Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unlimited Joy!--Emergence From An Anesthetic

People are starting to wake up from the hypnotic actions of the Mithraic, ever-controlling Cabal and Illuminati! I saw it in my dream last night.

The 'higher sense' of people, no matter how deeply asleep they are, is starting to 'move'.

I saw it, in the most ridiculous way possible (I'm sorry): it was like 'the wave' where people stand up and yell and wave their arms that passes through the crowd at a football game in a stadium.

People had the 'sense' to 'figure out' what was happening and got the sudden desire to 'be a part of the event' as 'the wave' passed over them. It was their good-nature, their wanting to 'be a part', that got them to participate and make it great!

This has never happened before in all of the Universe--a planet where people inhabiting it were 'asleep' and later 'woke up'.

The rooster sings his song. The little one taps your arm and says, 'Mom!' You hear it at once. Whether you are in a deep sleep or not, you hear it and you know you're not going to easily roll over and go back to sleep again. This is 'emergence' from Natural Sleep.

I am an expert in Unnatural Sleep--although sleep with anesthesia is 'no different' by EEG brain waveforms from Natural Sleep, the way one 'gets there' definitely IS Unnatural. 

The Illuminati can only hold the anesthesia in the news media and entertainment and political systems for 'so long'. Already now, the number of countries that are NOT Illuminati-controlled outnumber the ones that are by a number in the hundreds of 'free' to seven that are controlled. The seven are BIG countries for sure, but as the etheric and astral planes lose their 'non-physical negative entity Leaders' by the hundreds of thousands each day, the rest of the organization on the ground is losing the 'brains' of the operation. Most of the 'structure' is disintegrating on its own right this minute! (Just like in the car when it sputters and lurches as it runs out of gasoline, you can expect the Illuminati 'organization' to do some pretty desperate 'stuff' before it stops completely.)

Then as the 'anesthesia' for the masses starts to be 'taken away' or 'not given', the people are going to 'come back to their senses' just like in the O.R.!

Here is a timeframe of what I look for before I can take someone to the recovery room:

  • The surgery is coming to an end. I start easing off on the anesthesia gases. I turn down the dial.
  • I also start easing on the mechanical ventilation, if I have been using it. This gets the patient to start breathing on their own.
  • The slower ventilation rate allows for the carbon dioxide in the blood to rise. This triggers the respiratory drive and desire to breathe independently.
  • I reverse all muscle relaxants with drugs that accomplish this.
  • The BIS monitor I use 'reads' the brain waves and gives me a 'number'. Forty to sixty is 'deep enough' for surgery. I allow it to rise near seventy, which is 'groggy but awake'. I time it so that by the time the last dressing goes on the patient 'wakes up'.
  • As the brain comes 'online' I start looking for certain movements of the face. People swallow. They grimace. They suck. (these are all 'primitive reflexes' of the brain that are associated with suckling a breast as an infant.)
  • I watch the eyes. I actually open the lids and look for the alignment of the pupils. At 'stage two' the excitatory brain is awake but the inhibitory brain is still 'under anesthesia'. The eyes have divergent gaze, or 'lizard eyes'. This time is dangerous to pull the breathing tube; laryngospasm or 'slamming shut of the vocal cords' is highly possible.
  • Once the eyes have parallel gaze, stage two is ended. I now can interact with the patient again. I suction out with a yankaur the spit in the mouth, and look for a frown. I bend down and speak kindly in the ear, calling the patient by name and say the surgery is finished, it's time to wake up!
  • I am watching closely for signs of muscle strength, excellent  respiratory function, and ability to cough and protect the airway from the patient's own spit.
  • At the point the patient is asked to follow commands--open your eyes! Squeeze my finger!
  • Then I pull the tube. I watch the breathing carefully from that moment on all the way to the recovery room. This is where they are permitted to 'sleep it all off' and become even more awake before being sent home or to their hospital room.
The anesthesia can't be given to the people forever--not in the O.R., and not in Spiritual Anesthesia like the Illuminati are doing either. The time is coming for people to 'awaken' and discover they are able to do all of the five 'clairs'--clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clair (smell something).  This is normal for all beings who are alive in the Universe! It is part of being alive if you have an aura, and EVERYTHING has an aura! The only thing is that with education, and society, and limited technology that has been permitted us, we not only put that 'spiritual ability' of ours to sleep, we made sure that each other kept it 'asleep' too by making fun of everyone who was 'different'. The media ridiculed them. Mocked them. And made everybody who has ever had a 'message' in some way from a loved one who has passed keep quiet about it and keep it to themselves. This made for anybody who has ever seen or felt or experienced the presence of an angel to stay mum about it and never tell a soul. And this is why anyone who has ever experienced anything 'extraterrestrial' to either look like a freakazoid in society for talking about their experience, or suffer in silence that it wasn't like the movies at all--the visitors were just like everybody else....

Now you know what to look for as the public starts to 'wake up'. There is a lot of 'movement' for about ten minutes before the patient opens their eyes and can go to the recovery room.

We are in that period now, metaphysically.

It is exciting.

The whole Universe is watching us right now. 

It is a first time, ever, anywhere, that anything like this has been allowed to happen.

In the meantime, help Gaia as much as you possibly can. The more we help her, the more she can 'shake off the bad guys, the fleas and the ticks of negative entities'.

Be a good example for those who are asleep. But allow them to 'wake up on their own'. Don't rush them.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

Enjoy the rest of your September!