Friday, September 6, 2013

How I Made Peace With My Past Life As An Indian

White Bird Dove. Mother told me that was my name in another life, many years ago. She said I was an Indian. I never believed it.

In fact, when a kind man at the Grand Canyon, a Frenchman, bought small Barbie-sized Indian dolls in full costume for my younger sister and I at a gift shop (we were that poor, he could tell), I hated mine. I used to hit it when no one was looking. It made me angry and I would yell at it in private, which was very unlike me as a child. Then one day, my heart softened, and she became the favorite doll I ever had. We were inseparable.

I never gave this White Bird Dove past life a second thought. But faced with a short four-day vacation three years ago, a colleague suggested Vancouver and Victoria. He said to take a little motor bike and ride up the coast; it was his favorite thing to do.

On the travel website I looked and looked. Vancouver didn't 'feel right'. Victoria did. And when I saw this one hotel, I felt a 'nudge' like I hadn't experienced before. I booked it and didn't think about it.

Once we checked in, I noticed an Indian Chief in the room. So did my son. In Spirit. He didn't talk to me, he just watched over us. He was friendly.

It took some time for the story to be clear--Chief was my father, and my son was my best friend's kid. My son reincarnated and  'came back to me because he always thought I was really nice.' Having a six year old go on about past lives, accurately, from the back seat of a rental car can be unnerving!

We did a small ceremony as Chief asked, and didn't think anything about it until the following year. We love orcas, and wanted to come back for more of Victoria and the whales.

Last year, there wasn't so much Indian as Ghostly Walks and Mediumship. But I HAD to see Sooke. We took the drive, and the museum there was really fascinating. Although I knew the details of my unhappy life as an Indian (Lekwungen), I enjoyed our trip and didn't look back.

This time we discovered our friend on the houseboat we've known since our first visit IS full blood First Nations and has a tribe and Chief of her own! Although my 'connection' to the land seems 'less' and I sense my 'assignment' is 'done', today I had a 'nudge' to do one more spiritual 'thing'.

It was First Nations. I looked on the internet. I used my pendulum. No whales. Go to Fisherman's wharf. Don't take the car. Take the water taxi. No sooner had we got to Grilligans did our friend show up. I invited her to lunch. It was pleasant sharing a meal of poutine together, all three of us, on the dock.

She had to go to Esquimalt to do some shopping. But she suggested our taking a walk to the breakwater by the cruise ships while she was away. Something in me said, 'GO'.

Did you know that right by the cruise ship terminal, to the right of the sidewalk, are three relocated First Nations people? They were excavated in 1995, 2009 (a female), and 2013, and re-buried in this location with full Tribal ceremony?

I connected to them. I blessed them. I gave Reiki and the Transition symbol, asking them to be One with Great Spirit. I opened a very small twisting green vortex that looked just like the Eagle lower scarf I saw today (gold mint green). Instead of going up, they and their Ancient ones came forth to me! They had a message of blessing for me in return, and gave me a necklace in Spirit. I knew I didn't need to walk any further, but I wanted to see the ocean and went to the end of the breakwater anyway.

Tonight, at sunset, as I dined at the hotel, Chief came. He had very good news. He had made Peace with my heart. It was important for him on this trip to 'make it up to me', and I can tell he did a lot of work on my healing while I was asleep. He was also helping with Next Steps. He said the good would last forever, and I would be happy. I felt his Peace; it is also my own.

Sometimes, it takes more than one lifetime to find Peace with a past Life. If you feel drawn to, or repulsed by, anything in particular that most people don't, it might be a clue that there is more growing to complete while you are on your Life Walk. Give it time; do not expect to be 'over it' just because you think 'it is done'. You will know in your heart of hearts, and in your very bones, when 'it is right'.

I also have a 'sneak preview' for next year, or at least, next time I come back to Victoria. All is well. I will be sure to share it with you when it finally happens!

Please share your 'past life stories' if you are so inclined, in the comments section, too. It is my 'sense' that 'things like this are more common than one might think'--past lives and extra healing to make Peace.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc