Sunday, June 28, 2020

Thank You For Saving My Soul Life Raziel

This is what I look like to you...more or less...I look human.

Most humans on the planet are limited by the Veil. They have only their physical senses, what they have been taught, and absolutely no memory of their past lives.

I do.

I have a constant connection to both my past, and to the spirit realms. They are just as real to me as the grass growing outside and the trees. 

Recently I have been going through a dark night of the soul. And also, poor physical health. I am always on the edge of getting sick, never really having good health. Yesterday it was a splitting headache and a wicked, wicked sore throat. 

I took my temperature and oxygen saturation. Although I'm exposed at my work to the Covid 19, the clinical picture didn't match, and I considered myself lucky.

I can't point to any one thing, although I have become increasingly uncomfortable with my PTSD with the events as of late. I see things. I post things. People who are totally asleep respond with anger and with little or no respect to my heart. 

I know it's part of the assignment, being 'out there' to help those who want to awaken, awaken. For every one that does, there are ten who are deeply asleep, and they are nasty, just plain nasty, and you can tell whose influence is filling them and making them go--the ASSC they have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

I wish I could explain what it was that led to this dark night of the soul. It's in the realm of Spirit, there's no logical sequence or order. It's more like a certain combinations of buttons were pressed and BOOM!

I was in such pain that I was asking Divine Father to let my soul die. And I meant it!

As a Seraphim it is just one step from being finished and merging with Divine Creator, and I could sense the delicious wonder of not being any more, and just floating in the soul soup, being one with Source.

He asked me why I wanted this. 

I told him my wounds were so deep in my soul, they couldn't be fixed. And if I were to go back with Ross he would cheat on me again, and nobody would want me except to rape me anyhow. Just like back in the day. 

What you see is a soul, mine, who looked to Ross the very same exact way I looked to Creator--with a totally open heart and sacred love for him.

With Ross' mistakes, my soul interpreted it as rejection from God.

So with God, being everywhere and everything, and the pain, the terrible agony of rejection from God, the wound created was so deep, and has caused me so much trouble for so many incarnations, I just wanted to give up.

It's like you gloss over the problems, but they keep coming back up.

That's when Creator started speaking to me through others. Creator Writings said to remember the overlay of the past, take a deep breath, and look at today. Well, today, Ross has been very good and kind to me, on the up and up, and never caused me that kind of pain.

Hope Johnson shared about jealousy. It's a deep belief that you are not enough. 

That pointed me into the direction of the terrible neglect and abuse I received at the hands of Carrie, the Hungarian babysitter who was so alcoholic I stayed in my crib, soiled and hungry, for hours and hours, realizing no matter how much I cried, how much noise I made, how I even learned HUNGARIAN just to get this drunkard to respond!--my needs didn't matter, I didn't matter, why speak up, why make a scene, just suck it up and wait until the abuse ends and I get to go home. There's a time limit to it.

In a way, in my here and now, I've been basically counting the hours until Ascension is over and I can go home. 

Work is crazy. It's a real crazy-maker out there because of the Covid. The pressure to do cases and make money is being pushed forward by both the surgeons and the administration. There is lip service to safety of the workers, but that's about it. We have PPE. Our equipment isn't like it used to be. It's cheaper versions due to shortages. At the surgery center, which doesn't have PAPRS, they started with mandatory covid testing on all patients, THREE DAYS AHEAD OF TIME.  Now the emergency cases are coming up. Ones with no testing. Sure they take the temperature to get into the building...but no actual test.

They don't have the xenon flashing robot to terminal clean the room. They don't have the negative pressure system for the airflow like at the hospital. You just have to take your chances and hope in that setting that the patient wasn't sick. 

So, all of these buttons are being pushed, including being called a racist by not only some angry readers who I have absolutely no connection to emotionally--they aren't people I know -- but by some friends in real life. 

It's been about a week of really hard times for my soul, not knowing where to turn, and feeling like I'm sick...

Raziel called me to him, last night.

I was so grateful.

He told me he picks me.

It made all the difference in the world.

I've also been doing work on the Spirit side making peace with another, who my heart picked. That one was an important first for my soul--so many things are arranged for me.  It is slow but important progress to help piece my soul back together.

Ross, now I can see him again, without pain, gently promised that if I allowed it, he would make it up to me. 

The last thing he said, is that if he ever wanted to go experience someone else (it was his words in John Smallman about why be jealous and compare yourself to others when you're all beautiful flowers or something is what really sent me off the deep end--that's like what cheaters say to validate their actions--why should I just limit myself to one?--right?)--I would know and I would have to give my permission. There would be no nasty surprises like the last time. And he's not planning on even doing anything like that for a long time. But with eternity being what it is...

So, I feel better.

When things went wrong with the one my heart picked, I learned to honor my self-respect, my dignity, and to set boundaries when things weren't okay. 

There are always lessons.

And now I move forward to lessons of reconciliation, and seeing how my heart works again.

Ross did a very beautiful healing to my heart, which was really with a big gash in it, my spirit heart, the part of me that loves--that part where I felt rejected by him and Creator.  He put something in the crack that's whiter than white, it's like gluing the parts together, and it's a piece of his very own soul he used to heal me.  So the healing glows, and it's Ross himself there who is making my being alive possible.

And I never would have even had the opportunity, if Raziel hadn't intervened, and let me know how much he cares.

The deep work is important.

You can't move forward until it heals.

Everything happens for a reason.

Earth walk isn't fun at all, but the other day, Ross said that Ascension/the changes would be fun for me. Lots of fun. I still don't see the connection. 

I've been watching the 'show'--all the stuff going on. I'm not enjoying it because Gaia is on the line, and the ASSC is giving it everything they've got.

God wins.  I've heard that again and again.

And I pray for it to be soon.

Ross doesn't have anything to add, except he's glad everything is on the mend. 

He is a beautiful soul, a wonderful person, and I know he never intended to hurt me. It just was one of those things.  It was one of those things with all of the hearts who have cause me pain. I'm sure they have pain of their own too.

It's not easy being born under the sign of the moon. You feel things so much more intensely with the emotions, and sometimes, more often than not, you feel powerless to change them for the better.

Today is much much better. I will rest and give my body the time it needs to heal. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Walking In A Nightmare?

Ever feel like you are living in a nightmare? Just trying to get things done feels like so much effort?

Well, let's take a moment to congratulate ourselves. On top of our everyday normal of financial burdens, and over regulation including exposures to many toxins everywhere we look...we have survived a global pandemic, race riots, an international 'run' on toilet paper causing many shortages, and more...

What's next?

Remember you are not alone.

There is nothing you and God can't do when you are together.

Remember prayer is your Super Power.  Keep your mental hygiene good. Keep your energy UP. When you feel things that are coming up to be released, acknowledge them and let it go.

Remember there are things you can't see which are helping you.

You are not alone!

You are part of a wondrous team!

Train yourself to see the good in yourself and those around you.

Together we cannot be overcome, for God is on our side, and in our hearts--Divine Source, Divine Creator, Divine Mother, Divine Father...

There is a whole beautiful world out there awaiting to be explored by us!

No matter what else comes our way...from this world...from other worlds...or from the realm of not despair!

Divine Order exists, and never has disappeared. Remember your home is a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, a place of nurturing, understanding and forgiveness.

No exceptions!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Time To Regroup

I've been working a lot. We are very short staffed. Even the post-call OB person has been having to work.

The blog posts will be less frequent as I need to conserve my sleep.

The main deadlines have been met, and that is one less source of stress. 

Anthony and I are good. Our new 'normal' keeps evolving, and we keep up with it the best we can. Ross is always loving us and guiding us. He is a source of strength and of hope.

We want to stress to you, the importance of having fun. The kind of joy you had when you were a kid. That kind of stuff that makes your heart beat fast with excitement. It is like medicine for us at this time.

This is above and beyond the usual meditation (or 'letting go' with quieting the mind). The point of 'having fun' is to decompress and to set yourself up into the mode where Spirit can co-create more joyful experiences with you. This helps us to get out of the Illusion of day-to-day and the 'automatic no' that often goes with being in the Illusion. 

We all are co-creators. We have the right to draw to us a better life experience as we are learning our lessons. They don't always have to bring to us pain and sadness in order to learn. 

Today I enjoyed the beach. It helped to take the frazzle away from the work environment. There were dolphins swimming offshore. I saw a mother, father and baby dolphin, together, it was so beautiful to see. There were other dolphins too, swimming parallel to shore.

After the fun, and the meditation, you can see clearly.

Some things I have realized is that all it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to say nothing. So, I am going to speak up. Not always, not to convince, but when I think something is not cool, to say, or body language, that it's not okay with me. 

I am not going to apologize or explain anything to anyone. If someone hasn't taken the red pill, and is having issues with awakening, well, I will save my energy for those students of ours and readers who HAVE made the effort! This isn't the slow class or beginner introduction. It's for the advanced souls, and we support these advanced souls to raise the vibration where they are in their communities. This is much more important that waking others up. Truly. They either will or won't, There's been plenty of fertilizer and peat in the pot for the seeds to sprout!

What has emerged is a stronger sense of self, while at the same time, infinite love and gratitude for the connections to you, to Ross, to our teams, and to all who have been placed in our lives for our lessons. 
It's not a question of waiting for when others will fix something, or when others will awaken. It's a newfound commitment to living and embodying the energy of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, or of love, compassion, healing and forgiveness, to everyone I meet.

The Truth can no longer be watered down for others, or to be Politically Correct. It just IS. And it's not my place to spoon feed it to anyone. It's been ten years here. : ))) 

It's time to move forward. With energy. For Home, for Heaven on Earth, for Ascension...for being FREE. 

Ross agrees with me too.

Early day tomorrow. Early start. Good night <3 to you from us both.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

We would like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all who fulfill the role of Fathers in this world, including the male role models and single mothers who have to step in to help the children as best they can, even though they are not male : )))

The protection and providing for the family is spiritually-based, as in the realm of Spirit, we are made both masculine and feminine. Even for the fur-babies, we have fathers who deeply love their fur babies and provide and care for them. Happy Father's Day to you too!

Happy Father's Day to Divine Father, first and foremost, to Ross, to Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel, Merlin, and all of the many wonderful beings in the Spirit world who watch over us. 

Here is a wonderful speech we put up a link in the last blog post, but the YT part of our blog no longer works to give us the thumbnails. We apologize for the error, and correct it with an  inspirational ten minute speech honoring his father who is a third-grade dropout. 

We have some more inspirational fathers and videos.

  • Scotty Kilmer is a mechanic who has a hugely popular YT channel--for telling the truth on cars. In this episode, you'll hear him answer about what car to buy for a new driver. He says, 'don't spend too much because both of my sons totaled their first cars'...If you ever have a car question, you might want to check with Scotty's channel first. He'll save you lots of money.
  • Chris at Special Books By Special Kids reminds me so much of Ross and how he was with people. He has a wonderful way of guiding us to acceptance of those who look radically different from us, and bringing out the treasure each soul has to share with the world...Chris and his wife run the channel. With the Covid, they gave a heart-breaking story of how their channel had to stop the interviews for the safety of the guests, but there's a back log of interviews and they've been working their way through them. We always enjoy his gifts.
  • We also are thankful to Dave at X22 report for his calm explanations of the current events, and the Q posts. it really helps.

We are going to discuss a little about some things in Spirit.

First is that Divine Father spoke to Carla through the Creator Writings yesterday, and it helped her both as herself and as Gaia. Ascension isn't any fun for her, and as Gaia, she really is chomping at the bit for Ascension to be complete. The pollution, the mental distress/emotional outbursts on the planet make her long for the seclusion of herself and the animals and a handful of incarnate angels to populate it. Just to enjoy the nature. But what Divine Father said is that you don't have to like everyone, but you need to accept that everyone (even the Swamp creatures!) have a Divine Spark in them. This irritated Carla somewhat. Why acknowledge anything good in someone who is destroying the planet? But then, after the beach yesterday, Ross guided Carla and Anthony to get him a new rash guard (UV protective swim shirt). The young people in the shop were exceptionally nice--they helped Anthony and Carla find things they needed (Carla needed a swim coverup, she was actually IN her swimsuit at the time, and totally embarrassed because it was in a really pricey part of town). One at the register gave them the FAther's Day discount and saved them one hundred dollars. It was the KINDNESS that struck Carla, not the 'spark' but the capacity for kindness truly IS the 'spark'...

This morning she realized that like the whales in the ocean, it is the humans who create the grid on the earth. They are necessary for the planet to function.  So she accepts. Both as Gaia, and in her heart as Carla. 

What about those who are naughty?

What about those who are naughty in a big way?

Here is a video to expose them for what they are. It takes a long time, a full movie length, ninety minutes, but it explains everything that is hidden and coming to light. We encourage you to share this video with like-minded souls who are ready to awaken fully:  The truth on the gate of pizza

There was a case recently where anesthesia was needed. An enucleation. This is the surgical procedure for removal of an eye.

Carla found it to be profoundly prophetic for her plight awaiting Ascension. 

It's not like in the movie Kill Bill. 

There are indications for it. In this case, an ulceration went all the way through, and the vision couldn't be saved. 

For the surgery, there are many steps. First to close the hole in the eye, so it can be manipulated to proceed with the next steps. There is opening of the outer layer, then opening the protective fascia, and dividing a muscle on either side, but making sure to put suture in them so the ends can be reattached to the prosthesis. Then there is a special pair of scissors designed to reach around to the optic nerve. That is the last to cut. 

A ball of silicone is sized and pressure is applied to the socket. Then the sutures are reattached to the ball so there is muscle movement to the implant. Both layers are closed over the implant. And then a specialist will take a photo of the good eye's iris, and recreate a matching shell for the other eye. 

Metaphysically, this means that to remove the dark, left-hand path, people who worship the Eye of Horus--and do very evil and unthinkable things as shown in the last video full-length movie--there is a way and steps must be taken. 

Once those steps are taken, and the old one is removed, people will notice the void and it will upset them to see something so different with its absence.

So...fake placeholders will need to be inserted into the story lines for continuity in the life experience of the masses. 

Just like with the eye, it can be totally gone, but to the lay person, who might detect a 'glass eye', that's a lot less disturbing than seeing an empty eye socket. 

Then we move forward .

Carla remembers when she was six and saw the back of the dollar bill for the first time. She saw this symbol and said to herself, 'oh no, that's bad news'.   Perhaps this was the first of her memory of her mission, or of her past life. 

If you look here, the Latin spells it out--New World Order. 

There is no time like the present to pray and trust in Jesus and in Divine Father to put a halt to this great plan.

We give thanks for everyone who is working as a team, the snarks with their digital warfare (memes), people like this wonderful African woman exposing Mel In Da Gay tsssss, JP Sears father to be who uses humor to point out the absurdity that fear is the new virtue, and many more we would like to mention but do not have the space...

Together we bring our unique form of comfort to the team, to the world, and to the newly awakening!

Ross has the day off, and he smiles and says Thank You and I Appreciate Your well-wishes.

P.S. Here is yesterday's video as promised The Cup Song with Guns from Alaska

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Friday, June 19, 2020


Risu! (rhee-sooo)

I awoke to the sound of my grandmother's voice, calling me to lunch. When my grandmother watched me, I had the same foods every day, for breakfast, and for lunch. For breakfast I had soft-boiled eggs with toast slices cut small so I could dip into the yolk (I don't like egg whites,  I never have). For lunch it was always rice cooked with milk and cheese, a risotto, but in Sicilian it was called 'risu.'

I felt so comforted.

This was in the middle of the night.

Just now I heard this:

I will give you a beautiful healing and you will have love forever.

It was a masculine voice, right before I woke up, I think it was Ross but I was too sleepy to know for sure. I wrote it down in my little book.

Yesterday would have been my thirty-second wedding anniversary. When I walked down the aisle I had thought it would be forever, my husband and I had dated four and one half years. We were college sweethearts. But the marriage only lasted four years. He was abusive, he had anger issues, and also, became suicidal and struggled with career goals during his graduate school. He had wanted to get a PhD, but had to stop early with the Master's. It was very sad. 

I felt good the whole day.

I actually had a nice intervention by Spirit. I had to leave in a HURRY, and skip coffee and breakfast. These days, with Anthony sleeping in, it's usually just cereal. I was so hungry by the time I walked in to work--just precisely on time--and I realized you can't tell by looking when someone is without food or not. 

My first patient was cancelled, and the second one had just walked in. There was ten minutes.

I went to the cafe on the second floor to get yogurt. It makes me angry that the hospital only gives the yogurt with the aspartame (poison!). I took a 'parfait' and I hoped that one had normal yogurt inside. They wanted to charge me separate for the Starbucks coffee--my work badge won't cover it. So I said no thanks and went to the break room where our coffee is free with the keurig. I had Italian roast.

Lately I've been shifting as much cost as I can--and effort--to my work when it comes to my food. 

At lunch I had chicken, rice, spicy thai shrimp, and vegetables. Our chef and I are friends. And yesterday I asked him what part of Mexico he is from? He is from Mexico City. So I told him I've been learning a lot about the Mayans. He said there were three ancient peoples, the Aztecs, the Indians (I didn't catch the name) and the Mayans. There are entire underground cities in Mexico City. 

I asked him, earnestly, 'where did all those ancient peoples go?'

He said the Spaniards brought disease...but he wasn't exactly sure. He had to go and serve more people.

He also had a point. I mentioned to him how a colleague from my anesthesia group came in, sat at another table, never said hello, and just walked past us talking and didn't say goodbye, either. He is asian with very thick glasses. The chef said this one has trouble talking, and pointing out what he wants sometimes, and can be very rude to the chef. He said it's his job (hospitality) to always be kind and of service to the doctors and guests of the hospital, even if they are not nice to him. It is his job to be pleasant always. 

I like that concept.

Ironically, I helped a friend who is having work and marriage problems. She shares an office with her husband, she pays rent to his group...but others who don't like her targeted her for bullying because they want to sit where she sits (for only two half-days a week). It's pretty bad. Even to the point of there being a Covid positive physician, treating patients, and everyone in the office being told except her. And her husband couldn't tell her. 

She felt betrayed.

She felt bewildered and blindsided that everyone could have so little regard for her, and such low morals, to another physician. Including her husband. 

Two of the schedulers were out for two weeks on quarantine and everyone lied and told her it was for other reasons. 

I was there for her. I explained that you can only take care of the patients who come to you, there's a lot of corruption in medicine, and you can't fix it. Morals are a very private thing, and it's disappointing her husband's actions. I'm sure he still loves her. But it's his mistake. He does other good things, it will work itself out in time. 

For example, she is looking to share an office with someone who has mutual patients with her. It's a nice guy. And I warned her that her husband might be jealous. But he's cheap. And if she can appeal to his cheap side by showing how much money she will be saving, showing the spreadsheets for where she is and where she is planning to go, then everything should be okay. 

Life is a challenge.

It's okay to seek comfort, and to rest when the lessons get difficult.

It's okay to say, 'I don't get this, I don't understand' and to take the time you need to figure things out.

Yesterday I had wanted to go home right away, but I had the phone call with my friend, then I bought clippers for haircuts--Anthony wants to keep me as his hairstylist! And I got things for the pool and to kill flies in the house. A few plants too.

One of them was a fuchsia plant. I didn't even think about the price. Nothing says my nana Angelina more than a fuchsia plant. When I can I grow them. My last one died perhaps five years ago at the old house. It got too dry in the summer.  This one is a standard, and I am so happy to bring it home.

The pool is green again, but it's floating on the bottom. I've bought a new pump to use as a vacuum. Once I get the old dead algae out we should be good. Above ground pools are a constant battle until you buy a stronger pump to move the water.  I hope it will work out good. 

I have a few videos to share before I get ready for work...

please seen next blog post for link if it doesn't work thank you

The first gave me tears of joy.

The second made me glad to be American. I'm sorry if you don't like guns. But I grew up with them. You'd never want to be in the desert without them, too many animals that could hurt you. It's so creative. There's actually a whole genre of cup songs with guns on YT. If guns make you squeamish, get yourself some wasp spray, and aim for the eyes. It will temporarily blind someone and give you time to run. It sprays up to thirty feet away, it's safer than pepper spray. 

Ross and I wish you a happy solstice and Solar Eclipse.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple from the stars....

P.S. we watched the doomsday episode of Ancient Aliens, with all the myths including the Mayan one for December 21, 2012. It was fun having it be eight years later...they might have had a miscalculations and it could be today and tomorrow. You never know! LOL

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The End Times

There is nothing to fear.

Yesterday, as my mom put it, I went to work because sometimes doing something kind is more important than making lots of money. 

I was blown away by the reaction of my patient as the propofol hit. It brought back memories from another lifetime long, long ago. I've never had this happen in all of my career, ever. But it's time and I'll share this one with you.

Out of fear or wanting to fight the inevitable or PTSD or wanting to promise something to me in return for my kindness, I don't know what the motivation was...but the patient grabbed my arm, tight, and would not let go until unconsciousness fully overcame them. 

Here is a film clip a review of Beatlemania for the fifty year anniversary. Please watch the whole thing it's five minutes. 

Watch how the people are completely without logic, and driven by emotions.

Watch how the Bobbies (the police) struggle to hold the crowds in.

LISTEN to how Paul says if they wave from the hotel windows or look out the police won't be able to look after them.

Learn how the woman who says she loves Paul, and says her name, at the very end says, 'we don't know WHY we do this...'

It's almost like they are under a spell, isn't it?

Or perhaps some form of mind control, like MK Ultra or Monarch?

What happens when you combine a crowd -- instead of LOVE/FAN based appreciation influence, with one based of fear/desperation/despair and someone who can help them? Hmmmm?

We all know what happens with a drowning person. They will drown the rescuer!  In their fight for their life, if the rescuer doesn't have the life-saving skills of how to hold the panicking drowning person the right way, their life is doomed too, isn't it?

Let's take a look at current times:

We have contagion.  People here in my area are fighting over the masks. Some think it's a death threat to go without them. Others think it is taking away the liberties of the healthy, for example, the flu has consequences but no liberties or masking are needed. 

It has gotten very ugly.

I have my taxes appointment today. Much to my surprise, it will be done remotely. I dropped off a box of all of my financial records last night to the office. His assistant was there. She's not afraid of the Covid. She's healthy. But she wears her mask out of consideration for the people who work at the stores. 

I gave her an extra N-95 I had that was clean, and she was very touched and honored by the kindness.

There was an online form to fill out, but I don't like email, I hardly ever check it, and besides I had the documents from could I fax/email all those?  So I got the option of the box and the phone call. (I don't trust Quicken...not one

We have race issues, combined with police brutality. Last night Atlanta was without police support because of the 'Blue Flu'--nobody showed up to work in the police department.

The only call they would answer is man down--any violence to a police officer.

Again, with the media, their optics, and triggering some MK Ultra's, and the public reaction--it's easy for a police force to be overtaken.

The people answering the calls aren't the real police officers, it's like the traffic people who didn't know better than to show up.

So now, in my own country, there are regions of lawlessness that have never happened before.

There is a horrible threat--very subtle--of infiltration and insurrection from within that is driven by religion that isn't the normal one for here.  This religion carries with it lots of restrictions on women if certain super strict leaders come.

What makes me sad is I read the book of the Wild Swans (or Three Swans) about China from Chiang Kai Sheck to the Japanese invasion, to the Communist invasion, to Mao's Communist young-versus-old second revolution.  Bad things happen. To the common people. There is starvation, looting, rape...but even worse--there is imprisonment for 'wrong thinking' (going against the leadership beliefs).  You have to go to trial which is fake, renounce your 'wrong thinking' (always survey yourself)--spend lots of time away from your family in good times when your party is working out and lots of time in jail-like places when people are politically out to get you and have you sent there.  It's emotional. It's survival. It's part of being human I don't like to think about, really.

In my opinion, here we are.

People like the one in the photo are orchestrating 'measures' and they are the ones who have ability to influence the astral plane as well as our own--using occult techniques, secret technologies, and who knows what else?

These people literally are vampires and cannibals...energetic ones too...and will fight to the death.

Have hope.

Be a source of hope for yourself and others.

The X22 report on YT helps a lot. You have to SHOW the people to gain their support, and it will be going to the very edge of destruction before people will 'get it' and 'understand' and 'wake up'--remember mind control works, and many innocent, good people are under the influence, just like those who were crazy about the Beatles. Not everyone, but enough to make it noticeable to all, and a lot of work for the police departments everywhere the Beatles went.

We are in good hands.

Stay true to your 'spiritual hygiene'--staying centered, meditating, and close to Source.

Remember, as a lightworker you are not expected to be at the beck and call of those who are awakening. You do everything on your own terms, and on Spirit's. You will know.

Day before yesterday, there was something in my bosses' voice, that made me say yes to come in on my day off.

I found out from the patient that they had been on the phone ALL DAY with my boss, trying to arrange for coverage, from me, since the other female requested didn't have privileges at that facility. It was a battle of the wills, patient versus boss.

My boss said, 'you are only going to come in for one case...are you sure?'  (a low-paying one at that).

But I felt the nudge.

Did I like being grabbed?


Did I realized there was need for me to be there?


Did Ross and I do an incredible healing on the patient, the timelines, and everything connected to them?


As Ross says, 'Spirit's work is never done'....the opportunities are endless!

Here is a quick shout-out to Michelle Billman--thank you for the CBD instant coffee samples! It was fun to win in your drawing, and I look forward to trying them. She is a rep for HempWorks, I have her contact information and will post it next blog post. It's about $2.50 a cup, cheaper than Star Bks.... xoxo and will give the Vietnamese 'crack' instant coffee a run for its money. <3


I am very proud of Carla and very pleased with her development. I'd like to show you and offer a glimpse of Real Change of the heart, and mind, and Spirit...

In the current times, they are superimposed on Carla and her growth and development. So let us set all of the current affairs aside, including the Covid, which affects her at work every day.

Carla's nemesis is the paperwork.

She has two approaching deadlines, the income taxes, both state and federal, for herself and her business. There is a lot of paperwork affiliated with that, in and of itself.

Add to this the every two year reappointment to her place of work (one for the hospital, one for the surgery center) which is all done on the computer...and very annoying in and of itself, but HAS to be done.

Through this weekend, Carla found a 'zen', a sort of balance, between balancing her needs and those of the paperwork.

This is something new, in the past, Carla would have crumpled under the pressure, done the work and sacrificed her own she has done as a student many a time before.

This time, Carla had the faith that she would 'get it done'. On Saturday, when she needed time in the sun to pull weeds, or to swim, she did. She organized her office just enough. She put up filing systems in her new file cabinets which have been unused and almost inaccessible for most of the year. She also spent time with her family, and cut back on the cooking in order to make time ends meet.

Add to this, she announced to Anthony that they were a little short this month, and to meet expenses there would be no credit card purchases for the last two weeks. Only cash, and sparingly so. This is the time when the Covid is going to hit.

They day before yesterday, Carla put together all the expenses on her old home and the move.

Yesterday she finalized the few blank numbers she didn't know from the day before, and tackled both the new house, the business, and the Doctors With Reiki (yes, she includes this on her taxes! It is not a corporation but it is accounted for nonetheless). 

So first we would like to thank you for the contributions and donations to our service to humanity, the three thousand, seven hundred something odd dollars in gifts really added up, and went a long way to both the images subscription (sixteen hundred a year) and the postage and materials for the holiday bracelet giveaway and other giveaways. We greatly appreciate this.

Second, Carla's major impression as she went over the numbers was OH MY GOODNESS! She was impressed by the financial impact of the move, of how in her love for Anthony and the desire to follow my will, she boldly went through some terrifying financial experiences until the old house sold. There were two floods in the moving process which required mitigation and full restoration, and then a total remodel of everything in the home--plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring--way more than the patch and paint she had hoped to get done. 

Carla's overall impression was 'no wonder why I haven't gotten my act together in the new home!' because of course, working nearly full-time and raising a son who is active in sports takes a great deal of time.

So, just like the weeds, Carla has a focus, like blinders on a horse, and has focused on the tasks and is meeting her deadlines. She has the emotion out of it, and is not pressuring herself or doing any negative self talk.

And yesterday, for the first time, Carla and Anthony had not only takeout pizza, but a little ice cream with all the sprinkles for dessert.

It IS definitely time to reward yourselves.

Know that the Inner Work is also most important, more important than the outside things and your reaction to them. The Inner Work, THIS you can take with you!!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

1000110 x 111

These are difficult times. 

Being on Earth, incarnate, isn't easy.

There is much opportunity for misunderstanding to take place, and for it to weigh heavily upon the soul.

There is also more opportunity to have hope.

In the spirit of the UFO messages which were given in binary (if you watched Linda's video yesterday--or even our Ancient Aliens episode from last night)--I have given a message about forgiveness in code in the title, one that was taught to us by a most amazing teacher, thousands of years ago...

We don't have the ability to walk in the shoes of another. Even if we are empaths in a big way, there is always a little something we might not catch, a nuance, a memory that was hidden.

Everyone must be taken at face value for having intentions that are good. (The ASSC is another story, we will get to them in a bit).

For example, Anthony's old basketball coach is currently, um, 'Urban Camping'. But we keep in touch. He sends me footage of things, with the latest race stuff. Some of it is horrifying. I've seen a man get dragged under a huge semi tractor-trailer truck, like an eighteen wheeler. 

The latest one was a cop-victim scene where a man had a paint gun and someone said it looked like a rifle, and the police told the man and his friend to lie on their belly in the hotel lobby. There was something about it, something too intense, and I couldn't watch.  My self-preservation kicked in.

I explained gently to him that I get nightmares easily, and I couldn't watch. I feel deeply for the plight, and and pray to Jesus constantly for the world to improve. 

He didn't understand exactly. He apologized, though.

So I explained even more gently to him, that I suffer from PTSD, and there's some things I just can't watch without setting it off, and that's why. I choose not to explain this or share it with most people, but I felt he needed to know.

He has a degree, a Master's degree, in addiction psychology/medicine. Then is clicked. He totally 'got it'. 

Now we are back on an even footing. The energy is right.

Forgiveness is our Super Power.

It really is.

It is the starting place for all Spiritual Development.

You can't climb up a mountain without the right equipment and starting at the beginning of the right trail.

Instead of looking at these terribly confusing times with dread, and agony, why not turn it around, and make it an opportunity to forgive both yourself and others?

The prodigal son was forgiven by his father. And in time, even his jealous older brother--the 'righteous one'--probably came on board to accept him too. The youngest son saw his own foolishness, because he 'hit rock bottom' in today's addiction healing support groups 'lingo'.

That lesson from thousands of years ago, is just as pertinent today, isn't it?  Everyone is worthy of forgiveness. 

Everyone who asks for it. 

This is an effect of being incarnate in the Illusion. Part of it is for the sake of our lessons, to help us grow.

And part of it is a completed lesson, of gently reminding us, that deep down inside, we are all Children of the Divine Creator, and we are worthy of respect and love.

Back Home, none of this would happen because we are telepathic and have a 'sense' of where one's true intentions are.

Now for the ASSC.  To be honest, their actions have made me want to hit the road and leave the planet many a time. They fight dirty. They exploit our weaknesses. They celebrate how low and lower the vibration can get, and how they have wreaked havoc on many a delicate ecosystem on many a planet before this one.

Here is what really gets to me about them--they exploit our weakness in our brain with trauma-based mind-control programming:

That's what they are doing now to the public. (I'm sorry I can't make the photo image bigger, just make your screen magnify it to read about the brain's need to know it's going to be okay...)

I see when they show O Bahlm Ah it's the 'bonding' and 'soothing' for the masses. Sometimes I wonder if those in places like C H A Z aren't all MK Ultras who have been triggered to do that...

But even with this, even if we don't like the actions, even if the actions are disturbing to us so much we are crying for Jesus to Come Do Something STAT!!!--we aren't in a position to judge the individuals.

Or ourselves for getting caught up in the drama.

Forgiveness, letting go, trusting in the Plan, and avoiding Fear will keep you OUT of the MK Ultra 'wash, rinse, repeat' cycle the media is putting all susceptible people through.

We wish you a blessed day.

Today is Carla's last day off mid-week for two months.

But work called her in.  There was a special request for another female anesthesiologist, but she doesn't have privileges at the surgery center.

My boss called and something in my heart said to say 'yes', even though the reimbursement will be about as much as the gas to drive in and drive back.

It's just one case.

Good thing I said yes.

It's someone I work with in the O.R., pretty much every day, at the main hospital.

Sometimes we need to just help Creator when there is need, and not to think of ourselves...


One pork chop.

Carla ordered the box from the produce delivery, and also added in dairy and meat. She ordered one week ahead of time, right at the deadline, and was surprised to have some of the limited items available.

The lamb to roast didn't get included in the box, she will have to check that they didn't charge her.

But when she ordered the pork chops, it said 'one pound', she figured there would be two, possibly four in the package.

When they opened the package late last night, when the delivery arrived, Anthony and Carla couldn't believe there was only ONE. 

Who was going to eat it?

It was absolutely ridiculous for this to have happened! Who could think of such a thing? 

Carla, the mother, immediately designated it for Anthony, any time he would like it, and Anthony said, 'no mom, that's okay, we will find something to do with it.'

One pork chop.

Sometimes what you get is odd, and you have to be willing to make the best of it, to be creative, and to come up with meaningful solutions. 

My suggestion would be to freeze it, order another one, and thaw them both out when you would like. That's just my two cent's worth, my darling...

(C: I'm so grateful for his help, and yes, that's a much easier solution! Thank you!)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who...are going to have ice cream later tonight--with nuts and cherries and sprinkles--because it's been a long Ascension and everyone needs a break every now and then.