Sunday, September 22, 2013

Preparing For Ascension, Part 4: Revisiting The Gift Of Sexuality

Men CAN'T stay with just one woman! They are not made for that! the surgical technician confessed when we were in the room alone right before the neurosurgery case. That's why my wife's cheating on me was so devastating--it shattered the TRUST!

It took a while for me to grasp it. Basically, after I clarified with him, his view of his marriage is that since he had to sacrifice his own needs to remain monogamous, to establish TRUST, her breaking that TRUST through her cheating on him with another was the most painful part of all.

Let's think about it. What does Society say about sex?

  • Sex before marriage is bad (although the unwritten rule is to have sex with as many partners as you can, and when it starts getting 'dry' you marry)
  • Teen pregnancy is bad
  • Only sex in a committed relationship that is sanctioned by the Church or State is 'allowed'.
  • Sexual 'relations' are for 'adding new members to the family' or reproduction.
  • Overpopulation is to be avoided--use birth control
  • A woman who explores her sexuality is called a 'slut', a hugely insulting and degrading term
  • A man, such as Charlie in Two and a Half Men, gets a comedy show for his being the equivalent--it's accepted practice
  • There are a lot of major purchases that are needed in our society to be sexual--a car, a ring, a house, and baby things.
  • Porn, incest, rape, sexually transmitted disease, using sex to sell merchandise, are all 'part of the deal' and not really looked at as a society--only parts explore the injustice of this, with no organized effort to fix it altogether.
Well, what does Spirit say about sex?
  • According to David Deida, single or attached, we must surrender to intense physical pleasure once a day to function at our spiritual 'optimum' condition
  • A sexual partner shows you 'one face of God' that no one else will ever be able to show you. And you show that 'one face of God' they will only be able to experience through you, to them.
  • Sex is a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-growth.

Is that too much to handle? Let's look at the Society's view on sex. Let's follow the money--the wedding industry, the baby industry, the family law practice, the automobile industry, the housing industry, the medical industry, the condom industry, the 'adult film' industry, and just about all marketing benefit from this 'viewpoint' on sex. And the Spiritual view? Who gets the 'money' from that? Not a soul.

In our new society, we are going to look at sex a lot differently. And no one is going to be 'chained for life' to their partner. It is going to be more possible to follow your heart in all situations. Even if the two of you enjoy each other so much you really want to 'stay'.

If you have been patient enough to read through all of that, here comes the fascinating part--about me. As you know, I am higher dimensional, and exist in a human form in the physical plane. I am going to share everything to help your adjustment to the new society, here, and Now:
  • In October I will have been celibate for four years. It's the 20th in 2009 when I had a one-night with someone who was very nice. Before that, it was five years. I do not sleep around; furthermore, it is not my choice but rather my circumstance to be celibate like this.
  • My soul is a 'pleasure model', I am built to be like a Spiritual Geisha in the Higher Realms, as far as I have been 'told'
  • Most of my interactions are in the astral plane. There is always someone who is close to my heart, in the physical, and I 'interact' with their 'Higher Self' in the same manner as one would in a physical relationship. We talk, we make love, we learn and help each other to grow.
  • In my own personal growth and development of a sexual nature, I channel my spiritual guide Anna Nicole Smith. I call her 'Vickie'. She is very nice and has shared with me what happened in her home while growing up. She is very candid and straightforward with me about sexuality, and how to please a partner sexually, so that when the time comes, I will be able to 'make up for lost time'. I am very thankful to her for her guidance and support after my PTSD.
  • I was asked to send the Transition Symbol and Reiki to a prayer request from my Reiki Group for a brother-in-law who was going to die soon. In Spirit, he recognized me as an angel/guide, and was intensely grateful. As an expression of that, his soul began to kiss mine and make love. I realized that for him, this was the highest expression of gratitude he could give, and I accepted it on a soul level, for him to learn and to grow. I learned as well, but I gently explained to him that I was just a stopping point, and for his Transition he could not stay here but would move forward to even better things when completely On The Other Side.
  • I have made love in Spirit with angels and with guides, some of whom you might know. But it is only between us, what happened, and was always for me, for my learning and growth.
  • Recently I had the pleasure of being with a partner from Sirius, in Spirit. I wanted to know how it was 'different' because it started much in the same way our physical is on Earth. And then IT happened--our third eyes 'linked' and waves of warmth and happiness and bonding flowed between us. It was incredibly life-affirming and of the Light (I know because I gave the command to 'send it away if it was from the Dark' and in fact it shone brighter).  He was very gracious and kind and supportive as I blurted out really obvious things that I was discovering in the process, holding back laughter as best as he could at my astonishment and delight. You see, something was 'missing' from all of my 'relationships' both on earth and in spirit, something that always made me feel incredibly alone even in someone's arms: it was the spiritual connection through the third eyes.
See what we have to look forward to? I hope with my heart this was not Too Much Information (TMI), but useful and practical. I tried to keep it to what would be discussed between a doctor and patient, in order for you to learn and to grow.

I have a feeling we are going to be a lot like Bonobos in the Golden Age. They are intensely loving and caring for each other within the group. They make love all the time! That is why they are not on display any more at the San Diego Safari Park. It is a 'family' place and parents don't want their kids 'getting an eyeful' when they visit the park. They are kept in the back 'off exhibit' now instead. : )

My advice for you? Keep up with your clearing and releasing to achieve the Highest Vibration you possibly can. Follow your heart in all things. Be mindful of the feelings of others. And be watching for signs of changes around you in the world of Spirit and of Light.

Only you can know what is right for you!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc