Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Solving The Puzzle

Stone monument to remember the 229 tourists killed in the Swiss Air plane crash in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Canada on September 2, 1998.

Today we reach countdown day number two hundred twenty nine. 

Now we are getting somewhere, aren't we? Two hundred twenty nine!!!

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, ITALY - MAY 22: Giro D'Italia from Conegliano to Gardeccia / Val di Fassa May 22, 2011 in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy. Biker Alberto Contador during the 94th "Giro D’Italia, Length of the course: 229 KM

It's been a long hard race, and we thank you for giving it all you have got, for so long, without much direction in ways at your pace, at your convenience, and at your comfort zone. 

You are athletes in Spirit and your training is paying off beautifully in your varied assignments.

We congratulate you on this effort. It is impeccable.

KOLKATA, INDIA -JANUARY 229: Streets of Kolkata. Thousands of beggars are the most disadvantaged castes living in the streets, January 29, 2009.

We would like to take a moment to share with you our perspective:  there is need for your help.  People are starving for love and kindness. They are caught in a situation that is too big for our society, but small enough to handle for The Universe. And the help that has been prayed for has been sent in the likes of us--both those who are incarnate like Carla, and those who are on Ross' team who are not incarnate.

We wish to establish a few basic facts:
  1. There are five basic categories--The Awake, The Misguided, The Brainwashed, Those Who Have Sold their Soul, and The Power Hungry. Carla was 'Brainwashed' into the doctrine of Conventional Medicine, and woke up. She now understands both the good and the bad of this industry, and has a grasp on how it is being used on the people as a system of control. 
  2. Slow disclosure is taking place.  This is someone that the general public would like to think a crazy sick person looks like. It's being revealed on mainstream media--a source I don't trust. It is being used to deflect from the organized groups of TWDNHOBIAH who actually use this type of behavior as their 'religion'--and who have 'normal faces' we have been conditioned to 'know and trust' through corporate media.
  3. This article was a jaw dropper even for Carla.  There has been much energy clearing. Earth is free. Gaia's bandwidth keeps going up and up if you follow the Schumann Resonance daily. This article represents to Carla, that what is hidden is coming to the surface. The 'Squirmy Bits' like the Council alluded to recently. And this feels 'about right' in scope. It's an order of magnitude more malevolent than she had guessed. And this article has the first 'overlap' of a code used by Snake Man and apparently a US Military secret project--'Phoenix' all being said it's a valuable data point.

Sexy brunette woman in elegant evening dress 229

In The last link, there is a woman who describes the torture and high-tech upgrade to her life as an MK-Ultra victim. It's automated with directed energy weapons and nano chips.

As puzzles are enjoyable to us, we will point out that the story of this woman parallels that of Daisy in the Kerth Barker books. A love interest goes bad, and the perpetrator/handler goes all MK Ultra on the victim. And puts her through all kinds of degrading acts, films it on pornography. 

The stalking is extremely well-described. And it matches some of what Svali shared about. When you are 'in' that organization there's really no way out.

The memory retrieval is like what Kerth did with his deprogramming help. 

She describes her experience of personalities the same way that the woman on a video I'd shared here a few months ago where you could see her little girl personality come out.

What is new is her description of ways to murder without being caught. Slow ones. That cause cancer. And it reminds me of how the Baron killed Bob--by injecting him with a huge syringe of HIV positive blood from a patient who was dying of AIDS.  The Baron knew Bob was a germaphobe. He wanted to cause suffering.

The other thing is as one familiar with the area in Southern California she describes, the level of involvement with the organization (SRA, Mexican Mafia, etc) is deeply concerning, and disturbing. 

My 'take' is that perhaps she was MK Ultra long ago, back home in China, and perhaps didn't know it.? But it's also possible it is as she describes--only three years into it. 

 Zion National Park, located in Utah, is an intensely beautiful 229 square mile place featuring high plateaus and a deep narrow canyon This image was taken during the Fall in the high plateau area The spectacular geology adorned with Fall colors 

Zion is very beautiful. When Carla was twelve her family visited there. You drive through a long, very long tunnel under a mountain, and when you emerge it feels just like paradise!

Their campground was by the east fork of the Virgin River. Pear trees were filled with ripe fruit. Carla would climb the trees and eat to her heart's content, listening to the music of the water babbling over the rocks in the riverbed. 

It was Heaven on Earth!

Zion was named because the settlers traveling west felt it was the Promised Land.

Keep this in mind too, as the awakening continues.

There really IS a Promised Land and we are on our way to it.

LOS ANGELES, USA - APRIL 5, 2014: Two California Plaza skyscraper in Los Angeles. The building is 229 m tall and is the 3rd tallest building in California.

The organization of the Dark Ones and TWDNHOBIAH is daunting.  But this is only from our perspective as ones who are incarnate.

The concept of soul abuse as described in that link is particularly upsetting. 

So when you find you are upset, let your emotions come up. Feel them. And then find the words to describe them. In finding the words, you reassert your personal power. It shifts it to a part of the brain that you can process easier. 

At reading that link astonished was one word, as well as incredibly sad for the victim, and admiring of her bravery to share this information with the world.

 Marrakesh 229 kilometers - roadside distance indicator on the road to Marrakesh, Morocco

Yes it my seem like we are on a dry desert road, covered with dust--metaphysically--with no end in sight.

But this is not true.

You are here with us, and in our community we have one another.

We also have other communities like us, with like-minded souls, as well as our constant loving support from our guides.

BERN, SWITZERLAND - SEPTEMBER 13, 2015: Bridge over the Aare river Kirchenfeldbrucke connects the Casino square in Old Town to the Helvetiaplatz, was inaugurated in 1883, it is 229 m long bridge

The trouble that is posed to the world by CERN is no match for the magnificent glory of the mighty angels who are incarnate in Bern, Switzerland. 

In just about every location where TWDNHOBIAH has an outpost, there is a stronger one from our team, incarnate, holding the energy grid and anchoring it in place.   Even Bavaria itself, one of the strongholds of organized TWDNHOBIAH has an incredible soul to counteract it.

And without your realizing it, YOU are one of these souls, and YOU are placed in a perfect location to help balance out any of the nefarious anything--just by being you--and by dropping and releasing your 'emotional weight', and by doing the work to 'release' anything which is holding your back from any of your past incarnations.

statue of Confucius in 229 peace park in Taipei. The Chinese words behind the statue mead "The Most Sage Venerated Late Teacher"

You don't need the wisdom of Confucius when you have Spirit to help you. 

Spirit is effortless, and will guide you from right where you are. It is that inner knowing. 

And right now, as the Truth emerges, your task is to 'hold the space' with your frequency of calm and love and trust in the Divine Plan.  Others are counting on this. And if a piece of the Truth disturbs you, look within, and seek the lesson or the thing holding you back to release. Tend to your needs, physical, mental, spiritual, and ask your guides to help you heal the wound which is flaring up from the realization of this layer of Truth.

Objects photo for winther season. sweater, tangerine, hot tea or coffee and so on. 229

This isn't our first 'planetary awakening' and it isn't yours either.

Your soul knows what to do.

Remember a larger part of you is off in a realm/bandwidth of energy where Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion are prevalent. 

Tap into it, this energy, once or twice a day.

Animals are going to help you out too. With their unconditional love. You can interact with them too as needed to help you.

National treasure 229 borugak a Borugak Jagyeongnu, Deoksugung Palace

The darkness of TWDNHOBIAH goes back to antiquity.   We don't know for sure if these are relics from what team. But the two pillars aren't so good, in general. Especially if it's with a checkered floor.

Two flying wings German jet fighter aircraft, Horten Ho 229, from World War 2. 3d render illustration

Unbelievable amounts of money have been poured into space programs which will never benefit the average person. It's only for the safety and escape for TWDNHOBIAH.

medical objects Isolated shot in studio.medicine, drug, remedy, syringe, stethoscope 229

Don't underestimate the 'science' used by TWDNHOBIAH to achieve it's goals.

Here's something on disguises that support the allegations of our woman in our last link:

Remember that TWDNHOBIAH are experts in our senses and our psychology and have conditioned us to trust THAT (which they can control) and logic (which we have been taught in school to trust) while at the same time encouraging us not to trust our intuition (which they CAN'T control) and connection to The Divine (which also is outside their reach).

Variety and differents colours and textures background design with glitter, paper, pattern, and various objects. 229

As a final note, we wish to share with you that today, October 31, is the Ancient Hawaiian New Year.

They had visitations and landings off the South Point, in Kau. The ancient ones who lived here spoke of it in their oral history.

They were told we come from the Pleiades. And that's why we celebrate this as New Year--because that's when we were told to do it by them.

Much UFO sighting has taken place there in our modern times too.

Isn't this exciting?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Awakeners

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Harness The Power of The Joy of Creation To Make Your Life Improve

sunflowers field (NIKON D80; 6.7.2007; 1/320 at f/6.3; ISO 400; white balance: Auto; focal length: 230 mm)

Today's blog post is short and sweet, as we celebrate our countdown from 365 reaching all the way now to 230.

We have a new meditation for you. It's actually a Reiki symbol too, if you ever wish to use it as such.
You don't need to be attuned to it.

This is called the Joy of Creation.

Right where you are, quiet yourself, and be still.

Mentally visualize drawing a box like picture frame in your view. 

Then listen. Listen to all the noises that are being created around you. At the moment, I am hearing many birds chirping, and they are loud and wonderful.

Let go of your conscious mind, and allow your eyes to see what is in front of you. All the shapes. All the colors. All the movement. 

Realize everything in front of you was created for YOUR enjoyment, for YOUR growth, for you and your family perhaps if it's where you live. 

Let go of the names, the stories of the things in front of you, and how they got to be there.

Just for this moment now, let them be exactly as they are.

Realize this is here only for you.

It is a gift from Divine Creator.

You will notice an overwhelming feeling of LOVE coming through your perception. Love not for everybody in general, but for YOU. This set of experiences has been designed for you, right this minute now, to help you grow, to help you learn, to delight you. 

Let go of the lesson that you may be involved in at the moment, set down your 'spiritual pencil' as you are going through your day, doing your 'spiritual homework' and take a deep breath of fresh air. 

Enjoy this experience of the Joy of Creation in this moment Now as it is completely disconnected from everything else, past, present and future, that you have ever experienced. 

It doesn't have to be long, this meditation.

Just do it regularly, possibly once a day, and possibly more often than that if it helps you.

I am starting to communicate with the palm trees.

They are very quiet and gentle their souls.

They have Consciousness, same as us.

Their message to you is that they love you.  They call themselves our 'older brothers and sisters' and our interactions near them bring them great joy.  The ones wherever they are, enjoy the humans who are around them. 

They hold the space, with love.

And they want you to experience this love. 

Other beings on Earth have the ability to communicate like this too. 

Why not take a moment to listen to them?

And if you can't hear, thank them for their presence and support and their love.

They can hear YOU.

LINZ, AUSTRIA - FEBRUARY 25: Michaela Egger (#230, Austria) and her team place third in the women's 4x200m relay event in Linz, Austria on February 25, 2012.

It's been a long race, lots of drama, and it can be super frustrating to be incarnate now. 

If you look at the photo, though, there is a certain beauty to this race, the struggle, the urgency, the competition.

You'll only find this on Earth, I suppose.

And for this even the struggle has its own beauty.

 The Abu Simbel temples are two massive rock temples in Abu Simbel in Nubia, southern Egypt They are situated on the western bank of Lake Nasser, about 230 km southwest of Aswan The complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Nubian

Certain belief systems have never actually disappeared. They just went underground. In my opinion they have caused a lot of harm to the general public and society due to the misuse of the Free Will of a certain select few, TWDNHODIAH.

GOLD COAST, AUS - NOV 06 2014:Visitors ride on Road Runner Roller Coaster in Movie World Gold Coast Australia.It's a 335-metre (1,099 ft) Junior Coaster reaches a top speed of 45.9 km/h (28.5 mph)

Even this struggle, in its own way, has its own beauty. It feels like a roller coaster at the moment as the Truth, the Divine Eternal Truth which has been hidden from the general public by TWDNHOBIAH--is coming to the surface of Gaia and the Consciousness of everyone upon her. 

 landscape near the tunnel of Vielha, road N 230, Vielha e Mijaran, Viella, Val d'Aran, Aran Valley, Pyrenees, Lleida province. View of mountains, town centre, river and Vielha small lake

In time we will have our own achievements and accomplishments and celebrations when Conscious and Balanced use of Free Will are back in alignment with The Divine--all over Gaia's surface!

Then freedom and joy will be the predominant tone/vibration upon all the Earth!

New York City, USA - July 13, 2015: View of the famous Empire State Building at sunset. This view is from the rooftop of the 230-fifth Bar.

In the meantime, why not test your baby muscles in your powers of Co-Creation?

Remember the advice of Dr. Brett--life is short, and live it to the most?

Face your challenges with openness and acceptance to What Is Meant to Be. 

I had a struggle to get what I wanted at work. Lots of struggle. But I'm here and I'm moving ahead in spite of it.

Girl in a landscape near the tunnel of Vielha, road N 230, Vielha e Mijaran, Viella, Val d'Aran, Aran Valley, Pyrenees, Lleida province. View of mountains, town centre, river and Vielha small lake

I want to give a special shout out to a woman named Svali. I'm not sure if this article is recent, because Svali once wrote a lot but we haven't heard from her for a while. She was being, um, chased/tracked...her and her family.

I want you to realize the incredible beauty of a soul like Svali or Kerth Barker or Jay Parker who grows up in that kind of culture of SRA, and awakens to Truth. 

That's why I chose this photo to represent Svali. I have no idea what she looks like. But like this girl, she is resolute, strong, and determined to help others who have suffered like she has. And to expose their plight to the world. 

In the article, she mentions 'trauma-bonding'. It's like the Stockholm effect on steroids. 

The Joy of Creation is even stronger than trauma bonding.

And the Love of the Divine Creator is even stronger than THAT.

If you have suffered trauma, of any kind, write. Write in a journal as your memories come up. The process of writing takes an EMOTION and shifts it to a different part of the brain where you have some control and ability to process it. It helps with the overwhelm and powerlessness. It also gives you a way to look back and see your own progress and growth.

Have a second journal where you write in it one happy experience every day. Perhaps a special treat to eat. Or a beautiful flower. Write in detail how you experienced it--with each of your senses--don't skip any. How did it look? How did it taste? How did it smell? How did it sound? How did it feel on  your skin--was there a breeze or sunshine?

Really LIVE each memory when you write the one for the second journal.

This gives you more positive memories to remember--and will help you create your NOW, your new life, the one free from the hardship you experienced with the trauma. 


This technique isn't mine. It's from the couple who created it. Kerth knew them. They healed many people. I forget their names but it's good what they did. One day I'll remember it.

I love this photo because the clock is at 2:30. <3 Ancient train station.

VANCOUVER - JUN 29, 2011: A visitor explores Vancouver's Capilano Cliff Walk through rainforest vegetation, a cantilevered and suspended walkway jutting out from the granite cliff face 230 metres above the Capilano River.

I don't think I would enjoy this very much, because of the height, but for the people who do, it's a wonderful way to experience Nature and the Joy of Creation.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the generous people who support our work.

Did you know every photo costs a dollar from my photo service?

And today's post was brought to you by MB who just donated twelve dollars recently.

Every bit helps.

Here's the last photo Ross picked.

A 3D illustration of the interstellar object known as Oumuamua. Originally classified as an asteroid, Oumuamua is an object estimated to be about 230 by 35 meters (800 ft x 100 ft) in size, travelling through our solar system.

He says this is nothing compared to what is coming next. And he wants you to enjoy looking forward to it.

Our loved ones in the skies really have the skill to co-create. 

I've come to realize we are never alone.

I feel Ross and the Other Side all the time now. 

Last night, I heard a guitar player singing. He played the theme from Ghost, the Everly brothers song Unchained Melody (It could be the Righteous Brothers, I don't know).  I was like, 'wow! I never thought I would LIVE that experience from the movie!'.

Then the next song had meaning from Ross. 

And so did the one after that.

Once you get the hang of it, you don't have to be a medium to realize how your loved ones on the Other Side are constantly with you. 

And also, the fear of death diminishes...because you really don't die alone. Your guide and Guardian Angel will escort you once you leave your body. They are THERE and will make it better and easy for you.

Spirit is Life.

Spirit is Forever.

So enjoy the Joy of Creation while you are incarnate.

Look at it with New Eyes that See.

And feel the love no matter what--the love Divine Creator has for you--and that all Creation has for you--as you work out your own baby muscles and 'co create'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Love Is Authentic

Today we are going to talk about, what Ross calls, 'the real thing'.

It is time to move beyond the petty and to the realm where angels walk.

Please remember that last statement. We will get back to it.

My friend and neighbor from growing up is a recovering heroin addict, and I think possibly some other thing too. Her FB feed is incredible these days. It's so filled with truth and light.  A healed addict is a very powerful soul. And the healing goes for every ancestor she ever had, too--they are connected.

It's like winning the 'spiritual lottery' (Ross' phrase) to achieve something incredible like this.

The same goes for the drinker who does not drink, the sexual abuse survivor  who accepts the responsibility and gravity of the situation and heals,  the anger management person who works through the healing process, for everyone who has experienced 'something out of the ordinary that's traumatic' and puts their life back together one piece at a time...

Ross says even when someone makes positive steps, even a little one, 'it is like hitting the jackpot on the Big Bertha slot machine' for all of your relatives who have passed generations and generations before you.

'For on Earth', Ross says, 'everyone has equal chance to win, and a lot faster than if you were not incarnate'.

This is the nature of the Illusion--an equal opportunity chance to learn and to grow--'with love in your heart' Ross says.

'And today, just for this moment, everyone is hitting the jackpot on every single slot machine right and left' up there in Heaven.

I'm going to take this one step further.

Sometimes to heal you really need to be shaken up. Emotionally. In some cases perhaps, to your breaking point.

The reason is because being taken out of your 'comfort zone' in a big way, will help to loosen up some of those deeply buried painful memories from this or possibly older incarnations.

I've had someone describe their sense of this type of '360 healing' is  like everything is coming at you all at once from all directions, and it's really stressful.

For me, recently, this has borne fruit. And in 'fruit' I mean healing and valuable lessons in self-awareness.

One irrational fear I have about the Galactics was a lot of anger at them for being, um, way more open with their sexuality than we are here. Kind of like -- well, if you've read here enough you might recall I've referred to them as 'the bonobos', and if you know what 'bonobos' are like, you will understand why they are no longer on public display at the San Diego Safari Park.

This one came up while talking with Ross on the drive home--and, going through the perspective of THIS and my immediate past incarnations--it makes a lot of sense:  in Heaven will I have to deal with unwanted sexual advances and possibly rape if sex is so prevalent 'up there'?

To be honest even Ross didn't see that one coming, but he totally 'got it' and understood my concern, and reassured me that this would never be the case. There is always mutual consent, love and respect, or it just doesn't happen. Every time.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Another one that is coming out now, like, TODAY and I mean, 'after I got home from work, TODAY', is that there were a lot of teachers who copied Ross' work 'back in the day'. And it made me really angry and I felt powerless to stop it. Especially after he died.

For Ross was always himself, especially 'authentic'.

Sometimes here there are some teachers who 'talk the talk' but don't 'walk the walk'.

This caused our family immense harm and humiliation back then. Ross sailed above it. And I didn't. I got 'stuck' in a lower vibration. And only today, as in, just now as I'm writing this, am I seeing the importance of forgiveness--copying is a form of flattery Ross points out--and because these people weren't Ross, they couldn't 'get it one hundred percent correct'--so why get all bent out of shape about it?

I have to hand it to Saul--with this message--and I'll quote the part that helped the most:  Not to react in anger is good, but it is not enough because that anger has to be felt and released.  If it is not released it festers and demands your attention.  When you are at peace nothing demands your attention, instead you choose in each moment where to focus your attention.  When you choose where to focus your attention, instead of allowing your moods or your emotions to direct you, you will be able to deal with all that arises peacefully, even with situations that arise as conflict.

When a teacher is talking 'love love love' and also 'co-creation'--and I intuitively sense the anger has been not released--it's HARD. It's a total disconnect. And I get angry and upset because it's steering the people who listen to such a teacher into feeling inadequate and guilty for not 'having the good stuff'--the co-creation of a decent life, and the peace--etc.

It's like -- in a weird way only my stupid soul could come up with--it's an insult to Ross and everything he stands for.

Only Ross doesn't care, he couldn't care less, he never did and he never will! LOL. 

So I'm taking baby steps towards the embodiment of 'his' philosophy, which is Truth in every way. 

For the teachers who copied his work, for the ones who took all the credit, for the ones who aren't fully engaged on the 'front lines'--truly everyone was and is and ever shall be in the right place for them. 

For the students, know that your teachers aren't 'enlightened' to perfection if they are incarnate--and always weigh how your heart feels through their teaching.

If it doesn't resonate with you--even if it's your best friend who adores this teacher--think of it like going to a counselor or therapist--there must be chemistry for the learning or the therapy to be effective for you.  So switch out.

And for teachers--if someone is teaching to another group and helping them--even if it's not how YOU would do it--let them teach. 

Ross would.

I wouldn't. But now I'm working towards being like him too. 

I got over it. The cruelty to him at the end. To him and the distortion of his fine work and memory. I'm over it just a little bit--OMG!--I might 'slip!'--but at least I've made the connection and am working towards the goal.

I have to laugh.

I can laugh now because the hidden stuff with this theme, the stuff Kerth Barker and others have exposed so coming to an end. 

I'm so grateful for this.

Ross wants me to talk about the vinyl, and then go on with the 'lottery'.

I know a woman who does home improvement herself. She liked the bathroom flooring change so much, she decided to do the kitchen so it would match. She lifted up all the floating laminate flooring herself on 'demo day'. What was underneath surprised her! Yellow fake tile pattern vinyl flooring that was glued on when the house was built in 1973. She had to take a hammer and chisel for three days to scrape it off. Just in the kitchen!  

What is she replacing it with?

With vinyl. 

Only this one looks like wood. 


Today I had an 'average patient'. 

I do many of the Reiki Healings on patients...lots of times I go in and take attachments out. 

This time something unusual for the good happened. Archangel Raphael showed up. As I was doing the healing, he joined in. I did some removals, nothing major, but then I started to see little green liquid drops flowing out from where I was, into the grid of every living being on the Earth! It was beautiful and like a river flowing very fast only I could see all the particles. 

I guess you could say the healing was 'supercharged'.  In a big way.

I was told by Raphael to ask for a Diamond Shield for this patient, 'so that nothing can go back in'.   I negotiated it, and Raphael said he would pay for it.  He asked for the current price. It was one hundred fifty euros.  

I paid it. 

It went on. (It was placed).

What Raphael didn't tell me to say, until now, is that he, um, 'shared it' through the same exact grid. 

This isn't the full shield--Raphael isn't putting anyone out of business--but he says it's like a shellac or coating to keep the 'healing in' and he says it was okay. So it 'would not leak' and that 'things that are meant to stay out stay out'. 

It's on everybody. Whether they are able to pay or not, a certain minimum diamond shield (he says, a 'fraction of it', just barely enough to do the job, although he encourages everyone to purchase one while there is still time) protect and to foster healing 'on a soul level'...

We really ARE hitting the jackpot!


I got intel tonight from Ross that Joseph of Arimathea is walking on the ground in Alabama--with wings and a sword--because 'there are things that need to be cleaned up'.  He hit the ground around three p.m. today, PDT. 

This isn't the 'incarnate angel' kind of angel. It's the real thing. And I don't know if anyone is going to see him or not. But, he's THERE.

And that's a good thing.

It's 11:11 now.

Time for me to go.

Ross salutes you.  And waves goodbye for now.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Do Your Best and Know That You Are Loved

Blind window of the burial chapel in Guetzkow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany with bible passage - Jeremiah 23:6.    English translation:  In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Live your life.

You are here for a reason, and that reason is important.

Nobody can live your life for you but YOU.

There are going to be good days.

There are going to be bad days.

Either way, the days are going to pass.

So do your best.

There were some people who 'interpreted' my blog post yesterday -- not directly but I read it -- and, um, all I have to say to them is 'walk a mile in my shoes and I think you would explode from the intensity of the assignment'.

First of all, my work situation is toxic that people in other surgical roles, such as technicians and technologists, keep quitting. 

I am there to help people awaken, and one actually is. He is enjoying the videos about the peet zah gate and discovering the hidden symbolism and lies which are hidden in plain sight.  I would endure my long days and nights and stress gladly just to know that it helped this guy to wake up! 

Actually another is 'alert and oriented' already, we didn't know, but it's a cleaning person. And as the first guy was talking as my patient was waking up, the other and I were talking about who sacrificed who to get where they are on the A-list, for example, who did their mother....much to the first guy's amazement that such a thing could happen and nobody would know. He was like, 'how do you know?' and we are like, 'that information is out there' and 'there are lists'. 

So, know my work bears fruit--hopefully here with you our dear appreciated readers -- and also in my physical presence at work. 

The last is a warning I give everyone who reads the blogs and thinks I share EVERYTHING.

I don't.

It is the things I don't mention which are the most disturbing and important work I do. I 'see things' face to face and I 'cleanse' them.  And many of these 'things' are very big things which are icky and can only be seen with 'eyes that see'. 

Do you need to do this?


You need to do what you were sent to do and only you can do it.

Just like me.

Would you like an example?

An innocent-looking young patient had a problem. I saw a pattern I've seen many times before--a fear of needles, and an incredible tolerance to standard anesthetics. A polite way to say it is that the individual's opioid receptors were 'not naive' to opioid while under my care. 

I had to look in. 

I reluctantly did.

Horrible icky attachments were lurking in there.

I didn't want to mess with them or even engage. So I attached a suction device--one from spirit I am authorized to use--to the soul in about a nanosecond. And I found a way to loosen and remove all of these entities. 

I do this day in, day out, every day, without question, work like this.

My shields I have invested in--a gold one from Margaret McCormick and a diamond one from Isabel Henn--are the best money I ever spent because then nothing sticks to me!

Anyhow, there was another I cleared where I had to hold the hand of Divine Creator to even look at it. What came out freaked even me out, and I've seen everything. These were slimy spirits like red algae and were so many! There were other things too and all of them rushing out of a collaboration of a 'network of darkness' where my patient had been the tip of the iceberg. 

I found out yesterday that it was the energy of a certain Michael Aquino's work. I won't say any more about it. But it's clean and it's done. 

Remember your emotions are there for a reason. It's to protect you. Feel them. If you have a bad day, let it go. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn't have felt the way you did, or that their way is better. 

When you encounter someone like this, look for the fruit.

Just like with darkness, you 'follow the money'--with people on our team, you look for the evidence of the healing work that they do, and how much 'sweat equity' they have put into it. For one person who has anxiety of heights and to be able to go up something is a big deal--and that's a ton of 'sweat equity' they have put into themselves for healing THEM. 

This is the gold standard.

How much healing and releasing have they done themselves?

Then, after that, see how much they have done to help others?  In any way. 

Trust you are working on your assignment for a reason that is blessed. Give yourself the love you need to make it through your day. Be thankful for the love of friends, patients/clients/and family. It is a gift. 

Never compare yourself to anyone else.

And when others compare themselves to you, offer them love. Love cures everything. 

And go on your merry way. 

That's all I have to say. I have an early assignment--early start--and yesterday I was twenty minutes late lol. 

Ross' love is always, always with me.  Sometimes now with my meditation I just let his arms wrap around me and I concentrate to just relax and let go. Then I cry and tell him the things I've seen that frighten me.  And I soak in his compassion and caring. 

Also, right before the patient almost died the other day, he sent me the most beautiful symbol. It is the symbol for Heaven on Earth--I wrote down the name, I might have the order of the words wrong--but it is a good one. 

When I am up and running in the teaching department I will share it with our students at some later time. 

Ross says it's time for me to go.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins