Saturday, September 7, 2013

Making Some Sense Of Alternative News September 7, 2013

A big part of news is what the reader 'interprets' of it. Do you 'buy into it' as 'for your best interest and Truth'? Do you 'take it with a grain of salt'? Do you sense the 'business' of 'traditional media' and realize that someone is making money off the newspaper subscription and commercial 'spots' on T.V.?

Yesterday I saw this from KP, who said basically 'this resonates but see what you think'. Be sure to watch the video by Anonymous:

From what I understand--both the Illuminati and the Alternative News are going to be putting out information. The Illuminati tells a 'half-truth' and calls it 'disinformation'. So one has to be cautious with everything one accepts as 'Truth'. The only think for certain is that our Heart Centers resonate with what is 'Our Truth'. So, the higher our Vibration, the more we are to resonate with Love and Light, and the less we resonate with sensationalism, panic, and fear.

How do we raise the vibration?

So to 'piece the puzzle pieces together' I offer the following on this post:

  • My answer to someone who says, 'I am lost': No matter what 'Doom and Gloom' you hear about 'Predictions' in the media and alternative media, don't get caught up in it. When it's time to act and do, you'll know. It's a no-brainer. For some time now, our world has been bombarded with more and more Light and Love from Heaven and the rest of the Universe. Much of what is taught us is not 100% the real story. It was twisted by the Illuminati to keep us under their control. Illuminati are on the way 'out' but unfortunately they control all the banks. The only way to clean them out is to 'reset' the banking computer system. It will go 'down' for a few days to weeks, sort of a 'Bank Holiday' and will come back up in a way that is more fair to everyone, not 'to the advantage of the few Illuminati'. This huge step forward for humanity will be heralded by a 'heavenly sign' that no one will miss. It will be totally obvious, even in daylight. No one knows for sure when it is coming. More info is here
  • this is in response to the post by KP from Anonymous: Regarding the media blackout and Anonymous list of demands going round the internet--do not worry! When The Event (and bank Re-Set) happens it will be preceeded by a HUGE UNMISTAKEABLE flash of Light from the stars. Think the star for the Three Kings to find newborn Jesus, but even BIGGER and More Bright all at once. Then get out your extra toilet paper and macaroni and cheese....and stay tuned for further instructions. Namaste. Peace. Aloha to my Ohana. 
  • Here is an awesome (but LONG) blog post by Wes Annac, who is usually pretty 'on target' for the Spiritual--
  • Here is John Smallman, who also is often 'spot on':
  • And here is one that is so True from so many different sources--it sounds 'not believable' but remind yourself 'Truth is Stranger than Fiction' and that the 'Supervisors' are 'Illuminati' and it will make a lot of sense:
So there you have it! Everything in a nice, easy-to-read, easy-to-compare format. The one who decides for sure what is 'right' is the same as always, 'You'! Remember that 'disinformation' is 'real' and not all 'channellers' are getting 'Light'--sometimes personal bias, sometimes 'disinformation from the non-physical negative entities' plays a part in the message 'downloading' process to the channel.

And when all this gets you kind of overwhelmed, just step out in Nature. Breathe fresh air. Hug a tree. Enjoy some sunshine. And you will 're-connect' with what is Truth for everyone here on Gaia.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. With deepest gratitude to the Positive Military for your courage and honor to keep us safe from harm.