Monday, September 30, 2013

The Crystal Ball

There is a pattern that is emerging, and I want to share about it.

You are feeling the heartfelt joy of a situation, you are in it for a short time and then JOLT! Right back into 3D.

For example, I had a nice visit with mother. She is doing great. We enjoyed our time together, but our relationship isn't the most close of her relationships with her three daughters. Mom had anger management concerns, as far as I was concerned, so I did not 'fully engage' although I loved her very much.

I brought her a beautiful handmade quilt I had won in an auction at the fundraiser. Mother is all about quilts, and this was a good one. I told her it was her 'got well' present after her many hospitalizations.

Mom, feeling moved, gave me the family treasure, the crystal ball. It is real and about six inches diameter and very heavy.  I was thrilled!

But then she brought up my Uncle.

The one who had taken my grandmother's money and although he was her caretaker, stopped feeding her. She said he missed me and she calls and he is not well.

JOLT. Back into 3D, with pain.

It shook me all the rest of the visit.

But on the way home, in the car, I realized:

  • I like being in my own vibration of 5D--peace and harmony
  • She wants to believe the lie 
  • I have freedom to choose my own truth--the one that resonates in my heart about Uncle, and I don't owe anybody anything.
I was talking to an Arcturian at my favorite place to eat, and then JOLT. Then I talked to some others I didn't really enjoy, and then got called back to the hospital. Double JOLT. 

Nursing had done something funky with the drips--very un cardiac--SUPER DUPER SOMEONE:S GONNA CODE ON ME JOLT. 

But things worked out.

The pattern is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle--you get cruising along and then WHAM! There's the ground.

The flip-side of the pattern is you have to get the 3D part 'right'. If you are skimming over something hoping the wonder of 5D will magically take it away (my house disorganization!), you can't go on like that. You have to do what you have to do.

So hop back on 'that bike' and pedal really fast!

Enjoy the ride!

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

A Message From Our Lady--September 30, 2013

My Jewels,

There is a little bit of Heaven that now awaits you.

Heaven is coming to Gaia. There is no joke in this, no mockery, no teasing.

Heaven is coming to Earth.

The explanation of this assertion is that the vibration of Heaven is being approached by the ever-rising planetary Vibration of Gaia and all of the inhabitants (both within and above) of the planet.

There is importance in this phenomenon; for What Is Right is going to take place. This is the great cleansing or reset that is commonly referred to as The Event.

Everything happens for the best. And even when things might not look it to your eyes, I ask you to step back with your emotions, analyze them, and truly 'check in' with the Center of your Heart and ask of It 'what is going on outside of the emotions in the realm of Truth of the Higher Vibration?' 'Help me with what I see, to make the sense of it, for very happy times are on the way and I accept everything and all in order for which to make it happen.'

My children, there is nothing that you see that is not Light. There is a master plan in place for everything, and every possibility has been carefully thought out and questioned. Questions like, 'what if this were to occur?' and 'how can we make it an even better opportunity for the Light?'

Those of you who are thinking we in the Heavenly Realms are 'out of touch' are deeply mistaken.

We care.

I encourage you in that we understand and care and 'get' the very things that are happening at once all around you.

We also 'get' the Higher Perspective for the Highest Good of All', and pray for it, adding our Spiritual Power to the entire physical and enlightened process of the cleansing of the Earth from all who are not taking good care of Gaia.

Everything happens for the best.

There are delays, but I want you to think about this like waiting for a holiday where you get presents. One example is the holiday of Hanukah or Christmas (I used to celebrate Hanukah with lots of latkes myself) or the birthday with the party that is to celebrate the anniversary of your arrival to Life.

These days are definitely worth the wait. They come only one time, if you think about it--Christmas 1982 or thy birthday 1987 is in the past, but it was special in all it was and never came back to be relived.

The same is true for The Event. Promise you will do everything in your power to prepare for it--in your mind, with your words, and in your heart. The contingencies such as money and supplies are of secondary nature. Get in the 'Christmas Spirit' so the saying goes. There are no 'carols' to mark The Event at this time and space. But I gather, in the future there will be lots of celebrations on the anniversary of The Event, much like for those of you in the United States you celebrate Fourth of July or in France Le Quatorze Juilliet.

Forever and ever and ever, I powerfully love you.

I embrace you in my arms, and I gently kiss the top of your very precious head to let you know I am with you and there is nothing that can take this love from my heart, this very special Loving 'tie' between my heart and yours.

That is enough for today.

I want you to go out and celebrate with your Spirit that 'The Time Of The Event is Near!'

Mother Mary

(as transcribed by Reiki Doc. Aloha and Mahalos. Namaste.)

Dead Bowel

I am a Valkyrie.

My Uncle figured it out when I was about nine. He looked at me and said, 'They should play Ride Of The Valykries when you walk down the aisle.' He meant it as a compliment.

I take care of the half-dead.

That is my specialty--cardiac anesthesia. Just like in the ICU where codes are handled internally, and you don't hear it announced on the overhead paging system like elsewhere in the hospital, the same is true inside the cardiac O.R. suite.

People die. That is, their heart stops beating and the blood pressure falls to nothing and the end-tidal CO2 goes flat. But there is ACLS and everything else you have learned, so most times, but not always, we get our patient 'back'.

My favorite plan is to do everything possible to avoid the code in the first place.

I go to the store room and get boxes and boxes of the code blue drugs. Bicarb is my favorite, and so is THAM because you can use that when the lungs or liver are not functioning that great. I get like six boxes of bicarb, six of epi, six of lidocaine, and six of calcium chloride and line them up on my anesthesia cart. When I am really afraid of something not so great happening, I get the vasopressin. Five vials in one two-hundred-fifty cc bag of normal saline on a mini-dripper i.v. tubing, running wide open, gets lots of people 'back'.

The sickest patients come straight to the O.R. from ICU, and stop briefly at the door to get report from RT and nursing. I always ask where the lines are, when any next drugs are due, and the ventilator settings. Sometimes the patients are 'with it' but just as often they are not. Instead they are unresponsive and mechanically ventilated and on full pressor support.

The trick is to hook them up to the anesthesia circuit once you get them to the room. It breathes them for you, so your hands are free to help transfer the patient, arrange the pumps, and untangle the lines.

Many times I have a fresh i.v. set ready, and I find one spot to connect the i.v. to the patient and use that for all my medications I have to inject. Everything else just is too tangled, and once the patient is stable, I spend time carefully untangling the knots and twists so it 'makes sense'. I have a 'system' how I organize it--in the heart room it's the same time, every time, so in a hurry you know 'where everything is'.

Dead bowel is a fatal condition. It is a surgical emergency, and as you may imagine, the patients are pretty much the sickest thing in the hospital. The only things I can think of that are more sick is the ruptured AAA, the massive M.I., and the trauma patient (depending on what type). I once saved a six-year old girl who walked into a sliding glass window and severed her femoral artery. It was a wonderful case, and I was very busy taking care of her the whole time. The surgeons stopped the bleeding and repaired the vessel. I kept her from coding or going into DIC. She'll never know me, but I'll always remember her!

Sometimes most people have no clue about what I do for a living. I write this tonight for those who have an interest to know, to really understand how a life gets 'saved'.

For starters, did you know anesthesiologists 'grade' everybody that comes to the O.R.?

It's the ASA classification:

  • ASA 1 -- healthy, no medications, no major allergies
  • ASA 2 -- single medical problem or two, both treated and well-controlled
  • ASA 3 -- medical problems are severe enough to alter lifestyle. Burn ICU patient, any ICU patient, anyone on Dialysis, obstructive sleep apnea, difficult intubation all make someone an ASA 3.
  • ASA 4 -- will die without the operation; has a chance of dying even if gets it.
  • ASA 5 -- will die in next twenty-four hours whether gets operation or not--is given 'their chance' with the surgery
  • ASA 6 --organ donor, brain dead

As the ASA numbers go up, the anesthesia complexity and risk go up too. Add and E for 'Emergency Case'. The sickest that comes to the O.R. is an ASA 5E. Sometimes I wait until after the anesthesia gets started to make that final choice between 4E and 5E--if it's stormy, the patient gets 5E.

I'm glad I have my aromatherapy oils around my neck when it's a perforated bowel or dead bowel case. I put two drops on my mask, and I no longer retch from the stench in the O.R. ( Sometimes the rest of the staff in the O.R. and the surgeons ask for it too. I make a little happy face with the oils on their masks. But most of the time, surgeons noses are kind of dead to those smells, anyway...

When we finish a big case, we don't take the patient to PACU. We go straight up to the ICU. It takes a while to organize the lines onto the ICU bed, with the pumps and drips. Then we attach a transport monitor, and at the very last second, switch to an ambu bag on an oxygen tank. I squeeze that bag all the way to the elevator and back to the patient's ICU room.

Elevator rides can be frightening. Especially when there is an intraaortic balloon pump along with everything else. Sometimes I have to code the patient in the elevator, but that isn't very often. 

Although I sleep (and spinal or epidural) everybody, my skills are like the Valkyrie--I work with the half dead, keeping them alive, with everything I've got.

The last time I took care of someone like this, the patient's aura communicated with me, and said, 'I'm sorry! I ruined your night!'

How did they know I had to leave my favorite restaurant early because of the phone call and come back in for the case? That I had to go to the car and get my scrubs, change in the bathroom, and go? Did the people sitting happily with their families have any idea why I left? I had been sitting at the bar, eating a salad, and talking to someone who had to leave to go see a new movie (Rush, I recall). I have no idea why some people go to movies and I go rescue people from dead bowel. 

Sometimes a mystery is fun.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reiki and Black Tie Optional

Recently I had the chance to participate in something that once would have been my dream come true--attend a very formal fundraising event. You know, the kind you read about in the society pages and never actually KNOW anyone that goes? It's like, how do I even get invited to that???

I dressed up. One day perhaps I'll show you the picture, but instead of the long sequined gown thing, I wore something more ephemeral--a sheer off white dress, that had a tight slip layer included with the dress, that was above the knee. It was simple, with one 'diamond' like button over a Juliet neckline. I was trying for a 'less skin' option of the Marilyn Monroe 'dress blows up' image, by wearing a cropped sweater/cardigan with it. It's my favorite shiny thin smooth sweater I always wear on my birthday. The dress had a black tie fabric belt, and looked very Chanel.

Because of all the years of self-development and Reiki, instead of 'letting go' and 'getting swept up in the moment' I instead thought along the lines of this:

  • We are too old for Prom. This is Prom with Peer Pressure to raise money (auction, alcohol, etc.)
  • As the woman ages, and the figure 'goes', the dresses get more operatic. It's not flattering.
  • Short men in tuxedos do not appear any taller. Something doesn't look 'right'.
  • I wish they skipped the dinner and just let me write a check and have my Saturday night free.
  • The woman to my right grew carnivorous plants for a hobby. It was fascinating. (they are hard to grow.)
  • The dialysis patient 'liked certain foods in the Cobb Salad--bacon, cheese, chicken' but couldn't eat them. I picked them off to the side and didn't want them anyway. To me they looked like 'a recipe for renal failure' and I steered clear.
  • So happy the kitchen accommodated my request for vegetarian plate. Instead of fish and a piece of steak the size of a biscuit, I had five raviolis (squash inside) with citrus sauce and a biscuit-sized 'stack' of layered grilled vegetables.
  • I won two inexpensive silent auction items, one is a beautiful handmade quilt I bought for mom.
  • I was surprised how with the silent auction, most people only bid slightly above market value for the item, and many got it for less. I saw a $1500 value Wyland go for $400. It's the last place I'd ever think to look for a 'deal'--LOL
  • The sweetest thing I saw was the gastroenterologist and father of four raise the auction sign for his wife to get a one-of-a-kind diamond pendant for $4,500. He got beat out at $5,000 but it was most romantic.
  • I also met a couple who met 'on the streets in Brooklyn' and have been married forty-five years. I love asking people their stories of how they met.
  • Two of the wives at our table had been 'working since they were twelve' and had many jobs. No wonder why they married money and now stay at home! 
  • The volunteers in costume for the theme kind of seemed, well, icky. So did the dancers who did a routine before dinner--I just couldn't 'connect' the theme and the cause.
  • Two people I know really snubbed me--I saw their 3D behavior amplify, and one even cut in front of me in the line for Valet, and didn't apologize to me but did to the person in front of me. She just talked to me 'as if she cared' but we both knew we didn't. Ascension is a good thing, and I am glad not to be 'hanging' with the likes of them much longer. The other, a male, said hello to everyone at the table except me...
  • The best part of the day was seeing the Mayor there--I've done his anesthesia! Guess you have to be at the right place at the right time...politicians are a trip, even in a hospital gown. Always trying to get votes!
  • I smiled and remembered the time I was in college and I went in to The City (SF). I went to Saks and tried on the thousand dollar gowns. I remember looking at myself and thinking, 'I may not have the money to buy this, but at least right now I have the body to wear it...' How profound truth that was! You can't have it all. I look okay now, but I'll never be one hundred five pounds again...and look good, anyways! Maybe when I'm geriatric. LOL LOL LOL

Anyhow, I am glad I've 'grown up' a little, spiritually. Ten years ago I would have been all 'into' it, the glamor, the 'being seen'. Even then it was not 'me', but now I know for sure.

If you ever see me, at a 'function', always know part of me wishes I could just pass the time at home...LOL


Reiki Doc

Aloha and Mahalos!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You Have A Right To Your Happiness!

They've done a number on you. They have done everything in their power, using enormous of research into your own psychology and physiology to exploit your purchasing dollar. They have ever twisted this ever so get you to think they 'do it all for you' and 'if it wasn't so expensive you wouldn't have to see ads but please don't mind so we can bring you what you enjoy' and 'what they say is healthy for you really IS good for you'.

Have you ever heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? It is when you develop emotional attachment in a positive way to those who traumatize you.

What 'Big Business' and 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' have accomplished is a network of 'amusements' in which the traumatized to 'selects their own entrapment into the system and has no clue that they are the target for a HUGE scam'. For example, one industry that is exceedingly popular this time of year is sports, specifically in the States, 'American Football'. There is the NFL, College teams, and even the little ones in Pop Warner and High School trying to emulate their heroes and possibly become a hero themselves. This makes big money for that industry! (It also occupies a lot of time that could have been spent in Nature and Getting To Know One's Self or One's Family or even thinking about The Scam in the first place.)

Other areas are Fashion, Food, Animals and Pets, Movies, Music, Luxury, Home Improvement and Interior Decorating/Remodeling, just about any way in which you could have an interest, you label yourself and identify 'with' it, and your wallet? Well, it empties out real quick.

But on that regard, who fills it? Who fills up that wallet of yours? It is under attack with all the bills and taxes and you have barely enough to get by! How is THAT?

Well if you only had enough MONEY you could be free to do whatever you dream!

That is how the lie perpetuates itself. That is how the children are indoctrinated through traditional schooling and endless hours of homework 'to be a success' whether they enjoy learning the material or not. Parents and children reinforce it with each other, and every major life event becomes a merchandise opportunity. Have you ever been to a party goods store? You'll get the idea--you can celebrate just about anything, and in your choice of design, too!

It's over.

The jig is up.

The official 'Leaders Of Big Business Who Officially Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' got pink slips. LOL. They were downsized! The economy is teetering on the brink because of lack of foresight, greed, and terrible mismanagement.  (Not all companies are 'against the Light'; some that are 'for the Light' are going to survive!)

The truth is, we don't need to manufacture anything. We don't need to do agriculture. We don't need big oil or even big pharma. Advanced technology exists (and has been suppressed on Gaia by Big Business) to take care of all of these things! Everyone will have a house! Can you imagine no more homeless people??? This is 'coming down the pipes' any day now. Yes, this is really happening. : )

If you are of 3D mindset, which is completely logical, you will ask:

  • explain it to me! HOW can this exists? And have been HIDDEN???
  • It'll never work.
  • What we had before was okay.
  • My life is happy!
  • If I can only get ahead everything will be perfect!
  • Happiness is in my next pair of shoes, my new car, and my Rolex--everyone will admire me now!
  • This is a person's responsibility and not the fault of the one who sells it--free choice.
If you are 'trying on' the 5D mindset, you will 'resonate' with:
  • you know I hate to think about it but that seems kind of true.
  • I had a funny feeling about that all along.
  • People fighting over a sale rack after Thanksgiving doesn't seem very 'Holiday Spirit' to me.
  • How could Big Business have literally destroyed Gaia in the 'just doing business' mode?
  • My flu shot doesn't make me feel better. And the fluoride in the water worries me too.
  • Yellow Journalism happened before. How do I know it isn't that way now? (Look at all the ads!)
  • Why do they keep wanting to make me feel a certain way and behave a certain way all the time?

There is no right or wrong, but if you 'go with the current energies' around the planet, 5D is 'coming online' and 3D is 'so last month!'...

My dear friend and colleague is an energy healer and psychic of the very best I have ever met. Her husband, her Twin Flame, drank. She did everything to heal him, to support him, at great personal effort from her soul, for almost twenty years.

He stopped drinking. Healings were done one a very powerful level by two other healers, and the change was visible overnight.

She is still having a hard time adjusting to NOW and being able to let go of  The Past because it hurt her and she doesn't want a 'relapse' to happen again.

A big part of my support to her is to nudge her and gently acknowledge the pain, but to encourage her to accept the miracle and enjoy it.

This is the article that motivated me to write this today:

My child, it is important that you also accept. You can not always just give and give and not receive. This interrupts the flow of energy and just blocks everything. So please, the next time when life gives you something, in whatever form, take it. Be grateful for what you get and rejoice in it. How then can the universe provide you with something, if you just say no and always close the door? How can it then deliver your goods for you? It is called ‘give and take’, not give, give, give. In your own interest, for your own good, accept what life wants to give you. If you order something at your merchant you take it, too, my child. ~
Your Divine Mother

And this one here I read just now nails it--I've been writing the same thing without knowing they have written it too:

Vibrational attunements reaching peak frequency and intensity at this now moment as Gaia fully accepts and embraces Higher Gaia intentions.
Peak frequency of attunement applies to all Gaia Hue-manity, yet is being sensed by all of hu-manity as well.
Expect major dissolutions and collapses of outdated old paradigm systems, on all dimensional levels.

Surf's up! It's time to get Stoked!!! Wooo!

Dream your most precious dream all through the day, and KNOW the Universe supports you. Everything you need will arrive. 

Even my broken heart will find happiness in Love. 

The impossible is going to happen for all of us, every single day...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, September 27, 2013

Timeline Mitosis

These are the knobs that adjust fresh gas flow in the operating room. They are on the anesthesia machine, and allow me to mix them together in the combinations I think are the best for my patient.

I stare at these knobs a lot.

For three hours straight recently. It was a very long case that should have taken an hour. It was a hernia that was 'pantaloon' and had already been fixed many years ago by another surgeon with a mesh repair that didn't hold up very good. We had to fix it. Here is the definition of a pantaloon hernia. Some of the other links have nasty photographs of scary bulges where there shouldn't be, so unless you have a strong stomach, I caution you not to 'look around online'. LOL. Here is the picture-less definition:

Pantaloon hernias are very rare. This was the second I have seen in my career, and the third my surgeon has seen in his twenty-four year career! But here's the kicker--surgeon said this, and I quote: Why just the day before I was talking with Dr. B about pantaloon hernias. I didn't expect to see one for another ten years! And now I am seeing THIS!

Ladies and gentlemen, he manifested. He thought about the rare pantaloon hernia, felt the feelings, didn't KNOW he was in these new energies that are surrounding and flooding the planet with Light, and BOOM! There you have it--pantaloon hernia in just one day.

this is not me, but it shows what I do  for very long stretches of time

Being in the O.R. with a stable patient gives me time to think.

Let me lay this one here on you:
  • The Time For The 3D-5D 'split' is occurring at this time: This period of ‘Gaia Grace’ comes with the caveat that those unwilling to continue energetic upgrades in the Ascension path will be transferred to alternate 3D environments, away from the Gaia Earth, to continue their development.
  • This 'split' was described as a 'Timeline Bifurcation' mathematically almost twenty days ago: Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts. In the mathematical study of change that occurs within a structure or space, bifurcation occurs when a parameter change causes the stability of an equilibrium (or fixed point in a field) to change. The comprehension of the mathematical change that is currently shifting the geometric value of frequency, which further, generates a bifurcation in the structure of time and space, is very relevant to us now. This is directly related to the forthcoming split occurring between timelines which govern our continued consciousness (energy) expression on the earth plane as it is moving into future time. Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
  • We are in a time of Transition between 3D and 5D, 'popping in' to both at the same time: We are here to support you and all of the earth’s people at this time. We bring a message that the Earth has indeed shifted into what you and others would term 5D. To move to it, which many of you have and do from moment to moment requires a heartfelt understanding that you are not here or there, you are here AND there. You walk in between worlds, and will continue to do so until such time as all of humanity makes the shift. You have chosen as a collective consciousness to ascend together, or not at all.Your task is to understand and bring heaven to Earth from within, to align with the resonance of love and selflessness, and to understand that each one of you is a divine spark of all that is. You are one, there is no separation.
Let me put this into something I understand, something many of you who have taken Biology at school can relate to, 'Mitosis' or 'the division of a growing cell into two cells'. I found a nice video of it here in this link:
The Wiki link is also here for those who like to read instead--that's how I learned it and the classic diagrams are here: Here is a YouTube Video that is the BOMB! 

Here is the direct link to the You Tube Rap that is Reiki Doc-approved!

I'm laughing still because pre-med and med school would have been cake if I had Mr. W rappin' me all the way through!

Anyhow, what I 'pick up' is in a 'Galactic Sense' something as orderly and orchestrated as Mitosis is going on with the 3D-5D split. It's not necessary to be concerned over the 3D people going 'someplace else'--their Vibration is simply incompatible with the 5D frequency range, and for these people who have free will and exist at Very Low Vibration, the choice is between 'chalk on a blackboard with unimaginable discomfort' or 'what I've been doing for my whole incarnation'. Many won't know they are being moved, or care, as they are too wrapped up in their own 'dog eat dog' mindset to notice.

They will get 'there' to 5D, eventually, as the soul learns and not to worry!

From what I figure, we are in the 'line up at the fifty yard line' phase, and as The Event happens it will be like that 'cytokinesis' to really solidify the 'separation' between the two dimensions. Just know that although Gaia is 5D 'officially now', many of her occupants range from 3D to low 4D to 5D and higher. Everyone but 3D is going to make it, and according to Gaia Portal, even some of the 'shadow chasers' (3D) are being given free 'upgrades' to make it with the rest of us, as long as it is accepted by them.

Isn't this Fascinating???

I'm all for it, I'm like wooooooooo! 

Enjoy the ride!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Waking Up With Rabbit

I have an early start. That means coming to work a half hour earlier. If you have kids, and are the one who brings them to school in the morning, you will know the kind of icky feeling in your stomach you get because it takes much more than an hour earlier to get them to school ahead of schedule. To make life easier, I've packed the clothes for the weekend with Dad, and also the field trip to the beach. The only thing missing is the towel. I've got lunches to make too. I even added a bribe of donuts if everything goes smoothly. It's not easy being an anesthesiologist--it's an 'up early doing something' field of medicine. We are there long before the patient and the surgeon making sure things are ready for the case.

As I got up, I looked out the window. It is dark. These are the 'vampire' time of year days--I wake up in the dark, I work in a windowless Operating Room, and I go home after dark. If you ever wonder why I am such a big proponent of sun for ten to fifteen minutes a day, this is one of the reasons why!

But out on the grass near the cars was rabbit eating grass. Instantly I understood the message, and am sharing it with you this morning...

Rabbit has to be on the watch for fear 24/7...because what rabbit believes always 'comes true'.

Here is an example of Rabbit Medicine, in Native American lore:

  • Last night at ten mother called me in tears over my baby sister. 'She went to the L.A. convention center, and I am watching her dog. She said she would call, she always calls, and she hasn't!' This sister works with real estate, and was meeting some new colleagues for a conference event. I knew my sister, she was okay, she can take care of herself. But mother was frantic! She called my other sister, who was already asleep and didn't answer the phone. I checked on Facebook--no postings all day. She was busy. I checked on Twitter. The same. I texted her 'Mom is worried'. No text back. I called mom and tried to break the loop of worry--but I couldn't. 
  • Mother is someone who watches lots of television, specifically news. She watches it all day 'to keep her company'. As she has aged, she has lost her natural reasoning and started to think like grandmother used to think--which is very unlike her true nature. She was dying a thousand deaths from worry.
  • This is literally true for her. I know mom's medical history. I also know her body's response to stress. Physiologically the 'fight or flight' adrenaline response had been triggered, but her body is in no shape to handle it. If it wasn't for her dog who is waiting here for her I wouldn't worry! 
  • How do you convince someone to think along the lines of 'all is well'? It raises the vibration, supports the aura, and invites Spirit to offer all protection that is available From The Other Side to your side! 
  • Even more, how do you get a worrier to understand that 'if you think it, it is so, and becomes REAL.' in these days and energies? I do this a lot with some of my readers. There is one on Twitter, and another on Facebook, who reach out to me and ask 'is this what they say in the news true? Is it going to happen?' They are not used to the concept of Rabbit Medicine! So I gently repeat what Cobra has said--his intel is Golden--and guess what response I get? At the beginning it was, 'But...what about?' right? MORE WORRY! So I would repeat again! Now, however, one reassurance is starting to be 'enough' which is major increase in the Consciousness of these kind readers.
Well, just for today, edit your thoughts.

You decide what thoughts to give the power of your attention to throughout the day; thoughts may come and go, just like in meditation. But the thoughts you empower with your letting them be more than a flicker across your mind? Think carefully and choose that which you wish to become reality.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flat-Ass Busted! LOL LOL LOL

Today spirit 'nudged' me to go in for the win for the Light... ((( <3 )))

Ask about the PIN!!! 

I was at the checkout counter of my local natural foods grocery store, and a little pin on the cashier had that funny pyramid with the eye on top, just like the back of a one-dollar bill...

Me: why are you wearing that pin? (flashing a big smile and making eye contact)
Clerk:  Because I have a hole in my shirt.  (getting defensive body language and lowering gaze)
Me: But why....THAT pin?
Clerk: It's the All-Seeing's my friend's BAND... (I am picking up on his aura--surprise I am 'calling him' on it. Annoyance. Curiosity that I would have the nerve to ask.)
Me: know what it means?
Clerk: No. (This is the first time in the conversation he has his guard down, and is honest.)
Me: It's Illuminati.
Clerk: How do you KNOW?
Me: I know.
Clerk: Seriously, how do you even know they exist? How do you KNOW?
Me:  (I want to blurt out everything, including the fact that as a whole they are becoming increasingly desperate and sloppy, but I can't. Not yet, Spirit nudges.) It would take a long time to explain...
Clerk: (Stops what he's doing, defiantly looks me in the eye) I'll LISTEN.
Me:  (I am a little taken aback because his 'vibe' or 'aura' and his words don't match. He knows full well what it means, down to the 'highest level' like 33rd know...he thinks it's cool and harmless.)   Tell you what--I'll give you a website so you can look. Educate yourself.
Clerk: (takes paper, puts it on top of register, bends over and looks at it closely) My lunch hour is soon. I'll look at it.

I have NEVER gone in like that for the Light. Ever. I didn't know I had that 'instinct' in me!

On the way home? Lots of 13's and 444's on the license plates. Here we go:
  • 13 = The ascended masters (such as Jesus, Quan Yin, and so on) are with you, helping you maintain a positive outlook. The number 13 signifies that female ascended masters and goddesses are assisting you in staying positive.
  • 444 = There are angels--they're everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported, and guided by many heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear.
Do I have a terrific Soul Family--or as I prefer--Soul 'Pod' or what?

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tree Age and You!

How old is a tree? One of the most wonderful thing about trees is they absorb Light energy. Not just the visible spectrum in order to make chlorophyll. They are living, breathing, cathedrals of Light.

These ones here grow at the edge of the pit that was the quarry at the Butchart Gardens. They are to the left by the Ross Fountain now...see the little 'hat' on the lower left hand corner? That is a light fixture in the garden path. Somewhere near there is a little hidden totem of an owl, which for now I just can't see. It might have been in another picture, but it's really great to see that placed right at the forest edge.

In some ways, as Reiki practitioners and Lightworkers, at this time, you are like those trees at the very edge, holding on to Gaia for stability and strength (grounding) and reaching up to the sky absorbing every frequency of Light, both visible and invisible, to store for your own personal and spiritual Growth.

May I ask a personal question?

Seriously, you are going to laugh when I ask it but I am not joking at all:  energy workers, are you able to work with bandaids and minor medical stuff that might come up around you?

Are you going to reach for the crystals if someone has got a broken arm?

Are you able to see the Forest for the Trees?

If you have eyes that see, of perhaps a little medical background, there is a little word that sounds a lot like 'Tree Age' that is pronounced with a very thick French accent and is kind of, well, medical.

The significance of it, I hope, is not lost on you for my telling you this now.

Do I have your attention?

Triage is the rapid evaluation of the wounded into three categories, non-lethal wounds, potentially lethal ones, and 'under these circumstances, are going to be lethal before help can be obtained'.

The goal is to save those who are salvageable.

I want you to know about the middle group--these people need surgery within six hours;

  • broken bone with bone you can see
  • penetrating injury or severe blunt injury to the abdomen.
  • the 'acute abdomen'--appy, hot gallbladder, perforated bowel, ischemic bowel--the belly becomes rock hard and is super painful to touch.
  • sudden massive bleeding needs help sooner, whether the bleeding is internal or external (they use up all the clotting factors, and then become coagulopathic 'DIC'--and ooze from every mucous membrane before they die.
  • a fresh neurological deficit--something 'doesn't work' when asked, even the speech might be garbled.
Many times people with a potentially fatal condition have no idea how very injured or sick they are. It is part of the protection of the mind that is built in. But you know. You'll always know.

Remember that Reiki hand position where the palms touch the tops of the shoulders, fingers pointing down, and the head is between your arms? If you tuck your arms closer to the patient's ears, and stabilize the neck, and have others to help, you can safely move a patient, even one with a neck injury. You roll them like a log, stick a big board or plank under them, and roll them back on it at the count of three. You attach them to the board and take them to the nearest hospital.

Ask for Inner Guidance to be loud and clear when you are in this situation. You can do it. You will know. And you will also be able to comfort those who are going to die. They don't have to know, but you do and all your Reiki skills are going to be most important for the individual at this time.

This is not meant to frighten you, but to know we are up against Lovers-Of-Big-Business who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart and are prepared to Do Just About Anything because they don't want to accept The Jig Is Up.

So, for basic wounds--wash and dress all cuts, and give Reiki! It is okay to super glue a wound shut if it has been copiously irrigated with cool but boiled water (sterile), especially with a little peroxide or betadine thrown into the water. Any wound that 'gapes open' is not going to heal unless stitches, staples, or glue hold it shut.

All bones that are broken need a splint, and can wait unless the bone is exposed. Cardboard, or newspaper that is thick stack supporting the limb and tied on will help keep the bones from moving further apart.

Everyone needs comfort  and a blanket. But only those in no immediate need of surgery can have water or tea.

My concern is that those who 'can put on bandaids' professionally do not read this page, and those energy healers that do might not 'step up to the plate' if the need should arise.

And this isn't even getting to the 'mental breakdown' reactions to stress that also need to be triaged. Just know in any and all situations, keeping your aura 'high and tight' is going to help others way more than band-aid placing skills. It will quell panic, and reassure others that all is well.

It is okay to ask for guidance! Not just from Spirit and Source but also from each other! That is why I am asking you to 'friend' each other on Facebook, to make sure your 'healing groups' are prepared for any contingency, and to stay connected with this page until the time of the Event. 

It draws near.

I have no idea when this is going to happen, The Event. But I do know it will be global, as in world-wide, and happening at the same time. People being what they are, are at risk of being traumatized, and behaving unpredictably. There is going to be help from Above, and many angels and other beings of the Light being sent to assist. But you are their eyes! You are their hands and hearts! You are the closest to the individuals that are in need of help.

For the most part, this Event is anticipated to go smoothly and with no loss of life. The delay is to create the opportunity for this to happen (if it had Triggered 'last week' approximately one hundred thousand lives would have been in grave danger from the 'Ankle Biters' and 'Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart').

Only you know 'your neighborhood'. Only you can provide the medication to the elderly who might need a little help if their provider doesn't come around. Only you can help the woman having a baby when the hospital is possibly closed. Only you can rally those you know who are healers, and direct them through the people that are nearest your home in need of care.

Social services (Fire, Ambulance, Hospital, Police) can get overwhelmed rapidly. You are the back up. Be ready just in case. And if whatever happens is going on 'someplace far from you', be sure to offer your Distance Energy Healing in Love and Support to those who ARE going through 'some difficulties' in the place where they live.

The secondary goal of having connected Healers and Lightworkers, is to develop trust and friendship, so that when it is time to 'take the best and leave the rest' in the 'How We Heal Everybody' department, we are going to have open communication between ALL of the healing arts, and working together, find the very best there is to offer our patients.

Here is an example of a facility where they 'found something right' and did it. It has been closed, but the story is magnificent of what can be achieved through spirit, diet, exercise, and loving hearts: 
Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

The Lesson On Loss, Post Script

That's my Lesson.

It's what it took to get me where I am today. Good for my soul, in the long term, good for my growth. But in the short term, it isn't pleasant. The lessons are relentless, and they never let up.

It was really hard on me to know I was in fertility treatments with my husband and work on Obstetrics. It was like watching others have 'my dream' and all I could do was watch them enjoy it.

One day, after the divorce, I decided, well, it really couldn't hurt to be happy for them. Just because for me things didn't work out right, doesn't mean a beautiful thing can't happen to them...

I became joyful with them, and realized what a beautiful moment my 'former attitude' had me 'missing out'.

A short time after that, I was carrying my own baby. Unmarried. I quickly learned that being pregnant does not in any way 'mean' that 'you are loved'.

I laugh now, quietly to myself, with wisdom. No matter how hard I tried, it never worked out for me.

Why is it that the exact same experiences you need to accelerate your spiritual growth and development are the ones that are most unpleasant and you really don't want to live through?

If you are going through some difficult times, remember that in Spirit everyone has a Purpose, but they also have a Lesson that is combined with that Purpose, for example, Sylvia Browne is a 'Humanitarian-Loner'. She can't get the relationship thing right, either. Three marriages, and then she just gave up. But her psychic gifts have helped people all over Gaia! These life Lessons can be paying off Karma or an agreement that was made before birth for the overall growth and benefit of the soul. So what are they? Besides 'unlucky in love', there is 'health woes', 'financial difficulty', and probably others too but they aren't as common. The one common thing about a Lesson is 'no matter what you do, you can't get it right'. So don't be hard on yourself.

Instead, reach deep down into your I AM presence in the Eternal Moment 'Now', and dream!

I know it sounds emotionally like trying to walk uphill with a sack of rocks strapped to your back, but DO IT!!!

Because of the energies that are New, you have the ability to create or 'manifest' what's on you're mind. Sometimes in the past it used to take twenty years (winning an olympic gold medal). But nowadays things can happen pretty darn quick.

So embrace it, your dream, every single day. Hold on to your loving experience of it, and enjoy the feelings that come up from dreaming it--financial abundance, love and warmth, perfect health and a young body with lots of energy...

I have many dreams. Right now they are seeing whales in Iceland and New Zealand. I also want a organized home, a partner who is good to me, and time to enjoy my family. And yes, I'd like my little garden in the back to thrive, too. Those are my personal dreams.

My professional one is for everyone to know and understand that there is so much more to health than standard medicine, or herbal medicine, or crystals, and that healing is vibrational, and by putting all of the best results together, as well as sifting through all the suppressed healing technologies (cancer has been cured many, many times but kept under wraps by the folks who are in the chemo and radiation businesses...), and creating a wonderful new Life Experience for ALL.

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Amish, The Parrots, and Our New Society (big smile!)

We are embodied Light.

Creator, or 'Source', who is all intelligent, also created more than 'our present day modern culture and society'.

Creator, is wise and clever. There are secrets hidden among us. Today, I share with you a few of the 'gems'.

The Amish, the plain dull 'birds':   Amish culture has survived without the 'modern conveniences'. Doesn't it strike you as odd that without the latest electronic gadget the people can live full and happy lives? The Amish are an example of 'human Parallel Society', in which our culture and theirs branched apart in the 1800's. They got 'stuck in time' and we 'didn't'.  We still could mate with each other, and speak the same language, so we are of the same species, technically. The lesson that the Amish have for us today is that it is possible to live a life with less influence of Big Business, and do just fine.

The Avian Kingdom:  Birds ARE a difference species from humans, although we share a complex social structure and language/ability to communicate for survival. This, too, is an example of 'Parallel Societies'. I have a parrot. His name is Harry. He looks like this: 

Harry can catch and throw. He can also get out of just about any cage he wants, fortunately for us, he doesn't always want to get out of his cage. They can use tools to get out of cages--this behavior of using something as a tool has been observed.

This is a Congo African Grey parrot. I have wanted one of these for a long time. They mimick human voices perfectly. And also electronic gadgets. They could make it sound like your phone was ringing, the doorbell buzzing, and the microwave being done...all of these and more so well you couldn't tell the difference between the real thing and it. They are incredibly intelligent...and happen to live where the biggest negative vortex on the planet now currently is...the Congo. I hope for their sake that vortex closes soon.

At the bird store today, while I was buying seed, I stopped by the one in the cage that looks like this. It is a lesser-sulphur crested cockatoo. We had the following conversation:

me:  Whazzap?????
bird:  Hi baby. Whatcha doin?
me: Talking to you. How are you?
bird: pretty bird. pretty (says its name).
me: you having a good day then? I am too.
bird: buh bye! buh bye! buh bye!

Parrots don't 'repeat'. They know.  Irene Pepperberg studied 'Alex' the African Grey for over twenty years. These birds are smart, and the Greys tend to develop genuine empathy for their owners, too.

THIS is a Vasa Parrot.

Their social structure is not like ours at all. The female is the dominant one. She mates with all suitors. Sometimes it is quick, like seconds to minutes. Other times, the male has developed a 'hemi phallus' that 'locks in' to her, and can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes to mate completely. No other bird species is like this. And the male birds are VERY HAPPY.  Although in birds the 'cloaca' or 'private parts' are hidden, in this species, during mating season they turn orange and they show. The skin also turns orange, and feathers fall off, sometimes leaving the female bald. The males come and help feed her and guard the nest. They also all help with the babies. And she sings to them, the males and the babies, a special song...

Here is the Vasa Parrot again, up close.

As we move forward into our new society, after the changes, we are going to build it any way we think works best. As long as it fits in with not hurting anybody and being fair, there are a whole lot of options that are available.

Today I have shared how the Amish, Cockatoos, Congo African Greys, and the Vasa Parrot have developed their own society and culture that works for them. It is going to be okay to think outside the 'box', and to observe any and all societies we might be exposed to in the coming times!  Why reinvent the wheel?

It's worth taking notice. 

This is the type of bird I fell in love with as a little girl at Mc Donald's. I would always share with them my French Fries. They always seemed so hungry, and were so grateful. Even if I was not full, I gave because they needed it more than I did. I have been feeding the birds ever since, even at the hospital patio as a resident, boldly disobeying the prominent posted signs on each table saying, 'do not feed the birds'. It is one of the few joys I had left with those brutal hours! There was also a flock of wild parrots that would fly overhead from time to time, their freedom to fly and shriek making me smile given my highly structured existence when I was in training...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wow! You've Ascended!

CONGRATULATIONS! You've Ascended! You have reached the Vibration needed for Full Expansion of your Consciousness! There are a certain few individuals who MUST Ascend before The Event to show the way for others. Does this make sense?

So...what does one actually DO once one has Ascended?

We sit on clouds and play the harp and experience eternal happiness, right? We're done, aren't we?

I'm just messing with you! LOL LOL LOL : D

It really feels fantastic to be Ascended. And there really are those of you who already have. If you are one, this message will resonate with you quite strongly. And if it doesn't, know that after The Event, when you are ready to open it, your new expanded consciousness will be available, as it is already 'awaiting' you to reach the vibration necessary with your current state that you are in, which is Divine Perfection in every regard for YOU.

Everyone who is already Ascended is going to have the opportunity to Learn and to Grow.

We don't 'stop' our Spiritual Growth and Development after the Ascension Process. It is just like graduating from Medical School. You aren't finished yet--you have only begun internship and post-graduate training in residency. After that, perhaps you might choose extra fellowship training. Or you might apply what you have learned in practice.

Ascension = equivalent of obtaining your M.D., your 'Doctorate of Medicine' <3

You have worked long and hard for it, your goal has been achieved, but there are levels and levels of Lightwork beyond it, and you may take it in the direction where you might wish to explore!

Here are some examples of 'things to practice':

  • Very Cool Dreams:  Last night I dreamed of Wolf. Vivid, vivid, vivid. Again, I don't dream, so when I do, I take notice. Wolf is 'Teacher'. Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine. In the Great Star Nation, Wolf is represented by the Dog Star, Sirius, which legend tells us was the original home of our teachers in ancient times. 
  • Experience Personal Growth: I am super busy--read the book Oxygen by Carol Cassella to get an idea of a full-time working anesthesiologists lifestyle. Mom said, 'If it doesn't cry, it can wait'. As a result, my son is happy and my home is not the most organized. Although I secretly hoped The Event would take me to another galaxy so I didn't not have to organize it, Archangel Nathaniel--who I asked for help--sent a girlfriend, a mom of a classmate of my boy--to help. It's not fun. I'd rather play in the ocean than take care of details like a gardener and home repairs. But I accept this lesson wholeheartedly, and am diving in, with no holding back. It's not my strength but I can work on it. (even though I work full time and have no spare time for me, it's an investment in our future--my son and me--to turn our home into our 'retreat'.)
  • Help Others:  This is the most pleasant part of all--helping others reach their Spiritual Awakening. I could work on it night and day, which I do, for free. I also enjoy helping patients, my coworkers, and my family and friends.
  • Connect with Like-Minded Others: I have some really nice friendships going on, the kind I've always dreamed about, with others in the Galactic, Ascension, Energy-Medicine, and 'Warm and Fuzzy' realms. These people are solid and have dedicated themselves to the Light. I'm so thankful to know them! (And some of them are Y-O-U!)
  • Connect with 'Them':  Last night I spoke to the Sirian High Council though a friend that has 'connections'. I said 'I want to hear you with my own ears!!!' to them.  I got the dream of the wolf. Then today, I actually 'heard' Them! 
Them: You are beautiful.
Me: (I felt it and I knew it to be from the Light, and tears started to flow. They were with me.) Thank you for coming. I know you are busy.
Them: Now is the Perfect Time...
Me: (I realized that this moment Now has the Past, Present and Future all connected to it, and has all possibilities. I had drifted into 'zero point' off and on the last two days. Now I understood why. ) I've been in this human body for all these years now--I might as well be useful! What ONE question would you like to know from my experience that might help you with your Mission of 'getting to know us'?
Them: When you are out in the middle of the ocean, on a boat watching whales, how does it FEEL? We would like to know.
Me: (I think and I think...) ...It feels like being nurtured and supported by the ocean...I feel like I can do ANYTHING...I feel safe and I feel I am home somehow.
Them: Do you think you could feel that way all of the time? Imagine it. See how long you can keep that feeling with you...
Me: (I realize at once the question was more for me, than for them, and they in fact know me better than myself! I am startled by their intelligence, and relax right away. I agree to their 'challenge'.) 
Them: What is the best hamburger?
Me: (I laugh) When I used to eat them it was In and Out. Everybody loves them.
Them: People like them more than Mc Donalds? We need to know.
Me: Yes, everybody likes them more than Mc Donald's. They are really great.

Then they went away.

(I 'hid' this message from them in the body of the post, out of respect for the one who Officially Channels them. I don't want to steal his thunder. He can keep on thinking 'he's the only one' just in case he might get upset--I don't want to step on anyone's toes or anything! This was just for my personal growth and development. Seriously. LOL)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This is how it felt to be in Zero Point: I've lived in California my whole life, and freeways are like breathing. Normal as can be. There is a 'tempo' to life in Southern California. Everything happens in a certain way on the road. I have friends who can 'stretch the grid' to meet deadlines (the time-space continuum). I've even 'asked favors' of Spirit to help me get to work on time. About five, ten minutes, max. But three times, on the road, heading home, it oddly seemed like it was taking FOREVER. If felt LONGER than usual, with no traffic. And the last time I realized someone somewhere was 'messing with something' on a grid, and I said to myself, I guess this is what The Now Moment feels like! and accepted all. I got home, no problem, I wasn't 'stuck'. But it felt three times longer than usual. And it wasn't my boy talking incessantly or anything making me bored! We were listening to music, and quiet when it happened, and the songs went on like normal. Today Cobra posts this: Protophasic tested and operational, PP APR clearance approved

Monday, September 23, 2013

Emoticons, Ascension, and You

You are now on your way, well into the Ascension Process. Your energy fields are absorbing and assimilating the new, Higher Energies on Gaia. You may find buzzing and tingling in your body from time to time, especially when you rest or are doing something you enjoy. Ways to limit your discomfort include, spending time in Nature, getting full-spectrum sunshine for about ten to fifteen minutes a day, drinking plenty of cool, clean water, meditation, and maybe, just possibly, reading this blog. : D

Ahhhhh...the emoticon!

Here's the deal:

  • whenever I do mediumship, as an empath I 'feel' the emotions which accompany the message.
  • whenever Spirit gives me a message, it is often in 'thought pictures' as well as words. The 'thought pictures' carry 'sentiments' or 'feelings'.
  • animals communicate with very simple phrases and thought/picture/emotions, too.
  • when it comes right down to it, I suspect that when auras 'interact' there is some exchange of energy, of emotion, and this is passed across time and space.  (for example, I just sent Reiki to a Facebook page reader who had a nasty wasp sting. Once I got into the aura, through distance, my hands burned with the heat of the pain.)
  • Spirit has been preparing you through texting and emoticons to 'pick up' and 'communicate' without the spoken word; it is almost like telepathy! You are in the early stages of becoming a fully-functioning galactic citizen! (who is completely open for all forms of psychic communication)

I hope this makes your day! : ))) <3 <3 <3 

Aloha and Mahalos,
Namaste, _/|\_

Reiki Doc

Blackbird And The Stingrays

I have always loved animals more than I love people. Humans have the nasty ability to lie and to trick you. I once got terribly tricked by a group of human boys one day, suffered great bodily harm, and wound up with PTSD.

Animals, on the other hand, having such very high vibration and always staying true to character, provided a safe break from the humans. Our dog kept all of my secrets and most of my tears, and always kept my trust.

As the energies of Gaia and her inhabitants keep raising, I have my eye on my dream caretaker role: working with animals. A terrible cat allergy has kept me from my original goal of being a veterinarian. In a way, I suppose, this has been a blessing, since I never could put animals 'down' in the first place. And I suppose there would not have been much interest in the blog written by Reiki Vet?

Recently, there have been two direct experiences with animals this weekend that were 'different' from the norm.

Let's begin with the surf lesson. I took care of a professional surfer's wife. Growing up in Southern California, I know how important it is for a young man to be able to surf and skate and snowboard.  You aren't taken seriously in your social life if you don't. It's not cool. So I arranged for lessons for my son. Because I saved the wife's life, a lesson for me got thrown in for free...(don't worry, I still paid them).

surfboards are HEAVY and awkward!

Wearing wetsuit tops and bathing suit bottoms, we waded out into the surf with our boards at my boy's favorite beach, Bolsa Chica. The child was anxious, and wanted to go where we have body boarded for years. What he didn't know, and that the teacher and I knew full well, was that in the off season, this beach had been taken over by stingrays. So much that the surfers call it 'ray bay' and the local news says, 'don't go'. I told him to 'shuffle his feet' to scare the rays away.

Here is the interesting part--at the end of the day, the boy stepped on zero, I stepped on two, and the surf instructor stepped on twenty and got stung once. (BTW the 'cure' is meat tenderizer, not urine, for stingray stings).

This is an example of the power of manifestation. The boy had no concept of the rays, except for me telling him to shuffle his feet like always. He wanted to surf! We were out in the water for two hours.  I was 'open' and 'cautious', always shuffling my feet except for when I came down off the board. The first time I hit, it felt like the rays at the touching pond at the local aquarium. But my thought when I touched it with my foot was, oh no! I stepped on it! I don't want to hurt it! I was always on the edge, with only part of my foot on, and I never got stung. The teacher also quickly pulled his foot away each time, and only got a partial injection of the venom. He said it was, 'no big deal' but by the end of the lesson, his foot was going numb. Surfers get stung by jelly fish a lot too.

Last night we came home from buying shoes for sports, and heard a terrible panicked flapping sound in the house. We looked to the window and somehow a small blackbird had gotten inside. It couldn't find it's way out. My aura 'sensed' it's frustration and panic and fatigue.  I quickly took a sheet and gently threw it on the windowsill, catching the bird inside. I held it very easy and light, and mentally let it know it was going to be outside and okay very soon. It trusted me. The baby bird (I could tell it was inexperienced and young) relaxed completely in the sheet and didn't fight. I set the sheet on the balcony table, opened it, and saw one toenail was caught in the weave, pulling the leg at an odd angle, but I did not sense pain on the part of the bird. Quickly, it oriented itself, felt a quick emotion like, all right! I'm free! Thank God! This is where I understand! and chirping at the top of its lungs, flew off.

It didn't dawdle. It didn't pay any 'respects' to me for saving it. But it was glad and went back to being a bird again as quickly as possible. And I 'knew' in my heart that bird was sure going to have some tales to tell!

In the higher dimensions, our relationships with the animals is more 'peer to peer' than 'owner and pet' or 'rancher and product' or 'camper and terrified wildlife'.

It's going to be an improvement, I think, for all of us. Perhaps we shall all be Doctor Doolittles, and speak directly with the animals ourselves!

the direct link is here:

This is one of my favorite songs. It touches deeply in many levels to my heart.

As I was listening--I always screen them--George Harrison 'popped in'. He politely said 'I like that song too.' He said he thought of adding the real bird sound part.

I embraced him in a warm hug of friendship, and he cradled me in his arms. I started to cry. So tired from all of the work I do for Ascension, so sick of the experiences of negativity I have encountered here on Earth. I just wanted to go Home, and never look back.

'It's almost over' he said, referring to my work with the Ascension Process.

'You think I can do it?' I asked

'You want to know what I thought when you first came into my room (at the hospital--I treated him once in the isolation for neutropenics ward)? I thought, 'who is that woman and why is she here!?!' he said, with a touch of irritation and anger.

'She helped me.And then I never forgot her.' he confessed, looking right into my tear-filled eyes. 'There are many more out there who are going to be thinking the same of you. You will help them, and they will ALWAYS remember you for your kindness to them in your heart.' He squeezed tight, and my tears lessened.

Now I go on for another day...

I push a lot of gurneys, and sometimes it's not easy on my body

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc