Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Diamond Earring In The Garage

About six months ago I dropped it. I looked everywhere. I swept the floor. On my hands and knees I crawled, looking for my diamond stud earring.

No luck.

They were my 'graduation present' I bought with all of the money gifts I got when I finished med school. I went to Nordstrom, where they were tiny but real and had a good guarantee.

You can upgrade them. The clerk had said.

What? I asked, because this was all the money I had.

When you get a boyfriend you can ask him for a gift to upgrade them for you and he will.

She might as well have been telling me I could take a walk on Mercury or taken vacation on Venus. I was divorced, single for all of medical school, and facing residency.

She was right. One year later I was in relationship. By the holidays not only was I engaged, but he had upgraded my earrings for me as my special extra gift.

When we went to Europe together three years after that, he came to the ICU right before our flight and had bought new earring backings that were hard to come off because I had almost lost them.

Now I have been single, and single mom at that, for much longer and I dropped my earring on the floor of the garage, right where the car goes.

I had to accept it.

At first I thought, 'oh well, at least I can say it's in there somewhere and might find it'. Every now and then I would look.

Yesterday, I confided to my son. You know, this is going to sound embarrassing, but there is a diamond earring on the floor of the garage. I lost it. I think you should know, just in case it might be found.

As he looked, a tiny glimmer caught the corner of my eye. It was about ten inches away from where I had dropped it!

I picked it up and couldn't believe it! It was in just as good shape as when I had dropped it!
With excitement I went to get the other one, and I put them on.

Did I manifest it?

I don't know. It was that quick. And totally made me happy.

They are the nicest earrings I own. Everything else is just 'normal' and 'everyday'.

I don't know how this miracle happened. I am so glad it did. I had given it up as lost forever!

(There is no emotional connection between my ex and those earrings--fortunately.)

I think I am going to be glad about finding it all day!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc