Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reiki and Black Tie Optional

Recently I had the chance to participate in something that once would have been my dream come true--attend a very formal fundraising event. You know, the kind you read about in the society pages and never actually KNOW anyone that goes? It's like, how do I even get invited to that???

I dressed up. One day perhaps I'll show you the picture, but instead of the long sequined gown thing, I wore something more ephemeral--a sheer off white dress, that had a tight slip layer included with the dress, that was above the knee. It was simple, with one 'diamond' like button over a Juliet neckline. I was trying for a 'less skin' option of the Marilyn Monroe 'dress blows up' image, by wearing a cropped sweater/cardigan with it. It's my favorite shiny thin smooth sweater I always wear on my birthday. The dress had a black tie fabric belt, and looked very Chanel.

Because of all the years of self-development and Reiki, instead of 'letting go' and 'getting swept up in the moment' I instead thought along the lines of this:

  • We are too old for Prom. This is Prom with Peer Pressure to raise money (auction, alcohol, etc.)
  • As the woman ages, and the figure 'goes', the dresses get more operatic. It's not flattering.
  • Short men in tuxedos do not appear any taller. Something doesn't look 'right'.
  • I wish they skipped the dinner and just let me write a check and have my Saturday night free.
  • The woman to my right grew carnivorous plants for a hobby. It was fascinating. (they are hard to grow.)
  • The dialysis patient 'liked certain foods in the Cobb Salad--bacon, cheese, chicken' but couldn't eat them. I picked them off to the side and didn't want them anyway. To me they looked like 'a recipe for renal failure' and I steered clear.
  • So happy the kitchen accommodated my request for vegetarian plate. Instead of fish and a piece of steak the size of a biscuit, I had five raviolis (squash inside) with citrus sauce and a biscuit-sized 'stack' of layered grilled vegetables.
  • I won two inexpensive silent auction items, one is a beautiful handmade quilt I bought for mom.
  • I was surprised how with the silent auction, most people only bid slightly above market value for the item, and many got it for less. I saw a $1500 value Wyland go for $400. It's the last place I'd ever think to look for a 'deal'--LOL
  • The sweetest thing I saw was the gastroenterologist and father of four raise the auction sign for his wife to get a one-of-a-kind diamond pendant for $4,500. He got beat out at $5,000 but it was most romantic.
  • I also met a couple who met 'on the streets in Brooklyn' and have been married forty-five years. I love asking people their stories of how they met.
  • Two of the wives at our table had been 'working since they were twelve' and had many jobs. No wonder why they married money and now stay at home! 
  • The volunteers in costume for the theme kind of seemed, well, icky. So did the dancers who did a routine before dinner--I just couldn't 'connect' the theme and the cause.
  • Two people I know really snubbed me--I saw their 3D behavior amplify, and one even cut in front of me in the line for Valet, and didn't apologize to me but did to the person in front of me. She just talked to me 'as if she cared' but we both knew we didn't. Ascension is a good thing, and I am glad not to be 'hanging' with the likes of them much longer. The other, a male, said hello to everyone at the table except me...
  • The best part of the day was seeing the Mayor there--I've done his anesthesia! Guess you have to be at the right place at the right time...politicians are a trip, even in a hospital gown. Always trying to get votes!
  • I smiled and remembered the time I was in college and I went in to The City (SF). I went to Saks and tried on the thousand dollar gowns. I remember looking at myself and thinking, 'I may not have the money to buy this, but at least right now I have the body to wear it...' How profound truth that was! You can't have it all. I look okay now, but I'll never be one hundred five pounds again...and look good, anyways! Maybe when I'm geriatric. LOL LOL LOL

Anyhow, I am glad I've 'grown up' a little, spiritually. Ten years ago I would have been all 'into' it, the glamor, the 'being seen'. Even then it was not 'me', but now I know for sure.

If you ever see me, at a 'function', always know part of me wishes I could just pass the time at home...LOL


Reiki Doc

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