Monday, September 30, 2013

A Message From Our Lady--September 30, 2013

My Jewels,

There is a little bit of Heaven that now awaits you.

Heaven is coming to Gaia. There is no joke in this, no mockery, no teasing.

Heaven is coming to Earth.

The explanation of this assertion is that the vibration of Heaven is being approached by the ever-rising planetary Vibration of Gaia and all of the inhabitants (both within and above) of the planet.

There is importance in this phenomenon; for What Is Right is going to take place. This is the great cleansing or reset that is commonly referred to as The Event.

Everything happens for the best. And even when things might not look it to your eyes, I ask you to step back with your emotions, analyze them, and truly 'check in' with the Center of your Heart and ask of It 'what is going on outside of the emotions in the realm of Truth of the Higher Vibration?' 'Help me with what I see, to make the sense of it, for very happy times are on the way and I accept everything and all in order for which to make it happen.'

My children, there is nothing that you see that is not Light. There is a master plan in place for everything, and every possibility has been carefully thought out and questioned. Questions like, 'what if this were to occur?' and 'how can we make it an even better opportunity for the Light?'

Those of you who are thinking we in the Heavenly Realms are 'out of touch' are deeply mistaken.

We care.

I encourage you in that we understand and care and 'get' the very things that are happening at once all around you.

We also 'get' the Higher Perspective for the Highest Good of All', and pray for it, adding our Spiritual Power to the entire physical and enlightened process of the cleansing of the Earth from all who are not taking good care of Gaia.

Everything happens for the best.

There are delays, but I want you to think about this like waiting for a holiday where you get presents. One example is the holiday of Hanukah or Christmas (I used to celebrate Hanukah with lots of latkes myself) or the birthday with the party that is to celebrate the anniversary of your arrival to Life.

These days are definitely worth the wait. They come only one time, if you think about it--Christmas 1982 or thy birthday 1987 is in the past, but it was special in all it was and never came back to be relived.

The same is true for The Event. Promise you will do everything in your power to prepare for it--in your mind, with your words, and in your heart. The contingencies such as money and supplies are of secondary nature. Get in the 'Christmas Spirit' so the saying goes. There are no 'carols' to mark The Event at this time and space. But I gather, in the future there will be lots of celebrations on the anniversary of The Event, much like for those of you in the United States you celebrate Fourth of July or in France Le Quatorze Juilliet.

Forever and ever and ever, I powerfully love you.

I embrace you in my arms, and I gently kiss the top of your very precious head to let you know I am with you and there is nothing that can take this love from my heart, this very special Loving 'tie' between my heart and yours.

That is enough for today.

I want you to go out and celebrate with your Spirit that 'The Time Of The Event is Near!'

Mother Mary

(as transcribed by Reiki Doc. Aloha and Mahalos. Namaste.)