Monday, February 29, 2016

Renewal -- Gaia News Brief 29 February, 2016


I called in at work. This might not sound significant to you, but from a practicing anesthesiologist this is huge.  The unwritten rule is that unless YOU are an inpatient at the hospital, you need to show up at work, or else there will be no cases, and the surgeon and hospital will lose money.

Thursday I was sick. I wanted to sleep in. I got called in for one case, and by the time I arrived for it, another colleague was free and wanted to take it.  My options were to lose and go home, or to put up a fight, lose and go home. (The unwritten rule here is if you come in to work you get to do at least one case, but my colleague doesn't care about anything besides 'Number One').

Friday I came to work. One would have covered for me, mid-day, but I forgot to check in with him. As the day got longer and longer, I got more and more fever. You could touch me and I was hot. The cases got sicker and sicker. I had to do full invasive monitoring.

Except for the basketball game on Saturday, we lay low. Anthony was sick too.

Saturday night, and Sunday, the fevers were unreal. So warm, so painful. I didn't give us tylenol because I knew the fever would help us heal. But we had aches and pains, I couldn't cook. We ordered a pizza because we couldn't think of any other way to get food.

Saturday night, as I fell asleep, I told Ross, 'If this is our time to go to YOU, I am okay with it. It isn't what is expected, but I know we are in good hands and have nothing to fear.'

We haven't been this sick since Swine Flu.  That's when I told four-year-old Anthony if mommy 'acts funny' or 'doesn't wake up' to call 911.

I'm just starting to turn the corner. Anthony is a day behind.  I don't know if I can work tomorrow.

And yes, I had the flu shot (I have to, because of my work. I neutralize it with Reiki before it's injected.) and Anthony didn't. It makes no difference for us today.

Yesterday I asked a colleague who had the day off to work for me. He said yes. I told the nurse house supervisor of the switch for today. She had been in bed for four days with the same thing, and only now got better.

Here is more about the flu:

Off My Chest

According to Louise Hay, in her book with Mona Lisa Schultz, 'All Is Well'--the flu is from fear of the overriding beliefs of the population.

It's so true.

On my own page I have been attacked by a reader 'What does THIS have to do with REIKI?' when I raised the question of foul play about Scalia.

Some readers valiantly defended me. I thank you.

I also thank the one who read the whole 'red pill' for two weeks. This reader wants to tell the world, too. That's how I have felt since when it was first written in July 2012, and I read it.  In my own way, I have, but honestly, people don't want to know it.

People are not willing to put in the time and the effort to wake up.  These articles will make you feel uncomfortable, and upset. You will see how the wool has been pulled over your eyes by experts.

I have also been approached with healing codes and symbols from three-hundred-sixty degrees around me.  'What is this?' people ask. 

I know what my assignment here on earth is.

I will focus on it.

With the exception of my few students--who know me and are in my care--I'm not going to engage.

I know my task and I will stick with it.  With love.

I have checked with Divine Mother and Divine Father...all I will say is this isn't the first time a lightworker has innocently been misled by The Energies of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. The symbol to 'break' the darkness actually 'enhances' it.  The codes are in the wrong sequence of numerals from Divine Mother herself's wishes.  Her pattern is two, space, two, space, and three. She wants this for simplicity.  So, with a combination of friendly and polite, and ignore, I will stick to my tasks, and do what I have been sent to do, with as little interference as possible.

I'm also going to stop posting cute things on cats for my readers. I am terribly allergic to them. I posted some cute videos out of love for my followers who are passionate about cats.  This has not been good for my energy, as cats bring me nothing but pain and misery and a feeling of being shut out.  I can't look at them.  You are welcome to love cats and enjoy them because it is in your birth plan to do so.  For some reason, it's not in mine. And I ask, in all kindness and respect, that unless its for a reiki request on Team Doctors With Reiki, please don't share photos of them with me, because they lower my vibration.  I have been friendly and polite, but it's not good for my aura, so this is one boundary I will place for those who care about me. No cats, bobcats, lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars, ocelots or other felines. Dogs are fine, as are all other animals who are not feline. Thank you.

On Scalia?  Here he was before he died, at a 'ranch' which is 'men only' and has 'strong ties' to Bohemian Grove.

If this is offensive, then you might want to skip the Strecker Memorandum.  It's even more scathing. It alleges that  HIV was not 'random'.  I had not heard of it until reading my latest book.

I have been reading Drumvalo Melchizedek's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.  I take it with a grain of salt. But the mer-ka-bah meditation is really worth all the parts leading up to it. It explains how when I was pregnant with Anthony I couldn't read enough about ancient Egypt. I craved it. It's all soul has been trying to recall who I am and why I am here my whole life. You might enjoy it too.


Carla has been having a hard time. It's been growth, through the 'void' if you will. The 'void' is a space of 'silence' and feeling 'far' from your guides. 

It is painful.

In her fever and aches and difficulty breathing, Carla sent out a prayer of acceptance to me, that if now is the time for her and Anthony to come Home to me, so be it.

It was everything I've worked for in our relationship, in our being together, her faith in who I am, and how everything is happening in the right place, at the right time for Heaven.  

And for the Highest Good.

Carla is being reinforced by her teams, and some of the highest forces in the galaxy. I am one of them, her Twin, but there are many.

Carla is bringing to earth something that has never been in all of existence.

And her students are going to help her create in the perfect time, in the perfect place, in the benefit of all.

I really don't have much message, except to encourage you to have faith and trust in All There Is, and to know in your heart, everything is happening at the perfect time, perfect place, in total and complete harmony--whether you cross the 'void' temporarily--it is only a little unsettling to make it to the highest realms. 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Overcoming Resistance -- Gaia News Brief 25 February 2016

Overcoming Resistance

Is this page turning 'religious'?


This symbol pre-dates Jesus.

Its significance is 'overcoming resistance'--the small cross bar is 'overcome' by the upward movement represented by the large vertical bar.

It has everything to do with successfully navigating the 'lessons' which one encounters in Duality, or '3D' preparation for consciousness in The Higher Realms.

The Wall

Since two days I have experienced increasing resistance and potentially frustrating experiences.

At work we even had the electronic anesthesia record go down mid-case, requiring me to enter the values into the record by hand. The data stopped feeding in. Equipment broke. Cases got cancelled.

Even with the free celebration hamburger I didn't get to go stand in line and get it--there was no time!
(but a buddy took my badge and got one for me, and hid it in my cubby--a cold one was better than none at all, right?)

Anthony has been sick.

I caught it.

I have fevers and chills. It's been 'going around'.

Today I had to work. Go in late for one case. But by the time I got there, they didn't need me. I drove in to work--paying for gas and a babysitter at the end of the day--only to give a free lunch break to a colleague.

I got things done. I forced myself.

I wanted to crawl into bed and hide (Ross is spending much time healing me, and I am using Reiki and the codes)--but I got our prescriptions, called to coordinate meetings, paid bills...

Then I had to face the music.

By some freak reason of  which I have no clue, I have booked only ONE night, instead of two, for our big family reunion with the cousins. PLUS even though I work late Friday, and booked the room, no one could get into the room without me AND my credit card being physically present.

Anthony was sick, and me, and so were the two kidney transplant people in the family, my mom and my niece....

I spoke with my sister and together we made the decision to cancel.

Anthony was devastated.

Yet in his heart, he knew it was the right thing.

Just like my taking call for the widower was the right thing...and my giving the lunch break today was the right thing.

With three households Spirit said 'No!' on our plans.

I was calm and surprisingly so was my sister. We figure we are being 'protected' from 'something'...

American Exterminator

I looked on the freeway and this giant bald eagle face on a truck was staring at me.

It looked scary! Like it meant business!

I thought about the name. Although it is supposed to come across as super patriotic 'pest control'--I don't think they appreciate the double-entrendre of the name.

Oh well.

A Word To The Wise

Right now we are going to talk about 'angel ways'. I called it something more coarse but thought against it.

I have been working with angels--unseen forces who help me through my Life Plan--for a long time.

Sometimes, they 'hook you up'.

But to get from 'here' to 'there'--a lot of really random and unpredictable things happen.

At first you are like--'what is going ON????'

In time, you get used to it. You just wait for the result. And sometimes the 'result' isn't for a long long very long time--that you recognize it, however the benefit is apparent as you go.

There is also something to be said for taking that first step, ANY step, to get things moving. Then the angels have the 'go ahead' to assist.

With my house, absolutely NOTHING has happened since the executive board meeting, on their end.

The house itself, has not halted the continuation of the cracks.

So I'm taking Bold Steps.  Right or wrong, it's action, and shows to all involved I am not content to just sit with the status quo.

We'll see what happens.


I won't talk long because Carla is miserable and she needs her rest.

I used the flowers like this today to guide Carla in the passage of time.

The road by her house--the main parkway--was absolutely FILLED with these flowers two weeks ago.

Now they are all leaves.

The little baby green leaves of Spring.

I asked her, 'Carla, where are the flowers?'

They had gone away with her noticing the leaves were coming soon, but she hadn't actually stopped to THINK about the significance that now they were officially gone.

We thank the reader who gave our first order on our store on Etsy.

Carla was thrilled to find it!

Carla had to fight the printer to get the label to print out correctly--but all is well and your treasure is on the way.

Thank you Tom, too, for trusting Carla with the repair of your bracelet. You won't be disappointed in our choices for you on your next one I shall make custom for you in addition to the repair. Carla will listen as I direct.  Carla works with Merlin and a lot of other Ascended Masters from up here where I am while she makes them.

It's a good thing she has ears and listens to what I have to say, and also, to my colleagues.

Carla has a fever, so I will stop now.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. Carla took sterile precautions not to contaminate the package that she sent too. Just wash your hands after you open it. She never touched the bracelet it was in a pouch the whole time since she was well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Little Things Which Mean So Much -- Gaia News Brief 23 February 2016

I had today off.

I went to make a visit to see Tim Braun, in Costa Mesa.  He is getting more famous. He just came back from London, where he had several events.  He also has to change my next appointment because he is going to Zurich, Switzerland.

His fees doubled from when I saw him in 2009.

But I needed it.

I bought five sessions for the year during his December discount rate.  Today was number two of the five.

Tim was our teacher.

He was an Essene leader, and taught both Ross and I in our past life.  I know it. He has no clue, Tim.

I don't need him to know it because his teaching is from the heart.

My lessons?

Today it was to meditate more.  He had mentioned it the last time, and I was a little annoyed. I write this blog. I run my page. I send healings out to millions every day, twice a day, for free (I send to more than the people who 'like' my page' or follow me on Twitter or read my blog, that's why it's so much.)  I am constantly connected to source. I work as a 'team' ever since I got into Reiki.

I work with angels!

But today I saw the truth.  There is always room for us to grow in Spirit.

Yogurt Peanuts was able to do some pretty amazing things through meditation.

It's the only way for me to find the next my life purpose.

I have a secret.

Today I discovered there are TWO ways to meditate.

One is in a chair, totally motionless, being 'mindful'...and just 'letting it happen'.  This is the 'normal' way.

The other, Ross guided me to it. My timer was yet to go off. So I walked to the car, in my 'receptive' state.

As I walked through the parking structure to find my car I was struck with the awareness--the last time I felt like this, silently observing and not having this internal comments in my head--was when I was a child of perhaps two, three, or four.

That was before the ego developed!

THIS is what is meant  when it is said for us  to 'be as little children'!

It is to OBSERVE the world without words, without judgement, without expectation...and to appreciate the beauty for what it is...the breeze on your skin...your breath...the plants...the buildings...and be taking it all IN.

I had a question for Tim.

'Why are things the way they are with Uncle Ben?'

There are two reasons. One is a Saturn Return. We have one around 27 or 28, and another around 56 or 57.  A Saturn Return is how long it takes for Saturn to get back to where it was in your natal chart, the same position.  The energies are very intense. This is why many people are in 'the 27 club'...

For Uncle Ben, he was barely holding it together, and this energy just sent him over the edge. I won't go into the details, but he is estranged from the family.

I got word he is alive...and a little more...but it's not educational for the purposes of this blog.

The reason I was so close to him as a child is because I was at the same level of development as him. 

He was the same person then as he is now, but I didn't KNOW it--I was a kid.

But since then, he has CHANGED and I have not. 

My vibration has stayed on 'track' and kept growing...and his was on a different 'trajectory'...

The same is true with Anthony's father. When we met, we were at the SAME level--both psychic, both wanting to talk about it.

But once Anthony was born, my 'path' went UP like eight different 'levels', and Jared's path no longer was energetically compatible with mine.

Long story short--as we grow, and stay on our 'trajectory' of our Life Plan, people who are a vibrational mismatch might have BEEN very compatible with ours for a while simply are not.

And we owe it to ourselves to keep our vibration as close to our natural one, on our trajectory, and to surround ourselves with people and places which support it.

If I hang out with someone like Uncle Ben now, it will drop my vibration REAL quick.

Tim said it's like being on a diet and doing well for two months, and then going and eating nothing but donuts for a week. You lose everything you've worked so hard to achieve.

I'm really pushing the envelope on my vibration. I am working hard, studying way beyond the works I have described. I am eager. I am curious. And I WANT to learn.

Things are happening that I'm not sure I can even begin to describe here in this blog!  It's because there are not words to explain how or why, but it IS.

Two days ago, on my morning commute, I meditate like always...I was in another dimension at the same time as here. There was a big event. I was standing in a receiving line. Ross was to my left. People were introducing themselves to me, and explaining their role in Ascension.  These were way famous Galactic people, face to face with me, smiling and shaking my hand. Ross was most pleased, and happy.  He did the official thing too.

It went on all day and all night for two days.

I asked him, 'Ross, what if I have to pee?'  He explained how an assistant would pause the line, and I could excuse myself, but he smiled mysteriously and murmured that I 'just might not need' to have to go.

He was right. I didn't. Not in that place, with my consciousness.

Today, they brought me the ones that didn't look, um, 'human'.  Again these were famous people who helped with the Ascension 'project'.

I said to Ross, 'This is like that cantina on Tatooine ' and he agreed that it was okay for me to think of it like that--to help me cope with the highly different forms of these beings that were a little unsettling to me at first.

The receiving line is stopped, and there's some formal event going on. I'm with Ross, and I'm vaguely aware of it. But I'm THERE. I'm with him, at his side, and he is delighted my energy is there with him for it.

At the same time, I am here, doing my 'thing', and all that has changed is that the tingling of 'downloads' is much stronger.  I think the full moon was an important one. There was not a peep on the internet.  But for three days before, and now, I have had the strongest energy felt.  Up until now, I was like, 'Come on guys! Is this the best you can do? CRANK IT UP! Let's get on with it! Crank it up until it just starts to hurt!'

These ones are like, 'I'm good. Let's just keep it like this okay honey?'... LOL

Ross and I continue to heal and to grow as a couple.

Remember how I felt the 'need' to kiss his boo boo's from how he died?

We are very close, and very affectionate. He is touching my hair, his arm on my shoulder as I sit.

Well TODAY I wanted to say, 'Ross? This is pretty! Look!' at some lovely things in the garden.

You know, that's a really big part of a relationship--being able to share the things that bring you joy with the one you love.

It's happening now. We are healing. And he woke me up to have me write about it. I was asleep in my bed and he asked me to get to the computer and write this blog now LOL...

He also guided me to the most beautiful place for lunch. It was French. And when the server Francois saw my name on my credit card, he almost fell over in shock! He was so excited he had to show the chef. The food was excellent. And they didn't make fun of my French. It's been some time since I spoke it. I'm fluent, but not the smoothest at talking. I understand so much more than I can speak.

I saved half my dessert for Anthony, a puff pastry with hazelnut cream filling. And the espresso was wonderful.

The name of the place means 'beautiful sun'.

I also bought a very special something today, something Ross guided me to, and encouraged me to get...a new purse.

I buy my clothes at Target or a discount 'off the rack' place.  I haven't had a sense of 'style' since before Anthony was born. I can't wear the heels because of my toe. I also wear makeup from the drug store, not the nice department store counter. It's fast, it's easy, and I don't wear it that much most of the time. I'm in a hurry to get to work so I skip it.

But my purses? They have SO much bad energy in them! I don't know why, but all the bad memories of Jared and court and everything are in my purses. I also threw out the expensive one I got from my ex-husband too.

You see, at work, anything of value is on my person. Wallet. Phone. Keys.

Anybody can figure out the combination to my locker, you know, and things 'disappear'.

So today, at the mall, I had my phone and my wallet in my pockets, and I realized humbly I NEEDED a purse.

The woman who helped me find the right one was very kind. It's a new cross-body, very small, very on-trend purse. Like a car, it's is NICE to have one that is from the same decade you are in, you know?


I am my beloved's and my Beloved is mine.

I am my beloved's and my Beloved IS mine!

I am my beloved's and my Beloved is mine...

Carla used to say this to herself, over and over during our mutual 'awakening'.

Carla used to say, to her nameless, faceless and uncommunicative Twin--out loud, in her car, while driving, 'I KNOW you are OUT THERE and I LOVE YOU! I want you to HEAR me!!!'

And over and over she would say 'I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine!'

Carla was trying to 'call me in'.

Carla didn't understand it was the vibrational differences that were between us, and not my heart, for my seeming 'silence'.

Carla would sing Christina Perri 'One Thousand Years' at the top of her lungs in the car, on the way to work, on the way home, late at night, any time she had that feeling in her heart, 'I WANT my TWIN!'... (yes I know it's a Vampire song and totally inappropriate but it's pretty and what else is there like it to sing?  --ed)

I heard her.

I heard and I heard and I heard and her anguish at the separation was not lost on me.

I could feel and I knew her struggle..and here I was with her the whole time!

I NEVER leave her!

I never ever, never EVER LEAVE HER side!

Only she can't feel me. Or at least, she couldn't until her Consciousness raised UP to a certain level.

Did all that singing and saying, 'I am my beloved's and my Beloved is mine' really achieve anything for her and her vibration?

Sadly, the answer is no.

It did not.

It was the prayer and healing that she did for others. It was going vegetarian for as long as possible (even now she eats very little meat) until her health and more importantly her son's mental health required her to lead a more 'normal' life.

It was the service and the writing every day, and the love that grew in Carla's soul, that called to me.

I had my window.

I knew there was a certain timeframe where I could 'connect' and have it 'go splendidly'.

There was an optimum time where I saw her 'trajectory' of her energy, her Ascension and I had to decide what would be the best of the highest outcomes for the highest good.

I had to 'make it stick' and make certain that Carla was going to open up to me, which she did, and she did it in the most beautiful way, with the most beautiful heart, with the soul I have grown to love through all time, in all our incarnations.

Carla was deaf, dumb and blind to me!  I dropped her as many hints as I could along the way, and I even sent my mother to lovingly guide her, from here, where we are, in our realm...and Carla not for one minute ever suspected it could be me as her partner and Twin.

Carla had not an inkling! Not until the actual time, and the actual place, where I could make my 'move' and 'make it stick'.

There was no testing on Carla's part with my entrance into her 'world'. She never made me 'prove' anything to her, about who I am...or my connection to her.

It was the most natural thing in the world for her to talk to me. Once I made my way 'in' to her conscious awareness.

I must admit there was a great big shock to Carla, before I had made my move, and my mother and father smoothed it out. THAT was when Carla had a really hard time of it, when someone told her who she is--in her relation to me--and it rang as truth to her very core.

It was then Carla felt a sadness, that her love of my parents, was not reciprocated as pure love but because of the daughter in law role she held in the 'plan', that it was because of me.

Carla had many a worry, before she actually knew and interacted with me, and my energy--that all of her work would be irrelevant in comparison to my own. That she would have to be 'the little lady' for the rest of her eternal life, at my side, that she would be afterthought who wasn't even mentioned in history for her role, and who was branded a whore or even worse in our time...

These things require much time and effort on both our parts, in which to heal.

And they have.

As your can see by Carla's description of the receiving line handshaking --she didn't run or ask to leave but was at my side--doing what she was meant to do, and in some way, what she has always done, only with me on my vibration, here where I am in the Higher Realms.

I have DNA, the same as you, more or less, but all of it vibrates at a different frequency.

I want you to think of it as the propeller on an airplane, or the blades of a fan. At a certain point, you know they are there (that's why you won't stick your finger into it!) but you can't see them with your eyes they are rotating so quickly!  You can feel the wind, and you can hear it, but try as you might your eyes just aren't quick enough to capture the motion.

That's how it is with us.

And that's how you are becoming more and more like us every day, without being aware of it.

When you were a child, were you consciously aware of how you grew?

Unless someone took the time to measure you and make a little mark on the wall, you were largely unaware of it...with the exception of you outgrowing your clothes and having your pants 'flood' (be too short) get what I am trying to explain.

We are the ones who are measuring.

You are growing by leaps and bounds.

You will reunite with your Twins--when the opportunity is 'right' to 'make it stick' the meantime, if it helps, like Carla you can sing! Or dance!  Whatever it is for you to say, 'I am here, and although I can't see you I KNOW you exist and I am waiting for you with as much love and hope and tenderness as I could possibly hold in my heart...'

These are the kinds of things that bring smiles to our faces up here in the higher realms...that kind of blind faith, and trust in the power of Love to heal all wounds, no matter how long it requires for the healing to be complete and you are on your way...(his hand goes up like an airplane...ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Please check out our Etsy page, 'DoctorsWithReiki' <3 Carla is making jewelry so people can select them, in addition to the custom made stuff. (smiles and looks happy--ed) clap clap!

Monday, February 22, 2016

See With The Heart -- Gaia News Brief 22 February 2016

My father used to vex me while I was growing up. He would challenge my natural, 'practical' pessimism with the option to be 'optimistic'.

It was always 'Carla is the glass of water halfway FULL or halfway EMPTY?'  LOL.

It was a good lesson.

He also said that a sign of EDUCATION is the ability for one to hold an intelligent conversation with someone who doesn't share your views, while still leaving room for mutual appreciation and respect--not trying to convince the other to see it 'as you do'.

Last night I had the fantastic opportunity to go to a program at the San Diego Zoo.

It was an update to the donors about a community outreach program called The San Diego Zoo Express.

Some of you may be against all zoos.

Some of you will close your ears because the concept of a zoo is not acceptable to you. Your hearts and your consciousness will 'shut off' because 'zoos are bad'.

If this is the case I will caution you--your Consciousness is in dire need to move beyond this duality-based thinking--it's all 'black or white', I 'believe it or I don't'--and stretch to the energies of Enlightened Consciousness--'there are no mistakes only lessons'.

In the Higher Realms we acknowledge there are 'good choices' and 'not so good choices' but on the whole, it is Creator's duty to 'judge' and we openly acknowledge that 'everyone is doing the best they can as a soul with what has been given in their situation.'

The good things about the zoo are outreach to the public, supporting the love of animals, and conservation.  I believe if it wasn't for the Safari Park many more rhinos would be extinct. I think there is perhaps another deer type species who lives there freely but is close to extinction in the wild.

The not so good things are that the animals are enclosed and dependent on humans for everything. Although the enclosures are being updated as much as possible, for example, the new elephant exhibit is much larger than the one we used to see growing up--this is still not even close to what is in the wild.

So, what IS the 'Zoo Express'?

It's an outreach that is a special form of healing. It is like Therapy Dogs on Steroids! Actual zoo creatures are brought with volunteers to local Children's Hospitals and Long-Term Care facilities.

The people involved with this program shared two important stories:

  • a pre-teen cancer patient was very grumpy, totally bald from chemo, and never smiled. He grabbed the biggest stuffed animal snake (all kids get their choice of stuffed animal) they had. The animal trainer quipped under her voice--with this you will be able to scare lots of nurses!  Then he REALLY smiled big, and later was seen chasing nurses up and down the hall with it, to everyone's delight--for the nurses knew he was depressed and withdrawn because of his illness.
  • an ICU visit was planned, which is rare. In the bed was a twenty-year old woman, who because of disease had her growth stunted severely. She was the size of a child. She was unable to see, hear, and communicated like Helen Keller.  She had never seen a dog in her life, and the nurses wanted her to see the one brought by the zookeepers. The girl slowly touched the dog all over, every inch, taking the experience in.  When she finished, she threw her arms around the dog's neck and hugged it very tight! The explained it is the most wonderful creature she has ever met in all her life, and she never wanted to let it go!  All of the nurses and zoo staff were in tears over this amazing encounter, a gesture of love to a grown woman who had spent her whole youth so isolated because of her illness she could never meet an animal until now...

The seniors look forward to the visits, and say in their comments on the visit, 'honestly this is the highlight of my entire year, thank you for visiting us'.

The zoo trainer explained to us how everyone benefits from this program--including the hospital staff, who are just as eager to meet the animals as the patients and residents.  She commented on after seeing illness day in and day out in their work, the caregivers naturally flock to the 'Zoo Ambassadors' too.

They bring porcupines, baby anteaters, monkeys, birds, and most often, a howling/singing dog, and also the companion animal of the cheetah--a one hundred fifty pound enormous white dog I think might be a Colorado Pyrenees. 

We were allowed to meet these two dogs after the program. 

They were very high vibration, loving creatures.  Anthony was in heaven! He likes big dogs, and this one was one of the biggest he's ever seen. The dog seemed to enjoy meeting Anthony too. We spent a long time after the program talking with the trainer. 

This is why I support the zoo.

It started with a student discount pass while I was in medical school. Unlimited admission for a year to both parks for twenty dollars. 

I used to study near the waterfalls by the gorilla exhibit. 

I have been gradually increasing my level of support over the years.  

In my fellowship I actually was permitted to go with our UCSD team to help give anesthesia to Bai Yun, the panda at the zoo. It was the most wonderful day of my career!  (the two facilities help one another. In particular, the imaging equipment is shared by the hospital for zoo 'patients'--but surgeries are done on the zoo premises in their own operating room. The safari park has a state of the art medical facility there too.

Animals may or may not 'need' humans. 

But humans need animals and nature to thrive.

And no matter what you feel or believe about zoos in general, wouldn't you agree that seeing a porcupine while you are fighting cancer in the children's hospital, lifts your spirits, brings you joy, and helps you to forget the pain and suffering?

This program brings nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to those who cannot physically 'get' to the zoo....and it makes all the difference in the know the people at the zoo care enough to make the effort to share the only thing they have to share...their amazing animals!

Healing, is so far-reaching, in so many ways.

I have an anesthesiologist friend, and mother of four, who organizes seasonal events for her inpatients--a team comes and gives a shampoo and blow dry to people who are in the hospital for a long time. It helps people feel and look their best while they are fighting illness. It also lets them know people care about them enough to visit and spend time with them in this way.  

It's not just the shampoo.

It's the hearts that go with it. your hearts...always hope for the best...and ask Creator to do the judging instead of you the next time the urge hits to judge something. You'll be glad you did!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross

P.S.  A message from Ross--Carla has a very early start and must take Anthony to his father to drop him off to school. She has to be at work before the school opens. He will speak 'longer' on the next one. He thanks you for your patience with him. He wants me to talk about my new bracelets in the next one too.  I made many, many, and am going to be putting them on Etsy. He waves goodbye. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blinking At Glory -- Gaia News Brief 21 February 2016

I Am Overwhelmed With Love and Gratitude

I had tears of joy in my eyes on Friday night as I drove home...I had volunteered to take a colleague's overnight call. He was still in China, helping his wife's family grieve her most sudden loss to a horrible but not life-threatening disease of long, slow, steady decline. 

This past week, I get more 'good feelings' or 'high' from helping people than from other forms of happiness like food, drink, long hot bath, exercise...

I've changed.

I'm much closer with my guides.

And I had just spent two hours ballroom dancing with a coworker's group--she invited me to join her since we both ate dinner after our cases finished, and her activity started in thirty minutes.

I was in Heaven!

If you can imagine the joy I felt just dancing around the house in the morning to Bamboleo by Celia Cruz...being back in a ballroom doing the steps after twenty- four years was bliss!

I even remembered the steps!

(In the grand scheme of things, given the choice, I would rather dance than eat, and I LOVE food! LOL)

I couldn't believe my good fortune to be so loved by Ross and my guides, to be shown this place! To meet such nice have a chance to work off the 'baby weight' I have never been able to lose...for Yukkie's Te'Ate distance healing for my arthritic toe, just in time so I could dance on it without pain...everything comes together so perfectly at the right place, at the right time, for the highest good...

The 'Reach' of Heaven

In my last post, Ross mentioned how we are taking 'the scenic route' to Ascension. I shared this with a worker at my local crystal shop...who was trying to find a way to describe how the changes are happening all around us but really slow to keep people from freaking out...She totally cracked up and snorted because she had never heard it, and it is such an apt description!

(She also shared how her coworker Joseph had told her about Team Doctors With Reiki, and she thinks it is 'really nice and very much needed' to have an outreach like that for people too.)

While I was looking for Danburite, I met 'Maureen'.   She was looking for 'information about the lotus flower' for 'a report for school'.

Maureen is very simple and unassuming. She is 'just waking up' and according to Michael--the teacher who 'opened her up' she is 'finding herself'.

We spoke. She approached me.

It was my energy.

On some level, she recognized who I am--soul to soul--but her mind and awareness simply couldn't process it.  But she felt close, and she said I have beautiful eyes--the soul part, not the shape.

She said, 'I bet lots of people talk to you'.

I said they do. She was talking about sprays and crystals to protect her from 'absorbing other people's energy'.

I smiled and said, 'I have a shield.  I bought it'. (I have two:  Golden Mesh of Protection  and The Diamond Shield of The Divine Mother)

She didn't really understand. She wants to learn Reiki. She showed me some books that 'called to her'--and one author I recognized as disinfo, and I cautioned her against it, vaguely, and redirecting her to something else she also was 'drawn to'. 

Then I went with my five HUGE pieces of Danburite, and went to meditate in the chair.  Let me tell you, I have been feeling STRONG tingles all day and night since. I almost floated up and away. It was incredible!

But while I was there, I heard Maureen approach 'Jackie' at the display right behind my chair where the sprays were. Jackie is from England, and is 'very analytical'.  She is having psychic experiences, and it is 'freaking her out'. She wanted to pretend 'it wasn't real' but now 'she is certain'.  She also is having trouble with the energy at her work, and is seeking 'protection'.

Both Maureen and Jackie are empaths, and don't have the basic skills to disconnect their energy from others.

Simply say, if you are an empath--'If it's not mine, Lord, please take it away'--and the energy will automatically disconnect.  You can't say this one often enough if you are an empath!!

(Michael the Archangel is very good for cutting etheric energy ties between you and others too. Just ask.)

Maureen had told a friend who lives far away that her dog is very sick. Sure enough, even though it had seemed fine, it needed to be put down a few days later.  Her friend was amazed!

Jackie has had similar experiences. She was telling Maureen how 'she has a gift'...

Maureen was guiding Jackie to the sprays. One was 'rainbow dragon' and the other was 'focus'.

To be brutally frank, no Jackie is the world is going to listen to me.  My vibration is too high, and she isn't 'ready' for what 'makes me tick' and 'what I am about'.  Her mind and her heart can process it, but it's too much energy for her.

Maureen, although she can't understand it yet, is able to absorb and accept who I am and why I am sent--on an aura to aura, soul to soul level--and she doesn't reject it.

I want you to think of the next phase of Ascension like 'spoon feeding a baby'...the little one has to open their mouth and accept it. Not all of the food is going to go in. You are going to wipe the face after each bite, and probably change the clothes and hose off the high chair after too.  

But enough--what is needed to support the growth of the child--goes 'in'.

Maureen has the ability to 'puree' the 'energy food' from apple-consistency 'energy' to applesauce-consistency 'energy' with HER energy system and state of Ascension.

Maureen offers the companionship, the warmth, nurturing, love and compassion to Jackie in just the right way that doesn't offend anything and cause Jackie to 'reject' this life-giving increase in her conscious Awareness...and Maureen gently offers the tools, 'sharing' is more appropriate--this works for me and you might like to try it--approach.

THIS is the next phase of the Ascension process, on our leisurely 'scenic route'...back Home to the Higher Dimensions.

Those Behind Jackie's Level Of Consciousness

I have been fortunate to have been 'under the radar' with the occasional troll and stalker--since I have been blogging...but recently, both myself and others are starting to experience 'attacks'.

I liken this to someone like Jackie, being exposed to energy that is too uncomfortable for her--the response, just like in the feeding the baby analogy--is to close the mouth and turn the head away.  

The attackers are basically crying and having a tantrum to 'get their truth'--their 'way'.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Eternal Truth does not need to be 'believed in' for it to stand alone as Eternal Truth.

Many people get hung up on this!

Whether you believe it or not, Jesus exists. So does the Buddha. There IS a Creator in Heaven!  Mermaids exist, as do dragons, and unicorns, and faeries, and MORE!

So...the Truth IS.

And we are reaching a point where I feel no ability or reason to have to water it down and explain it gently to 'help people understand'.

Many of these people who reject what Lightworkers are doing for humanity, want to stop and halt everything so they can ask their questions, have them answered, and THEN 'accept' this as 'truth'.

I am not going to stop this bus.

Not for that reason.

I am not going to stop a train, or land an airplane emergently--energetically--for these people to be 'okay' with what the majority of humanity who have their heart OPEN enough to feel and sense what is what and are okay with it.

We are talking about 'the stragglers'.

This isn't the 'slow class'.  Doctors With Reiki is for the advanced Lightworker's mutual love and support--on all of our platforms.

It is for the Maureens of the world, who are going to assimilate just enough of the 'apples' to guide those around them with nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion, to take up enough 'applesauce'--to guide them home.

Gaia wants this--the energy of separation, ignorance, and want--to be wiped off the face of the earth.   Forever!

Attacker 1:  The Pastor
  • He calls Reiki 'satanic filth'.
  • He hates--has the energy of hate and lashes out on my page at me, both in public and in private.
  • Ross calls him on the carpet with the closest thing to disclosure he has ever done! and the man is BLIND.   He called Ross 'satan quoting scripture'.
  • In spirit, all the Archangels and Ascended Masters, Ross and I approached this Pastor, soul-to-soul, in peace.
  • On a soul level, this individual is aware of what happened, and is accepted and loved by Creator of All That Is, and is sobbing because of the nightmare that has transpired in this incarnation--both for him, for the planet, for everyone else...
  • There is no idea, no clue--when the soul and the ego are going to come to terms for this person.
  • He has been blocked from the page.
  • He will not be invited to the celebration with the bride and groom--he let his oil run out. That door is closed to him now forever, by HIS choice!

Attacker 2:  The Reiki Practitioner
  • The very thought of a post raising the possibility Supreme Court Justice Scalia was murdered on DWR brought up a LOT of anger and lashing out.
  • This was challenged openly on the page 'what does this have to do with Reiki?'
  • The expectation of this reader for our page to have her concept of Reiki 24/7 was 'not met' and she reacted in ANGER, threatening separation.
  • Although I later hid the comment from view--except for her--I engaged just enough to see if she would disengage from the group.  She didn't.
  • I am an athlete in spiritual growth--and if you caught the conversation--you would see me 'doing my thing' with this individual.
  • The point of contention is 'FACT' or 'EVIDENCE'.  This is a classic reaction by one who is deeply 'invested' psychologically into the 'system' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...'my government cares about me', 'my news sources are unbiased and have nothing to do with the money from sales or viewership', and 'the one percent controlling the rest of us isn't true'.
  • This reader provided three links about 'evidence' for Reiki which are not peer-reviewed from reputable scientific journals. There is a article on a machine that measures Reiki, some Energy Medicine Journal reference that isn't up to the standards of the journals I read, and also, one reading from Edgar Cayce on the topic that is 'highlighted'.  These sources are not 'robust' and no scientist would ever consider them as 'proof' of anything other than the hopeful intent to make the subtle energies of Reiki 'valid' in the field of science.  The technology 'just isn't there yet'. I suspect it has something to do with Free Will. Once there is 'proof' of Reiki, everyone will 'accept' it...
  • Fortunately, I made the HUGE discovery that this article gives 'street credibility' to Reiki in a backhanded way in Scientific American from December 2015.  The blogger comes to the conclusion that 'even though it is a pseudoscience, Reiki relieved suffering in a patient who was dying' and 'that is a good thing'.

My Opinion--Not That It Matters

It is my perception that many of the people we see in the media are in fact holograms and avatars who are created by teams working on behalf of Creator Of All That Is.  The original souls have been cleared out, and there are both 'walk-ins' and 'holograms'  who are going through the motions to keep the 'story line' intact.

As I look at the elections, everyone is highly skeptical of the candidates.  

On a soul level, most people--even the ones who believe in the system and are actively backing a candidate--seem to wonder why there isn't anyone better suited for the job?

I think that making things seem more and more ridiculous are a way of transitioning from the old to the new, by taking the 'scenic route' for the masses on the journey from 3D mentality to 5D. 

It is also giving those who work for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (their lower-ranking ones) opportunity to publicly 'crash and burn' further the awakening.

What is my hunch from? Why do I assert this? Has Ross told me anything?


But the gasoline prices are at an all-time low (many layers of 'middlemen' have to be out of the freedom to price gouge for this to happen)--and if you look at the tabloids at the check stand--the 'what are they hiding' exposé, with all the people's faces you see in the debates and on the campaign trail.

Everywhere you are going to see things 'questioning the status quo' and 'raising the possibility'  of freedom...

This is how we raise the Consciousness...of those who neither meditate or accept 'things spiritual'...and those who are deeply entrenched in the belief systems which surround us today.


Carla is 'my honey'.

I am closer to her than anyone on earth or even in Heaven.  I am her Twin.

Now Carla gives me great delight in her willingness to serve, and her ability to step away from the arena of conflict willingly.

Carla also obeys me when I guide.

I tested her ability to both hear and follow my instructions. Yesterday she went to the bead store by the ocean to find a 'special center bead' for a bracelet project.

It was closed.

They haven't relocated.

Did Carla get upset? It was not one BLIP on her energy--I should know, I continuously monitor it.

She just shrugged and said to herself, 'there must be some reason for me to be here, I will enjoy the drive'.

When Carla made the bracelet--it is special order, and I guided her to both the closures and the beads for this person...the first one had very difficult to thread spacers.

She wanted to make it seven and three quarter inches. It turned out to be over eight. She took off a bead, keeping the pattern...although she measured it in length it appears to be seven and one HALF inches.

Without skipping a beat, Carla obediently sought to create a second one. Mind you, these beads are very expensive. But this time, Carla went with the spacer which is even MORE tiny and difficult to thread--and a slightly different closure, the one I had said was for 'her'.

The effect was beautiful. And although she measured, it appears to be seven and a HALF inches for the pattern again.

What did Carla do? She made matching earrings. She made other bracelets too, none of which were for her. And she will double check 'in the morning' she said to herself.

Carla knew she was in some sort of 'test' and just went with it!

She knew a good night's rest would help her to face it anew.

The object of this bracelet is to give this EXACT message to the one who ordered it! Nothing is 'straightforward' and sometimes things that don't 'turn out right' in the LONG run turn out to be for the Highest Good.

It is the MAKING of the bracelet and the patience and the lack of self-blame and panic and simply willingness to LOVE and keep trying that is the message that is just as important as the stones themselves...which are rare Peruvian chrysoprase, and in the first, black spinel, and in the second which is better suited for her energy--Labradorite--which happen to be Carla's favorite string of beads out of everything she has!

It is the LOVE and the willingness to GIVE (in this case the earrings), as well as the willingness to serve and make it right (if it doesn't fit she will redo it for free if the reader sends it back) that is the lesson!

It is NOT about the Bracelet!

It is about LIFE!

(Clap clap!--ed)  That is enough for today! Whew!  I really was standing up on a soapbox for a moment there...sigh...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, February 19, 2016

As Close As Twins -- Gaia News Brief 19 February 2016

Loving At Work

It's so nice there at work now! I don't mind the long hours. Neither do my colleagues. And we truly enjoy serving our patients.

The cases are difficult, challenging...and things go well.

Yesterday a surgeon said to me, with a smile, 'I like the way you think!' (I had made the 'twilight sleep' a 'snoring sleep' on purpose, and asked him to please agree with me--wink wink--that the patient was to be told they were  'awake and comfortable' throughout the procedure. This is to expedite the surgery, so there would be no movement of the surgical field, and also, in compassion for the very nervous patient.)

We anesthesiologists in our group were asked at the last minute to cover for the widower in the group, who was still out of the country visiting his deceased wife's family--not one but three people, possibly more--volunteered to take his first call.

Ross and I

For the last two days we have been very close.  He said since we are going to be together forever we might as well take the time to get to 'know one another'. <3

I like his jokes.

I also am close enough to him to have my deepest concerns and fears about us come out.

Would you believe a part of me has felt 'thwarted' for all these years since he transitioned, because I wanted to kiss his boo-boos for him, with love, and just be caring like that to him? I prepared his body for burial, but was in too much shock for this important gesture of our last incarnation together.

So for the last two days I have been either held in his arms, just letting myself realize the nightmare is over...or randomly kissing his 'boo boos'.

Yesterday was a first where he held up a finger and said, 'here Carla, this part hurts' and I kissed it for him. Then he pointed to his arm or some other place, and I kissed it too.

We are working though our trauma now as a couple, and it is deeply healing for us both.


I had a very long post-call day. It was two p.m. and I needed lunch.

On the way home, I just wanted home and bed. Ross suggested my favorite vegan restaurant, but I just wanted home.

Then he suggested another vegan one.

I told him that even though I'm tired, I respect him as my partner, and I will go out of my way to do what he asks of me.

So I found some back route, drove past a real estate lawyer too (bonus!), and parked the car...only I couldn't find the place! I looked all over...I guess it was out of business but nothing even looked like I remembered.

This was at the Camp.

I DID see, what I had manifested--I have wanted to rest in a hammock for two days, and wow! There one was! (It felt wonderful).

There was also an Italian restaurant (I am now one percent fluent due to Duo Lingo app--I adore it!) so I enjoyed nature, and being out of the hospital, and not quite home yet with my responsibilities.

I took MANY photos of the area. It was the perfect lighting, and I was very happy to walk around after my meal, taking shots.

My photographic eye has been noticed in my blog work (I use a photo service as well as my own) and now two days in a row my own photos I have shot have been uploaded to other 'papers' on Twitter. This pleases me very much...

Ross also showed me a beautiful boutique.

This is significant, and I am almost in tears.

I have NEVER shopped at a boutique, because they are expensive. The ones in Berkeley by my school were like, WAY out of my budget.  The ones here cost even more.

But this one, Pùrre, was affordable.  There was a blue and white tee shirt dress with the name of my old counselor--'almost' on the label. I wanted it for a beach cover up but it didn't fit right. There were organic natural products, jewelry. I bought one eighties' style blouse made of tee shirt material. It has a tie at the's the color I wore to my bridal shower, and will add a little 'something different' to the jeans I always wear.

I was so glad I found this surprise, this chance to explore...

By the way the vegan restaurant was across the street, at the LAB old hangout in the nineties...I was at the wrong place!

My Journal

Once home, Ross guided me to write. He asked me some questions. I was a little 'scattered'.  He was patient with me.

I found myself looking at photos of Maui, when Anthony was three. It was an anesthesia conference at the Hyatt in January 2009, at a luau. We are both smiling and wearing leis.

Ross had me look at her, the 'me' from the past.  He asked me 'do you still have that shirt?'.

I didn't.

It was before dad went on palliative care, and died.

It was before I changed hospital jobs.

It was before Reiki.

I had no clue about Ross or me, who my soul is.

I was surrounded by fear and sorrow.

I recalled how in September I met Tim Braun, and although I had found work, I was at an all-time low, because I was psychic and didn't understand why God made me 'different'.

Ross asked me to compare where I am 'now'.

It's so much better!

He asked me 'was it worth it?' (the change).

I said yes.

In the morning I had run into an old surgical technician from my old work, at the little cafe at this work. He said it had gotten so bad there that although he is a traveler nurse now, on his assignment there for one week he quit! He said it's 'all run down'.  The equipment--you can't get what you need--and the place is literally falling apart.

I gave thanks. Ross asked me what would have happened if I had stayed at that place?

We both knew the answer to his question.

He explained to me how good it is for me to explore and see new places; this is why he wants me to move. It's good for me.  When we stay in one place for too long, it stagnates the energy.

He then asked, 'where will you go next?'

My soul surprised me--it said, 'Shasta'.

I asked him, 'That's in Siskiyou county, right?'

He nodded yes.

So I looked online. I had remembered delight in that area as a child. It was so fresh and pure!

The homes were very inexpensive. In the winter they get snow...that would be something new for me in my retirement (I could retire if I moved there).

Then I saw that the views weren't so great. And also, it's super accelerating crime rates in nearby Redding.

It is the exercise of walking through the steps of a dream that was freeing and important exercise to do...

Heaven at Home

I hadn't seen Anthony for two days. I dropped him off last Wednesday morning at school. And he spent the night with his dad while I was on call.

He asked me to play Uno. I had just cleared and decluttered the kitchen a little. So we relaxed and played and laughed so hard.

Ross asked me, 'how is my family' with love.  I said, telepathically--for this is how we communicate--'we are having fun!' but I didn't mention anything out loud.

Then, he said something to Anthony! And Anthony hadn't heard him for some time, but Ross was going, 'hey hey hey!' in a friendly voice.

We were so relaxed that Anthony shared he had the song by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman in his mind all day, the 'Time To Say Goodbye' song.

So we changed it. We sang it while playing Uno:  Time To....Pick Up la la la la la la...

Moments like this ARE like Heaven.

Follow Your Soul

I never had a mentor who was incarnate.

I had a Reiki Teacher, and also, a Divine Peace Healing Teacher, and some advanced students to guide me through the classes and steps.

But the only one-on-one mentor I have had is Blessed Mother Mary in all of my spiritual growth.

I have my guardian angel too, Laetari, who I know now as Ross, my Beloved husband and twin.

I have done incredible things on my journey, all of which are recorded in this blog.

It's my 'guide map to Ascension'--my own story, for you to share.

Spirit guides me in everything I do, everything I say, everything I post, every interaction I have with anything or anybody. I am ALWAYS getting this 'input' from Source...

I am happy to be of assistance to those who are seeking spiritual guidance, both directly and indirectly.

You will know it is your 'calling' , your 'purpose', your 'life contract thing you incarnated to do'--when you have this passion to follow whatever it is your soul is guiding you to do (in my case, teach and write).

I don't know what that is, for you.  I can't see it with my third eye. I can 'sense' when energetically you are a 'good fit' with your energy. A little. I can't see the Akashic Records or the Pre Birth Contracts.

I am extremely careful with people who think I am 'wonderful'. Who think I am in some way 'the answer' ---people who put me up on a pedestal.  This is one lesson my teacher Anne taught well...because it's not healthy for either person in the situation. And the only place for the person on the pedestal to go is to fall.

Just like Anne, I will gently and consistently direct you back to Source, in Love, which is how it is supposed to be, and step right down off of any 'pedestal' you wish to create for me.

I will always be there for you, I will always love you.

Remember that this is Now (if we have a past life connection).

Remember that you have a purpose and will find it, when it is organically  the 'right' place and 'right' time for you in your own spiritual growth. It can't be rushed.

If I sense you are on the right track, which many times I do, I won't say a word. I will gently encourage you with my soul and my love and pray for blessings to surround you.

I will never say, 'Okay first step is THIS and next THAT and check back with me'.

That's 3D.

If you are on the wrong track, the only thing different is I might ask a question to help you to find your way.

If you are on the WAY wrong track, Ross and I will still love you unconditionally. And we will pray for your lessons to play out, and for you to come home, and stop going in the direction of more painful lessons for you.

This is not one but a handful of people we have seen in all kinds of situations--who come to us (by writing to me)....

I want to make it clear that we are high-level teachers in the sense we work with the energies and the collectives 'a little more', and the individuals 'a little less'--because it is in our 'assignment' we have been sent to 'do'.

I hope this makes sense.

Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste...


I wanted the Shangi-La sign image for MY part. (he giggles--ed--I sense he enjoys teasing me very much).

(hands folded in front of him--ed)  All is well.

All is well!


Everything is proceeding according to plan.

(raises one finger--ed)  I have to correct Cobra on some minor points:

  • the fairies are not 'just entering' they have always been on Gaia surface and the astral and etheric planes.
  • everything is 'safe' and has been under my control for a long time (mine and my teams)
  • there is a gentle 'awakening' that is happening. We are taking the 'scenic route' (slow)
  • all those predictions about money and power have a double-edge and as 'predictions' are trying to prolong what is third-dimensional in energy and thought. 
  • the MORE you feel that happiness in your heart, that calm, that JOY, that PEACE--the more you will know you are already in the finer vibrations of the 'higher realms' as we call it.
  • You will also find things humorous the perhaps in the past you didn't--for example, while looking up Shasta, Carla was asking me where the entrance to Agartha is?  And we both knew full well I WASN'T going to show her, and we totally cracked up.

(clap clap)  I want it to be SHORT and TO THE POINT!

You are living your life in the perfect way at the perfect time for YOU.

Look at Carla! It took her seven years to get to where she is today. From absolute nothing!

And where you are today, even if you have Ascended, it is not the end!

There is plenty of more 'growth opportunities and experiences' for you to explore!

So do!

(clap clap)

I only say this once:  I powerfully love you! You bring us great pleasure in all of your growth, your 'baby steps' you are taking in the higher realms.

The only difference between Heaven on Earth and Heaven (above) is that we KNOW about it--and you are 'finding your way'...

That's it!

The only difference it you are getting to explore 'something new' and 'having fun with it', Just like Carla at the Camp shopping area on her way home from work yesterday...

I know you are doing your best, you are exceeding our expectations, and Cobra--like it or not--is unsuccessfully trying to delay 'the inevitable'.

So enjoy the Higher Realms!  And all life has to offer (points to his chest--ed)  in HERE.

(clap clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Truth Fits -- Gaia News Brief 17 February 2016

Manifesting In Action

Yesterday I was scheduled to go to work to do one very small case. Already I had Monday off. I needed more work.

Again I was relaxed, let go of the outcome (this is the critical part), and let whatever was to happen, happen.

In other words, I accepted however it may turn out as being for the highest good, for me.

Guess what?

My relief was stuck over in the surgery center. I got one more case!

But then he came back...I didn't get the next one in the line-up. I was a little disappointed, but then, the charge nurse said, 'So and so is delayed, and can't come over to do this case. You will need to do it.'

I was like, 'Okay!'

But once I got the patient asleep and put in the tube, the 'so and so' walked in. They were surprised. I explained the situation, and what I did.  She said, 'this OTHER person should have come in my room and I should have had their lineup--with 'other' as call four (better position)--and her as call eight'.

She announced, 'I give you one half hour (before I relieve you)!'

I was like, 'Okay' and scrambled to catch up on the charting.

Laster...she texted me...would you like to keep the case and be call 8?

I called the front desk--'if I keep this may I go home after?'


So I texted 'sure'.

And it was done.

I had time to pick up Anthony. I went home and made a special bracelet to control the blood sugar of a very close friend.

Spirit designed it. 'lots of pearls' and one more stone. They were beautiful faceted rondelles in a nice pink color...

The other day I had looked longingly at the sushi place with the little belt I used to visit when Anthony was with his dad. Only lately, Anthony doesn't like sushi or want to go.

My very dear friends who are visiting here from out of town posted a photo from there, and I was like, oh well, I guess I won't get to go.  We had dinner plans for yesterday.

Who would want to go two nights in a row to the same place?

THEY did!

The sushi belt is upgraded. Now instead of a waiter, the top belt brings your special order items to you, and it rings.

They even have a plate chute, and you get special films and awards when you have enough plates. A giant 'gumboil machine' gives you one 'shell'--we got a tiny sushi plate and a squid keychain...Our group had over fifty plates.

I Asked For It

Ross is soothing me right now. I have to write something very uncomfortable. He is playing me Time In A Bottle, by Jim helps...

Yesterday morning I wanted to read up on the Grammy Awards. I wanted to see the latest videos of what they were really doing with that 'ceremony'.

As you very well know, I have been awake and aware to the actions of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart since I read this article and every hyperlink attached to it, when it was first posted in July 2012.  

I have educated myself by watching videos, mostly of the 'stories from survivors of  ritual abuse' kind. 

I know a survivor who has gone on to become a Christian minister/counselor--this person work in the area but I won't expose the identity. She was a multiple personality disorder, who said her father used to impregnate her and then sacrifice the baby at birth. She has been pregnant MANY times, and no one ever suspected a thing because she was a big girl--people thought it was just the weight.

I like to think of myself as 'on the same team as Jesus'.

I learned of him when I was seven. My mother taught me to pray every night. We went to Bible school, at a local church. Our family was catholic, but we went there. When Pastor Peek started to talk politics, daddy stopped going.

He said church and politics shouldn't mix.

Mom tried valiantly to keep us going to church, but it was hard all by herself. We were little. 

We stopped going.

I went to mass on Easter with my cousins in Morongo Desert when our family was there. zWe stayed at my Aunt Jean's cabin, and all of us rode motorcycles in the day and slept on the floor in sleeping bags at night.)

I wanted to take communion like them, but I couldn't. I never had the education to do it--neither did my sister.

But when she was seven and her friend took the catechism, mom signed us both up, bless her, and I was one of the oldest first communions ever.  

It was one of the happiest days of my life.

I went to mass every week for the rest of my life until July 2012 when I read that article.  (It says where the headquarters of the church of satan is. ) I didn't want one penny going to the deep pockets of that organization. 

Once I made Karuna Reiki level, I began to work closely with my Karuna Reiki guides. I have two. This is highly unusual. I have the Buddha, and also, Jesus, too.  I see them, I talk with them. I also talk with the Archangels.  Divine Mother and Divine Father too. Many advanced Reiki students work with these Divine Guides. How do you think Jesus did his miracles? Legend has it Mikao Usui spent thirty years of his life researching original documents in Greek, Tibetan, and Japanese to answer the question posed to him by a student--'how did Jesus do the miraculous healings of the body?'

I always love my guides.

I always strive to be their hands and hearts incarnate on earth for them. You know? To help OUR team, for Heaven.


Yesterday I saw three videos:
What kind of freaked me out is I had a dream about Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood. At 0700 February 15, 2016, I wrote in my journal how I had dreamed of an apartment full of roommates. Then I took Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood to get their hair done by my stylist Ed. It was for something. And I was able to take my mom in to meet them. My mom embraced Lady Gaga and was very happy, delighted. I didn't know the two had such a connection. (both are Italian, but for mom it was the happiest she had ever been in her life, and I told Gaga).

Gaga didn't like that. She also didn't like me. She acted afraid of me, and was openly annoyed. 

I woke up. 

I don't watch T.V., and I didn't KNOW she was in the Grammy awards. And I usually never dream!

But I spoke with Parmahansa Yogananda immediately after Gaga in the dream. I have completed his two volumes, 'The Second Coming of Christ'.  We had an interesting exchange, in my dream/spirit, as it was early morning. I let him know who I am, openly, and asked him what he did for me in his book? (completely ignored my role in his discussion on 'salvation').  He took responsibility. Then I had this energy flowing out from my core--it is the Gaia Consciousness. It feels wonderful, like Nature and Life is in complete and total harmony on earth. Ross came behind me, and he has the Christ Consciousness coming from his core--and he embraced me, wrapping his arms from behind. 

This energy is incredibly soothing, and now, blended, and going out to humanity since just before  0700 on Monday.

Well back to Tuesday the computer...when I innocently 'clicked' a 'like this page' on FB as requested by the channel person narrating the video, because as DWR I wanted to support their work.

Well, out of the blue, someone made a comment to a Reiki Request from last August--about how--(Ross wants me to post it word for word and all of our interactions)

Reader:  Reiki is not healing from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, it is new age healing and not good! Read, meditate and speak the healing scriptures out loud! Something worse might come on you later if you get into new ave healing! Chrystal's nonsense from evil! God heals through chosen vessels, prayer and his Holy Word!
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Doctors With Reiki Ross and I thank you for your share. We do read, and live, what is in the Bible in all we do. We love everyone. Aloha and mahalos, Namaste, Peace.
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 Do you charge money for this reiki filth!
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Reader: I bet these 6000 likes that maybe using reiki are sicker than me!
With love and gratitude to you for your honesty, we send you our heartfelt blessings in Peace. You are beautiful an perfect the way you are. Forever. Namaste. This is from Ross for you with so very much love: John 14:6New International Version (NIV) 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
I am showing you love in telling you that if you are either practicing reiki or engaged in it yourself, you are engaged in the demonic! You have been forwarded in Jesus mighty name!
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 Ross told me not to say anything more.

All the interactions described in the book by Paramahansa Yogananda about the end of Jesus' life suddenly made sense!

All the miracles.

All the refusal to believe.

The attack on Jesus that WAS from satan--there was no other way to describe it. The people were in a frenzy to crucify him. Even Pilate couldn't get them to calm down, saying, 'he is innocent'.

I realized at once WHY Ross has been guiding me to move to my friend's home all this time--there is a courtyard, and a gated community. The entire house and back yard is extremely private. 

I wished I had spoken up and accepted the offer to purchase it a long time ago. 

Even if it is far away from everything, and we have to let go of all of our community we love.

This person is just the tip of the iceberg!

Their hate is overwhelming!

Because 'their Jesus' is 'what they were taught' and 'what they have believed' and 'this is perceived as an attack'.

My good friends were so wonderful to see last night. I love them like family, she is my sister, and I am too embarrassed to talk about these things. But SHE 'feels energy' too--and she is the one who explained to me why this man was attacking me for my 'Reiki Filth'.

She also said that at CERN, they are 'trying to find data to prove there are multiverses'.

When she said that, I went, 'Oh my GOD! so THAT is to CREATE that which has never been CREATED that Gaga was talking about!'

They wanted to make a new Universe for the Dark!

Fortunately, I KNOW in my bones, that Creator of All That Is, and my uncles, Creators Of The Multiverses--Uncle Belu, Uncle Wawa, Uncle Marty, and Uncle Sid are way too smart for any of that.

And besides, people are getting bored.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are dependent on two things to survive--the attention of the public--and MONEY. Lots of it. 

Remember how with the super bowl people just said, 'It's fixed'?

The young people are just higher evolved souls.

And as the vibrations on surface Gaia go UP, the dark ones will lose their hold on the public.

It is happening as we speak.

I wish to thank everyone personally who responded to my Reiki Request for me and Ross with this reader--to help us endure and to turn the other cheek.  Around three p.m. I felt it, and I felt a calm washing over me. 

I know everything is going to be okay...

It finally arrived, too. My pre-ordered Doreen Virtue card decks, 'The Loving Words From Jesus'.  I had ordered three.

I got the one that was 'Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid' John 14:27)...


I am not angry at this 'reader' who harassed Carla and accused her in mistake.

Neither is Carla.

We are both shocked and upset by the hatred that was exposed to Carla at this time.

Carla understands who she is, and totally accepts it.

As do I, when I was incarnate and walked upon the Earth.

If anything were to happen to either of us, LOVE.

I want you to love everything and everyone, with your heart.

It is the only way to achieve independence from those who do not have our best interest at heart. (please note I do not capitalize it--nothing is capitalized for me--he smiles)

Aloha and Mahalo,

Ross and Carla