Monday, July 29, 2019

something very subtle...

Today I celebrate a quiet victory. It's over a pillow. Why is this so?

My neck needs a little support. And I've been watching the videos about home organizing now for about two weeks. I was washing my sheets, a day late, it's supposed to be Saturday but it was Sunday.   I looked at my neck support pillow, the memory foam one, and I thought to myself, 'this looks kind of old and like it might need to be replaced.'

Eight hours later, I had a new one, a 'no flat spots' pillow, for eight dollars.

It worked wonderfully last night.

I manifested it.

There has been a subtle shift in me, over the last three or four weeks. It's deep to my core and hard to explain if you didn't grow up poor like me. Let me use an example with the towels.

My towels in my home are ten to fifteen years old. They still work. I hadn't thought of throwing them out. Why?

Because I grew up with towels that were threadbare.

So my towels have always been 'better' by comparison. It's just two people using them, not four.  Why waste money on good towels?

The same with the sheets. There were no holes, and they worked, right?

Well, my new mattress is deeper. And I have a pillow topper of sorts. I noticed in the new house that the pillow topper slides off. Only my newest sheet set keeps it in place.

Originally, my vision for this house was minimalist. Out with the old. Only one set of sheets per bed. Only two towels each. Less work. All new. Like a hotel. But when it came to the move, I couldn't throw the old ones out. I 'needed' them. Their colors, their familiarity, their number--what if I didn't do the laundry.

What has changed is I've learned to see outside the way I've been raised or taught to see, and now a little more like an organizer would see. The sheets where the topper slipped had loose elastic. They also were not as deep as the mattress, they were cut differently. The towels, although not threadbare, are not anywhere near new. They are good for rags, for the housecleaning, at least with the washcloths. So it's my perception that has changed. By a lot.

I mention this because many people try to manifest by saying the words, 'I deserve it'.

We live in a society where we are taught we do not deserve things.

It's a different part. So, instead of the 'I deserve it' part of you, try to get things into the, 'this just makes sense' part of you. And for me, with the towels and the sheets, 'what makes sense' was that they were old and worn out the whole time, only now I could see it.

Another way to drive the ability to manifest things goes one step beyond the perception and gratitude.  It's putting time and effort into it.

Yesterday I assembled furniture outside in the sun all day. A picnic table and two benches. The directions said for two adults. I couldn't get a second adult. So I was strong and lifted and was careful. As things looked better in the back yard I was quite joyful. The chairs and market umbrella I bought were half off at the grocery store. Fourteen dollars a chair. This patio furniture I assembled as also very low cost. I didn't mind the effort and frankly it felt like I was spending the day with Ross as he's good with such things.

But then, when I went to a local store to get a base for the market umbrella, they had twenty percent off. And I found some end tables, very nice ones, which match the theme of the house and the patio. They are so on trend that even Anthony commented on how our old 'couch', the chaise I've had since fellowship in 2001--looks out of place! These too required assembly.

Earlier in the day, Anthony and I assembled our barbecue. I've had the tiny Smokey Joe forever. Now we went to the next size up Weber kettle grill. Our air conditioner is broken. And it's been very hot. I sweat profusely all day. But we got the job done. Last night he grilled, and ate at the new table. It was a first since we've moved here. It was very relaxing and nice.

Now I'm going to take you quickly to an example of someone who has a deep feeling of not deserving and is pushing others away. My friend who is dying. Everyone has their reason. But Spirit guided me to give him a gift. It was so strong I had to change my course from the way home to the store, and also, inside the store I was directed to the actual items which were in fact behind me.

It's okay to be hurting and to push people away--it's your life, my friend. People would love to let you know how much you mean to them right now. And one way or another you will see how much caring people have in their hearts for you.

The green chakra imbalance isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it's the yellow chakra that feeds it that's out of whack, and then it shows up as green chakra imbalance. No matter what your soul is good, your heart is good, your very being--although sick--is at the way it was planned with your consent before you were born. Something good is going to come out of this. Even if the dream of a long life is to be grieved, even if pain and suffering are present. No one likes pain and suffering.

I must soon get ready for work. Here are the gifts:

  • A soft, cuddly stuffed Buddha to bring comfort and also to let you know you are loved very much by people on both sides of the Veil (here and the hereafter)
  • Nirvana incense because it smells good.
  • Guardian spray to protect the aura and comfort your energy system
  • A large candle for Healing to remind you everyone is praying for you and wanting a miracle, same as you.  
  • a whole garlic, which in Sicily, wards off everything unwanted
  • a card, to share with you in my handwritten note, how much you mean to us, how we have always turned to you and appreciated your skills and care, and we want you to know how much you are in our hearts always.

I put it in my Le Labo gift bag--my most precious thing Anthony ever bought for me was in it, a surprise Christmas present. Just to let you know our mutual appreciation of all things French is still strong.

Ross says to get to work.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Remember You Are Loved and Cherished!

Remember you are loved and cherished!

This is the message Ross and Spirit gave as I was waking up this morning.

And it's true.

We ARE truly loved and cherished. We are always supported and never alone.

Yesterday I had my day planned. Then I forgot about the six a.m. department meeting that was mandatory. Yes, I drove in to work at the crack of dawn on my day off.

But then, it wasn't my day off!

A surgery had been cancelled but the patient and the surgeon showed up. The one assigned to outpatient went to go do that lineup. An extra anesthesiologist was needed. So I did three cases, and came home.

I could tell why I was needed. For spiritual reasons. And I did what Spirit had conspired/rearranged for me to do. That's why I'm here. So I do what I am sent to do. It never gets old but it never gets exciting either. It takes lots of concentration, and to be on my toes, 24/7.  Did my work make a difference? Yes. And the surgeon thanked me.

I wish I could explain more of what I did, but it was a combination of affirmations to the unconscious as well as spiritual work only I could do.

Anthony was wonderfully patient. And at least I earned enough to pay for the gasoline/petrol.

Today I'm technically working, it's 'backup call'. I need to keep the phone near me. I get to do laundry, declutter, and rest. There are a couple of projects to do. But all in all I'm very grateful and content to be home.

Down the road, Anthony and I will be leaving town for a chance to visit with friends and family. Spirit said not to bring the computer, so I won't. Do know that the daily healings always will continue to be sent. From both Ross and me.

We workers here incarnate are in good hands. The system works. There is order and leadership, only we can't appreciate it because we don't know exactly how this is going to play itself out. Remember to keep LOVE number one in your priority list. And then number two, at least in my case, is flexibility. An excellent sense of humor is a must! : ))) to help you cope.

Enjoy yourself and your time on Earth. It's finite. And precious. Just like you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hanging In There

Recent energies have left me reeling--not in an "I can't absorb them" way--but rather in a "my head is spinning with the sudden changes in my day" way.

For example, yesterday I finished work early and came home. I could have volunteered for something, but Anthony needed me. I had the right to stay home but we were short staffed so I came in.

For one case because the second case cancelled.

Here was the day I had in mind:

  1. make breakfast
  2. take Anthony to baseball camp
  3. coordinate work for the house--the A/C unit is broken, other repairs and projects, etc. In other words, 'be productive'.
  4. have fun in the pool.
  5. get ready for work on Wednesday
  6. Anthony goes to his dad on Wednesday and Ross and I get a little time for us
  7. OVERALL feeling--support and moving forward.

Here is what I got:
  1. skip breakfast
  2. go to work in clothes and change clothes
  3. get many texts from Anthony who had a sore throat the night before, my mom told him to skip camp and go home. I know his chances of making the team are zero if he quits now. I encourage him to go on. Then there's a hiccup with his ride. Stress! Stress! Stress!
  4. do case
  5. guilt over whether to stay for volunteer case or go. Decide to go.
  6. timely meeting with Chief of Surgery, and I give her my parking spot
  7. stop at crystal shop. Pick up things for Khiem's care basket, and also, make important connection with Charity (yes, that's her name).
  8. go to baseball field, pick Anthony up. Am being offered Wednesday and Friday shorter days. I decide to accept.
  9. cool him, feed him, wash his uniform on speed wash for game in afternoon. Eat amazingly fast lunch of leftovers barely heated up in five minutes.
  10. in car ride to game uniformed Anthony is dizzy and 'can't get enough air'. The albuterol didn't work. I take him instead of to nearby high school baseball field, to nearest ER. He has trouble walking and I have to drop him off at ER door and find parking.
  11. wait for hours, have a trainee mess up on i.v. attempt, then manage tears as second attempt by RN is successful.
  12. get clean bill of serious things, conclusion, 'it's a virus', pay $175 co payment and go get him fast food chicken.
  13. notify coach and dad
  14. watch a good movie--Quentin Tarantino Inglorious Basterds. Enjoy time with my son.
  15. Watch end of Angels versus Dodgers game.
  16. Wake up with day off and feeling sick.
  17. Spend today horizontal and nursing Anthony as best as I can. 
  18. Appreciate email from coach and also the update that tryouts next week are moved to mornings (will help with the heat, fortunately)
  19. Feeling STUCK.  I manifested a day off, but not the 'productiveness'.
I am thankful for the prayers and healings sent to us in our Reiki Request. I was able to do some food shopping this afternoon, the minimum needed to keep our household going. I'm grateful for this. I find out in twenty minutes if I'm working tomorrow. 

What do you do?

I can't read the news. I can't stomach it. 

My Twitter feed was neutered. It's just not the same. Some algorithm somewhere adjusted it. Same thing happened to FB a long time ago. It's not fun.  Instagram is okay I suppose, but still not like it once was. 

I ordered a nice picnic table for the back yard. It arrived. But it needs two adults to assemble it, and Anthony isn't up to it. I think I might ask my nice neighbor. When it is cool.

I wanted to swim but Ross said no.

I've felt his presence more today. And I've been leaning on him. A lot. He even told me what to make for breakfast. He said the buckwheat. It's like oatmeal or cream of wheat. It was liquid and has a little salt. He guided me to make iced tea for us to hydrate.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a tug-of-war with Spirit. And no matter how hard I try, it's really hard for me to escape being around a hospital. I recall one year I got the week between Christmas and New Years off--it's so competitive in our group to get it!--and I spent it all with mom in her hospital room. Spending the night and being her nurse. A lot of nights, to be exact.

These are the times it's important to find time to do things you enjoy, to be kind to yourself, and to rest. 

I had wanted to do a reading I'm late on--twenty one days late--and Ross said no, just relax. Tomorrow.

A long time ago, I was able to write down lists and get them done. I had energy. I felt like I was useful. It's different now. My colleague who covered for me says that the time I spend with Anthony is priceless. It is. A few short years and he's driving and then an adult. So I enjoy. I gave him some cookies. He wanted sushi and I got him some too. He's been playing with friends on the video games through the headsets, and it's fun to hear him laugh. 

Tonight I water the garden. That's it. I'm hoping to talk to Ross more. The only times we get really are when Anthony's away at school or his dad's, and those times are in short supply. Because typically, when those conditions are met I'm at work.

I feel the energies shifting. I feel the energy  for my outside work building up. And I've had hints to branch out into something different. I'll be hanging in there and seeing what comes.

Ross wants to talk.


Carla had an interesting discussion today with a close friend online. It was about this

Carla brought up a good point. That she has been working at her maximum capacity, both spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, for six long years with no end in sight. So as a motivator, Carla recommends that the Council (this isn't her Council, it's a different one) be fired and replaced with a group who can give more timely advice.

The matter that really got into her craw is that this 'Event' at this pace can be stretched out to sixty years, at which that point she will be deceased and will miss out on all of the 'celebrations'.   (he clears his throat--ed. He also taps his fingers on the table, with impatience.)

Rome wasn't built in a day, Carla.

It was not destroyed in a year.

Rebuilding it took centuries, and then some. One might even say, 'millennia'.

Some things are worth the wait. (he snaps his fingers.--ed)  Not everything is ready after one minute in the microwave.  (he clears his throat, again, longer and louder this time)

What about Dolores Cannon?

What about her work that she did?

Did she not lay the very foundation for the QHHT?

Where is her life, Carla?  (Dolores has passed--this we all know--ed)

What was her purpose?  To come onboard and set things in motion, which she did, Carla, and was highly successful in her purpose. Do you not think that she herself can SEE the contribution that she did, from where she sits, at this time? Do you not think this is very rewarding to her, for her experience, and a source of pride and recognition for her team?

(he coughs his throat, even longer and louder than the first two times, almost a cough at this point--ed)

This is what I wish to say:

What is, IS.

There isn't anything anyone can do about it.

You can't boil an egg in boiling water without waiting the proper amount of time in minutes. Any more, and it's no longer soft boiled it's hard. And any less, the egg is too runny and raw. Got it?

Everyone has their part in the execution and carrying out of the Project.

Everyone signed up for it.

I know, I know, I KNOW and all of us up here KNOW ad infinitum how frustrated you are because you can't see the rest of the progress, and how it's taking so much time, and how your years are passing quickly. 

Up HERE, where I sit, there is no time. Nobody ages. There is no death and decay. The time on earth is temporary. There is no comparison between the two. 


Relax and enjoy the journey!

Take it with a grain of salt what is channeled, and be thankful for the service of Ron Head, Jennifer Farley, and John Smallman, for they too in this capacity are not with you forever. One day they will stop. And Ascension/The Event will proceed according to plan. 

For all the YouTubers you miss--the Black Child, Bomgar's Body Language, and Carolyn Limaco--they have done their part. You have woken up enough to see.

And for Miss Sherri -- who is on the front lines posting things, most notably the article about 'short ribs' in China as discussed in the Korean news which turned even your stomach Carla, you who have seen everything -- Sherri is doing her part. The runner has passed the torch to her and she is running her lap. Exquisitely. 

We are a team.  We. Are. A. Team. I like to emphasize that.

All of us have our parts. You cannot do the part of me, I cannot do the part of you, WE cannot do the part of others who have been sent to do what they have agreed to prior to their birth, sweetheart.

It is only right. 

Everyone has their awakening. 

We are at the finish line. We are running our race. And even those of you who are known to run races will understand that we run THROUGH and BEYOND the finish line, to slow down, and then walk a few paces to cool down and catch our breath. 

We are going through all of the steps.

And don't worry if you are 'dead' when everything on earth happens! You are going to have a ringside seat, no matter what. And this isn't only for you, it is for everyone who reads this blog and has absorbed all of our messages. 

You signed up for the duty, Carla. 

Execute it well. 

Just like here, with our 'argument' of sorts. I know you will listen. For I am connected to you through our hearts. And it is your gentleness and kindness and willingness to love me unconditionally, that makes my day bright as the sun.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Family 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It Is Crunch Time!

I see.

I see so many things these times.

Ross selected the title, and as we proceed in reverse order of the time these events happened--the most recent first, starting with the swim.  Yesterday, I ached for the pool. Apparently water is a fourth-dimensional experience. I love it. The day before I didn't have time to go into the pool, and in my opinion, therefore it was a wasted day. I got much done, and parted with many things that were not easy to part with, a whole car full. In this new house there just isn't room. But back to the pool.

I set the intention to give myself joy. For me the pool is joy. And I immersed in it, and I felt it. Anthony even left the video gaming to join me and played the radio too. I saw a sunset that was beautiful. (As an aside, I've seen more 'funny looking clouds' lately, and this gives me even more joy).

After I made the sandwiches for dinner, and washed the dishes, I went to bed. A colleague took my call--and my choice of the best lineup--but was concerned because a slow surgeon had just booked a long case at the last minute. I was going to keep my phone on to come in and relieve her, if cases were running after midnight assuming I had today off. But then I was assigned to a room. I had to work post-call--even though I wasn't taking call. I needed the day off for baseball things for the family. <3 She is working her regular scheduled day.

I reeked of chlorine. I also needed to wash my bathing suit. Ross had told me to wear it, the new one, so it wouldn't look too new when others saw it. It's my first old lady bathing suit. What a rite of passage! It's not the end of the world. At least I can still swim, and enjoy the water.

So I went to take a shower, but the little faux tub in there was taking the water, so I let it fill while I washed up.

Then I went in.

I haven't had that good of a cry in a long time.

I've been asking my team, 'who am I, why am I here? am I making any progress?' all week now. I actually saw my HS sit on my Council for the first time, so I must be making progress. She took the second chair to the left as I faced the table. There were six or so of them. I recognize each one. But I''m always standing in front and talking to them. I never sit.

I realized we are multidimensional. That means there are many forms of us 'running around' living our various lives as our different incarnations all over the galaxy and the cosmos. We just don't know what is going on in the other places when we are incarnate as humans.

I know I have more than one husband because of this. It's not like here on earth where it's sequential, meet, marry, divorce, remarry. It's all going on at the same time, Now, where actually, there isn't any time.

I know the lesson I have been given for the past I don't know how many years, is you can love more than one person, and you can have special relationships which feel 'monogamous' even though you know that they aren't.  They aren't because of this no-time thing. And the relationships I am in have been carefully selected. It's not just sleeping around. I do know that in the Higher Realms, if a male, for example, sees a beautiful girl on the street and is taken with her beauty it is perfectly acceptable for him to kiss her romantically, even if he doesn't know her, because that's just a compliment. It doesn't go farther but it's how it is with everyone up there. Hence the bonobos accusation I made--also--years ago.

Yesterday was the first day I realized although Ross has promised to be monogamous with me--chances are good there's some other relationships of his going on 'out there' in this no-time of Now. And I was heartbroken. Absolutely, positively crushed to reach this level of 'Galactic Awareness'.

What happens in a moment like this?

Does anyone come and comfort me from the spiritual realms?

Not really. Not right away like here when you are incarnate.

They mine data.

The mine data from my feelings as I am a data point that is useful for Ascension. I feel it. I can hear many clicking/sense the recording and instant transfer of the information. And this happened much more often around 2012, 2013 whenever my innermost feelings were coming to the surface. These were deep feelings yesterday, the ones closest to my heart.

Finding a mate is brutal here on Earth. There's so many emotional landmines to walk past, so many red flags to see, and so much competition. It hurts. Some people are up for that game. I'm not one of them.

While the data is mined, and I'm aching and filled with emotional pain, they probe a little by asking questions. And my reactions are totally new and fascinating to them because they've never considered the connection a human incarnate can perceive. And as they uncover it in me they find new ways to deal with others who are incarnate, especially the humanity (as opposed to Hue-manity who was sent here). The galactics get a little excited by the discovery, kind of like a new fossil or gemstone from the dirt.

Then Raphael came to comfort me. He explained to me things, and reassured me I could trust him. I always do trust him. He reassured me that I AM loved, and I AM lovable.

I was near inconsolable. I wanted to be the One, the one special ONE for Ross, and to be perfectly beautiful for him. I knew there's the higher self up there (I even told Ross he's probably banging her--which startled him I would use such crude language). Then there's all the incarnation possibilities.

Raphael explained that when you are on earth, when things go bad, you always go back to your mother and father. And even in the Spirit Realms, we always go back to our Divine Mother and Divine Father when we need encouragement, support and understanding.

So the same it is with a Twin.

Both Ross and Raphael explained to me that as the Twin there is a special bond that cannot be broken. And further, there are many who would love to be the Twin of Ross, to be in my shoes, and to be close to him.

It is what it is, up in Heaven.  And this new John Smallman helps a lot--I just read it this morning:  I also adore the title. As a child I read the bible every day and prayed for Wisdom to come to me. It also answers some of my questions. I've seen the new to being in the spiritual realms come up after leaving their bodies. I've been in the room where these discussions take place. I've taken part in them with Ross. It comforts me to read it.

Did you ever read Don Quixote by Cervantes? How he goes out there and fights the windmills?

I'd like to share something painful that happened to another lightworker, Magenta Pick See.

She got a hate comment about her size. Someone had the nerve to say she was sedentary, by looking at her photos, and challenged her to 'be a better physical vessel for these higher energies'.

This had to be a professional troll to say that. It challenged her authority as a channeler, with the old schoolyard taunt of being fat.

I could tell by her share that it shook her to her core.

Bella Capozzi said she used to channel until she got the hate messages years ago, and it just wasn't worth it for her.

Many, many people offered Magenta/Petra their loving support.  I was going to, but then my patient woke up and I had to go. In a way this was better because it gave me time to reflect.

Here are my thoughts:

  • In Reiki we were taught to expect a little weight gain. The reason is that the higher frequency energies will tend to pull us up off the planet, so to speak, and the extra weight is needed for the physical vessel to stay grounded. I've gained probably thirty to fifty pounds. Now I'm working to take the weight off, but it just happens. It's common. And the accuser clearly doesn't understand the Spiritual enough to give Petra credit for the incredible frequencies she is channeling with the Council of Nine. 
  • When you are called to service by the Higher Realms, you follow it. And for me, being online, I've had to be very sedentary. It's like, 'exercise, or help save the world?' How could you turn your back on saving the world? Right? People are NEEDING you to get the information out. They count on it. I recall the days I needed KP's posts, and I hung on his every word. I waited and checked often because I was aching to grow in spirit, and other than him, I didn't know how. 
  • Haters make you Famous. It's not fun to get these challenges. But it's also a way of gaining visibility and credibility with your followers. It is an incredible example of how low the opposition will go to stay in the game. Clearly, in the John Smallman, they are well behind in the race and there's no possibility of them ever catching up. Ross and I sent love and healing to Petra's guardian angel. They will know what best way to use the energy for Petra. Hopefully she will rally and continue her fine work.

I'm going to share two articles. They are controversial and express my views and mine alone not Ross'.

  • Dr. Drew gives sex advice on night radio on a local station. He isn't a specialist in Infectious Disease, as far as I know. I think he is an M.D. but he might be a PhD instead.
  • Anywhere within one hundred miles of the coast there is a certain type of rat called a 'roof rat' or 'black rat'. They are very small and keep to themselves. The big ugly sewer rats are elsewhere. I've seen some by the pier in Long Beach/San Pedro, that they call wharf rats that are huge. They were dying from the rat poison. Anyhow, not all rats are equal. If you'd like to know more, the victor pest control website has lots of information.
  • This is predictive programming at its finest. Get gullible humans to think of the possibility of plague, here in L.A., and then the energies will shift to make it happen. People like to be right. People like drama. And who knows what could be weaponized--fleas? I've heard that ticks were.
  • BF in my book, is more shill than truther.
  • The first Nuremberg trials were a dog and pony show. Why? Because Operation Paperclip was going on under everyone's noses, covertly, AT THE SAME TIME!
  • Even if something does go on the Internet, think for yourself and demand more! Demand from Spirit that everything gets cleaned up 100% and no more monkey business from anyone as the New Earth comes to be.

Then there is one last article. You probably missed it because Anthony needed to go and play catch with his new first base mitt. He was patiently waiting while I was writing. But then his patience wore thin. So I didn't upload it or share it. It's personal too, so I didn't go back. But it will help you understand the first part, and also, the John Smallman. My teams notice, and they care, and they respond with Love as I grow.
  • sometimes the things you protest the most about are the things you don't like about yourself. The sudden realization of this can be explosive. When it happens to you, be kind to yourself. Allow healing to take place. 


Ross wants to say something.


I love my Carla.

There isn't anything or anyone who could take her away from me. I am her Twin. And she is mine. She is my heart, my love, my sincerity, and my hope for a better life for all, for everything.

We in the Higher Realms are watching as the Truth gets uncovered and discovered while you are in the middle of the Illusion. 

Everything happens for the best. 

I want you to tell yourselves this again and again ad infinitum, as it will help you with the current conditions.

Petra, this horrible attack happens for the best. It raised your vibration, it strengthened your connection with your followers, and it made the Truth shine more than ever. That person cannot be convinced to see otherwise as they are not of the same vibration as you. It's beyond comprehension to them that back Home you have a perfect shape and size and can run circles around them metaphysically. Some things are best to let go.

Do not worry about plague. Do not entertain the thought. And if worse comes to worst you can always go out an dbuy a flea collar or take the same systemic medicine as your dogs. (he giggles).

Make the most of each day, of each interaction, and totally be PRESENT.  Make sure you are not distracted by your thoughts and your screens. These opportunities present themselves to you for your growth. I want you to enjoy them. Everyone in the Spiritual realms wishes for you to enjoy them and make the most of them. 

As Carla said to her colleague yesterday, we are here together to decrease the total suffering--we are together for the long term as a team. So help one another. Reach out. In every way. Smile. Smiles are very important. LISTEN. Listening is an important skill. Look at what is happening to the art of the physical examination skill among physicians--  Don't let this happen to you, and your skills of being human.  Keep them sharp!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Synthesis of Patchwork Lessons In Life

It could happen to anyone, Ross said to me this morning while we were going over a topic that really has been a major lesson for me in this incarnation. Fidelity. And cheating.

As the energies are, the other day I had thought of someone I used to work with in my training, who I know is a trauma surgeon at another hospital. Out of the blue, on Friday, when I was in call, she came to observe the robot and was with my surgeon all day.

I had seen her once when I was being proctored at her hospital. I got privileges there, and worked one OB shift, but then this new job came along, and I took it. When I saw her then I was very happy to see her, and she me.

This time she was happy too, but a little reserved. She told me she had gotten married once. I remembered because it was to an anesthesia resident a year or two ahead of me. I asked her what happened but she said it was 'the usual thing'.

She remembered my ex husband, Frank. How she knew him, I'm not sure, because he was a drug rep and came to the hospital a lot, and had also been an ER nurse when I had just started my training. She asked me if I had 'skipped out on him'?  I didn't know what that meant.

It came out in conversation later, that Frank had run into her, and told her I had cheated on him, and he was never ever going to take me back.

That explained so much of his behavior at the end. He was angry, he was resentful, he was cruel, he needed to see a psychiatrist twice a week because he was suicidal, he found a new 'friend'/girlfriend and had us to go the movies together.

But he never once confronted me or talked about it.

Here are two videos which explain the pain of cheating.

She talks about the three P's--pregnancy, pleasure, and pair bonding. It's the idea that someone would want to find pleasure and pair bond with someone else that's really painful.

Here is another one:

The person who was cheated on feels like there was something wrong with them.

I really like this image. On the left, the plants are in their own world, literally, and isolated both from one another and the elements because of the glass.

On the right, the plants are more open and able to share the elements even through they are in their own little pots.

We are each in our own 'biosphere terrarium' of perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, life lessons and experiences.

Even me and Ross, when we were together incarnate.

I can't see through his eyes, and Ross back in the day couldn't see through mine.

In that incarnation, he had sex with other women while he was on his travels, and didn't think anything about it.

I too had sex with others, but it was against my will, and people back then, the men, took advantage because Ross wasn't around to protect me. So I was raped. Often. By people I had no opportunity to fight back.

Then there was the thing with our first born son. That's a whole other story.

Back to Frank. In this incarnation. I was miserable. Although I loved him, the sex was terrible, beyond bad, and too infrequent. It had been a topic of discussion. Frank thought I should just have a few kids and then I wouldn't want the sex much any more. We went to a sex therapist, and no matter what we did there was something about him that made me cringe because of the years of bad sex.

My friend the urologist has a daughter who is engaged to be married, and the couple are both saving themselves for marriage. She said, 'how can you know what you like when all you've ever had is frozen pizza? There's Chicago deep dish, New York pizza out there--even local pizza delivery!'

Life is short.

What was going through my head when I had an affair?

I had been emotionally out of the marriage a long time before that. I had a mentor, a confidant, and he mentioned it. I knew I was more emotionally attached to our parrot than to my husband, even early on into the marriage. Because my husband lied about money problems and hid them until we were married. And because of the suboptimal sex.

I was unhappy.

If I was with the wisdom of now, back then, I would have realized to leave the marriage early. It had crossed my mind, but he got sick, and it's hard to leave when someone is having major health problems.

What was going through my head was an important data point. With this other person I felt alive. I knew he wasn't the one for me, but I realized that the one I had wasn't the one for me either.

Later, I made a decision that the one I knew was better than the unknown. I decided to stay with Frank. But that's when he got really enraged, and that was it. He was so angry he took all of my office furniture and everything I had and piled it into the bedroom. We split the house down the middle and I could barely walk through all the stuff he had thrown into my bedroom.

Now I understand. I understand his pain. At the time it was bewildering to me. So this is what I was talking about with Ross. The whole incident.

That's why he said it could happen to anyone.

It happened to us back then.

And until Sherry said what Frank had told her, I had been full on righteous and angry at Ross for incarnation after incarnation for the very same thing I had done! I had accused all of the Galactics as being 'bonobos' (a chimp they can't put on display at the zoo because they have sex all day every day in the open).

It's like I'm waking up from a long dream.

I can see now through the lessons Ross has so generously sent, to help me understand and heal from my terrible pain.

Don't worry about Frank, he married what my tax man shared as 'a hottie'--a former actress and he showed me a picture of her a long time ago. Big bosom, nice figure, pretty face. I heard more but there's no reason to share it. I was humiliated when I learned it at the time. But it's okay.

Here is another video which helped me to understand why Frank just didn't do it for me--it was the masculinity. He was kind, loving, nice in every way, and masculine--just not enough for me to be happy. I should have left and had the confidence to find my way, but I was afraid of the unknown.

Right now, there is someone at work that does have the masculine. He notices me. And I can't help but notice him.

When I talk to Ross about it, he says to tell the fellow how I feel about Ross.

I've practiced.

I burst into tears talking about Ross. He's my everything. He really is. Nothing compares, and the minute I can go to him, I will run. Absolutely, positively, RUN.

When I think of the life I had accepted for myself until I can go Home (or Ross comes like Richard Gere in an officer and a gentleman film)--just nothing. No friendships with men that are intimate, just waiting and waiting...I thought I was done. Many women my age are 'done'.

So here, full circle, is the next lesson. As Ross gently reminds us, 'there are no mistakes, only lessons'.

What I've been doing this time, which I wasn't able to do in the past, is to talk about my hopes, my dreams, my needs, with Ross, who listens. Today we talked for a long, long time. He works hard, so do I, there's not much time to talk.

Lessons aren't easy.

Do realize the pattern--they present themselves again and again until you get them right (you understand the lesson) and then they go away.

Have I told the other guy about Ross and how I feel? Not yet. I'm not afraid to though.

It is a long, long, hard path as a Light Worker. I don't talk about the things I do in the O.R. that are spiritual--I still do them--but I try to discuss things that are more easy for the reader to understand and relate.

I share everything because in the higher realms everybody knows everything anyway. It's due to the psychic ability. It's helping you to get used to it. You might not warm up to the idea of people knowing things about you. But I'm okay with people knowing things about me, it's not scary and it helps a lot of people grow and advance in their own life lessons.

Ross says that's enough.  He says it was a good share, and by sharing from the heart with nothing hidden we are well on our path to find our way home.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple with the smiling eyes.

Friday, July 19, 2019

What Is Your Greatest Joy?

What is your greatest joy?

What is going on in your life right now that is going RIGHT?

Ross asks me to talk about the screw. There was a surgery going on, a percutaneous pinning of a n intertrochanteric femur fracture. I saw there was an extra one they had not used. I asked for it, perhaps to make some jewelry please?

The surgeon said yes, and the scrub tech was super nice. Not only did he wash it for me, but he autoclaved/flashed it too so it wouldn't have any germs on it.

There was a message in that screw: no matter what situation you find yourself in, there is always something worse from which you have been SPARED. For example, you could be the one with the broken bone that needs to be fixed. And if you have the broken bone, you could have been the one who lost the leg in a traumatic accident or to cancer.

I still haven't decided what jewelry to make of the screw, but the change in mindset is valuable. I'm not sure if it's the energies outside, or the lesson or the unused but not suitable for reuse screw, or that my life is finally flowing in one direction and not two any more, but things are better. Much much better.

I'm experiencing joy.

As it always is, Ross and I teach by example and by stories. Most of the stories are from my gift of being able to see the lesson for what it is and extract it to share from my everyday life.

We also send you very small doses like droplets of water every day, twice a day, and have for many years, of Reiki Healing and Divine Peace healing. They accumulate! So if you have been reading our blogs, you get healing energy through our words too. It's automatic. And you learn with us and you grow.

The changes that are ahead of us are actually set into motion. Some Light Workers are saying, 'OMG did you feel the energies?' and it's wiping them out. Another reader and friend showed a picture of red marks on her throat from the new energies coming.

How it works is you vibrate at a natural frequency.

So does Heaven.

You have a body. If you leave your body it is easy for your soul to match the frequency of Heaven.

If you stay inside your body, and the energy of Heaven is coming to Earth, then you need downloads and upgrades in order to process these new frequency energies that vibrate faster, which can be explosive in nature to those who are not accustomed to it. ( an old way to describe the difference is the blades of a fan or a propeller on an airplane. You see them, they are solid, you know they are there. But when they spin fast enough, you can't see them any more. Heaven's energies are 'faster' so we can't see them.)

The 'explosive' is a word we have chosen to describe a sudden, and vast, upgrade in mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual growth--so that new truths blast out the old ones that had made you feel like you had the world under control and made your comfortable.  A very simple example is that the nightly news is actually hypnotic, the cadence of the words and also the intention of the people making the news. It makes you feel 'better' because you listen to it and your parents listen to it and it's on at every place you wait, and you have been conditioned to believe it is truth when in fact it is something designed to make money and keep you watching it...if not even more sinister.

What is going on in Puerto Rico?

I don't know. I don't know exactly because I don't watch the news. My mom never let us children watch it because back then it was the Vietnam War and they showed violence on it, but it was dinner time and mom thought it best to turn it off. Now mom watches it 24/7 'to be connected' and I can see by her thoughts and reactions to things that she's been 'conditioned' and isn't like she was back then when she thought for herself and listened to her intuition and gut.

What I do know is a close friend who actually lives in Puerto Rico showed me pictures, explained what's happening, and asked Ross and me for healing support for her country. Anything can happen. And I've known from the storms the last time that power was out a lot and many had trouble getting food and necessities.

What is happening in Puerto Rico can happen anywhere. At any time. People can and do rise up and the governments may or may not be able to do anything about it.

Is this a joy?

No. This is just framing it, putting the joy in context.

We are all connected.


We swim in an energy soup, a sea of 'electricity', and no one is separate from this.

For those of us who are able--a little further down the road than some others--we can communicate through this connection to people on earth, to people who have made the Transition, to Earth itself, to the people of Inner Earth, and to the realm of Spirit.  We are spiritual beings made up of energy, first and foremost.

Ross would like for me to share an example. We were talking in the car on the way home from his baseball practice. We didn't understand why some people did what they did, especially because now going into high school, this means less friends for one of Anthony's old classmate. We love the classmate (actually both of them), we love the families, we have had the happiest times together...but what Anthony did, he did, and he took full responsibility. And what I did, I took full responsibility. If you look carefully at what was written, it was my feelings and view at the time. No names were ever mentioned. There has been misunderstanding on the people who are not regular readers who have read it. And when we got home? What happened? There was a very long text from one of our old friends, straightening things out, and saying how they felt, and they were hurting too.  They said we could have still been friends--even though Anthony and I thought we had shamed ourselves out of every relationship we ever had at his old school. How can we show our faces and be accepted after all of this? Right?

There are only three graduating eight grade females in his class. One is gender ambiguous. The other is gay. That left only one female Anthony knew and cared about to explain how when we care for females close to use we look out for that one thing too, and go and tell their parents.

Last night Anthony asked me which word is worse--bitch or slut?

I told him a bitch is a woman who is assertive and likes to get her way. But it's not worse. The slut is indiscriminate in her choices of sexual partners.

He was like, 'oh?'

I was like, 'yup. that's how it goes and what it means'.

So we had kids who were classmates and parents who are friends. It's complicated. Two parents have reached out, and when I'm less embarrassed and ashamed, I'd like to maintain the friendships. I feel awful and horrible.

For the kids friendships? Anthony would like to continue them. I'm not sure how we can repair the damage.

I do know if any of our friends or their children were in serious trouble, especially medical trouble, I would be immediately there and helping without hesitation if asked. We are family to one another, at least we have been. It's messy right now. But the bonds are still there and are not easy broken, the connections of the heart.

What kind of world is it when Anthony and I have a long conversation, and the person we were talking about reaches out within an hour?

This is Heaven on Earth.

Where people value what matters and are less taken in by the distractions of the three ring circus of News! Weather! and Sports! that people who sell things are selling--movies, music, fashion, gossip celebrity style, etc.

Where peoples hearts are open.

This was an incredible joy.  Forgiveness I'm not sure but clarification and welcoming back, openness.

With the explosive energies there are going to be misinterpretations and miscommunications on both sides. Remember this. That is the whole point of the sharing and the lesson for our readers. Things with the planetary alignments are volatile! So take heart.

I was at the pool supply store and the woman at the counter literally threw up her hands in despair and exclaimed, 'why is it that everything is breaking and I can't get any of this computer stuff to work?!'

Mercury retrograde, I said, calmly.

She wanted to know more, so I explained it. During the time when Mercury is retrograde, electronics, communications, travel plans, business plans, everything is unpredictable and prone to problems of all kinds.

She said it totally made sense to her and it gave her the chills. (Mercury retrograde stops 7/31).

Our neighbors, which is the great joy--for we took care of their dog for them and it was a lot of fun and fulfillment to be there for their pet--also had a business deal fall apart at the last minute, and they couldn't understand it.

I explained to them Mercury Retrograde. They understood and also had other examples of computer glitches.

Then their vacation? A medical emergency and overnight stay for observation, fortunately nothing serious. And the mom? She sent me a text--Mercury Retrograde!

I think that some of the things we are told aren't important and have no influence on our lives--actually, ARE important. I'm beginning to suspect that Astrology might be one of them.

So my joys lately are work, home, baseball, the plums, the pool, the dog we just babysat, and the steady improvement. I also am feeling a shift inside, and I'm realizing that just because it's useful, I don't have to keep it if I don't want it. It will be nice to finally give things away and lighten up the household of 'stuff'.

I can always buy more if I miss it.

The other joy is seeing that the energies are here, and most of our readers are sailing through it with grace and ease, and being able to experience their own joys.

Focus on joy.

Even when the energy shifts and downloads are exhausting you. Rest! Rest and drink lots of water and eat things that grow into the ground. It will help you assimilate it. And while you are experiencing the downtime as your system adjusts--reflect on what brings you joy.

Joy is medicine. It it healing.

Joy is our purpose.

Always and forever.

This here is Truth.

Whatever is going down with governments and nations and large groups of people--don't worry--there are teams for this, and Ross and his associates are experts at helping this phase of Ascension settle in for the Highest Good.

And YOU?  You are expert souls too, except you wear the honored title of Ground Crew. It's the riskier job, and you are exceeding expectations without realizing what amazing, incredible, powerful work you are doing--anchoring the energies and being a source of hope and grace exactly where you are and listening to your heart!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Monday, July 15, 2019

You Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb Carla

Many years ago, when I was just starting in medical school, my friend from high school, Kevin Weeks, passed. I had a visit by a male spirit I didn't know who was kind of angry. It told me several things, but one of them that stuck with me was, 'you stand out like a sore thumb down there'.

At the time I didn't understand it.

Later I came to the idea that it referred to my energy signature and my name, rank, file, and serial number 'back Home'.

At Happy Hour last Friday, I got another perspective. The group was talking about the anesthesiologists at the local 'seaside shee shee hospital' about twenty minutes away where many of them used to work.

They said that the reason medical dramas are written like soap operas is because that's what really happened at their old hospital. There was story after story! Apparently the anesthesiology group rented an apartment, and the male doctors would take turns borrowing it and the department went through 'all of the nurses'.  Another nurse was dating the head of materials (all the equipment for the O.R. is that department, who buys and coordinates supplies)--and a surgeon kept asking her out and saying, 'he doesn't have any money, what do you see in him?'  Well, the boyfriend made her happy, and they've been married for fifteen years!

One, a man I know and once worked for at a surgery center, was moonlighting. He liked women so much he was always on the phone. But it was back in the times before cell phones. He was outside of the room and the patient died. The malpractice insurance of the group didn't cover it. So they kicked him out, right away. I didn't know any of this when I learned of the work opportunities at the new surgery center he was starting. He just told me he wanted to 'spend more time with his kids' and go to their soccer games. He was very handsome, I recall. But he never once flirted with me.

There's a saying that people in the Light Worker community say, and it's basically true, 'follow the money'. Traditionally, anesthesiologists and some other physicians have higher incomes than average.   Are these people from that hospital part of TWDNHOBIAH? No, most likely not but it's possible. But are they corruptible?  Apparently so.

This is a huge eye-opener for me.

I used to think that my colleagues at work were 'different' because they cut corners, and only want to finish the case and get on with the next one so they can get more units to bill. They are angels by comparison to the other hospital!

One new nurse told me in the break room at the surgery center she told her family about me. I was curious as to why? She said that she told her family people were so nice at the surgery center, and even, an anesthesiologist asked her what is her name. I was surprised this small kindness made such a big impression on her. She said typically, the anesthesiologists at other places she worked sit at the desk and shout across the room to her, 'what are the vital signs on my patient?'

There is something called 'a surgical conscience'. It's how well you adhere to the rules for patient safety when nobody else is looking. I had that with the anesthesia machine with the internal leak on my last call. Or yesterday--I came in and no one had completed the change of  the circuit or suction in GI lab. Everything was gone off the machine (safety is to have a clean one always set up and ready to go). Not only did I set new ones up for my case, but afterwards, I cleaned the machine and added new ones for the next person.

I also will not leave a patient in PACU until they are out of the woods hemodynamically and with their airway patent. I stay. The nurses would call me back anyway if they are nervous, it's not right. So I stay until everything wears off. Most patients don't need this, only a handful in a few months. But when duty calls, I respond.

There's something fun to do now. I am helping to dog-sit. It's the first time I can take a walk before work. I think I'm just as excited as the dog!

Ross smiles, he's happy, very very happy and content with all of my progress. I can tell. When you can progress in ways that you set up for yourself in your pre-birth plan, the joy and delight of those who assist you on Spirit side is palpable. It's a wonderful feeling and as you grow you are going to experience it too. I know it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Joys Of The Earth!

I saw a post by Marie Mbouni, MD the other day on Instagram:

Dear Soul:  I'm still learning about what you love. I'm going to give us more of that. I promise.

It was a beautiful thought.

Today I felt for most of the afternoon, just like this little girl. I was in the water. I even have a little sunburn on my shoulders and face. It makes me very content to have spent a day in the water having fun, being totally carefree. 

This is good.

You are here for this. It is one of the benefits of being incarnate -- any time. The joys of being alive still exist until you take your last breath. There are joys shared together...the joy of friendship and family...the joy of service...the joy of connection with a like-minded soul...the joy of pets...the joy of a good meal...the joy of finally getting to use the restroom after you've had to hold it...there are visual joys, audio joys, tactile joys, taste and scent joys...even the joy of having something to leave behind to make the world a better place after you make the Transition.

It's all about joy.

That's why in a way it's so sad that things have gotten so out-of-hand. But something is being done about it. And it's happening even though it's not on the news and it's so very hard to tell...

I've learned to look to a very special place to see how close we are (and I am) to Ascension:  within. This is and always shall be the ONLY place where there are no timelines and dates and prophecies to disappoint us. 

Let me share with you how for myself, I just know my overcoming of the Earth Plane challenges is very near:
  1. If people around us are reflections of ourselves, then this is a very good sign. I have an OB-Gyn talking about the Epp-Steene scandals, right in the O.R., and just like talking about the baseball or football game, I'm effortlessly saying what I believe--that blackmail is used to make governments do things, celebrities do things--it's all for the embarrassment to be saved. It's way more than what meets the eye on that island. I found he was agreeing with me. Then he challenged me, and I said, again, effortlessly, 'I have read books by Kerth Barker--he was one of those children'
  2. The Chief of Surgery is asking me to use my 'gifts' to find out how much longer our friend Khiem has. He reached out to her in desperation, and she's been his doctor because where he was before the care was not very good. I explained to her gently that it's soon, that all the time he's sleeping his soul is making the transition partially, and then coming back here. They all do this. It's not just one big swoop except perhaps in traumatic end of life which he is not. I contemplated sharing with her the Conversation post, but I thought it's better to just answer what is asked.
  3. Khiem talked to me today in Spirit while I was in the water. He asked me 'what are you, anyway?' I explained I'm not exactly human in my soul but I have a physical body just like him. I told him what my 'rank, file and serial number' are. He looked it up on his cell phone--and went, 'whoa!'  I shared to him the benefit of being close to one like me -- there's only five I know of here--more up Home for sure, including Ross--there's a special blessing at end of life/beginning of afterlife. Anyhow, his next question was, 'well then what am I?'  Ross helped me with the answer:  WISE TEACHER. 
  4. I went through a very long call with relatively good energy and outlook yesterday. I worked till one a.m. The last case was especially grueling as my anesthesia machine wouldn't pass its checkout, and we had to move it out of the room and borrow one from another room to be able to safely do the case. My surgeon was then delayed ninety minutes. But I was kind to almost everyone. I got into a tiff with Dr. Cao. I asked for blood but he didn't hear me, and when I was about to transfuse he got very upset. You see, in anesthesia, even when there's not lots of bleeding, sometimes the stress of surgery is hard on the patient. A little blood product will help them withstand this stress, especially in face of ongoing blood loss. I fixed the problem with albumin and LR. But a unit of blood we returned at once to the blood bank was out of temp, they refused it back--even after five minutes. You see, the hemoglobin was 11, and the surgeon would not transfuse until it was ten. After surgery, with the fluid shifts, it was 13. He went to my boss, angry, and fortunately, the nurse warned me of what he did so I could call my boss with my side of the situation. My boss is very good at these things. He said even if someone is cruel you can ask questions about 'how much blood has been lost' and things to get the conversation going. I told him with anyone else I talk but Dr. Cao has made me cry and I don't want him to get angry by interrupting him but he gets angry anyway. 
  5. I see the importance of loving your enemies more than ever. I see they are hurt. And hurt people hurt other people. You need to let all people know you are 'into' them, you love them, you accept them, that they matter to you. This isn't easy with those who like Dr. Cao are a little 'rough around the edges'. Think of it like your relationship with your children. When they are fussy and upset and cranky actually is when they need your love the most. YOUR love is basically Creators love offered to those who experience the wound of self-hatred and misperception. It's not for you. It's for them, the healing. But it's needed now, more than ever. So fill your cup, turn on the charm, smile, and even if they yell at you--hold the vibration and weather the storm--when it happens in your day to day. Don't seek it out! But do face it head-on when it arrives.  Khiem was notorious for making people afraid in the O.R. But for me, he liked me. He said, 'your OCD is compatible with MY OCD.' It's true. And thinking about his situation, it's all green heart chakra imbalance--lung cancer--anger like that--probably stemming from fear from a long ways back.  It's not his fault and certainly not his lesson, but for those of use who are of a spiritual nature, we see these patterns for what they are, and take them into consideration along with everything else about the patient/client we are helping, and make a mental note for ways to support it.

This one I will keep brief, but I am starting to understand that when people are multidimensional there is no way for them to be monogamous across all of the dimensions. And that some connections across time and space your Twin and you have made are for the Highest Good. I'm healing. I'm in extremely close contact with Ross on this, and I'm just starting on this lesson, but it's helping me very much to prepare for my future life as a galactic. It's different. And I'm understanding there's no substitute for a Twin, and they are always there for you. It's not like an 'open marriage' but it's something entirely of itself. I can put myself in Ross' shoes now, from when he did the things that hurt me when we were both incarnate together too. It's not as painful. I don't like to think about it. But this lesson is probably one of the last things that would keep me tied to this plane. It really is. And it's healing.  That's all I wish to share.

The other thing to share is just how much appreciation and gratitude I have to Spirit for helping me with our new life. The old house is gone now, gone for good, and we are free to focus on better things ahead. I feel this new home supporting me now. I'm grateful for this. I had looked forward to a day at home to unpack. Now I work. But I have big fish to catch tomorrow, and hopefully, everything will go well.

Ross smiles, waves hello, looks at his watch. It's my bedtime. Good night. He waves goodbye now. He's in a linen robe with a belt.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twinkling Eyes and loving souls

Friday, July 12, 2019

Kind Of A Big Deal

Recently, I have been quite close to being fed up with the whole thing, the Ascension thing. It is taking too long. I'm not getting any younger. And around me? It looks like the people in control have not given up any of it, not any of the systems of government, entertainment, religion, anything.

I set it in my mind to have a discussion with Ross about my concerns.

But the Wednesday night I came home from work? My dear next-door-neighbor who has been inviting me over for wine since we moved in last March--I didn't have the heart to say no. I brought camembert, crackers, cherries. She was so funny because she doesn't like cherries because growing up in Mexico she was sick a lot, and all of her medicine tasted like cherries, so she won't eat them. i took them home.

She's wise though. In Mexico there is a lot of diabetes and gallstones. So research was (this woman is a chemical engineer by training. Yes, two by training, next door--Divine Intervention or what, right?)--that milk made from Canary Seeds (the little seeds canaries eat) drank twice a day helps both the digestion and the liver and gallbladder and pancreas. She gave me a glass, it's delicious. It's made like any of the 'milks' that are plant based. It's very refreshing.

I went home exhausted, and heated up the dinner/lunch Anthony had made and shared for me. Ate it, and went to bed.

I went to the DMV early. And once done, two and one half hours later, I got a call from Anthony. His dad was asleep and he'd like me to pick him up. It was nine thirty a.m. and the boy was starving. I was too, I'd skipped breakfast to make it to the line at six thirty a.m. before they opened at seven.

So there is went, my next available time to have a heart to heart with Ross.  We ran errands and picked up the mail at both the post office and the old house. Even though I've forwarded the mail since March, some things still end up in the old mailbox. Next I knew it was time for Anthony's baseball game. (I had traded away my work day to be able to go to the DMV, my license had expired. Just by a few days. So I did the change of address, the Real ID upgrade at the same time.)

Again, no time for Ross to ask him where we are heading and why there seems to be no light on the horizon?

Yes, I am aware of EPPS Teen  and the White Hats and all that which is going on. At this point, I'm wary of controlled opposition. I'm just not 'feeling it'...

Here's the big deal.

While doing nothing, just sitting in the bleachers and watching the game, I felt the energy of Heaven flowing through me.  You know the one where there's no pain? Yup. All my pain in my body went away. Just like that. I have a lot of pain, especially from the DMV and standing up for two hours. It was gone.

I felt the joy.

I felt the happiness that all is well and no one can hurt me or hurt anything.

I felt it long and clear as I sat:

  • in the sunshine
  • in the fresh air
  • in NATURE
  • my cell phone was put away
  • I let go of all expectations
This feeling of Heaven didn't make the need to go void and walk all the way past the football stadium to use the toilet go away.

But it did give me a sense of why everyone in Heaven is not in a hurry, why everyone is so sure that things are going to go well, and why we are encouraged again to trust and to trust.

This is our Home, this vibration.

The full moon is coming, and with it I have been feeling the energies building. They are different from the Heaven one that I felt out of the blue.

The only difference for us here as Light Crew 'here' and Sky Team 'there' is that we can't feel that feeling. 

That and we are a little rusty at how to manifest. I wanted so much with all my heart to see Anthony get a home run. And then, if not that, to get on base.  He didn't. 

But I was there for him. And I saw he was overheating, and it looked like his shoes were painful for him. It's hard because he has a very wide foot. To get him cleats, we have to go long/larger size because they don't make them double wide like his NuBalance. The ones he has on now aren't even wide. 

So I took him for a Mike Trout haircut so he would be cool and also show he wants to be a baseball player on the high school team. 

Then we went looking for cleats. I wanted to go where we last bought them. He wanted us to go to the mall. So we went, and they didn't have any. But we had spent the day together, and got things for him and for me that we needed. It's been a long time on no-frills mode. He needed a boost and so did I. I know from Ross' caring he arranged for us to find the things we did. And that he was trying his best to console us as Ascension seems interminable. That's how I know for real the Heaven energy was the real thing. Because Ross was helping us all day. It was a wonderful day. And the best part of all, was the knowing that it's only a short moment away--in openness if not meditation--to feel the feelings we are going to be feeling for all of Eternity, here and now...

It's time to get ready for work.

I have news to amaze you. My heart surgeon, the one I adore who is super nice--the one who trained at Yale or some other fancy place--has a side business making matcha tea. I will give more about it later, but I could have fallen over in my chair at the doctor's dining room! For the past five years, he has had a superfood smoothie for breakfast and lunch, and lots of matcha tea cold though the day...he carries with him little thermoses. He gave us samples.  It appears that all the Reiki I was giving intra op 'unawares' took! : ))))

Ross is reminding me again to get ready. He's wonderful, he really is. Thank you Ross!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Family, YOUR Family <3

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Gentle Art

This is counted cross stitch. I used to enjoy doing needlework projects many years ago. It takes both time and patience, as well as the ability to follow written instructions to make everything turn out okay. I find it relaxing.

Another hobby I have had for the last ten years, is working with Spirit, and, out of interest, piecing things together that are hidden in plain sight.

I don't watch TV with the exception of a baseball game every now and then.

I don't go to the movies very much. If there is a Star Wars one I go see it. Otherwise when Anthony wants to see a movie he will go with his father.

I enjoy other things besides my hobby. Take gardening for instance. Yesterday I watered the garden, and picked fruit. We had a handful of plums, two figs, and one cherry tomato. It gives me great pleasure to watch my garden grow, because I grew up in a family of gardeners, and this skill was passed along to me.

We write and we teach, Ross and me. We like to help others learn and grow, and also to help amuse them and pass the time as Ascension comes along for everyone who is going to Ascend.

This is something more on the teaching end of things. If you are not in the mood for learning today, simply set this aside and go think about something else for the day. There is never a rush. And never, ever, anything mandatory when Ross and I present it.

Let me go back to Saturday at Disneyland. It was dark, and a certain water show on Tom Sawyer Island called Fan-Tas-Tic (almost lol) was playing. People had waited for hours to get a good seat. Some had bought meal packages at local fine restaurants to avoid having to wait.  I had to walk past it to get to where we were going to go next.

Ross told me not to look at the show.

He said, 'it's poison'.

So I kept my eyes on the ground and walked quickly past.

What my ears heard frightened me.  It was Ursula. And she said, 'the power to control someone's mind!'

Chills went up and down my spine.

There is was, the truth, hidden in plain sight. Monarch/MK Ultra. Scalar wave technology. Neurolinguistic programming. Subliminal messages in advertising. And in cartoon movies. Probably even in entertaining live shows like the one I was walking past!

Ross and I would like to share with you three movies, they are about twenty minutes each. These are to let you listen to alternate points of view, or perspectives. No single one is right or wrong. But they are about Spirit, our current social norms, technology, and our lives. They eerily fit together.

So here you are--links to each one:

This is to keep you on your toes, Ross says. And to enjoy a little learning as we prepare for Ascension to arrive.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Ross suggests you look at the entertainment industry and identify what is poison and what isn't.  Here's a link: to an article that's tongue in cheek medical sarcasm, but may be closer to truth than we think.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Stitch Therapy

On Sunday morning I did a breakfast with the characters at a local theme park.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

People need to love and be loved, and to have fun. This in itself is the main point of being incarnate in a human body. This need to love and be loved, and to have fun, is universal. Everything created under any sun whatsoever, has its needs to exist in a peaceful, supportive environment where it can thrive.

At the entrance to the buffet, everyone meets with Donald Quack (you know who I mean). And just before us was a little Japanese boy, perhaps five, absolutely thrilled to meet and touch and hug this character.

And the character was cool! When we got to meet him, we did a photo, both Anthony and me. But when the duck met Anthony, he did a 'high five' where you move the hand at the last minute. It was funny, a local way around here to tease bigger kids.

After the photo, Anthony remembered, and did the same thing back to the duck. The duck was delighted and acted all upset but you know the duck really wasn't.

When coffee was being poured, the music stopped, and the overhead announcement was, 'come on everybody, let's have some fun and dance!' Next, they played the Beach Boys 'Surfing USA'--all the songs were from my childhood. I didn't dance. No adults did. But the faces on the children, all of them dancing, were priceless. It was absolute joy.

So I thought to myself, this is what is needed. Opportunities for joy. And somehow, when people put on a costume (or a puppet) people forget the usual ways of interacting, and interact as their true selves. I told Anthony I bet that therapy with a professional therapist probably would be a lot more effective if the therapist wore a costume and did gestures instead of speaking.

Little did I know I was within minutes of getting my own taste of 'Stitch Therapy'!

Stitch came to our table. I told him he was my favorite--he is--and asked if he had a nice breakfast?

Yes, he had eaten well.

What do you like to eat?

Stitch pointed to the character waffle on my plate.

I asked, 'do you drink coffee?'


How do you take it? With sugar and cream?

YES! everything! and lots of sugar packets!

Stitch took me by the hand and guided me through the buffet line, with me cracking up the whole time. Don't eat this. Eat this. The beignets were good, Stitch said, and the cook Frank said, 'take two, they are good and you will wish you had taken two.' Obviously Stitch and Frank knew each other.

We went back to the table, and Stitch gestured for Anthony to go to the buffet line, and took Anthony's chair, and just sat with legs crossed and hand under the chin to express, 'I'm listening!'

I thanked Stitch for the kindness.

Then I said it.

I said, 'Stitch, I'm old!' and I gestured with my hands, fifty-five.

Stitch shook his head no, very fast, and said wait! Then did a magical gesture and put up the fingers to say, twenty-one, and nodded furiously. YOU ARE TWENTY ONE!

By then Anthony came back. But the healing had taken place.

On the one hand, my physical body in this incarnation is old enough to eat off the Senior Discount menu at Denny's. It feels it. Work is harder, the hours I feel them, and also, I notice differences like with my energy level and my vision. Reading glasses are a must for me now. All the time.

On the other hand, my soul is eternal, it doesn't age, and I go through incarnations like handfuls of popcorn at the movies.

But my heart?

My heart of hearts? It's like Stitch said--it's twenty-one. Where everything is new and exciting. Where I can anticipate something wonderful to be happening every day.

These characters hugged everyone. Absolutely everyone, every child, every parent, and they were real hugs, hugs of validation and pure unconditional love.

Some were a little more reserved than others. The Daisy Quack and the Mini . But all served their purpose.

So what I see--is that even though at the top some organizations are really adherent to some unpleasant philosophy, and furthermore, if you are trained what to look for, it can be disturbing to see the 'signals' hidden in plain sight--the front lines are people. Exceptional people with good hearts and good people skills that enjoy bringing out the best in others.

At check in, for the hotel, the larger, second earthquake struck. We weren't sure what was happening. The clerk was pregnant. Her boss came and told her to stand in a door. She did. Then the boss came and told us to seek protection. (most of the time we just wait for them to end). So Anthony and I ducked under the counter. Then all the elevators closed. It was a half hour wait for the safety checks. We were not allowed to take the stairs because the security person said, 'we are not utilizing them now'. All the training was in place, as well as the protocols for safety.

This is the number two employer in my county, with number one being the University.

That's why I will leave the judging to those who can weigh the evidence. The rotten parts need to go. But the framework? Well, that's another story.

On the Jungle boat ride, the boat driver is always a bit of a comedian. And on our last ride of the night, he said, 'do you know what that is? That's bamboo. It grows six stories tall. Some people say it grows seven stories tall, but that's a whole other story.'  He said it about six different times in different places of the ride, as if he was saying it the first time. It was hysterical. So now you are in on the inside joke. That's another story!

Ross is pleased.

He wanted me to keep today's simple and to the point. He was concerned perhaps my including the earthquake and the boat part would detract from the main point. But he sees now it's okay.

He was with me a lot on my birthday weekend. And I realized, he's got everything under control, and sometimes it's best to relax and enjoy and have fun while he and his teams are taking care of Ascension and all that is entails. Yes, when there's work, I work. But he's working too, and has broad strong shoulders to carry the responsibility.

And when he interacts with others? He has the same effect on people as Stitch did with me. I love Ross for that. And I can't wait to watch him in action, 'on stage' as they say at that amusement park--bringing out the best in everyone he meets.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Friday, July 5, 2019

Wait and See

July Fourth has come and gone.

Nothing apparently has happened.

Or has it?

In the Mojave Desert there was the epicenter of an earthquake, initially recorded on the Richter scale as 6.6.

Yeah, right, 6.6?

It was later downgraded to a 6.4.

This earthquake was felt all throughout California, and even in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We never have earthquakes in July.

We also had 'the biggest Fourth of July' in Washington, D.C. our nations capital. My son told me that they even had tanks.


What do tanks have to do with the Fourth of July celebration?

They don't have anything to do with celebration and are hardly even present for military air shows. They simply park one and let kids climb into it. And on it.

Is something hidden in plain sight?

Let us go back over two hundred years ago, to July 4, 1776.

When that original document was signed, did anyone know about it besides those in the room who signed it?

Even if couriers were spreading the word, news took some time to travel, didn't it?

In this day and age of a controlled information global media and internet, there's not much difference between the way news spreads back then and now, when it's important.

Let's wait and see. This is the advice Ross gave me, when I was awakening this morning. I have no expectations.  And Marc Gamma gave news yesterday or today that I didn't know from Ross either.

Is something up?

I couldn't say.

I don't know.

But what goes on with me and my Spirit guides, has been a little suspicious. Not suspicious in a bad way. Suspicious as in someone might be throwing a surprise party for you kind of way. I could be reading things into it that I shouldn't, I'll give you that.

Typically, Ross celebrates my birthday on the actual day.

I've been enjoying my gifts from him for about two weeks ahead of time. A perfume, Rose Rossa by Guerlain, and also, a little golden bell pendant for my necklace.

Yesterday in meditation, I saw Michael very clear. And behind him were all my family--Earth soul family and also my Star family--who are on The Other Side. They wished me Happy birthday. I was so touched and overwhelmed I started to cry. I was touched because here they are enjoying Heaven, they have all the joy and wonder to occupy them, and here they are remembering me!

Yes, my family has always pretty much celebrated my birthday on the fourth, when family gets together. But Spirit has generally stuck to the actual day.

Is something up? I really couldn't tell you.

Let's wait and see. There's a lot that could happen behind closed doors.

There's one huge freedom that happened yesterday in our home. It was the first time I took Harry out of his cage and let him sit on his perch while I worked in the kitchen. I've been nervous about the boxes but things are unpacked enough that I gave it a try. It was delightful to see his wonder looking around at the new home. I showed him all the rooms, and downstairs, the bunny recognized him and looked at him with interest.

It was a good Fourth of July. We were with friends, in the pool and the spa, enjoying barbecue shrimp, chicken wings and ribs. Anthony made pastellitos de guyaba and they were a huge success.

There's work today. I sure would enjoy a day off <3 Oh well.

Ross is smiling, and puts his finger to his lips as to say shhhhh! I love the twinkle in his eye.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins