Wednesday, September 11, 2013

If You Worship Money?

This article might make you uncomfortable. Most people think they worship God in Heaven, and not The Almighty Dollar.

Money is going away.

It is a Deception that was created as a means for enslavement of the people. (Read Financial Tyranny by David Wilcock if you would like to learn more.)

A secret is only a secret if there is someone who does not know the Truth.

When everyone discovers the Truth, it is no longer a secret. No longer can anyone be 'tricked'. It is like the Shell Game, in a way, for Money is Illusion.

How do you know if you might have a particular 'connection' to money that may be unhealthy?
And if you do, what next steps are recommended to break this 'connection' to live more abundant and healthy Life?

Here are some things I have heard this year:

  • 'I would marry him if he had money'.
  • 'I would like to work with you with your angel wings--do a clearing. (I agree, we share this experience for 'learning'). Oh by the way it costs money for me to heal you.' (no disclosure BEFORE that it would cost anything!) It costs a lot of money. I am too embarrassed to refuse.
  • 'I set up a crystal grid to manifest money for my daughter and it worked.'
  • 'A fellow Lightworker accused me of misplacing/cheating money on a joint venture in front of nine people!'
  • A person being 'supported' in business by a fellow Lightworker ended up 'dissolving the relationship' due to money disagreements.
  • 'If I only had money I could (move, buy a house, travel, etc.) I wish I had a million dollars!'
  • 'Will you please contribute every month to this expense on behalf of a loved one?' (not a relative of mine; I am already 'helping' some of my own relatives with 'treasure'--I have no time.)
  • People who are jockeying the schedule at work to increase their compensation and hurt another's income--totally obvious to everyone involved, but not discussed openly.
  • Someone in the restaurant business given an opportunity to train RAW vegan to a chef of an entire hospital, and raise the Vibration of millions of lives (workers, visitors, inpatients)--only to drop the ball, call the Chef every spanish first name in the book except the correct one (Juan, Pedro, Jose), and expect to be paid for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Light.
  • Someone in the family asking me 'to be good' to a relative--without explaining that the expectation of 'to be good' is to give one thousand dollars a month to that person because they can't give it any more. This relative has 'caviar lifestyle' on 'ramen noodle' budget. (I shop at Target for my clothes, and other discount outlets.)
I will stop here, and let your Heart Center have a 'chance to talk to your mind' with the following images:

Your feelings and your intuition will tell you more about your 'connection' to money than anything else ever could.

Notice them.

And to counteract any 'connection' that you have that might not be in your 'best interest' or 'the best interest of Gaia and her environment'?

Simply say to yourself, 'There is enough for everyone. There is enough for all. Abundance is a Divine Right and I am worthy of all good things I need for my Life Experience.'

If you have to, set the timer on your cell phone every hour to remind yourself to say this--out loud is most healing, but in your mind is okay too.

That is all I have to say on this subject.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc