hearts!



Big gorgeous smile

He says 'thank you'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple