Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Amish, The Parrots, and Our New Society (big smile!)

We are embodied Light.

Creator, or 'Source', who is all intelligent, also created more than 'our present day modern culture and society'.

Creator, is wise and clever. There are secrets hidden among us. Today, I share with you a few of the 'gems'.

The Amish, the plain dull 'birds':   Amish culture has survived without the 'modern conveniences'. Doesn't it strike you as odd that without the latest electronic gadget the people can live full and happy lives? The Amish are an example of 'human Parallel Society', in which our culture and theirs branched apart in the 1800's. They got 'stuck in time' and we 'didn't'.  We still could mate with each other, and speak the same language, so we are of the same species, technically. The lesson that the Amish have for us today is that it is possible to live a life with less influence of Big Business, and do just fine.

The Avian Kingdom:  Birds ARE a difference species from humans, although we share a complex social structure and language/ability to communicate for survival. This, too, is an example of 'Parallel Societies'. I have a parrot. His name is Harry. He looks like this: 

Harry can catch and throw. He can also get out of just about any cage he wants, fortunately for us, he doesn't always want to get out of his cage. They can use tools to get out of cages--this behavior of using something as a tool has been observed.

This is a Congo African Grey parrot. I have wanted one of these for a long time. They mimick human voices perfectly. And also electronic gadgets. They could make it sound like your phone was ringing, the doorbell buzzing, and the microwave being done...all of these and more so well you couldn't tell the difference between the real thing and it. They are incredibly intelligent...and happen to live where the biggest negative vortex on the planet now currently is...the Congo. I hope for their sake that vortex closes soon.

At the bird store today, while I was buying seed, I stopped by the one in the cage that looks like this. It is a lesser-sulphur crested cockatoo. We had the following conversation:

me:  Whazzap?????
bird:  Hi baby. Whatcha doin?
me: Talking to you. How are you?
bird: pretty bird. pretty (says its name).
me: you having a good day then? I am too.
bird: buh bye! buh bye! buh bye!

Parrots don't 'repeat'. They know.  Irene Pepperberg studied 'Alex' the African Grey for over twenty years. These birds are smart, and the Greys tend to develop genuine empathy for their owners, too.

THIS is a Vasa Parrot.

Their social structure is not like ours at all. The female is the dominant one. She mates with all suitors. Sometimes it is quick, like seconds to minutes. Other times, the male has developed a 'hemi phallus' that 'locks in' to her, and can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes to mate completely. No other bird species is like this. And the male birds are VERY HAPPY.  Although in birds the 'cloaca' or 'private parts' are hidden, in this species, during mating season they turn orange and they show. The skin also turns orange, and feathers fall off, sometimes leaving the female bald. The males come and help feed her and guard the nest. They also all help with the babies. And she sings to them, the males and the babies, a special song...

Here is the Vasa Parrot again, up close.

As we move forward into our new society, after the changes, we are going to build it any way we think works best. As long as it fits in with not hurting anybody and being fair, there are a whole lot of options that are available.

Today I have shared how the Amish, Cockatoos, Congo African Greys, and the Vasa Parrot have developed their own society and culture that works for them. It is going to be okay to think outside the 'box', and to observe any and all societies we might be exposed to in the coming times!  Why reinvent the wheel?

It's worth taking notice. 

This is the type of bird I fell in love with as a little girl at Mc Donald's. I would always share with them my French Fries. They always seemed so hungry, and were so grateful. Even if I was not full, I gave because they needed it more than I did. I have been feeding the birds ever since, even at the hospital patio as a resident, boldly disobeying the prominent posted signs on each table saying, 'do not feed the birds'. It is one of the few joys I had left with those brutal hours! There was also a flock of wild parrots that would fly overhead from time to time, their freedom to fly and shriek making me smile given my highly structured existence when I was in training...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc