Friday, September 27, 2013

Timeline Mitosis

These are the knobs that adjust fresh gas flow in the operating room. They are on the anesthesia machine, and allow me to mix them together in the combinations I think are the best for my patient.

I stare at these knobs a lot.

For three hours straight recently. It was a very long case that should have taken an hour. It was a hernia that was 'pantaloon' and had already been fixed many years ago by another surgeon with a mesh repair that didn't hold up very good. We had to fix it. Here is the definition of a pantaloon hernia. Some of the other links have nasty photographs of scary bulges where there shouldn't be, so unless you have a strong stomach, I caution you not to 'look around online'. LOL. Here is the picture-less definition:

Pantaloon hernias are very rare. This was the second I have seen in my career, and the third my surgeon has seen in his twenty-four year career! But here's the kicker--surgeon said this, and I quote: Why just the day before I was talking with Dr. B about pantaloon hernias. I didn't expect to see one for another ten years! And now I am seeing THIS!

Ladies and gentlemen, he manifested. He thought about the rare pantaloon hernia, felt the feelings, didn't KNOW he was in these new energies that are surrounding and flooding the planet with Light, and BOOM! There you have it--pantaloon hernia in just one day.

this is not me, but it shows what I do  for very long stretches of time

Being in the O.R. with a stable patient gives me time to think.

Let me lay this one here on you:
  • The Time For The 3D-5D 'split' is occurring at this time: This period of ‘Gaia Grace’ comes with the caveat that those unwilling to continue energetic upgrades in the Ascension path will be transferred to alternate 3D environments, away from the Gaia Earth, to continue their development.
  • This 'split' was described as a 'Timeline Bifurcation' mathematically almost twenty days ago: Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts. In the mathematical study of change that occurs within a structure or space, bifurcation occurs when a parameter change causes the stability of an equilibrium (or fixed point in a field) to change. The comprehension of the mathematical change that is currently shifting the geometric value of frequency, which further, generates a bifurcation in the structure of time and space, is very relevant to us now. This is directly related to the forthcoming split occurring between timelines which govern our continued consciousness (energy) expression on the earth plane as it is moving into future time. Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
  • We are in a time of Transition between 3D and 5D, 'popping in' to both at the same time: We are here to support you and all of the earth’s people at this time. We bring a message that the Earth has indeed shifted into what you and others would term 5D. To move to it, which many of you have and do from moment to moment requires a heartfelt understanding that you are not here or there, you are here AND there. You walk in between worlds, and will continue to do so until such time as all of humanity makes the shift. You have chosen as a collective consciousness to ascend together, or not at all.Your task is to understand and bring heaven to Earth from within, to align with the resonance of love and selflessness, and to understand that each one of you is a divine spark of all that is. You are one, there is no separation.
Let me put this into something I understand, something many of you who have taken Biology at school can relate to, 'Mitosis' or 'the division of a growing cell into two cells'. I found a nice video of it here in this link:
The Wiki link is also here for those who like to read instead--that's how I learned it and the classic diagrams are here: Here is a YouTube Video that is the BOMB! 

Here is the direct link to the You Tube Rap that is Reiki Doc-approved!

I'm laughing still because pre-med and med school would have been cake if I had Mr. W rappin' me all the way through!

Anyhow, what I 'pick up' is in a 'Galactic Sense' something as orderly and orchestrated as Mitosis is going on with the 3D-5D split. It's not necessary to be concerned over the 3D people going 'someplace else'--their Vibration is simply incompatible with the 5D frequency range, and for these people who have free will and exist at Very Low Vibration, the choice is between 'chalk on a blackboard with unimaginable discomfort' or 'what I've been doing for my whole incarnation'. Many won't know they are being moved, or care, as they are too wrapped up in their own 'dog eat dog' mindset to notice.

They will get 'there' to 5D, eventually, as the soul learns and not to worry!

From what I figure, we are in the 'line up at the fifty yard line' phase, and as The Event happens it will be like that 'cytokinesis' to really solidify the 'separation' between the two dimensions. Just know that although Gaia is 5D 'officially now', many of her occupants range from 3D to low 4D to 5D and higher. Everyone but 3D is going to make it, and according to Gaia Portal, even some of the 'shadow chasers' (3D) are being given free 'upgrades' to make it with the rest of us, as long as it is accepted by them.

Isn't this Fascinating???

I'm all for it, I'm like wooooooooo! 

Enjoy the ride!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc