Monday, September 16, 2013

How To Prepare For The Event

A peaceful change is due to arrive on Gaia. The time is not known. It is something very powerful, very moving, and once you get your mind around it, very right.

I watched this video which describes the upcoming changes, and started to cry.  I cried tears of relief when it said 'all mortgages will be forgiven'--as a single mother, who is having increasing difficulty staying up all night on OB as I look to the future of even more four a.m. c-sections--it was music to my heart. And to learn that the new work week will be drastically shortened! I could not believe my joy!

Here it is:

(also cut and paste this squiggles included into YouTube Search: 


And here is the 'background':

  • Gaia, the conscious spirit that makes our planet Earth, is Ascending.
  • Every time before this present time, all planetary Ascensions meant mass extinction of everything on the surface as the planetary vibration frequency 'jumped up to the next level'.
  • Gaia didn't want this for us, her Love for us arranged for a first time ever in all history of the Universe--Double Ascension Twist--She will Ascend with all of the inhabitants Ascending with her at the same time!!!
I also 'spoke' with Gaia on my Divine Peace Healing meditation with her today. She wants you to know she is in pain.  This is from all of the oil drilling and pollution and conflict and everything else that is not harmonious with the Light. She feels it.

She has a very small request to each of you:
  • She asks, 'would you mind, when you meditate, to create a little bandaid. On the middle part, where the gauze is, and on the outside of the bandaid, would you please place and image of Your Smiling Face on it? Gently and delicately place it in your mind somewhere on her surface, wherever you are moved to 'place' it. She asks for you to place one of these every day for Her as she recovers from the assault on her pristine resources. It will help her to go back to her former state of Divine Perfection.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. There is no mention of any specific person to arrive with this Event. Some people are setting up expectations for 'The Second Coming'. It would be wise to maintain no expectations for The Event other than what is described in the short video. What is going to happen, will happen, and if it is not in alignment with your expectation there is chance for disappointment. Who would wish to be disappointed at such a joyous, Divine experience? So it is okay to 'guess'--or maybe 'hope' for a little, but know, NO ONE knows the exact way this is going to happen, because, simply put, there is a first time for EVERYTHING! : ))))