Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Always Love!

On this planet Ross and I realize you have many choices.

We thank you for choosing Love.

There is no problem which is too great for Love.

And there is no side effect or overdose from Love.

The only thing we have control over, in this whole human existence, is our reaction.

Everything else, it's, well, up in the winds!

It's outside our control.

You can't think for another.

You can't heal for another--when it's the kind of soul growth, clearing and releasing work that needs to be done.

You can only lovingly support, and direct them, as a teacher would do for a student, to present the material in different ways, until the concept is grasped.

For example, some learn by listening. Others are visual learners. I am a 'spatial' learner, my notes had to be on posters in medical school. I lay on my stomach and would draw the organ systems, the biochemical pathways, and the equations on huge art store tablets. Then I would hang them up on my walls.

Everyone is different!

I have learned so much from my husband.

About love.

Not the romantic kind, although he has that too.

The Unconditional kind.

The kind which has 'no strings attached'.

It's not easy, this kind of Love. Sometimes it's like walking straight uphill! On the hardest rockiest trail you would ever find!

But once you are at the top? Oh! The view! The view out there is breathtaking, and well worth the effort!

We are in times of great change.

Just like people who have been on a long trip together, people are starting to get a little 'testy' out there.

And that's okay.

This is the first time a planet and Her inhabitants have ever Ascended together as One. It is a highly ambitious undertaking! Fortunately there is only a short distance--energetically--until it is done.

The trick is, although the distance is very short, very very close to the goal, the effect is like having a herd of cats all over the globe--in humanity--and the forces/workers for 'our team' must gain the felines' attention and focus just long enough to encourage them to reach the goal.

A stronger energy field is going to align the random, cat herd energies.

Actually, the Tsunami of Love has been doing this for a long time, a very long time, and is Highly Successful.

Ross and I have been doing our part, to send healing and love in a focused manner, to individuals who have ever read our work, on any of our platforms, we send healing to these individuals twice a day, every day, without ceasing, and without ever asking for anything in return.

We have kept this commitment to our 'tribe' for over seven years.

And our 'tribe' is in the millions, those who are the recipients of our healings, every single day.

That's right. Over two million healings, twice daily, like clockwork, and the tribe is growing!

There are those on the planet, and in the cosmos, who do not pick the heart-shaped cookie.

They pick the 'service to self' cookie, the one which has 'two points up'.

This is a problem which is outside the scope of our roles as 'awakeners', 'healers', and 'guides' while we are incarnate.

This issue has been kicked up to the top:  is it okay for souls who reject Love in all its forms to bring suffering and death to the innocent, the defenseless, and the young?

The answer, from the very top, is 'No'.

It is not okay.

Well, unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there, souls, teachers, secret societies, who reject Love.

This is Truth.

And they are everywhere anyone can hide.

Their hiding places of choice are places where there is ability to control power and money.

Some even wear red shoes.

And I'm not so sure what kind of leather is used to make those shoes.

This is of no concern to me--and these shoes in the photo are normal, non-human, leather, I may add--as it is the concern of Ross, his teams, and Creator of All That Is to bring justice to Gaia and her Inhabitants.

The only concern of mine is to love always, and to control my reaction.

An interest of mine, is raising awareness of the plight of those who are suffering.

That's right, the victims.

I want them free.

I don't care who it is who is causing the suffering, how loved they are by anyone as a figure in the public eye.

It is for the little girl nuns Sister Charlotte talks about, and everyone in any situation, anywhere on the globe, who endures that kind of evil, that I speak.

I speak so they who have suffered will know they are unconditionally loved...that it is going to be okay...that they are safe...and soon (I hope!) my husband will give them the justice they deserve as their birthright which was taken away from them by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Every ounce of my being, every cell, every neuron, and every particle of my soul--my very breath itself!--is filled with love, with joyful anticipation of Heaven on Earth, in a world where the imbalance and suffering is no more.  And I am working very hard--two thousand eight hundred and sixty three blog posts in seven years--plus everything else--to help create a better world for us all.

Here is an example of truth coming out in my field, in medicine, by author Meg Edison, a pediatrician in private practice in Michigan, on the Maintenance of Certification requirement which is 'optional':

(Doximity article, Rebel.MD)

Today one of my favorite families came for a visit.  The kids were behind on their check-ups, but this wasn’t too surprising. Their young mom was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and was working her way through surgeries and chemo.  The length of time since our last visit made me worry that mom’s health kept the kids from their routine visits,  but upon entering the room she looked well. We chatted for a bit and caught up on her health before moving to talk about the kids.
“Sorry we’re behind. Our insurance company sent a letter saying you were no longer a provider, so we had to transfer out.  I couldn’t find a doctor soon enough, so we just went to the ER and Urgent Care for sick visits and the care wasn’t as good.  When I called your office to get our records transferred, it turned out that letter was false.  I’m glad they asked why we were transferring, we almost left you based on that letter.”
I sat in stunned silence and blinked back tears of frustration and anger as the full weight of her statement hit me.  In the middle of cancer treatment, this family was forced to leave and seek care in the ER for one reason and one reason only: MOC.
I’ve hesitated to share the outcome of my failed MOC battle for many months now, but this visit today reminded me why we must fight against the monopoly of forced MOC. MOC doesn’t just harm doctors. It doesn’t just cost money. It harms our patients and it nearly cost me the right to care for one of my very favorite families in their most vulnerable time.
I’ve passed the American Board of Pediatrics board exam twice, I’ve completed countless hours of their proprietary online tests, I’ve completed three of their research projects on my patients. But when the ABP demanded another $1300 or they’d revoke my certification, I had enough. In protest of the shake down, I didn’t pay. The ABP and ABMS advertise their MOC product as “voluntary”, so I took them at their word.
It turns out MOC isn’t voluntary at all. Within weeks of not paying, I received a letter from BCBS of Michigantelling me to buy my board certification by December 31, 2016 or risk being decredentialed. I am board certified through National Board of Physicians and Surgeons, and asked if that was acceptable, and was rejected. Only ABMS boards allowed.
The date came and went, I didn’t pay, and I prepared to defend my case in front of their medical directors at the two appeal hearings guaranteed in my contract. Certainly the medical directors would understand this was a money grab by the boards, that I had passed every academic requirement due until 2023?  Certainly the medical directors would see how discriminatory it is to require me to pay and jump hoops unceasingly, while exempting grandfathered doctors from MOC altogether? Certainly the medical directors would see I had fulfilled more board requirements than a grandfathered physician, resident, or medical student but was treated as less qualified?
The date for my hearing was set, and I felt confident the logic of my argument would prevail.
And then the phone calls from panicked patients started.
A full month before my hearing, BCBS started sending letters to my patients telling them I was already a non-participating doctor. Patients started to transfer out, my billers and partners started to panic. I called BCBS, and asked them to stop the letters until my hearings were completed. They refused. I contacted my state attorney general, he couldn’t help. I contacted the state insurance commission, they couldn’t help. I contacted the AMA, and they said to contact my state medical society. I contacted my state medical society and their lawyers for help. Their advice: just pay.
Tired, trapped, and under coercion, I paid $1300 plus a $200 late fee. Within seconds, I had my American Board of Pediatrics certificate in hand, within hours BCBS reinstated me, and never sent out another letter to my patients.  It was clearly, all about the money.
I am a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics against my will. I find it morally reprehensible to financially support an organization that harms fellow physicians.  I find it demoralizing to know my money supports their lobbying efforts against our state MOC legislation. Yet I paid in order to see my patients. I paid so I could still be a doctor. The American Board of Pediatrics could ask for another $1500 next year, and I’d have to pay again. There is no choice.
Is it possible I was targeted for being so outspoken on MOC? Possibly. My initial letter to the ABP has over 100,000 views. My medical society has used me on the cover of their magazine and their websitededicated to fighting forced MOC. The ABMS Senior Vice President knows me by sight, and has watched me testify against forced MOC in our state capitol on multiple occasions.
But I’ve been contacted by countless quiet Michigan physicians threatened and decredentialed for simply refusing to pay for MOC. It doesn’t matter who you are, an outspoken physician with a state medical society behind you…or a solo practitioner quietly trying to stay afloat…you must comply.
I don’t know the solution to this problem. It seems like every legal, logical, and ethical boundary that should prevent a certifying company from gaining such absolute unchecked power has been ignored, and every professional organization that should help us is impotent.
My state medical society has held clear policy opposing board certification, let alone MOC, for insurance plan participation for 20 years. They’ve been negotiating for 20 years, yet aggressive MOC discrimination continues.  The AMA has strong policy opposing MOC abuse, but refuses to do anything.  The FTC should see this monopoly as a clear anti-trust violation. They are waking up, but still not acting.   I am baffled the IRS doesn’t question the million dollar salaries raked in by these “non-profit” organizations. It seems like this would be a slam-dunk class action lawsuit for some smart law firm, but no one is interested in the case.  State legislation is likely our best bet, but the lobbying power of insurers, hospitals, the billion dollar ABMS certification industry and their codependent specialty societies is nearly impossible to fight.
If nothing is done, ABMS will win, because their entire coercive business model relies upon ourprofessionalism. As physicians, we take an Oath to “Do No Harm”. We promise this to our patients.
My first emotion when I heard my patients were forced to receive care in the ER was not anger at ABMS. It was gut-wrenching guilt. I dared to speak. I dared to fight.  I underestimated their power. I was stupid enough to think MOC was a physician issue. It never crossed my mind that my patients would be harmed. I know better now. The next time they ask for another check, I will comply, and they know that. I just hope something is done before then. Primum non nocere.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8Living Bible (TLB)

Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong. It is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out. If you love someone, you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground in defending him.
All the special gifts and powers from God will someday come to an end, but love goes on forever. Someday prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge—these gifts will disappear.

Here is a very special bracelet. I've worn one like it since November or December. When I was making the Negativity Neutralizing bracelets for the big giveaways, I was both surprised and annoyed to find that out of a strand of about sixteen inches of beads, more than half of the small quartz ones did not have the hole drilled through them uniformly large enough to pass the elastic thread.

Patiently, I set them aside, and worked my way through to finish the bracelets.

Then, Inspiration hit.

These would create a new bracelet where they WOULD fit! I call it the 'second chances' bracelet. I paired them up, two by two, spacing them with hematite beads--which also were too small for the Negativity Neutralizing project!

I added to them two small howlite stars, good stone for this same exact purpose. Howlite helps you to find the love in even the most desperate of situations! It helps you stay calm and clear headed, and patient until the situations pass.

I will be giving two away on the FB/Twitter soon. You heard it first here.

This is another one which is good for this era. I call it 'Reborn'.

There are repurposed beads of garnet, which have been shared with me by a reader from Alaska! Two large ones. Accompanied by sparkling blue beads, like the thousands of stars who both love and watch you on even your darkest night of the soul. 

It brings hope.

This one I will give away too, after the Second Chances one. 

One last lesson, and this one is from both me and Ross. He's with me and we are writing this part together.

As you Ascend, and reach the frequencies of completing Ascension, you are going to notice two things. The first, is your heart is going to be filled--more days than not, more often than not--with a warmth in your chest you never realized could be both so pleasant and so persistent while you are in human form. This feeling is going to sustain you through much more then you ever would have been able to tolerate before this 'feeling' arrived.  The second, is, through other people around you, as you interact with them, and watch, you are going to have the opportunity to observe their reactions which could be to anything which sets them off--which is based on their incorrect perception that there is exists a LACK of Love and that this apparent 'lack' is REAL. 

This is why we ask you both to fortify yourself with self-love and nurturing in meditation every day, to 'both calibrate and adjust yourselves' gently to this reality where the only thing that is real IS Love...and also once you fill your own 'cup' with this Unconditional Love of the Higher Realms--to  simply 'hold the space' for those around you who are caught up in the Illusion and all the smoke and mirrors it contains. It is by your holding the space, with your love, your gentleness, and your patience--without any expectation for them to wake up anytime in the near future (Ross says I may add!)...

The only way to move forward is through Love. 

Lots and lots and lots of it.

And through turning the other cheek and restraining from entering into conflict on their terms. 

It goes this way for all.

Ross wants me to mention how my day was with Anthony. It wasn't the best of days. He had a stomachache at night, and thought he was going to throw up. He was up all night. 

It seems every time I have my heart set on staying home and catching up with projects and moving ahead he gets ill. 

It's hard.

He had a cough, and I knew appendicitis would take a day to get worse. So I kept him home.
All day long I was either feeding him, cleaning up after the meal, or preparing the next meal. In anything I did, or attempted to do, there were interruptions, and interruptions on top of interruptions!

It was an exercise in patience and love.

Unconditional love.

I was strict and took away any and all video games until six p.m. He watched Thirteen Reasons while I was beading. I didn't know what it was. I asked, 'what is this movie?' and he said, 'It's a T.V. show'.  I asked him, 'what is this girl's problem?'  He said that's the whole point of the show, she dies and you are to figure it out, it's a murder mystery. I was like, 'WHAAAAT? Is it a detective show?'

Then he told me the name. I made him stop. It was 'only the first episode'. 

Then he watched YouTube for hacks on his video game.

And at eleven minutes to six he 'just looked to see how much NBA 2K18 is' and then changed the clothes on his avatar.

I remember the words of Daniel the drug rep and father of five who told me when he learned I had a son, 'He is going to TEST YOU!'.

And I am going to stand firm and have unconditional love...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple