Friday, September 27, 2013

Waking Up With Rabbit

I have an early start. That means coming to work a half hour earlier. If you have kids, and are the one who brings them to school in the morning, you will know the kind of icky feeling in your stomach you get because it takes much more than an hour earlier to get them to school ahead of schedule. To make life easier, I've packed the clothes for the weekend with Dad, and also the field trip to the beach. The only thing missing is the towel. I've got lunches to make too. I even added a bribe of donuts if everything goes smoothly. It's not easy being an anesthesiologist--it's an 'up early doing something' field of medicine. We are there long before the patient and the surgeon making sure things are ready for the case.

As I got up, I looked out the window. It is dark. These are the 'vampire' time of year days--I wake up in the dark, I work in a windowless Operating Room, and I go home after dark. If you ever wonder why I am such a big proponent of sun for ten to fifteen minutes a day, this is one of the reasons why!

But out on the grass near the cars was rabbit eating grass. Instantly I understood the message, and am sharing it with you this morning...

Rabbit has to be on the watch for fear 24/7...because what rabbit believes always 'comes true'.

Here is an example of Rabbit Medicine, in Native American lore:

  • Last night at ten mother called me in tears over my baby sister. 'She went to the L.A. convention center, and I am watching her dog. She said she would call, she always calls, and she hasn't!' This sister works with real estate, and was meeting some new colleagues for a conference event. I knew my sister, she was okay, she can take care of herself. But mother was frantic! She called my other sister, who was already asleep and didn't answer the phone. I checked on Facebook--no postings all day. She was busy. I checked on Twitter. The same. I texted her 'Mom is worried'. No text back. I called mom and tried to break the loop of worry--but I couldn't. 
  • Mother is someone who watches lots of television, specifically news. She watches it all day 'to keep her company'. As she has aged, she has lost her natural reasoning and started to think like grandmother used to think--which is very unlike her true nature. She was dying a thousand deaths from worry.
  • This is literally true for her. I know mom's medical history. I also know her body's response to stress. Physiologically the 'fight or flight' adrenaline response had been triggered, but her body is in no shape to handle it. If it wasn't for her dog who is waiting here for her I wouldn't worry! 
  • How do you convince someone to think along the lines of 'all is well'? It raises the vibration, supports the aura, and invites Spirit to offer all protection that is available From The Other Side to your side! 
  • Even more, how do you get a worrier to understand that 'if you think it, it is so, and becomes REAL.' in these days and energies? I do this a lot with some of my readers. There is one on Twitter, and another on Facebook, who reach out to me and ask 'is this what they say in the news true? Is it going to happen?' They are not used to the concept of Rabbit Medicine! So I gently repeat what Cobra has said--his intel is Golden--and guess what response I get? At the beginning it was, 'But...what about?' right? MORE WORRY! So I would repeat again! Now, however, one reassurance is starting to be 'enough' which is major increase in the Consciousness of these kind readers.
Well, just for today, edit your thoughts.

You decide what thoughts to give the power of your attention to throughout the day; thoughts may come and go, just like in meditation. But the thoughts you empower with your letting them be more than a flicker across your mind? Think carefully and choose that which you wish to become reality.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc