Monday, September 9, 2013

A Message From Our Lady--September 9, 2013

My Jewels, My Sweet Children, My Ones,

It is early today where I am. The sun is dawning on the ocean right now, just like in this photograph. I am here. I am with you. And I want you to feel my energy while I talk with you through these words.

I am here. I am with you in my Heart. My Heart is different in that I can 'connect' with each and every one of you, even those of you who are 'listening' with me at the exact same time.

Think of it as my heart has a 'server' that is out-of-this-world higher technology than anything on Gaia at the present time: that is how I can do it, to be there with is because it IS. It is as simple as this.

I can feel you and all of your energy. It makes me smile. My smile is a big open mouth smile where you can see all of my teeth, both the top and bottom ones! There are little crinkles by my eyes. My eyes are dancing with delight...for all of my children, every single one, even the ones who don't 'know me'--even them I powerfully love them, same as you, dear Ones--are walking toward the Light.

It is not that any of you are going to die or walking through 'that tunnel' (peals of crystal clear laughter as she covers her mouth--she likes to make a joke and has an excellent sense of humor--R.D.)!  It is simply because 'your thoughts are manifesting' and 'the thoughts are Lighter and Brighter' than anything you have ever thought. Even the actions of everyone are far more happier than they were at the start of summer!

(She covers her heart with both hands, and drops her voice most sincerely) This pleases me very much. I am smiling (points to her mouth with both index fingers) I am smiling the biggest smile I can make, only for you.  I am so very pleased with all of your progress! You are now so much more united together than you have ever been!

Think about a football game where you team is a little bit behind. You are in the stands. It is a home game, there are many others like you who want the home team to win.

Tell me, little children who are so dear to my heart, what do you do? What does everybody do when their team is on the field and needs a little extra 'something' to motivate them to make more points and to win? Everything comes ALIVE--with the stomping and the cheering and the clapping and the emotion! Is it not at that time that as a group, all of you together are ONE? One heart, one desire, one thought, everyone together wanting their team to make more points?

Well, I have something to say to you: right now this is it. Your team is winning and is moving ahead!  For sure there are to be some tossing back and forth of the events toward the finish--does that not make the win more worthy and exciting that the 'game has been hard fought'?

I want you to look in that Heart of Hearts that you have deep inside. Do you want 'that team' to win? Or your own? Whose field is this? Ours? Or theirs (the Illuminati -- RD)?  Who is on your side? US--The ENTIRE Company of Heaven! How are you going to make us know you want 'A Miracle'? The same way you would at the stadium! You ASK for it! You stomp. You pray! You whoop and holler! You clap! You make fists and pump them in the air! You jump up and down with excitement and anticipation! That is how you get the power of Heaven on your side! That is how you get the Victory! That is how you get the team on the field that is playing for you All Motivated--is the term 'Pumped Up' correct, is it not?

They named the 'Hail Mary Pass' after me! You think I am not aware of it? 

I help it EVERY SINGLE TIME! To the one that has the most Spirit and wants their team to WIN!

I always want a happy outcome for my children--and the ones who squeak the loudest are the ones that get my attention. 

I listen to the heart. To the 'little music' the heart of hearts makes inside while you are whooping and hollering and dancing in the stands, wanting you team to win. That is how we know the team that wants it the most.

Your team will win--Darkness and all of the negative destructive fear-fueled technology is on the way out. But how big of a win do you want? And just how soon do all of you desire it to happen?

(puts her hands to each ear, cupping them, and smiling a beautiful smile) I am listening!

I can hear you! One more time!!! (she starts clapping) That is enough.

Open up your hearts to me, and God will listen. I am all ears. Let's shout for out Home Team to win--for the Good Guys, the Cowboys with the White Hats, for the ones for Truth and Honor.

This is all for now.

I love you very tenderly, each and every one of you,

Mother Mary

Rights and permission to share this message in its entirety are given, with full credit to the channel,
Reiki Doc